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New “Funded by UK Government” Plaques to Appear on Broadband Cabinets

Monday, March 2nd, 2015 (8:05 am) - Score 1,615

Major national infrastructure projects, specifically those like the Broadband Delivery UK (BDUK) programme that are being backed by public funding from the central Government of the United Kingdom, will soon be adorned by a new “Funded by the UK Government” plague and Union Jack flag. But not everybody is happy.

Apparently the Union Jack flags and related messaging will be displayed on everything from bridges to the “fibre broadband” capable street cabinets (FTTC) that BT have been installing across the UK as part of the wider £1.7bn BDUK scheme; the latter project currently aims to make fixed line superfast broadband speeds (24Mbps+) available to 95% of the population by 2017.

The European Union (EU) also does something similar with the projects that it has helped to fund, although technically the EU investment actually comes from member states. Meanwhile many of the street cabinets being installed by BT under the BDUK scheme already include the logos of related local councils and other funding partners, so it’s perhaps nothing to write home about.

Danny Alexander (LibDem), Chief Secretary to the UK Treasury, said:

It’s only right that we recognise the contribution of the UK taxpayer in supporting this economic growth, which is why I’m delighted to launch these Union Jack plaques, which will proudly adorn infrastructure investments from roads in Cornwall to broadband in Caithness.”

Naturally not everybody will see the new plagues plaques in the same way and indeed members of the Scottish National Party (SNP) have been perhaps understandably quite vocal about the whole affair. As the SNP’s Deputy Leader, Stewart Hosie, said (BBC TV): “Putting a sticker on projects is a silly gimmick by Danny Alexander and his Tory bosses, which can’t cover over the fact that his government at Westminster has slashed infrastructure spending – destroying jobs and delaying economic recovery.”

Ultimately todays move isn’t going to help people in areas of poor connectivity to receive a better broadband connection any faster than they would have yesterday.

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Mark Jackson
By Mark Jackson
Mark is a professional technology writer, IT consultant and computer engineer from Dorset (England), he also founded ISPreview in 1999 and enjoys analysing the latest telecoms and broadband developments. Find me on Twitter, , Facebook and Linkedin.
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25 Responses
  1. Avatar Sledgehammer says:

    Another waste of public money.

    1. Avatar david says:


    2. Avatar fastman2 says:

      david what mis selling — assume you too far away from cab to be get major / uplift

    3. Avatar david says:

      im 200 meters from the green cabinet and can only get apparently 18mbps and they have capped my line also. so im going back to dial up normal broadband at 17mbps.

  2. Avatar Patrick Cosgrove says:

    How about a sticker on BT HQ’s front door?

    1. Avatar DTMark says:

      ^ very good 😉

    2. Avatar Paul says:

      Hehe agreed good one 😀 Though ironically it is the first place a sticker in regards to broadband should be stuck.

      Does this also mean any new bank branch which opens has to display this sticker, seeing as they are tax payer funded now.

      What about Heritage sites, Museums etc that get tax payers funds (oh i can imagine how much some on those will love a sticker shoved on a historic building or some billion year old artifact).

      Hopefully i will not be ill or break any bones or upon my visit to my nearest hospital which was built with government funds and is still government funded. I may find myself coming away with a new kidney adorned by stitches in the shape of a UK flag or maybe to make it more long term they could tattoo it on to broken limbs as well as make the cast a nice red white and blue.

      This sticker rather than the old no smoking sticker in every train window will make a nice new view. No idea how they will stick it on the track though of things like HS2 or how many stickers will be needed for the track between London and the midlands (perhaps someone could calculate out how many would be needed to shove one every 1/4 mile)… The sticker will also need to be a a matt rather than glossy sticker or it will be the wrong type and the train will just wheel spin like when there is rain or snow.

      The unemployed sent off to Poundland or similar (if they are still doing that stupidity) can also be branded like cattle i suppose, far cheaper than making all of them and the shop display their sticker. This will also encourage small local dying business like blacksmiths to make branding irons also.

      I really have read it all now, the country needs to cut back on spending so errrrr lets spent money reminded people of some of the stuff we have not cut back on.

    3. Avatar DTMark says:

      I had the misfortune to be actually standing outside the London BT building when I elected not to risk my life trying to get on the Central Line at Bank and decided to walk to Chancery Lane.

