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Derbyshire UK Signs Extended BT Fibre Broadband Rollout Contract

Tuesday, May 5th, 2015 (8:01 am) - Score 1,398

The Digital Derbyshire project, which is working with BT and the Government’s Broadband Delivery UK programme to make “fibre broadband” (FTTC/P) connectivity available to 95% of local premises by the end of 2016, looks set to reach more areas after a new Superfast Extension Programme (SEP) contract was signed.

At present the existing contract will see 88,000 homes and business in the county being put within reach of the new service, which is in addition to the 340,000 or so that BT’s separate commercial deployment has already covered. As part of this the operator will need to install 750,000 metres of fibre optic cable and 445 new Street Cabinets.

So far around 24,876 premises (Dec 2014 figure) have already been upgraded, with 6.7% uptake in related areas, and the original plan for the new Phase 2 BDUK extension was “to reach a more ambitious target of 99% of homes and businesses with superfast broadband service by 2017“. We note the specific mention of “superfast“, which usually implies download speeds of 24Mbps+, although we have our doubts about whether there is enough money in the pot to achieve that for 99% in the new deal.

Unfortunately the pre-election (purdah) period means that neither BT nor the county council can issue an official press release and as such we don’t yet know what the final targets for Phase 2 will become (we had to dig all this info. up ourselves). However the related public consultation indicates that the roll-out for Phase 2 will begin after Summer 2016 and probably run for a couple of years.

In terms of funding, BDUK has allocated £2,190,000 to the phase 2 contract and this is being matched by the council (total public funding of around £4.4 million), although it’s not yet known whether BT will also be contributing (they usually do). Hopefully more details will surface soon.

UPDATE June 2016

The Official project site now states: “we’re aiming for 98% of homes and businesses in Derbyshire to be able to access speeds of at least 24Mb per second by the end of 2018.”

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21 Responses
  1. Avatar Chris Conder says:

    Poor Derbyshire. More FTTC obsolete tech and more folk gonna be fobbed off with satellites. They snuck that in during purdah very neatly.

    1. Avatar TheFacts says:

      FTTC not obsolete. Developing product.

      Unless you have a proposal for FTTP for 100% of the UK.

      Thought not.

    2. Avatar GNewton says:

      @TheFacts: “Unless you have a proposal for FTTP for 100% of the UK.”

      I assume you are concerned about not wasting taxpayer’s money, in which case your statement sounds a bit strange in view of your own proposal a while ago of a nationwide government-funded FTTP.

      Chris is right, sooner or later there will be a big awakening about the BDUK FTTC farce!

    3. Avatar TheFacts says:

      @GN – I had no proposal other then possible support for a government funded scheme if one was proposed. Which seems unlikely.

      At least the BDUK scheme sees many properties getting significant speeds quickly.

    4. Avatar GNewton says:

      @TheFacts: Can’t make up your mind on this subject here? Wouldn’t be the first time. Learn to use Google, or shall I dig up your old posts for you? I guess you like to support commercial near-monopoly companies like BT which had never any need for taxpayer’s money?

    5. Avatar TheFacts says:

      Clearly Fuji/C&W/etc. also had no need for taxpayers money. The fact is if ‘we’ wanted a fast rollout this, apparently, was the only solution for the money. NGA can comment.

    6. Avatar GNewton says:

      @TheFacts: You are wrong in all points. Fuji etc are not relevant to this discussion. Derbyshire, as well as most other counties, use BT for their BDUK projects. Please get your facts straight.

      Fast roll-out could have been accomplished without wasting taxpayer’s money. It’s just the whole framework was wrongly set up. And your support for a potential government-funded fibre shows you have no concern about the dangers of wasting taxpayer’s money, it should not go to a commercial company with no ROI which has no need for it.

    7. Avatar TheFacts says:

      @GN – Please explain your scheme in detail.

    8. Avatar GNewton says:

      @TheFacts: “Please explain your scheme in detail.”

      I suggest you learn how to use Google, so posters won’t have to repeat themselves when they talk to you.

      If you are so desparate in getting fibre in your local area, why don’t do do something about it yourselves?

  2. Avatar NGA for all says:

    Good to see the progress.

    Phase 1 contract was £27.6m I think (BT gap funding £12m) – so 445 cabinets x NAO average total cosy of £24k = £10m.
    If BT pays its bid price as per state aid rules, then Derby like all the others will be due a cheque!
    The intervention area looks to have dropped in size.

  3. Avatar Lewis says:

    Good to see progress in Derby.

    I live in Derby South (close to City Centre) and we’re still awaiting FTTC (Current speeds 11Mbps down and 0.9Mbps up.)

    Trying to get any information from anyone about when this area is getting some increased speeds is like drawing blood from a stone.

    Hopefully we see some improvements soon but its good to see that there are plans to deliver in Derby north.

    1. Avatar GNewton says:

      “Trying to get any information from anyone about when this area is getting some increased speeds is like drawing blood from a stone.”

      It’s your taxpayer’s money, too, going into this project. Have you tried an enquire under the Freedom of Information Act?

