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Speedtests Hint of Faster Virgin Media Broadband Uploads Boost

Friday, September 4th, 2015 (12:21 pm) - Score 16,554
Virgin Media 2014 UK Logo

Data collected from new broadband speedtests conducted on Virgin Media’s network now appear to have revealed that the operator will also be giving their upload speeds a boost next month, albeit not by as much as some customers might have hoped.

As we reported last month (here) Virgin Media will, from 1st October 2015, be conducting another double speed boost of their existing broadband packages and this should be rolled out to 90% of their cable (EuroDOCSIS3) network by the end of 2015; the remaining will be completed in early 2016.

Thanks to the earlier trials we already know what the new download speeds will be, although some recent speedtests spotted by Thinkbroadband appear to have also confirmed that their upload rates will be getting a similar boost. As such the best educated guess, based on available evidence, suggests the following.

Virgin’s Predicted Speed Boosts (Autumn 2015)

Current Package: 50Mbps [3Mbps Upload]
New Speed: 100Mbps [6Mbps Upload]

Current Package: 100Mbps [6Mbps Upload]
New Speed: 200Mbps [12Mbps Upload]

Current Package: 152Mbps [12Mbps Upload]
New Speed: 300Mbps [20Mbps Upload]

It’s worth pointing out that the 300Mbps package (this may or may not be officially advertised as 304Mbps) has also been spotted with an upload rate of 15Mbps in some areas, so that one is less certain. Never the less it seems like upload speeds will almost all be benefitting from a speed boost. The official confirmation is expected towards the end of this month.

UPDATE 29th September 2015

Sadly the final confirmation isn’t quite as expected, with top speeds pushing to 200Mbps and uploads remaining unchanged (here).

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Mark Jackson
By Mark Jackson
Mark is a professional technology writer, IT consultant and computer engineer from Dorset (England), he is also the founder of ISPreview since 1999 and enjoys analysing the latest telecoms and broadband developments. Find me on Twitter, , Facebook and Linkedin.
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47 Responses
  1. mrpops2ko

    Great step forward. All they need to do now is drop their terrible traffic management policy.

    • adslmax Real

      no they won’t drop the upload traffic management

    • Bodincus

      And there’s a reason why the upload is throttled.
      These are consumer packages, not for shed servers pumping out traffic.
      Social media sharing and all that, OK, but the thresholds to be throttled are really generous.
      Mine on XXL 152 is 2Gig and a quarter in one hour. I mean – what?
      I would throttle much lower, and kick ass of the plunderers that abuse a consumer connection to run money making services.

    • FibreFred

      Bandwidth is bandwidth up or down

    • DanielM


      i think you are a little insane (or actually work for VM)

      the Limits are not fair at all.

    • Ignition

      Very few are running services to make money. Most commonly throttled are those seeding torrents and those streaming their game play in HD.

      The upstream limit doesn’t appear to be a big detractor to most and I’d assume Virgin will continue to adjust it as they did the downstream limits and perhaps in time retire it.

      Certainly very few people will be hitting the 152Mb tier’s upload limit with any regularity. The one guy I know who does is usually seeding 30-ish dodgy torrents 24×7.

      There’s the odd person who’s using their connection for provision of cloud computing or hosting, but they’re a tiny minority.

      DanielM – what are you using at home as your connection for right now?

    • Terry

      Agree with you Ignition i rarely touch the traffic management limits, the only time i have is when uploading a backup to a cloud service. For anyone to regularly hit the limit they must be regularly uploading masses of data and the only time you do several gigs regularly is if you are a serial and dodgy torrent user.

