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BT List Next 98 UK Locations for its Superfast Broadband Deployment

Tuesday, June 26th, 2012 (11:08 am) - Score 15,537

BTOpenreach, which provides rival internet providers (ISP) with access to BT’s telecoms network, has today revealed the next batch of 98 telephone exchange upgrades for its national £2.5bn UK roll-out of 80Mbps capable Fibre-to-the-Cabinet (FTTC) and 330Mbps capable Fibre-to-the-Premises (FTTP) based superfast broadband services.

The new list (Phase 10), when taken by itself, will add almost 800,000 homes and businesses to the operators superfast network. The majority of these exchanges have been given a Ready for Service (RFS) date of late 2013 and, once enabled, should bring BT’s total superfast broadband coverage up to nearly 17 Million UK premises.

However it should be noted that BT’s superfast FTTC technology will, on average, cover 85% of homes and businesses within an enabled telephone exchange area (here); that still leaves quite a big gap at each location where a superfast service will not be available.. yet.

Mike Galvin, BTOpenreachs MD Network Investment, said:

This is great news for 98 communities across the UK. Our roll-out of fibre continues apace, with over 10 million homes now having access to the many benefits this technology can deliver.

Today’s announcement brings us another important step closer towards our goal of providing this service to two-thirds of the UK by the end of 2014. We are keen to go beyond this with the help of BDUK funding and further engagement with local government and communities.”

The FTTx TELEPHONE EXCHANGE Upgrades (Phase 10)

ADEL West Yorkshire
ALDRIDGE West Midlands
ALEXANDRIA Strathclyde
ARMADALE West Lothian
ASHBOURNE Derbyshire
ATHERTON Greater Manchester
AYLESTONE Leicestershire
BEAUMONT Leicestershire
BEESTON Nottinghamshire
BELGRAVE Leicestershire
BERWICK Northumberland
BLANTYRE South Lanarkshire
BOLSOVER Derbyshire
BOSTON Lincolnshire
BURSLEM Staffordshire
CALTHORPE West Midlands
CARLUKE South Lanarkshire
CHALFONT DR. Nottinghamshire
CHALFONT ST GILES Buckinghamshire
CHAPELTOWN West Yorkshire
CORSHAM Wiltshire
CULVERHOUSE Caerdydd – Cardiff
CUMNOCK East Ayrshire
CWMBRAN Tor-faen – Torfaen
DAUBHILL Greater Manchester
DENTON BURN Tyne and Wear
DRUIDS HEATH West Midlands
DUNBAR East Lothian
DUNCHURCH Warwickshire
GLENFIELD Leicestershire
GORSEINON Abertawe – Swansea
HENFIELD West Sussex
HOLT Norfolk
IDLE West Yorkshire
INVERURIE Aberdeenshire
IRVINE North Ayrshire
KILSYTH North Lanarkshire
KIRKHAM Lancashire
LYTHAM Lancashire
MAGHULL Merseyside
MARCH Cambridgeshire
MATLOCK Derbyshire
NEATH Castell-nedd Port Talbot – Neath Port Talbot
OAKHAM Rutland
OBAN Argyll and Bute
PETERHEAD Aberdeenshire
PILL Somerset
PINXTON Derbyshire
PRESTWICK South Ayrshire
RIBBLETON Lancashire
ROCK FERRY Merseyside
ROTHERHAM South Yorkshire
RUDDINGTON Nottinghamshire
SANDOWN Isle of Wight
SLEAFORD Lincolnshire
STEWARTON East Ayrshire
STOKE TRINITY Staffordshire
STRANRAER Dumfries and Galloway
THORNE South Yorkshire
THURNBY Leicestershire
UDDINGSTON South Lanarkshire
UTTOXETER Staffordshire
WESTBURY -ON- TRYM City of Bristol
WHITBY North Yorkshire
WHITTLESEY Cambridgeshire
WISBECH Cambridgeshire
WISHAW North Lanarkshire
WOODGATE West Midlands
WYTHENSHAWE Greater Manchester

Each of the above telephone exchanges will support FTTC technology and a small number are also likely to be enabled for the operator’s fastest fibre optic FTTP service (we are awaiting further details on this). BT currently hopes to cover 66% of the UK population by the end of 2014 through its own investment, although this could be pushed up to 90% by 2017 with a lion’s share of state aid support from the governments Broadband Delivery UK (BDUK) office.

It’s also worth reminding readers that BT’s FTTP service will be available “on demand” (FTTP-On-Demand) to almost all FTTC enabled areas from Spring 2013. This will be a premium product offering speeds of up to 330Mbps and will be aimed at business users; although home users should be able to purchase related packages (expect them to be expensive).