    2. Avatar AndyH says:

      “It’s your taxpayer’s money”…how much per person – £5?

      FOI requests will only apply to intervention areas. It’s up to each local authority to provide information on their rollouts. Some are a lot more proactive than others.

    3. Avatar Lewis says:

      Well I’ve been in contact with the Council and they just responded with business related voucher schemes. I told this this was residential and was simply ignored.

      Digital Derbyshire were helpful to a degree – I was just told that they have no information on my area because they deal with Rural areas, not the city centre.

      Other organisations that were set up to promote the “Derby Superfast Broadband Programme” don’t have any websites any longer – it seems that they have not paid their hosting fees so this is out and all other websites that offer information about FTTC in Derby are extremely outdated.

      I’m running out of people to contact it seems as no one has any information!

    4. Avatar AndyH says:

      Which cabinet/exchange? You can check here http://www.dslchecker.bt.com

      You’re not by any chance in a VM area are you?

    5. Avatar Lewis says:

      Hi Andy,

      Cabinet is Cab 28 on the Alvaston exchange. I’m not in a VM area but I can see VM connected houses out of my window.

      I’ve scouted the area and its pretty silly how close Virgin Media are, there are connected houses less that 300 metres away. BT are doing work close to the area in Pride Park at the moment in Derby but this is for the business park!

      I’ve checked roadworks.org and set alerts hoping there will be some news but no luck so far! On the When and Where checker we’ve been Under Review for around a year.

    6. Avatar AndyH says:

      It looks like you’re not covered by BT’s commercial programme or the BDUK scheme in Derby, from what I can see. I’m not quite sure why though. The FTTC rollout seems to have been completed on EMALVAS in April 2014 with nothing else planned at the moment. There’s no FTTP planned for the exchange either.

      You can contact OR directly here – http://www.superfast-openreach.co.uk/faq/contact-us-form.aspx (chose the ‘My community is interested in… option and a manager at OR should contact you)

    7. Avatar Lewis says:

      This is exactly my issue, nobody has any information as to why we’ve been left out. It is quite frustrating!

      I had emailed OR previously and just received a copy/paste “No plans in your area…” response. I’ll try again with your suggestions and see what they say.

      There is another article on Thinkbroadband that is similar to this, but with some statistics of coverage and apparently the City Centre has 97.9% coverage for FTTC so I’m not quite sure when this is going to be implemented within my area – but we shall see what OR come back with.

      Thanks for you help and suggestions, highly appreciated.

    8. Avatar Lewis says:

      And the copy/paste responses from Openreach continue.

    9. Avatar MikeW says:


      I think you are caught between a rock and a hard place here.

      It looks like the Derbyshire BDUK organisation is in control of the funding for both Derbyshire county council and the City of Derby, as two separate organisations. I don’t recall there being any particular indication that the city was being left out of the rollout.

      According to these county council minutes, they say “In March 2014, Cabinet agreed to submit and expression of interest to the SEP on behalf of Derby and Derbyshire and this was subsequently approved by BDUK in April 2014.”

      At that time, the SEP obviously included the city.

      However, later in the same minutes, the council report “To ensure the Council
      progressed in line with the BDUK timescales, the Council prepared for the
      next assurance checkpoint B2 on 13 November 2014 and this included
      finalising the invitation to tender, refining the intervention area and submitting
      the State Aid application. A key issue would be de-scoping Derby City
      to ensure the intervention was acceptable for State Aid purposes and
      after initial difficulties and this had now been confirmed.”

      That suggests Derby city is to be left out of the SEP programme (i.e. the second tranche of funding), which leaves a big question about whether it is still included in the current programme.

      The same details can be found in the original report to the council, for that meeting.

      If you want to get Openreach involved, you might need to seek help for a community-funded project for the whole area.

    10. Avatar Lewis says:

      Hi Mike,

      Thanks for that. There was an article on Thinkbroadband that stated that the City Centre had now been de-scoped for the second wave of funding.

      At this point I’m not quite sure what to do, as you said it seems I am in a rock and a hard place with this.

      I guess the only option really is to wait and see what happens. Currently there is work ongoing in Pride Park for fibre cabling by BT which is adjacent to where I live and there is a pretty big Virgin Media network that is less than half a mile away.

      I’m not sure if I could get in contact with Virgin Media about getting someone to look at the possibility of having it extended here. From my understanding they are investing £3bn into their network to cover not spots close to their existing network.

      This statement gives me hope from this link: http://www.wired.co.uk/news/archive/2015-02/13/virgin-media-3-billion

      “He added that Virgin’s network expansion was likely to take place on new housing developments and estates that were missed during its last big roll out three years ago.”

      This estate is fairly new (completed in late 2010) but the fibre rollout on the Alvaston exchange happened in April 2014. Hopefully Virgin will expand their network here soon, they are doing a lot of work in Derby any way according to Roadworks.org.

      I guess it is a waiting game for me for now. I don’t think I would be comfortable pushing for private funding – it would be for purely selfish reasons!

      Thanks for the breakdown though – you’ve certainly done your research and I appreciate the time you have taken to set this out.

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