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UK Internet Service Providers Association Reveals 2012 ISP Award Finalists

Friday, May 18th, 2012 (7:33 am) - Score 1,308
internet service providers association uk

The Internet Service Providers Association (ISPA UK) has officially revealed the finalists for its 14th annual 2012 internet industry awards, which this year includes a new ‘Customer Choice‘ category (voted for by customers) alongside the usual ‘Best Consumer Fixed Broadband‘ ISP sections. This year’s highlight is PlusNet with a total of five nominations.

Overall more than 40 companies have been nominated across 12 different categories, with the eventual winners being picked by an independent panel of ISPA Awards judges on July 3rd 2012 at the Park Lane Sheraton Hotel in London. The Internet Hero and Internet Villain award finalists, which aren’t mentioned below, usually follow a few weeks later.

Nicholas Lansman, ISPAs Secretary General, said:

Congratulations to all the finalists of the 14th annual awards and the best of luck for the night. Nomination is the culmination of either rigorous technical testing, written entry forms analysed by experts judges or votes from customers.

This year’s new categories once again demonstrate the innovation of our industry and with thousands of votes cast by members of public adds a new dimension to the event.”

ISPAs 2012 Award Categories and Finalists

Best Consumer Fixed Broadband
BE Broadband
Hyperoptic Home
KC Home
Plusnet Consumer
Virgin Media 100 Mbps

Best Business Fixed Broadband sponsored by O2 Wholesale
Fastnet Business Resilient
FidoNet Biz Max
Fluidata Burst
Plusnet Business
Spectrum Business
Urban WiMAX

Best Consumer Customer Service ISP sponsored by CISAS
BE Broadband
catalyst2 services

Best Business Customer Service ISP sponsored by Geo Networks
Entanet International
Exa Networks
KC Business
Urban Wimax

Best SME Business Hosting
Eclipse Internet
Netplan Internet Solutions
Virtual Internet

Best Large Business Hosting
Netplan Internet Solutions

Best Internet Telephony sponsored by Magrathea
iNet Telecoms
KC Business
Orbis Telecom

Digital Inclusion in association with RaceOnline 2012
Digital Activist Inclusion Network
LS14 Trust
Mecca Bingo
Our Yesterday
UK Online Centres

Internet Safety and Security sponsored by Return Path
Exa Networks
GFI Software
South West Grid for Learning

Managed Service Innovation
Exa Networks
Virtual Internet

Customer Choice
BE Broadband
Zen Internet

Best New ISP
Boundless Communications
Spectrum Internet

We suspect that some readers might be a bit surprised to see BE Broadband, especially after all of the recent network problems and service delays, popping up no less than three times above. On the flip side we’re pleased to see that the ISPA has finally added a ‘Customer Choice’ category and that Zen Internet has been given a well deserved mention.

One other thing of note is Hyperoptic’s inclusion under the ‘Best Consumer Fixed Broadband’ category which, given the services tiny coverage in dense urban areas, will surely come as a pleasant surprise to them.

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Mark Jackson
By Mark Jackson
Mark is a professional technology writer, IT consultant and computer engineer from Dorset (England), he also founded ISPreview in 1999 and enjoys analysing the latest telecoms and broadband developments. Find me on Twitter, , Facebook and Linkedin.
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9 Responses
  1. “One other thing of note is Hyperoptic’s inclusion under the ‘Best Consumer Fixed Broadband’ category which, given the services tiny coverage in dense urban areas, will surely come as a pleasant surprise to them.”

    This is one of reasons why I have to take issue with the ISPA and why even though we get emailed every few months to join, we won’t.

    Seeing it first hand from a years back and being involved in the awards, as a company who was on the nomination list for 2 years straight, the actual event is all about “who you know” and if you coughed up to sponsor. The whole thing can be done in 5 minutes with “pass the awards around a table”.

    This is not to say Hyperoptic don’t deserve credit, because they do, but yet again I have to question the ISPA line-ups. In my view, a “Club for the boys” shows little in terms of achievements.

    • Avatar George White - ISPA

      Hi Martin,
      A number of categories are technically tested by an independent partner and the final winners are selected by an independent panel of judges (http://www.ispa.org.uk/ispa-awards/judges/).