    • M

      You are correct @Bodincus, the limits are unfair. I recently discovered that if I made three standard and concurrent HTTP downloads (all reaching 160mbits combined), there would be so many TCP ACK’s and other back-end protocol messages that I end up using over 3mbit/s upload during the download, thus would trigger the upload throttle after a while thus limiting my download speed as well as upload. Not to mention impossible to stream on Twitch or YouTube above 2mbit/s (good for a really mediocre quality 720p) without having to tell your viewers that you are sorry that your ISP sucks so bad and have to kill the stream because your beautiful 3-4mbit/s stream just got nuked by traffic management. VM is a big scam with it’s traffic management policy as far as I am concerned. Some people would say: “change ISP then?” and they are right, and I will be when BT updates my cabinet very soon. Upload more important than download for some people!

    • Terry

      The comparisons in this post and the same confusion rather bizarrely seems to mirror the users below…. hmmm

    • comnut

      OK…. 😛 just suppose you have 1000,000 customers, 1% of which want higher Upload speed, and 90% want cheap & fast broadband….

      CMIAW, but I think you may have to reduce download speed, to get faster upload speed???

      how many customers will you lose if you *reduce* download speeds???

  2. JamesM


    So anyone who has 7+GB of cloud to store is dodgy? You fickle person

    • Terry

      You would not be uploading 7GB each and EVERY HOUR using a cloud service and if you were you would be spending a massive amount on whatever service it was you are using. The only fickle people are those that would believe it or try to make people believe they it to be true.

      Any cloud service and any amount of data you are likely to upload to that service once or maybe twice a week at most NOT EACH AND EVERY HOUR DAILY.

    • JamesM

      “and if you were you would be spending a massive amount on whatever service it was you are using. ”

      How so? Do you mean as in buying storage? Google and MSN have been unlimited for some time now (well they have initial 10TB limits and you can get more for free by request)

      I’ve spent nothing on either.

    • Terry

      “How so? Do you mean as in buying storage? Google and MSN have been unlimited for some time now (well they have initial 10TB limits and you can get more for free by request)”

      Not bothered to check MSN but ALL of that info about google drive is false…

      1. Its 15 Gig which is free
      2. The statement about getting more free by request is also obviously nonsense.

      I suspect the same basic rules of incorect apply to MSN.

  3. Paul

    Some of you guys must be really old and have no clue what upload speeds mean to some people. Were not all FB users you know. No wonder Twitch streamers stay on BT because of these ridiculous upload limits that Virgin have.

    Even just streaming a game @1500kbps (which is nowhere near HD quality) works out at an average of > 90mb/every minute > 900mb/every 10 minutes > 2700mb/every 30 minutes (already gone over the limit at this point) > 5400mb/every hour.. see where this is going?

    I know streamers on BT that will do an average 8 hour stream (some using 4500kbps) and they dont get any limit at all slapped on them. Virgin need to wake up and smell the coffee and stop boasting about fast downloads without giving a crap about upload traffic.

    Like FibreFred said above, bandwidth is bandwidth.. up or down.

    I’m 46 and stream games sometimes, but it’ll only last a couple of hours, if that, before my upload speed is crippled.

    Think on Virgin.

    • Terry

      1500 Kbps equates to 1.5 Mbps or 90Mb uploaded per minute.

      If we times by 60 (ie minutes) it then equates to 5400 Mb per hour.

      5400 Mb equates to 675 MB (that is MEGA BYTES not bits) This may help you… http://www.numion.com/Calculators/Units.html

      You would not exceed any upload limit.

      The smallest upload limit is on the old 30 Mbps virgin and that permits you 750 MB per hour (or if you prefer using the above is 6000 Mb)…

      Which makes sense seeing as the upload rate on the old 30 Mb package is 2 Mbps or (0.25 MB) which equates if run at the full 2 Mb (or 0.25MB) to 900MB (or 7200 Mb) per hour.

      It is at that point you could in theory reach the 750 MB (or if you prefer again that is 6000 Mb) limit.

      Thus your example does not work and what you claim could be done with NO ISSUE AT ALL.

      perhaps you have confused bits and bytes, hopefully the 2 links will help you.

