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PlusNet UK Prep Product Refresh and Half Price Unlimited Fibre Broadband

Friday, May 30th, 2014 (1:36 am) - Score 1,758

Internet provider PlusNet has cut the cost of its superfast ‘Unlimited Fibre Broadband and Calls’ (FTTC) package in half from £19.99 to just £9.99 a month for the first 6 months of service. Meanwhile there are also plans for another rise in the cost of line rental and a product refresh to simplify their packages.

Firstly, effective from later today, PlusNet’s Unlimited Fibre Broadband and Calls bundle, which also requires customers to take the ISPs Phone Line Rental from the equivalent of £10.99 per month (when pre-paid 12 months in advance) or £14.50 as a standard monthly charge, will see its price cut in half.

Take note that an Anytime UK Calls option can also be added for an extra +£5 a month (includes 25% off top international call destinations) or +£7 per month if you want to add 300 anytime minutes to the top 35 international destinations.

Unlimited Fibre Broadband and Calls
* Typical download speeds of up to 76Mbps (19.5Mbps upload)
* Truly unlimited usage
* Free wireless router
* Free weekend calls to UK landlines, 0845 / 0870 numbers and other PlusNet customers
* Free Activation when taking a Home Phone (normally £50)
* McAfee security
* 18 Month Contract

MONTHLY PRICE: £9.99 per month for the first 6 months (£19.99 thereafter)

Going forward PlusNet also plans to simplify their existing product line-up, from 10th June 2014, by removing the old usage-capped packages and replacing them with three unlimited options. The new line-up will include the existing unlimited options at the current price but also add a new unlimited service for their 38Mbps FTTC service at the slightly cheaper (-£1) cost of £14.99 (currently this is only offered alongside a usage cap of 40GB). Similarly the 10GB standard broadband package will also be removed. On top of that both of the fibre services will include free Evening as well as Weekend calls again.

Unfortunately there will be a few negative changes coming next month too and one of them is predictably routine, with Line Rental set to rise from £14.50 to £15.95. Similarly the pre-paid Line Rental Saver discount will rise at an even sharper rate from the monthly equivalent of £10.99 to £12.99 (£155.88 total for 12 months). Furthermore call setup fees will be 15.5p and calls to 01,02,03 and non-geo numbers (0845/0870) will rise to 9p per minute.

In fairness this will merely bring PlusNet into line with the rest of the mainstream market, which was an inevitable change. One other change of note is with the +£5 Anytime calls add-on, which will no longer include the 25% discount off top international call destinations.

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25 Responses
  1. Avatar Ignitionnet says:

    Ah the old trick of subsidising broadband via a line rental increase.

    So wish I could get shot of line rental, sadly in an Open reach monopoly area, and ice cube’s chance in hell of Openreach changing their full exchange to home copper loop rental centred business model any time soon.

    1. Avatar DTMark says:

      Until there’s the actual threat of loss of line rental, nothing much will change.

      We’re in an area where Openreach has a fixed line monopoly, but 3G and 4G are more competent anyway so it’s a no-brainer to lose the phone line. No real broadband services available anyway, just ADSL, and I don’t need calls, so there are no products or services of interest.

      That’s only one customer and one dead pair. No great shakes. However if you were talking about 50% dead pairs across the country (not just in some Virgin Media areas) you’d have an incentive to improve, the same incentive which drives improvement in most other arenas.

    2. Avatar Chris says:

      YEah, but what I think is going on now is basically plusnet (As is BT business plan) is primarily now a call and line rental provider, thats where its profit is. The broadband is just to lure those customers in.

  2. Avatar BT Investor says:

    What is the wholesale rate for line rental? (i.e. how much profit is built in with most ISP’s charging about the same as BT now)

    1. Avatar Phil says:

      Mark J, I don’t understand why BT line rental cost just Basic Line Rental terminating on: Old type socket, master socket or Linebox Notes a, b and c 17/05/2014 96.17 exc VAT 115.40 inc VAT

      but many isp’s charged more than BT Openreach pricing of £115.40 inc VAT which mean line rental would be monthly cost of £9.61 as I feel UK is rip off.

    2. Mark Jackson Mark Jackson says:

      “minus all the usual add-on’s like free calls, services etc.”

  3. Avatar bt lies says:

    Funny is my mate Line went dead for 8 days and his fibre still active and working. Before BT fixed to resolved his line back on. I don’t believe BT saying “you need a line for fibre”. That’s a load of lied. Of course Fibre still working eve if the line is dead. BT only saying it because they want your line rental money and peoples believe it need a line for fibre! Rubbish.

    1. Avatar X66yh says:

      Why is it that people like you loudly demonstrate their total ignorance in public on the internet?

      There are three components to your telecoms bill.
      1. Payment for the rent of the physical line to your address plus maintenance, upgrades on it and the back end systems that support it.
      2. Payment for receiving a voice service on the line with calls costs extra as appropriate to the package.
      3. Payment for receiving a data(broadband) service on the line with data quantities chargeable as appropriate to the package bought.

      In the UK items 1 and 2 are lumped together and are call ‘Line Rental’ and paid to the voice phone service provider. This is required by OFCOM. Now OFCOM could decide to lump 1 and 3 together then all our broadband charges would be huge and the extra amount for receiving a voice service relatively small.
      But you would not like that would you?

