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13th June, 2024 (9 Comments)

Some customers of Sky Broadband have noticed, via our forum (here), that the ISP has quietly deployed a modern type of Internet Protocol (IP) address sharing called MAP-T that seems to be a notable improvement on other sharing solutions, like the often maligned Carrier Grade Network Address Translation (CGNAT).

Virgin Media O2 UK Logo is forged

2nd May, 2024 (11 Comments)

The latest Q1 2024 results have today been released for Virgin Media and O2 (VMO2), which reveals that they’re now home to 5,722,900 broadband customers (up by just 5.3k in Q1 2024 vs 9.5k in Q4 2023) and built another 194,000 full fibre (FTTP) premises via nexfibre (down from c.300k last quarter).

IP Address Illustration

8th April, 2024 (78 Comments)

The new generation of alternative gigabit-capable broadband ISP networks (AltNets) has helped to bring a huge amount of additional competition into the wider UK market. But one area where some of them fall down is in their use of technologies like CGNAT (IP address sharing) and the lack of IPv6 support.

Virgin Media O2 Engineer Working Inside FTTP Cabinet

16th February, 2024 (15 Comments)

Broadband ISP and mobile giant VMO2 (Virgin Media and O2) has today published their Q4 2023 results, which suggests that their full fibre (FTTP) coverage via nexfibre has grown to add another c.299,000 premises (up from 251k in Q3) and Virgin’s fixed broadband base slowed its growth to 5,717,600 (up by 9.5k in Q4 vs 40.8k in Q3).

ip address Fiber optic cables for backbone lines on blue network background

31st January, 2024 (32 Comments)

Rochdale-based ISP Zen Internet has notified some customers about a network migration that will result in them being assigned a new Internet Protocol (IP) address or addresses, which for most users should only result in a brief service disruption and no major changes. But for a few customers it may be a bigger problem.

Vodafone Pro II UltraHub UK Router 2022

8th December, 2023 (30 Comments)

Customers of Vodafone’s home broadband service, which is sold via FTTC and FTTP packages on Openreach and CityFibre’s national networks, may be pleased to learn that the ISP has finally confirmed to ISPreview – after some prodding – that they are starting to run a “limited trial” of IPv6 internet addressing.

Vodafone Pro II UltraHub UK Router 2022

30th November, 2023 (11 Comments)

Some customers of Vodafone’s home broadband service have, for much of the past month, been experiencing an usual problem that seems to cause internet connectivity and performance problems for mobile apps (e.g. BBC, Sky News, Gmail, ASDA and many more) when connected to home WiFi. But there’s a temporary fix.


21st November, 2023 (30 Comments)

Low-cost broadband provider Plusnet, which is part of the wider BT Group, has today revealed that they will shortly launch a new technical trial to test their planned deployment of the IPv6 internet addressing standard, which comes a over a decade after they first trialled the technology.


1st November, 2023 (15 Comments)

Broadband ISP and mobile giant VMO2 (Virgin Media and O2) has published their Q3 2023 results, which sees their UK full fibre (FTTP) coverage via nexfibre expand to another 250,800 premises (up from 175.5k in Q2) and their fixed broadband base rise to 5,708,100 (up by 40.8k in Q3 vs -15.3k in Q2). VMO2 has also sold a 16.67% stake in Cornerstone for £360m.

IP Address Illustration

14th August, 2023 (35 Comments)

Seven years have now passed since broadband ISP Virgin Media (VMO2) first informed us that they finally planned to adopt the Internet Protocol v6 (IPv6) addressing standard by mid-2017 (here) and we’re still waiting. Customers of the provider keep asking us for a progress update, but sadly the answer remains unclear.


2nd August, 2023 (12 Comments)

Broadband and Pay TV provider Octaplus (Octaplus Supercharged), which sells services to consumers over various full fibre (FTTP) networks (e.g. MS3, CityFibre and FullFibre Limited), has announced that their network is now finally ready for the IPv6 internet addressing standard and customer migrations will begin next week.


25th July, 2023 (39 Comments)

Broadband ISP and mobile giant Virgin Media and O2 (VMO2) have published their Q2 2023 results, which saw their fixed broadband base fall by -15,300 in the quarter to total 5,667,300 (vs 28.8k added in Q1) and the operator confirm earlier reports (here) of 2,000 job cuts. But they also accelerated their nextfibre FTTP reach by 175,500 premises.

Virgin Media O2 UK Logo is forged

10th May, 2023 (9 Comments)

Virgin Media and O2 (VMO2) has published their latest Q1 2023 results, which saw broadband customers grow to total 5,682,600 (up by 28.8k vs 22.7k in Q4 2022) and 5G mobile expand its coverage to 2,100 towns and cities. The operator also added 107,800 premises to their new full fibre (FTTP) network (primarily for nexfibre).


23rd February, 2023 (22 Comments)

The latest Q4 2022 results from UK ISP and mobile operator VMO2 (Virgin Media and O2) has seen their broadband base reach 5.653m customers (up by 22.7k in Q4 vs 19.1k in Q3), while their gigabit coverage added another 188,000 premises in the quarter to total 16.14 million (54% of the UK). Now comes Nexfibre.


2nd November, 2022 (15 Comments)

The latest Q3 2022 results from broadband ISP and mobile giant VMO2 (Virgin Media and O2) has seen their fixed broadband base reach 5.63m customers (up by 19.1k in Q3 vs 16k in Q2), while their gigabit network coverage added 115,000 premises (3 million delivered via Project Lightning) and 5G is available in over 800 towns and cities.

virgin media uk engineers jacket

28th July, 2022 (16 Comments)

Broadband ISP and mobile operator Virgin Media and O2 (VMO2) have published their joint Q2 2022 results, which saw fixed broadband reach 5,612,000 customers (up by 16,000 in Q2 2022 vs -1K in Q1) and their FTTP coverage reach another 114,000 premises. The fixed line network now covers 15.9m premises (54% of UK).

Virgin Media O2 UK Logo is forged

11th May, 2022 (56 Comments)

Broadband ISP and mobile operator Virgin Media and O2 (VMO2) have today published their combined results for Q1 2022, which confirms that their plan to upgrade existing Hybrid Fibre Coax (HFC) network areas with Fibre-to-the-Premises (FTTP) technology has now begun. But their fixed line broadband base took a hit.

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