    • Paul

      Terry.. so i got my bits and bytes mixed up but it still isnt enough when Twitch recommend 3500kbps bitrates which is 1575 MB per hour (limit being hit at 2250mb after the first hour). I’m sure you will work that one out if a streamer wants to say, do a 4-8 hour stream. The 1500kbps example i gave was the lowest bitrate which is actually watchable while in full screen on a 1080p monitor,and even then its still pretty pixelated. (I’m not even going to talk about Youtube Live which let you use 10,000kbps or more for near 1080p quality video). God help those that want to do some 4K content.

      Anyway hopefully these limits will go up with the speed increases or even taken away completely.

      Thank you for correcting me on those bits and bytes though.

    • Terry

      “Terry.. so i got my bits and bytes mixed up but it still isnt enough when Twitch recommend 3500kbps bitrates which is 1575 MB per hour (limit being hit at 2250mb”

      It appears unfortunately you still have them muddled the ‘2250’ you refer to is the limit on the 152Mb product but that ‘2250’ is MEGABYTES not Megabits.
      2250MB equates to 18000Mb (MEGABITS) per hour.

      Twitch at 3500kbps (or 3.5Mb {MEGABITS] or 0.4375MB {MEGABYTES}) equates to 1575MB (MEGABYTES) per hour. Which is below the 2250MB LIMIT
      Calculated as follows…

      3.5Mb x 60 (seconds per min) x 60 (mins per hour) = 12600Mb per hour
      12600Mb (Megabits) again using http://www.numion.com/Calculators/Units.html
      equals 1575MB (MEGABYTES) per hour.

      SO nope again you could do that just fine on the 152Mb Virgin package you refer to as that cap per hour is 2250MB (MEGABYTES NOT BITS) per hour.

      Youtube live the last time i experienced that will only let people upload at around 4-5Mb (MEGABITS) tops and is in 720p. Again doable on the 152Mb package.

      Basically to make it more simple, whatever Virgin package a person has with their various different upload rates the traffic management is set see you can basically upload at full pelt (be it 2Mb on the 30Mb down package, or 12Mb on the 152Mb package) for approx 40-50 mins constantly before any throttle kicks in. Which is more than fair.

      To be doing that there is no service i know of where you would need 12Mbps upload constantly for an hour, except for as i stated cloud backup services, and those you would again as i stated only use once or maybe twice a week where you are likely to need to upload several thousand gigabits.

    • Paul

      Ok i guess your’re right.. as confusing as these conversions are i’ll take your word for it, but Youtube supports 1080p60 now and has done for quite a few months already.. and like i said, 4K is growing. If BT can have no limits then i cant see why Virgin cant do this too.

      This is a good example for others that read this and can learn how much Virgin’s limit really are, from first glance it doesnt look much so thanks for explaining it.

    • Terry

      There is no need to “take my word” for it i provided links which will allow you or anyone reading to check the figures i quoted.

      Youtube may support 1080p60 but not for LIVE streaming. For uploading regular content AGAIN you are not going to hit the virgin cap unless you upload videos in excess of 30mins at that 1080p60. Theres not much content on youtube over 30mins in the grand scheme of how many videos are on there in total.

      4K uploading i think you will find requires H.265 as the codec and that is typically smaller in ‘MB’ size that an old 1080p H.264 stream. So again presents no problem. Youtube actually need to work on their 4K routine, you can upload only a 5000Kbps 4K resolution stream and due to the HTML5 it re-encodes it with wasted bandwith at around 20000Kbps LOL.

  4. Darren

    Good to see the upload increased, although 20Mb would of been a better minimum instead of the maximum. Throttling will put some people off too.

    5 years ago, my ISP, BT, phoned to see if I wanted to upgrade from ADSL to FTTC.. I declined. The reaason I gave was their “fair usage policy”, it reduced download speed after you reached a certain threshold, as a family we had to be carefull not to go over that limit even on a 3Mb line. With a faster connection it would of been even more difficult to stay within the FUP and avoid the throttling.

