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UK 99p Stores Add Offer of 99p Per Week Unlimited Broadband

Tuesday, September 9th, 2014 (1:40 pm) - Score 6,897

One thing the UK Internet access market has in abundance right now is budget broadband ISPs and thus you’d probably have to be a little mad to launch another one into such an aggressively competitive sector. Never the less that’s exactly what the famously budget high street retailer 99p Stores has just done.

In fairness the new service, which proudly boasts the offer of an “up to 24Mbps” unlimited home broadband service from the equivalent of 99p per week (i.e. £4.29 per month for the first 6 months and £8.50 thereafter), isn’t strictly speaking “new” since it’s being provided by established operator Home Telecom that also offers a similar package (minus the 6 month discount).

Naturally customers will also have to take line rental from the same ISP, which just like Home Telecom also costs £14.50 per month (i.e. not technically 99p per week because it’s a bundle). As usual things get more expensive the closer you look, with an extremely lengthy 24 month contract term being applied and a setup/credit check/postage fee of £69 looming large. Customers will also get 100 minutes of Anytime UK calls (local and national calls cost just 2.50p per minute thereafter and no call connection fee is applied).

According to a brief press release, 99p Stores hopes this offer will push them into the “mainstream“, but it’s probably not going to worry their rivals like Direct Save Telecom or TalkTalk too much.. yet.

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28 Responses
  1. DanielM says:

    + £70 line install or migrate charge. lol

    and apprently use TalkTalk network (so that means no 3db SNR)

    1. adslmax says:

      Correct. Talktalk set SNR at 6dB and will not go lower than that!

    2. No Clue says:

      There is no LLU that will let you have 3db AFAIK now. The only ones that allowed a FIXED 3db were BE broadband wasn’t it?

    3. DanielM says:

      that’s not correct @No Clue

      and on top of that they take a £30 Fee (Which they credit back after first bill) so quite an expensive start.

      Tesco Broadband can offer 3dB, however you need to get second level tech to configure this. Sky also has this but on a very low number of lines (probably in the hundreds)

    4. No Clue says:

      Sky will not do it anymore haven’t since they altered the way their DLM works which is ages ago, ask the ex-BE users that have been assimilated by sky about their db margins now. Tesco LLU broadband i dont think its an option on either, Tesco LLU products use or did use the Cable and Wireless network. It is also traffic managed http://www.tescobroadband.com/help-and-support/articles/view/2122?cat=1171 and although this may have changed i believe it is subject to a £45 setup fee, though there were rumours they were going to change that to only apply to fibre products, no idea if they did though.

    5. DanielM says:

      My spare line is with tesco ^^ it’s still on C&W LLU, am on 3dB SNR. although it took alot to get sorted. (nearly a month) benefit being pings are around 14-24ms to most uk servers. and interleaving is disabled (which is also a pain to get removed but its possible).

    6. No Clue says:

      Guess you were lucky ICUK another C&W LLU provider could not change a friends margins, again i think they used to but have not for a while. Either way nobody should really be expecting things like this from a budget service of any ISP.

  2. Paula edwards says:

    I do. Enjoy. Shopping To day I save Lot. On shopping. Today

  3. Did shopping in local 99p store, was given a ticket which says “win an i pad” by doing a survey, just click on to http://www.survey99p.co.uk. I have done this but no survey comes up. Disappointing and waste of time.

    1. Dee says:

      I agree. This is misleading and false representation of their competition.

  4. It also said “Can’t wait to hear from you” what was it all about please?

  5. thando says:

    and complete a short questionnare for your chance to win this great prize.

  6. thando says:

    i when to shoping today at 99p store i was given a tickert so i cant wait to hear from you !

  7. june jackson says:

    i go to family bargains at least 3 times a weekwas given a ticket to win ipad feel like i am being fobbed off cos there is no survey

  8. Sheku Emmanuel Fofana says:

    Service extremely good, products good quality. Very helpful to low income earners.

  9. D.Caley says:

    No sign of the questionnaire mentioned on the “Win an iPad” Card.
    And we were impressed with the store but not with Survey99P.

  10. Zubair says:

    When i want 99p it is amazing I needed help to find somthing and they told me

  11. Bt brode brand is very good condition and talk talk is also very good. Signal is very good

  12. Nazid Raheem says:

    What is this all about ! Must be a con. No survey to complete. Must think we british must be stupid and gullible?

  13. DEREK SAVILL says:


  14. robertbanks says:

    i found the they very helpful with a smile and ready yo help if needed

  15. I requiest to you If I winner pls inform my mail.

  16. carol hails says:

    unable to find http://www.servey99p.co.uk very misleading you need to sort this out asap

  17. Ashu Prince says:


    1. Ashu Prince says:

      How will know to win I pad

  18. Jane Farmer says:

    No survey to complete,so its misleading and false advertising really

  19. john whitton says:

    yes it was nice shopping at the 99p store which i go there a lot

  20. johnwhitton says:

    yes its great shopping at the 99p stores

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