Previous BT-FTTC/FTTP UK Exchange Rollout Updates

* March 2009 – 29 (FTTC) Exchanges
* July 2009 – 69 (FTTC) Exchanges
* January 2010 – 63 (FTTC) Exchanges
* March 2010 – 303 (FTTC) Exchanges
* September 2010 – 159 (FTTC/FTTP) Exchanges
* January 2011 – 41 (FTTC/FTTP) Exchanges
* April 2011 – 156 (FTTC/FTTP) Exchanges
* June 2011 – 66 (FTTC/FTTP) Exchanges
* December 2011 – 178 (FTTC) Exchanges
* March 2012 – 73 (FTTC) Exchanges

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By Mark Jackson
Mark is a professional technology writer, IT consultant and computer engineer from Dorset (England), he also founded ISPreview in 1999 and enjoys analysing the latest telecoms and broadband developments. Find me on Twitter, , Facebook and Linkedin.
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57 Responses
  1. Sheffield Owl says:

    As my exchange starts with ‘A’ I didn’t have to look far to see yet again its not listed..Thank God for Digital Region.

  2. What? says:

    As my exchange hasn’t even been upgraded to 21CN, I don’t even need to look at the list

    1. Kyle says:

      Not necessarily!

      Our village was in phase 7 of the rollout and we were given a RFS date before 21CN had even been installed.

      It turned out that they installed 21CN at the same time as they were installing the cabinets.

    2. What? says:

      Kyle, one can only hope

  3. Bob says:

    They forgot to mention that most of the coming soon exchanges have had their dates pushed out by the standard 3 months they regularly move them in. Most that were scheduled for June-12 have now gone to Sep-12

    BT do not seem very good at managing sachedules of work. Dont hold your breath for BT meeting the 2015 date. The backlog of work is growing ever greater

    1. Mark Jackson says:

      BT’s original deadline was 2015 but they managed to pull it into 2014 last year.

  4. hecatae says:

    and still no Northampton central date…

    LLU check, 21CN check, incumbent FTTC not here at all.

  5. Tom says:

    It’d be nice if they would finish commissioning the cabinets around exchanges that are supposedly already live, too. RG30

  6. Phil says:

    No cuckoo oak in shropshire in rather disappointed again!

  7. Phil says:

    Why isn’t BT get over 300 exchanges ? The last time was back March 2010 (303 FTTC)and now reduce to just 98 exchanges is rather poor and very slow as a snail, I don’t believe every word what Mike Galvin target for 2014! No chance!

    1. Mark Jackson says:

      I think you have to remember that different exchanges serve different numbers of people and have different technical and economic challenges, thus the number itself isn’t very useful for such a direct comparison.

      For example the June 2011 release announced 66 exchanges, considerably less than today’s 93, but it also covers far more premises (over 1 million).

    2. Deduction says:

      quote”…but it also covers far more premises (over 1 million).”

      Based on what exchange figures? I didnt think BT released details about amount of people actually connected to a FTTC cabinet just fudged them with figures based on exchanges.

      In my town and the neighbouring one your lucky if half the people connected to a BT exchange have had a FTTC cabinet installed.

    3. Mark Jackson says:

      That’s a different discussion Deduction, was just making a point about how it’s hard to make an apples-to-apples comparison with a technology like FTTC/P based purely on exchange numbers.

  8. Bob says:

    It is BT playing the numbers game, enable an exchange and a handful of cabinets and then move on to the next exxchange, They then claim the total number of subscribers even though only a handfull of cabinets are enabled

    Given the rate they are slipping on the schedule ie most Jun-2 exchnges put back to Sep they have not a hope of meeting the 2014 date

    1. Deduction says:

      Exactly Bob, which was my point, its impossible to state any figures for people that can have FTTC because any figures BT release are utterly meaningless. In fact im shock a reputable site like this still gives them the time of day with their to be blunt BS PR spill.

      Its just like the early days of ISDN and ADSL, claiming an exchange is enabled and thus everyone could have the product, which in the early days of those products just like this is and was utter nonsense.

  9. TS says:

    Still no Ripon…that’s pretty much every major settlement in North Yorkshire covered either by FTTC or Virgin apart from the only ‘city’!

    Still no announcement from NYCC re the procurement either…

    1. desouzr says:

      @TS I live in Pateley Bridge so am reliant on the BDUK/CNY project for any chance of fibre. I’m also surprised that Ripon has not been included in BT’s commercial rollout to date. My contact at NYCC tells me that the chosen supplier will be announced on 9th July.

  10. SpencerUk says:

    People who don’t have 21CN yet will do by April 2014 as that is the date 20CN products get the shut off if I am not mistaken.