    Twice they phoned to try and get us to upgrade and twice I declined for the reason above. About 3 weeks after the last phone call they announced they were scrapping the FUP! As soon as I heard the news I phoned them, signed up and haven’t looked back since.

    It’s the same sort of situation with VM, only worse because it applies to the much more bandwidth limited upload which also has a much lower threshold, anything above light occasional use or where there are multiple users and you might aswell be on ADSL.

    BT got rid of their traffic management 5 years ago, guess who I’m still with.

    • Terry

      The current throttles as explained are not that bad unless you want to upload at full rate hour upon hour (and there is only one thing i can think people would need to do that for 😉 ).

      As to the new packages who is to say if the 300Mb product will have any limits at all???

      Each time Virgin have introduced a new speed they have altered the management figures, at one point there was none at all. Like all the big ISPs such as BT which you mentioned and described things change, sometime for better or worse depending on opinion.

    • Darren

      There are a myriad of situations where the throttles can and will be a problem. Just because you can only think of one doesn’t mean they don’t exist, I gave another in my post above aswell.

      It’s funny VM removed the throttles and then put them back. If that’s true. Proves the network can’t handle it. If it can now why are they still in place. Maybe it will in the future, maybe it won’t.

      Meanwhile I’ll go back to enjoying my unthrottled BT FTTC connection.

    • Neil

      What example did you give where uploading at a connections full rate for around 45 minutes out of 60 minutes would be an issue? What usage do you require where an upload rate of 20Mbps for a full 60 minutes is required? Sorry i must of missed it.

      “It’s funny VM removed the throttles and then put them back. If that’s true. Proves the network can’t handle it.”

      A ridiculous statement. BT as you brought them up used to claim their upload was 20Mbps but now claim its only 19Mbps maximum why is that? Remember when it was 80Mb and now 76Mb download also?

      Likewise BT over the years has had fair use policies that have one minute included throttles and hard limits and the next not. When FTTC was first introduced it was just called infinity then came “option 1 or 2” which had caps, those were scrapped but so were the unlimited calls instead becoming weekend calls only or weekend and evening only… Using your logic is that because the network can not cope with all the phone calls during the day? So they had to cap them???????????

      Another example is Plusnet who inside of the last 2 years had a traffic management system that has changed just by my recollection 4 times (throttles, then so called prioritisation, then completely different packages as just the last 3).

      As was said by the prior poster all the big ISPs regularly tweak their packages in various ways.

      Im glad you are enjoying your 76Mb FTTC no doubt others will enjoy a product which is more than 3 times quicker with the same upload rate as FTTC.

      The upload speed on Virgin seems to have been your previous complaint, i guess you now have to focus on something else. Perhaps your time would be better spent focusing on positives rather than trying to promote one product over another.

    • JamesM

      “The current throttles as explained are not that bad unless you want to upload at full rate hour upon hour (and there is only one thing i can think people would need to do that for ).”

      You spend so much time trying to educate others – and yet you seem to have no idea how P2P actually works. It’s dam near impossible to get full speed up hour upon hour even with a well seeded torrent.

      Yes I use P2P but I do it on a seedbox so my line is not doing that. And even then it’s dam hard!

    • JamesM

      “Im glad you are enjoying your 76Mb FTTC no doubt others will enjoy a product which is more than 3 times quicker with the same upload rate as FTTC.”

      Yes you are right there – I got 3 something most evenings on VM’s 152. Oh that’s right it was 3mbps due to the terrible congestion.

      I so do enjoy something which is 25.3 times FASTER peak times than VM ever was. It also means I don’t have to wait till 2am to get decent speed now I get it 24/7

      So you are right – others DO enjoy it. And that’s why we won’t budge!

    • Terry

      If you are going to pretend you are different individuals can you please stop confusing bits and bytes.

    • Kate

      Hi there James

      I am sorry to hear about your issues. If you would like to contact me i will be able to arrange assistance in refunding you for the times your service was not functioning. Even if it is a considerable time since you were a customer.