      I thought “that’s a rather grand building considering that the connectivity in this city, let alone much of the rest of the country, is third world”.

    4. Avatar hallelujah says:

      Its amazing what line rental increases can buy 😉

  3. Are any cabinets being placed at sea?

    I’m still in the camp, that it’s the Union Flag on land and the Union Jack when flown on a ship whilst at sea 🙂

  4. Avatar PeterM says:

    My cabinet is half an hours walk away. I don’t think I will bother to go and see if it has a plaque on it!

  5. Avatar timeless says:

    this is just a PR stunt, look at it from another point of view.. in recent months we had the scottish independence vote.. and now the tories are trying to capitalise on the fact that money also came from england and lm sure there is a veiled threat in there that money can be pulled.

    these underhanded tactics are just another way to try and get voted back in.. and to be honest l dont think it would have been some much a problem if this plan was also done in the rest of england..

    that said given the wording it makes it sound like the government paid for all these projects… what these stickers should say is “funded by the UK tax payer” as the money they are using for this publicity stunt is ours not the governments.

    1. Mark Jackson Mark Jackson says:

      Agreed on the “funded by the UK tax payer” or perhaps to be more accurate, “co-funded by the UK tax payer” :).

    2. Avatar timeless says:

      since l heard this story (l originally heard it talk about putting stickers on bridges etc) lve noticed a trend for government adverts on the radio (dont watch much terrestrial TV) and lve noticed an addition to most adverts like “supported by the uk government” or “funded by the uk government” allot more, maybe this article has got me listening more or other ads have recently changed to.

    3. Avatar DTMark says:

      All that Cameron has to do to get voted back in, is to give the nod to the grey voters that NHS spending will be maintained and ring-fenced, and to give a nod to people priced out of the housing market that he will continue his march towards communism by further socialising the cost of buying a home by sharing all the costs among everyone through extended “Help to Buy” policies. That this will not and cannot work in the medium to long term is further away than politicians and voters think and so irrelevant.

      The stuff about Europe is just a distraction, and despite what the “Vote UKIP” brigade think, is nowhere near as important to the vast majority of people as the two key things above, and remembering to set the box to record Coronation Street.

      Broadband doesn’t even feature in the top ten concerns.

    4. Avatar timeless says:

      actually, l thought it was more like he is trying to make everyone think every party is as bad as each other.. the biggest problem in the last elections was that there was so much voter apathy that no one really voted essentially leading to no party getting a clear majority of the votes, however due to the fact that the Cons had the most seats they were best placed to create a hung parliament with whichever party was willing to sell their soul for their name on the door.

      that happened to be the LibDems.. suffice to say everything happening now isnt about running the country or even reducing the deficit.. its now turned into a popularity contest in which the party that pushes the most popular ideas which sadly amount to blaming everything on immigration and benefits.. when in truth we have a chancellor who has no clue how to run an economy who has borrowed more in the past 5 years than any labour government combined over the past 100 years… yet ppl still believe their fall back excuse that labour caused everything despite it being a global recession mostly down to the stereotypical tory donor..

      either way you look at it tho, this idea of posting stickers on everything is just a political stunt to spite scotland which l hope does more harm to the tories than good. one can only wish it backfires on the cons and gets a lesser evil into no.10

  6. Avatar sentup.custard says:

    How long do you reckon they’ll last before the letters “nd” get altered by the local laundry-marker boys?

    1. I must be getting old – it took me a while to work that one out! 🙂

    2. Avatar gerarda says:

      perhaps on the cabinets which don’t reach all those “passed” changing the “und” to “ail” would be appropriate

  7. Avatar Al says:

    I would love for my cabinet to have one, let me just check. Nope no cabinet, yes it’s only a sticker but I suspect most people couldn’t care less about a sticker, they are more interested in having a fibre enabaled cabinet or a date for when they will get one.

    1. Avatar fastman2 says:

      so that assume your cxabinet is good value for money — if it not you could always create a community group and self fund it !!!!!

    2. Avatar hallelujah says:

      “Community Self fund it” whats his taxes pay for then?

  8. Avatar NGA for all says:

    They should say how much was paid and what BT contributed!

    1. Avatar tim says:

      bet BT Didn’t spend that much on the shambles of the network

  9. Avatar Claire says:

    It would be interedting to see how manyy of these cabinets are left standing in the Nationalist areas of Northern Ireland / the North of Ireland.

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