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Gigabit Networks UK ISP

17th June, 2024 (2 Comments)

The Horsham-based Telecom Acquisitions Group (TAL), which is a holding company for several familiar UK residential broadband ISP brands (Home Telecom, Eclipse Broadband etc.), has today announced yet another acquisition after they scooped the CityFibre (FTTP) linked residential customer base of ISP Gigabit Networks.

CityFibre Enginers Over Trench

14th June, 2024 (4 Comments)

It’s been a couple of years since CityFibre first started rolling out their 10Gbps capable Fibre-to-the-Premises (FTTP) broadband ISP network across the West Sussex seaside town of Bognor Regis (here). But the operator has today revealed that they’re now expanding their build into the areas of Middleton-on-Sea, Elmer Sand and Flansham.


30th May, 2024 (4 Comments)

Network operator Freedom Fibre, which has so far built their gigabit-capable broadband (FTTP) ISP network to cover 300,000 UK premises (27th Mar 2024) – mostly in the North West of England, has confirmed to local residents in the Cheshire village of Hollins Green and Rixton that they’ve acquired the local full fibre network from CityFibre.

Cityfibre Purle Optical Fibre Cable and Engineer

29th May, 2024 (11 Comments)

Fibre optic network builder CityFibre has issued a brief progress update on their efforts to deploy a new 10Gbps capable Fibre-to-the-Premises (FTTP) broadband network in the Bedfordshire (England) town of Luton, which began two years ago (here) and has now covered a total of 35,000 premises.


20th May, 2024 (12 Comments)

Investment group Fern Trading (Octopus Investments) has today begun the next phase of customer migrations on their alternative UK full fibre broadband ISP networks, which are shifting to a central retail provider under Cuckoo. Customers of Jurassic Fibre and Swish Fibre have already been through this process, and today it’s the turn of Giganet.

1st place cup broadband award

17th May, 2024 (0 Comments)

Telecoms and broadband giants CityFibre and BT have both scooped up wins at this year’s annual Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) Awards 2024 event. CityFibre secured the Gold Achievement Award for its third consecutive year (four if you include lower awards) and BT won the Industry Sector Award for ‘Information & Communication’.

CityFibre Trencher machine

15th May, 2024 (2 Comments)

Network operator CityFibre, which have so far deployed their 10Gbps capable Fibre-to-the-Premises (FTTP) broadband ISP network to cover 3.6 million UK premises (3.3m RFS), has today announced that they’ve completed their “primary” £17m deployment across the North Northamptonshire (England) town of Kettering.


14th May, 2024 (11 Comments)

Mobile operator and UK ISP Vodafone has today published their Q4 FY24 financial results, which saw their fixed broadband base grow to total 1.383 million customers (up by 52k in Q4 vs 39k in the Q3) and their mobile base reach a total of 18.638 million (up by 66k in Q4 vs 330k in Q3).

Lit Fibre Engineer Splicing Fibre Lines

14th May, 2024 (13 Comments)

Gigabit broadband builder CityFibre has today announced the completion of their recent share-based acquisition deal for alternative network provider and UK ISP Lit Fibre (here), which adds another 220,000 premises to their existing full fibre coverage (i.e. a predicted total of c.3.8 million or c.3.5m RFS) – rising to 300k once existing builds complete in 2025.

CityFibre Street Works and Signs

8th May, 2024 (22 Comments)

Network operator CityFibre has this morning revealed that their 10Gbps capable Fibre-to-the-Premises (FTTP) broadband ISP network has now grown to cover 3.6 million UK premises (3.3m RFS), which is up slightly from 3.5m (3.2m RFS) in late January 2024. The network is also home to 400,000 customer connections (up 77% year-on-year).


1st May, 2024 (24 Comments)

Business and residential broadband ISP iDNET has just become the latest provider to launch a symmetric speed package based off CityFibre’s top 2.5Gbps wholesale tier (advertised at an average speed of 1.8Gbps), which is being targetted at fans of online multiplayer gaming (not that raw speed really makes a difference to gaming at this level).


30th April, 2024 (24 Comments)

Mobile operator and ISP Vodafone UK has today announced the launch of both a new ‘Power Hub‘ router for their home broadband packages and a complementary new ‘Super Wi-Fi 6 Booster‘ device to help improve home wireless connectivity. New customers, joining from today, on any standard plan will receive the Power Hub router.


25th April, 2024 (4 Comments)

Network operator CityFibre has revealed that their £50m project to deploy a gigabit-capable Fibre-to-the-Premises (FTTP) broadband ISP network across the West Midland’s city of Wolverhampton, which began all the way back in July 2020 (here), has now covered over 90,000 premises (homes and businesses).

cityfibre wall box fttp broadband

24th April, 2024 (28 Comments)

Shropshire-based UK ISP Aquiss has followed last week’s launch of their first packages based off CityFibre’s growing national Fibre-to-the-Premises (FTTP) network, which initially only offered speeds of up to 900Mbps, by today complementing them with the addition of plans based off the 1.2Gbps and 2.5Gbps tiers.

aquiss uk isp

18th April, 2024 (11 Comments)

Shropshire-based UK ISP Aquiss has this evening announced the launch of their first home broadband packages based off CityFibre’s national Fibre-to-the-Premises (FTTP) network (here), which will complement their existing range of Openreach-based services.


18th April, 2024 (0 Comments)

Network operator Colt (Colt Technology Services) recently revealed (here) that their metro fibre optic broadband and Ethernet network has been expanded to reach 7,000 more on-net sites through their long-running partnership with CityFibre, which is deploying a full fibre network across a significant chunk of the UK.


12th April, 2024 (15 Comments)

Internet provider Cuckoo has confirmed that, starting from today, new customers in CityFibre’s full fibre (FTTP) broadband areas that may be looking to sign-up online with UK ISP Giganet will instead be diverted to Cuckoo. The move forms part of Fern Trading‘s (Octopus Investments) ongoing network consolidated efforts.

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