      You can contact us either by phone 0345 454 1111 web form if you still have account details http://www.virginmedia.com/customers/emailgateway.php or you can get in touch via twitter or facebook twitter.com/virginmedia and facebook.com/virginmedia.

      Please quote reference 587-JAMES-150795 and mention me by name. If contacting by phone i will call you back personally.

      Please also have your account number to hand if you still have it, this will allow me to look into any issue you previously reported and felt unsatisfied about.

      Regards Kate
      (virgin Media Customer Complaints Team)

    • Neil

      Lets just hope Darren John24 James (i think that is his full name in order 😉 ) takes the opportunity to contact you.

  5. Chris

    I cannot defend VM, time and time again they release higher speeds (When under no pressure to do so) and then get it wrong on capacity management. They always seem one upgrade behind, by that I mean the upgrade to capacity to enable the higher speeds lets the old service run well temporarily until the new speeds get turned on.
    So with VM you have an issue where you have congestion (both ways) and crippling upload STM. Unless you in one of the lucky low utilisation areas which dont exist round here.
    Also i can think of many legal ways to saturate my 20mbit upload for a 24 hour period never mind torrents and what not, its not difficult. MY memories of a VM customer? hoping the F1 is a pre 6am race so I can watch the stream as after 8am sunday it was a buffer fest.

    • Neil

      “Also i can think of many legal ways to saturate my 20mbit upload for a 24 hour period never mind torrents and what not, its not difficult.”

      Which service do you have that gives you a full 20Mb upload for 24 hours?

    • comnut

      LOL yeah I do think it is blindly wanting, just like I want a 200MPH car to get me to work faster!!!

      go try searching for ‘upload speed’.. The only thing close was/is SDSL…

      Yes, the upload was the same speed as download!! sadly very dead now…

  6. Comnut

    Hey DO correct me, but surely it is the *website* that restrict the speed *both* ways???
    I have 100 M virgin, and can download a Distro at that speed… BUT when I download Youtube vid, it is only 30Mbs…

    If you all so *desperately* want big upload speeds, WHY are you staying with a **top 5** ISP, that has thousands of people that are very happy with all it gives????

    Go find a ‘small’ ISP that will give a nice BIG upload, for a nice big price????

    AND DO TELL US about it!!

    • mrpops2ko

      Websites can restrict the speed they serve you, much like anything can restrict how much or how fast they send things to you. That is not what the discussion is about. It is about Virgin Media’s upload speeds (and its inept traffic management).

      The only players in town are BTOR and Virgin Media (and those few lucky enough to live in a FTTH provider like gigaclear / hyperoptic / barn etc). All the BTOR resellers / LLUs can only serve whatever limits BTOR provide.

      What I find absolutely hilarious through reading all this, is that quite a few people here can’t imagine having a use for 12mbit or 20mbit but they see a use for 300mbit download? How naive of some of the people here. Others question ‘uploading at full pelt’ as though 12mbit was anything reasonable(soon to be 20). It is amazing to think those people have issues with that, and so apparently does Virgin Media, yet I could set up any number of concurrent downloads from any servers I wanted and route them to /dev/null all day long, thrashing 300mbit 24/7 and that’d be acceptable by both Virgin Media and some of the users here. How absurd.

      I was going to mention all the different services I have that require upload, and sustained upload for long periods of time but then I thought why bother.

    • comnut

      mrpops2ko: Its true, there are many people who are naive, many do not even have the ability to understand how to even get to this page on the web!!!

      This is the same naivety that affects car owners… they always want faster… they do not think of things like price of petrol, they do not want a SLOW car, that will only need filling up every month, instead of days!!!

      and the same happens with the almost **half million** of customers of virgin, faster = better in their blindness.. the joke is most of these only use 10% or less of that, for facebook!!!! they blindly choose a browser that is ‘faster’ even though it functions are extremely limited…

      Sorry but you seem to have a lack of knowledge of *why* some websites are slow… I wonder if you remember a time when an *expensive* modem switch could only get 10BASE-T ?? (10 mbps top speed) – these are not your cheap ‘store bought’ stuff, they are Cisco guaranteed, including support, and many website companies have hundreds of them, to keep their service going!!