  11. Bob says:

    I really am at a loss as to know why BT cannot maintain a proper rollout schedule

    I think most people would accept that at day 1 BT will not know the exact dates of enabling the exchanges but it must have a pretty good idea of the order they will be enabled in even just for planning purposes and they should be able to adjust and firm up dates as they progress through the project. What we appear to have though is the BT staff turn up on monday stick a pin in the list at random and say lets have a go at this exchange today. It is reallyt rather a big shambles and they appear to have an ever increasing backlog yet sill realese news list of exchanges. I guess the hint that it is a mess is with the latest list where they just give the year. I would not hold you breath BT will get their act together with the rollout. This seems to be far worse then their ADSL rollouts

    Still with BT having no competition they dont really care

    1. Deduction says:

      quote”Still with BT having no competition they dont really care”

      It was due to be a shambles from the start for that very reason, oh and the fact not only do they not have any real competition but now basically all the funding. Dont worry though they and the government say we will have the best broadband in the EU come 2015…. Oh how we will look back at that and laugh even more than we do now at their retarded claims.

    2. FibreFred says:

      This is the problem with planning and local councils. There’s no point in enabling exchanges until the local council approve the cabinet locations/plans and that is the bit that takes time and causes shifting dates

    3. Deduction says:

      Nonsense planning permission and such like is only needed in conservation areas.

    4. FibreFred says:

      I don’t see why you are moaning Bob, maybe they shouldn’t have published any dates at all so not to upset people and just said 2014/15

      You’ve not bought anything that they’ve delivered late, its their own schedule, what are you comparing this to when you say its not a proper rollout schedule?

      I’d love to say the Open Network Consortium but I doubt that will aspire to anything

    5. Deduction says:

      Doesnt make any difference vectoring and different profiles makes no difference percentage wise to the amount speed drops the further the distance. Vectoring for the last time also either eliminates cross talk or doesnt… It does not just reduce the effects.

    6. Deduction says:

      ^^^ Opps sorry that reply has ended up in the wrong place.

  12. Phil says:

    I reckon the next roll out will be below 50 exchanges by January 2013 (7 months time)

    1. Bob says:

      THe just announced 98 have just a vague 2013 date so the next lot will be 2014 , well on paper at least more likely in reality it will be 2015 unless OFCOM or someone stick a rocket up BT’s backside the slippage is currently getting ever greater and in a few months we will be into winter when the weather can affect the rollout. At BT’s current actual rollout 2018 looks more likely. They also seem to be enabling ever fewer cabinets on an exchange

      The bigger problem is FTTC is already a legacy technology. The UK is constantly being left one or twosteps behind the rest of the world

      In my view the only real sololution is a seperate UK wide wholesale provider aka the Fujitsu lead Open Network Consortium. BT though have manage to stopthat by pricing access to the BT ducting out and securing almost all the BTUK funding

      I dont really blame BT, they are a private company which has been allowed to keepit’s monopoly. Without competition why rush the rollout, the customers are captive they cannot go eleswhere. The onnly place BT rushes to rollout to are the cabled areas as they face competition there.

    2. FibreFred says:

      “In my view the only real sololution is a seperate UK wide wholesale provider aka the Fujitsu lead Open Network Consortium.”

      Its just not going to happen though. Fuji trialled it and seemed happy enough but haven’t progressed anything

  13. onephat says:

    Im very disappointed but not surprised that my exchange (Hathern, Leicestershire) hasn’t been picked again. All the other towns and villages around us have been enabled or have RFS dates but were left high and dry again.

    1. Kyle says:

      Unless you are literally on top of the cabinet, then I wouldn’t bother!

      I was ecstatic to see back in January last year that it would be installed here. However, I am a little over 1.4Km (line length) and I’m barely over the threshold – the checker predicted 26.2/5.4 and I am getting 15.1/0.5!

      In all honesty, it’s a waste of time. Having ‘experienced’ FTTC – I can honestly say this is not the way to go, especially considering that BT have stated those on FTTC will never receive FTTH.

      It’s a dead technology and considering the above, am I going to be stuck on 15Mb for the rest of my life?

    2. Bob2002 says:


      Since you have FTTC won’t you be eligible for BT’s FTTP on demand service which is supposed to launch in 2013?

    3. Kyle says:

      Well, there’s a ‘should’ and a ‘how much?’ to that..!

      Good to hear you are on the list. Are you close to a cabinet? If it’s a small town, with a generally exchange central layout, you should have full coverage.

    4. Bob2002 says:

      Ah, well I’m actually moving to a different part of the country this year where FTTC will be rolled out before my current location – I was just surprised to see my present town covered. My new premises is supposed to get around 60Mb/s according to the Infinity checker.

    5. Deduction says:

      @ KYLE try telling a certain resident BT fan troll on these boards that elsewhere thinks 90% in this country are under 1Km to the cabinet and we are all going to get speeds in the 100s of Mbs from FTTC when they tweak the profiles it uses LOL

    6. Somerset says:

      You said you were going to prove the 90% figure was wrong, please do.