      Furthermore, sponsors are not allowed to enter the category they enter and only one of this year’s sponsors has been nominated elsewhere. Happy to have a conversation about Aquiss entering next year’s awards.

    • Avatar DTMark

      Would certainly be interested to see just quite how the ‘Best Consumer Fixed Broadband’ nominees were picked.

      My experience of DSL based broadband is almost non existent having only ever lived or worked in one place with a phone line competent enought to deliver a useful broadband service, so I’m guided by what I see people writing as opposed to my own experience.

      O2/BE has always seemed contentious and seems to have some ‘disciples’ across internet forums, but given their widely reported issues lately and the lack of a fibre product, I can’t fathom what it’s doing in any of the lists.

      The companies which appear to have done the most to innovatively push forward better connectivity would seem to be Hyperoptic, the country’s first (?) mass FTTP provider that has actually got on with it and made the future happen rather than moaning about blocked ducts and doing endless trials while waiting for taxpayer’s money. But the market is in its infancy and we’re talking about a few blocks of flats?

      .. And Three, which consistently does very well; 3G is hardly the way forward but it does offer perhaps the best mobile connectivity and is a life saver here for our permanent connection, walking all over ADSL. It’s the one mobile network which has really embraced the internet.

      .. And Virgin Media, once they’ve finished their resegmentation to supply the speeds they’re (cough) already advertising.

      So let’s look at this list then. Why “Virgin Media 100Mbps” specifically, and why not “Plusnet Fibre”? You’re potentially comparing a 100Meg connection to 1Meg connection.

      Plusnet do seem to fare very well for a budget provider and from what I read it’s more positive than negative. But, “best”?

      Hmm. What is the criteria?

  2. Avatar Deduction

    @George White….

    So how many thousands is BE Broadband sponsoring the ISPA categories this year to still be included them with their wonky network?

    In fact its amazing even when they have been good (which dates back to 2010) they even get included, they only have a few thousand customers.

    If they win anything this year i guess it will just go to show what a load of nonsense the ISPA awards actually are. BE broadband had its share of issues last year and still won an award.

    This year from BE Broadband we have just off the top of my head… FTTC product promises that never came, congested network, Network upgrades still not complete, BBC issues, General latency, peering and routing issues, LINX issues and more EACH AND EVERY MONTH.

    I suggest if you want any credibility left you look at actual best performing companies this year.

    Then again i understand one of the Judges in prior years are from LINX, which has played a big part in some of BE Broadbands problems… LMAO!

  3. Avatar Deduction

    Clever this year i see to divert attention away in the hope BE Broadband can be awarded another dubious award instead of BE directly sponsoring you this year we have the recently rebranded from BE Wholesale to O2 Wholesale… Ouch my sides!

  4. Avatar Netman

    I agree with both of you Mark and Deduction, Why is BE Broadband’s owner able to sponsor ISPA’s Hardly independent BE/02 retail do not deserve to win any awards, unless you have such an award for misleading and lying to its customer base, the recent BBC fiasco was one such occurrence, They are unable to support their customers bandwidth needs, core network, peering
    Not to mention the quality of service differs around the country to that which those who are close enough to benefit from their core network see, If they win any award this year the ISPA’s will definitely count for nothing, independent my foot

    • Avatar DTMark

      I spotted the O2 sponsorship. But given my probable position as the ultimate cynic on this board, I thought I’d let someone else point it out 😉

  5. Avatar Deduction

    Money talks maybe???… Just we will never know how much!

    Speaks volumes though when an ISP can afford to chuck a few grand at the ISPA (at least if my reading is right thats what BE/O2 have done) for sponsorship but refuse or are slow at chucking money at problems like congested exchanges, Peering/routing problems and so much more.

    Will be interesting this year to see how much credibility these awards have, as there are plenty of ISPs that have done a better job this year with far fewer issues than BE.

  6. Avatar Deduction

    Oh i almost forgot…

    As for “independent judges” atleast 2 of them work in organisations that have dealt with paid advertising from at least 3 of the nominated providers.

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