      And yes, even if they have newer faster modems, what happens when someone with 100 mps or higher speed starts downloading a 1GB file?? the network is swamped, just like when you turn a hot tap when someone is in the shower… their pressure goes down, so they get frozen!!!!

      this is another reason to limit website speed, until *everyone** has a gigabit or faster switch….

  7. JT

    Upload is just as important as download and in this day and age even more so, ever tried uploading large libraries to OneDrive? it might only happen once when syncing new content or moving large data but that once is enough to cause a headache… the limits do cause issues when uploading over prolonged periods of time. I’ll give you a daily example for my use,
    I run a home Plex Server (On a BT line – 1 movie will equate to roughly 1.5-2 hours of upload @ 1MB/s (8 Megabits – which I’ve capped to this modest transcode).

    60 minutes at that rate will equate to 3.6GB…
    On the BT line I can handle 2 of these 1 film for me and one for my brother if we are both watching externally. I can up the rate to 12Megabits (1.5MB/s) or even 18Mb (2.25MB/s) and be quite comfortable streaming a decent copy externally.

    That is one example of how computing has changed in the last 5 years. (previously this would of been unthinkable on a UK connection outside of leased lines)

    On Virgin it wouldn’t cope which is an issue for its users, this is starting to become normal use in this era. Cloud computing, VPN and Remote Access to home is the future and it all requires sufficient upload. Upload is forever going to be just as important and more so in the future streaming / uploading photos / backups are just a small side to this.

    Imagine trying to upload some RAW images using VM’s outdated throttles you’d manage 20 pictures before it throttled you….

  8. john

    I just received my letter today informing me that the speed is being upgraded.(just read on internet the roll-out starts 1st October 15).Also in same letter informed that my broadband price rises too on the 1st October 15(so much for free upgrade).So now from 1/10/15 my 50mb broadband only price rises £1.75 a month to £30.25 a month. Yes it is a good,fast service but now it is also EXPENSIVE for a broadband ONLY service.(i do not want or require a landline/TV service.)

  9. Mark

    Just wondering…does the download limits include catchup tv/tivo recordings/movies or is it just pure internet?

    Soz, if a silly Q 🙂

    • JamesM


      If there were limits it would include everything you have mentioned. But as there are none then it includes none of everything you have mentioned

      A question is only silly if you ask it – get a reply and then ask it again 😛 🙂

  10. Steven

    As with anything in life its your personal experience that counts for you – nothing else matters.

    My VM experience is one of absolute bliss. Benn with them for 13 years now, always on the mid-tier broadband option (currently 100Mb / 6Mb). As I work from home I also have a BT-copper supplied circuit, which is now on FTTC. When we are on ‘up-to’ 8Mb I got near as dammit to that speed (832Kb upload) – by comparison I was on 30Mb/6Mb (I was one of the lucky ones that had the higher upload speed).

    When we went to ADSL2+ I only got around 15Mb / 832Kb.
    FTTC gets me 22Mb / 6Mb

    Sure they have outages. Sure they have maintenance. So does BT / all other ISPs.

    • comnut

      yes, if you have ever experienced the ‘passing the buck’ by various companies that use BT lines, you will be happy to use a company that has ITS OWN LINES! 🙂
      Yes, you know that it is ALL their fault, and even if the support may be stupid, they cannot blame anyone else…:P

      due to the current state of the economy, it may be a long time before there are more than just one or two of those…..:(

  11. Mike.W

    I have the new 150Mb speed boost up from 100Mb I now have the proud speed of 107Mbs (I wonder what happened to the rest)

  12. ivegotabearbumundermykilt

    Hi read the new rules the throttle will be applied at 10% on uploads of downloads

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