    7. Deduction says:

      How about you prove he is in the 10%

    8. FibreFred says:

      “How about you prove he is in the 10%” what does that even mean? Nothing.

      onephat, keep the faith my exchange wasn’t on the list for years whilst others around me have been done for a while, my exchange has a date now so fingers crossed

    9. Deduction says:

      That means if you 2 think 90% are within 1Km of a cabinet and can get 40+Mb, prove he is in the remaining 10% that is further away and thats the reason his FTTC speed is cack.

    10. Deduction says:

      At his estimated 1.4Km speed shouldnt be dropping to the mid 20Mbps… SHould it?????

    11. New_Londoner says:

      You’re “forgetting” that vectoring is not implemented. The comments about 40Mbps being possible at 1km were with vectoring in place as well as Profile 17a.

      So I’d be very surprised if someone managed to get similar performance on a line without vectoring, wouldn’t you? I’d expect that near-end and far-end cross-talk would have some impact on the speed that was achievable.

    12. Jimbo says:

      Im also on the Hathern exchange and live in Loughbourgh, hardly a rural location. On a good day I get 2M but the line is full of errors due to the distance (or thats what they keep telling me). Very frustrating. I wish we were on the Loughborough exchange, it is approx the same distance away.

  14. Bob2002 says:

    I am more than surprised to see my small town on the list. Of course there’s no guarantee of how many premises in the town will actually be connected to a FTTC box.

  15. Bob says:

    BT to meet the schedule for exchanges with a September date would need to enable about 2 a day and they are simply not achieving anything like that. They are currently delivering about 5 a month

    1. Deduction says:

      Oh you spotted BT and their Maths issues also eh? LOL

    2. Somerset says:

      5/month? 73 in May, 56 in June.

  16. Terrel says:

    Yes CHALFONT DR. Nottinghamshire is on the list hip hip hooray!!!!!!!

  17. Bob says:

    Going by the BT Tweet the last exchange enabled was the 18th June so between the 18June & 1 st of July ( 12 days) BT have managed the grand total of zero

    Due to be enabled by 30th Sep 172 exchanges, achieved to date Zero

    Due to be enabled by 31st Dec 153 exchanges, achieved to date Zero

  18. Bob says:

    I had a look at the BT Phase 8. They have achieved to date only 52 of the 114 Exchanges which from Memory were suppossed to go live in March & Septemper of this year which means to date they have only achieved 45% of them and that with a minimum overun of 3 months. I would guess that within the published timescales they are hitting less than 30%

    If these figures are typical for al the phases we are looking at at least a 12 month overun but the backlog is accumulating so it could get worse

    1. gt94sss2 says:

      BT stated some time ago that they were no longer enabling exchanges in the phase order announced.

      As for the size of any backlog – I can’t say but worth noting that Openreach have been hiring new staff (including ex military) to help them speed up the rollout..

    2. FibreFred says:

      You are obsessed with the rollout stats Bob, have you taken a wager out on it or something? 🙂

  19. Bob says:

    Quote”BT stated some time ago that they were no longer enabling exchanges in the phase order announced.”

    BT have not stated that. If they had they would be in clear breach of ASA regulations

    1. FibreFred says:

      Why? Their rollout schedule is not an advert?

  20. Bob says:

    The remit of the ASA was expanded to include the Internet and what BT are publishing under the new legislation falls with in the ASA remit. It is in effect an advertisement with regards to the future availability of FTTC and as such has to be reasonably accurate and truethfull

    I realise you think BT should be allowed to do exactly as they like but legislation says otherwise

    1. gt94sss2 says:

      If you think that’s the case, contact the ASA and see how far you get.

      Meanwhile, in the real world, Openreach said some time ago, their priority was reaching the maximum number of customers as soon as possible – not enabling exchanges in the phase order they they announced the exchanges would be upgraded to FTTC (which is not the same as the forecast enablement dates anyway)

      This gives them more freedom to move staff/resources around around so if there are unexpected problems somewhere they can leave it or if it makes sense to concentrate in a particular geographic area they can do that too..

    2. FibreFred says:

      Go for it Bob get your crayons out, I think you’ll find its just a published schedule of Openreach work

      They could enable every exchange in the country but not enable any cabs so your point isn’t valid in any sense

      Best of luck tho 🙂

      If you are successful I guess we’ll see a rap on the knuckles and the ASA telling BT not to publish the list again in its current form, thing is they don’t need telling as they change it each time anyway 😉

  21. Bob says:

    The ASA have already taken action with ISP’s with regard to advertisments , Web Sites & Press releases that fail to indicate that line rental is also needed

  22. Terrel says:

    Hello can anybody tell me when FTTC going to be enabled next year when is it early or mid or late next year?

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