      It would be clearer if we paid 3 monthly bills, to BTOR as network operator, to our voice service provider and to our BB service provider.

      Then again you could look at the monthly price charge by a full fibre only FTTP company like Gigaclear with no phone service for the Broadband plus fibre line maintenance component – its £37/month.

      PS you mate fibre worked as the fault was between the local cabinet and the exchange which is not used for the BB part of the service, but is used for the voice part of the service.

    2. Avatar DTMark says:

      In thee event that I ever live or work out of somewhere where the BT network provides modern, useful broadband (has only ever happened once) and find myself using it for data services, I am not sure what the point of having the line with one company and the broadband with another, is.

      Not only does this generally work out more expensive, but I’ve read so many threads where the customer is bounced back and forth between the two seeking a resolution to some broadband fault that I’m not convinced it’s a great idea, like everything else in the vertical monopoly there aren’t really any significant USPs that I can see to keeping them apart anyway.

      Superficial competition at a retail level is hardly engendering any form of progress.

  4. Avatar yesbut says:


    PPS..But does that not prove that a working line is not needed for FTTC?

    And if so why can’t they just use a dead line to physically provide it?

    1. Avatar Unknown101 says:

      Yes FTTC works without and E side pair but they wouldnt be able to test the line if it was to go faulty. Also if the lines didn’t have a telephony service one it would be extremely hard to know which lines are active and which ones are spare – engineers use the voltage to detect if it is a working line or not, granted some SDSL lines don’t carry any voltage but these shouldn’t be taken an usually have a different tone on them to prove they are a working line.

      If you didnt want an E side (to not have to pay line rental) who would repair your D side if it become faulty (line rental is used to cover repair costs of the network)?

      Eventually I can see Openreach doing away with the E sides and turning each cabinet into a mini exchange but the D side would still require maintenance and uplift work.

  5. Avatar dave says:

    We just need a rich saudi prince to build a fibre network in britain to get rid of BT’s monopoly. Gigaclear is focused on businesses and flats:(

    1. Avatar Phil says:

      U can ask Bill Gates is an American business magnate, chairman of Microsoft, philanthropist and author who has a net worth of $76 billion.

    2. Avatar Kirk says:

      I think I’d rather keep things as they are, than have Microsoft (or anything related to them) anywhere near the UK’s internet infrastructure. I’m no huge fan of BT, but I despise Microsoft.

    3. Avatar Bob2002 says:

      >We just need a rich saudi prince …

      Weirdly I was checking out “The Bishops Avenue”(aka “billionaires row”) on Google Streetview, where the Saudi royal family used to own lots of houses. I actually get far better FTTC speeds than some living there (woohoo!) – though since it only costs about £600/month to have a 100Mb/s leased line for that postcode I suspect they aren’t too bothered by FTTC speeds.


  6. Avatar hmmm says:

    plusnet trying to think you getting a good deal for fibre when you basically getting ripped off with the line rental that’s how they get you they should scrap the line rental bloody load of tosh !!!!!!! ripoff Britain!!!!!

  7. Avatar Chris says:

    It be interesting to see if they ever remove all legacy capped packages so all customers mgirated to unlimited, if that happens would they ever ditch their priority TM system.

  8. Avatar Bloke says:

    Actually in April 2013 price per month was £11.82(141.86year) according to my bill.

    But that’s still a massive price hike on top of the previous price hike.

    Inflation is a lie.

  9. Avatar doofy says:

    I agree hmmm they should get rid of line rental but no that’s a money making thing all threw stupid Ofcom and there bright ideas Not !!!!

  10. Avatar Darren says:

    I disagree with the price of line rental and also it’s constant increases. I’m reluctant to fight for change though because it will probably be used as an opportunity to charge us even more. £10 line rental £40+ broadband anyone?

    That said as things are now I can see us eventually paying £1 for broadband and £45+ for line rental.

    1. Avatar X66yh says:

      That would be nothing

      Try this in the USA
      25Mbsp broadband package
      Price $39 for first 12 months
      Thereafter $55 per month for next 12 months
      after that depending on area it could be up to $66 per month
      Oh yes, and taxes are extra on top……

      Now that price level would cause some palpitations amongst the sensitive souls in the UK.

    2. Avatar No Clue says:

      Seems a bargain…

      $39 dollars is about £24

      Nearest thing BT offer in terms of unlimited is either…

      16Mb ADSL at £16 a month plus £15.99 line rental, total = £31.99


      38Mb FTTC at £23 a month plus £15.99 line rental, total = £38.99

      This Plusnet deal is not so great either, its an 18 month contract so you may as well look at what you will be paying for the majority of that contract which is
      £19.99+£14.50=£34.49 a month for 12 months, with the other 6 months (COUGH) bargain at £9.99+£14.50=£24.49

      So errrrr how is that American deal so bad again?

  11. Avatar KJ says:

    @No Clue,

    You are not comparing like with like, those American deals do not include voice services, where as the PN comparative prices do.

    What a great name you have for this forum!

    1. Avatar No Clue says:

      And you can not read the Plusnet deal requires you have to pay line rental it is not included. The line rental plus the cost of the broadband equals more than the American example.

      Mind you if you want to compare the American company with Voice plus Internet thats fine…..
      $49.95…. Which is about £29. Still works out cheaper than any Plusnet or BT fibre “deal”.

      So yep again even with a new name you can not count.

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