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Sky UK Puts Sky Mobile and Sky Broadband Staff into One Team

Thursday, Dec 7th, 2023 (11:06 am) - Score 3,480

Customers of UK ISP Sky Broadband and mobile operator Sky Mobile may or may not be interested to know that the provider has setup a new internal Connectivity team, which brings together the two previously separate teams for their mobile and broadband divisions into one combined group.

Sky doesn’t say precisely why they’ve combined the two teams, although we suspect it has to do with cost savings and efficiency (the usual reasons) more than improving customer care. As part of this, Sky has announced Amber Pine as its new MD of Connectivity, expanding her previous role heading up Sky Broadband to include Sky Mobile.

Amber’s new role will cover all Consumer touchpoints, including commercial and P+L management, propositions, marketing, and product delivery across broadband and mobile. Amber said: “The connectivity market is at a critical juncture, with the roll out and take up of both full fibre and 5G. In tandem, people are consuming more bandwidth and data than ever before, which means delivering best-in-class technology and a seamless connectivity experience is crucial. This, combined with outstanding customer experience, is what we do best at Sky, and I’m excited to be bringing two fantastic teams together to enable this to happen at an even greater scale.”

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By Mark Jackson
Mark is a professional technology writer, IT consultant and computer engineer from Dorset (England), he also founded ISPreview in 1999 and enjoys analysing the latest telecoms and broadband developments. Find me on X (Twitter), Mastodon, Facebook and .
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17 Responses
  1. Avatar photo Me says:

    Usual BS with them, cost cutting and now you’ll get through to someone who may be knowledgable with broadband but rubbish with mobile and vice versa. Much better to just have separate teams but that costs more. But give it 5 years and Sky will sack them all and replace them with an AI anyway. And still charge you a fortune for Sky Sports.

    1. Avatar photo Slackshoe says:

      It’s nothing new. When I worked for Sky, the Tier 2 BB team had to start taking Tier 1 calls, then they made us do Talk, TV and Sky Go support, then provisioning, then we had to start upselling on every call. All using multiple overlapping CRM systems and knowledge bases that were barely fit for purpose.

    2. Avatar photo PX says:

      Sounds like exactly what it was like when I worked for Virgin

  2. Avatar photo Gary says:

    Sky Mobile needs to move to EE from O2

    1. Avatar photo Matt says:

      Sky seem to be deepening ties with Liberty, so that’s pretty unlikely you’d think.

      I also can’t see BTEE wanting Sky on the platform, they’d be in direct competition for the cheap-seats, and what better way to keep customers than having a superior platform. Also moving that amount of customer base is always going to have a knock-on impact on performance in places.

      O2’s mobile network needs serious investment, it was creaking before they threw the virgin mobile customers at it. I’d imagine most of the problem is a lack of backhaul, I’m pretty sure they’re still using compression-type proxies as data usage on O2 I always found to be much lower than say, EE – even when you had decent signal. So unless that’s the bottleneck and they’re running it without enough compute then it should be an “easy” fix for a national broadband company – you’d think…

    2. Avatar photo Jack says:

      I think Sky actually like the slow speeds via O2 because it means they don’t need to invest heavily in backhaul and they don’t have issues of customers causing slowdowns.

      Also helps them that they don’t have unlimited data

    3. Avatar photo Curious says:

      Why ? EE has a poor signal here so you may wish it for your location but it won’t be better for everybody.

    4. Avatar photo spurple says:

      O2 is a pretty advanced network. It supports RCS and Visual Voicemail for example. It’s a shame that Sky makes some of the features like Visual Voicemail and eSIMs iPhone-exclusive.

    5. Avatar photo Jack says:

      @spurple eSIM on Sky is available on Andriod devices too. So is Visual Voicemail, Samsung works you just have to turn it on in the phone menu.

    6. Avatar photo spurple says:

      @jack it’s a very short list of Android phones but every iPhone since iPhone 11 is supported : https://www.sky.com/help/articles/esim-sky-mobile-compatible-devices

  3. Avatar photo Kris Lord says:

    Looking at Uswitch, Sky’s mobile offering just isn’t competitive anymore. The only selling point was rollover data but if you can get a lot more data where for the same month it becomes irrelevant.

    On the TV side I tried to get a cheaper deal yesterday and the agent managed to save me a whole £5. £64 down to £59 was all he could do so I cancelled.

    1. Avatar photo Slackshoe says:

      Their broadband packages aren’t competitive either. After my offer period ran out, the best they could do was nearly £60 for 500mb fibre. I’m now with Vodafone paying half that for 900mb, and a much nicer router.

    2. Avatar photo Kris Lord says:

      Yeah I just realised even their 80 Mbit offer isn’t very competitive in current terms.

      I’ve just signed up for FTTP and sky would have been £10 more than EE with no freebies for signing up.

  4. Avatar photo Sydney Ross says:

    Sky have always been greedy, even now that they have competition they still havent changed their ways

  5. Avatar photo Barry says:

    @Slackshoe… Does your Sky Q and mini work OK with Vodafone Broadband. I have BT and it seems ok but just wandered?

    1. Avatar photo Slackshoe says:

      I don’t have Sky TV, although I did leave my free staff account at my parents house when I moved out, and just took out the broadband at my own place. They’re currently using Sky Q with Talk Talk broadband (don’t ask me why) and it seems fine, but they don’t have any boosters.

    2. Avatar photo Nick says:

      Hi until 2 weeks ago I was using Sky Stream with Vodafone Broadband and worked well. My partners place has Sky Q and Vodafone Broadband and that works pretty well too. However, we use an Ethernet cable for them rather than wireless. I have always preferred wired connections.

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