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telephone united kingdom communications

11th April, 2019 (19 Comments)

The UK communications regulator, Ofcom, has launched a shotgun blast of three new consultations today that cover how the fixed line broadband ISP and phone market will need to change as consumers are migrated from old analogue telephone services (PSTN) to new digital Voice-over-Internet-Protocol (VoIP) platforms.

fibre optic red and blue broadband cables 2018

13th March, 2019 (27 Comments)

The FTTH Council Europe has today published a new report that examines what progress has been made across the UK and Europe on the transition from older copper broadband networks to new “full fibre” (FTTH / FTTP) infrastructure. Suffice to say that some big barriers remain in the UK.

broadband uk isp speed discussion

28th February, 2019 (11 Comments)

An important change is due to be introduced tomorrow as part of Ofcom’s new Voluntary Codes of Practice on Broadband Speed (VCoP), which will require the largest UK ISPs to give you more information about your estimated line performance and make it easier to exit a contract penalty free (if faults cannot be fixed).

kcom van with ladder on top

11th February, 2019 (15 Comments)

Cable TV and broadband ISP Virgin Media (Liberty Global) has reportedly been linked by “multiple sources” to a potential acquisition of KCOM, which is the incumbent ISP for the Hull and East Riding of Yorkshire area in England.

ms3 van and engineer

16th January, 2019 (0 Comments)

Communications provider MS3, which operates an independent dark fibre optic and business focused broadband network in Hull (East Yorkshire), has completed a number of major network upgrades to add capacity and extend its reach into Data Centres in London and Manchester.


15th January, 2019 (1 Comment)

The East Riding of Yorkshire (England) focused ISP Pure Broadband, which primarily operates a mix of fibre optic (FTTP) and fixed wireless (5GHz) based broadband networks for businesses and homes in the Hull area, has said they have “big plans” to expand after gobbling rival provider Relax Broadband.

telephone broken uk

18th December, 2018 (23 Comments)

A new report from the Broadband Stakeholders Group has warned that work to retire the old Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) and replace it with all-IP voice services by c.2025 will face a number of challenges, particularly around ensuring resilient access to emergency services and encouraging user migrations.

united kingdom coloured counties map

11th December, 2018 (4 Comments)

Over the next few years the UK will witness a surge in alternative fibre optic (FTTP) broadband ISP networks, which means that investment and competition will vary a lot by geography. In response Ofcom has today begun consulting upon a new approach to how they set regulation and define such markets from 2021.

10mbps uso minimum broadband speed uk

5th December, 2018 (33 Comments)

As predicted Ofcom has today proposed that BT and KCOM should be designated as the official Universal Service Providers (USP) for the Government’s new “legally binding” Universal Service Obligation (USO), which from 2020 will make it possible for those in slow speed areas to request a broadband speed of at least 10Mbps.

kcom engineer hull indoor

30th November, 2018 (18 Comments)

The incumbent ISP for Hull (East Riding of Yorkshire), KCOM, has moved to address consumer concerns by refreshing their fibre optic (FTTP/C) “Lightstream” broadband packages to offer more unlimited data options (as opposed to old fashioned capped allowances), cheaper prices and a new 900Mbps tier.


6th November, 2018 (1 Comment)

The dominant ISP for Hull in East Yorkshire, KCOM, has announced the introduction of their new “PRO Team” service, which claims to be the “first of its kind in the UK” and involves sending out a special engineering team to help solve customers’ Wi-Fi woes, router problems and buffering issues for free.

major capacity fibre optic cables

2nd November, 2018 (13 Comments)

The UK telecoms regulator has today begun consulting on their new Business Connectivity Market Review 2018/19 (BCMR), which among other things is proposing “unrestricted access” to Openreach’s (BT) cable ducts / telegraph poles to boost fibre broadband. It will also try again to impose a Dark Fibre Access (DFA) product.


10th October, 2018 (4 Comments)

The incumbent ISP for Hull in East Yorkshire, KCOM, has today unveiled the next 11,100 premises and areas that will benefit from the on-going deployment of their Gigabit capable Lightstream pure fibre optic (FTTP) “ultrafast broadband” network.

kcom van in car park

4th October, 2018 (0 Comments)

The Managing Director of Hull’s (East Yorkshire) incumbent telecoms operator KCOM, Sean Royce, has hinted in a special Q&A event that lower prices could be on the way for local broadband subscribers. The new year will also bring the introduction of a new “Super Router“.

10Mbps broadband uk uso usc

13th September, 2018 (22 Comments)

Ofcom has revealed that only BT (Openreach), KCOM, Hyperoptic, Quickline and Broadway Partners have expressed a formal interest in becoming suppliers for the new Universal Service Obligation (USO), which from 2020 will make it possible for anybody in a slow speed area to request a broadband speed of at least 10Mbps.

best uk broadband isp gold star

10th September, 2018 (9 Comments)

Internet and phone providers Zen Internet and Plusnet have come top in a new biannual UK MSE survey of ISP customer service quality. Sadly the news isn’t so good for those at the opposite (bottom) end of the table, where TalkTalk and the Post Office could both be found.

mastersocket nte5c copper cable bonding mess aaisp

1st August, 2018 (11 Comments)

Last week the UK Government proposed an industry led “switchover” process to remove the old copper line (broadband and phone) telecoms network as “full fibre” (FTTP/H) is deployed, but it stopped short of setting a full switch-off date. Now the Institute of Directors has called for a solid date, possibly as early as 2025.

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