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Aylesbury Vale Broadband to Connect First 100Mbps FTTH Customers

Friday, October 16th, 2015 (8:31 am) - Score 804

The £1.5m Aylesbury Vale Broadband project, which is currently deploying an ultrafast Fibre-to-the-Home (FTTH) network to the rural Buckinghamshire (England) villages of North Marston and Granborough, has announced that their first customers will go live next month.

The roll-out phase finally began during August 2015 (here) and since then AVB has made good progress with their massive civil works project. As such the new fibre optic cable is now under the streets of North Marston (home to around 800 people) and the service has just been given a go-live date of 16th November 2015.

Meanwhile residents of Granborough (600 people) are due to follow in the coming weeks / months and there’s also the prospect of further expansion going forward, provided the necessary funding can be secured.

AVB Statement

If you don’t happen to live in North Marston and Granborough and are also suffering from poor broadband, then be reassured that we want to bring our network to you. It takes time to complete the civil work and we still need to receive the go-ahead from AVDC but as soon as we can expand our network we will – so stay tuned for more news.”

The project is supported by the Aylesbury Vale District Council via public investment from the New Homes Bonus Fund and typically focuses upon areas that are expected to miss out under the local Broadband Delivery UK and BT fuelled Connected Counties programme.

Customers of the new service can expect to pay from £30 per month for an unlimited usage 30Mbps service (symmetrical), which rises to £38 if you want the top 100Mbps connection (more expensive business options are also available) and the first month of service will be FREE.

On top of that there’s a £150 connection fee, which is a rather unique self-install package that contains the AC spec WiFi router, as well as sufficient ducting, ancillaries and the physical work required to connect you to the network. In other words, the AVB service will be delivered to the property boundary, where customers will then have 3 choices for the final installation:

  1. You can install the fibre and router yourself at no additional cost – AVB provide full instructions with your self-install kit which includes the router, ducting, etc.
  2. You can use a local electrician or handyman to do the work for you.
  3. Or you can order an installation from Chris Constable, our approved installer from Granborough who will undertake the installation for a typical fee of £95 for up to 35m external installation.

It’s worth pointing out that two local fixed wireless broadband ISPs, Village Networks and Rapid Rural, claim to already be present in much of the same area and that has raised questions about AVB’s use of public funding. Never the less AVB believes that its network will be much more future proof and capable than those.

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By Mark Jackson
Mark is a professional technology writer, IT consultant and computer engineer from Dorset (England), he also founded ISPreview in 1999 and enjoys analysing the latest telecoms and broadband developments. Find me on Twitter, , Facebook and Linkedin.
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17 Responses
  1. fastman says:

    interesting around village and rural network question — as you assume that this is public money (as it comes from Government new homes bonus) that it appears to have been awarded with out procurement to build a network at not much greater speed than FTTC )and no evolution path) could have been deployed under BDUK — looking at North Marston and Granborough if the green boxes had been enabled the majority of villagers would have been in excess of 50 m/bps (with a choice of circa 80+ so be interesting to see if there is any formal state aid challenge on this — as it has been funded from the public purse without procurement

    1. Justin says:

      Think you’re missing the point fastman. These areas are categorised white and there is no plans for BDUK/Connected Counties to upgrade these areas. Without AVB (I live in Granborough) we would be stuck with the 2Mb/s BT connection or unreliable and poor wireless.

  2. fastman says:


    whether I am missing the point or not you cannot spend public money without procurement — if there have been a procurement there would have been “test” to determine a solution for a sum of money – what ever that solution is — you cannot give a public sum of money to Y without running a procurement —

    1. Clark says:

      This has nothing to do with the BDUK funds or its procurement process.

  3. fastman says:


    You cannot award any public money for infrastructure without formal tendering process

    1. Clark says:

      Again nothing to do with BDUK or similar where ISPs submit for funding.

      The New Homes Bonus is a grant paid by central government to local councils for increasing the number of homes and their use.

      The New Homes Bonus is paid each year for 6 years. It’s based on the amount of extra Council Tax revenue raised for new-build homes, conversions and long-term empty homes brought back into use. There is also an extra payment for providing affordable homes.

      Bugger all to do with procurement.

  4. fastman says:


    agreed on the source of the money — its public from central Government but under European prucurement rules you cannot give it to someone to build a network without procurement !!!!!

    1. Clark says:

      Nothing to do with Europe its funding from the local council from the extra Council Tax revenue on the homes. The story even mentions its “Aylesbury Vale District Council via public investment from the New Homes Bonus Fund”. In slow and simple terms… Government gave council money to build the homes/fix them/development of homes and from the local authority tax made on those homes its paid for this project. No idea why you can not follow this apart from a rather obvious ‘can’t stand to be wrong’ attitude.

  5. fastman says:

    Clark they cant do that and that the issue im sure it will be questioned if not challenges and im sure if that happens ISP review will cover it as it develops

    FYI part of my background is procurement

    1. Clark says:

      AS i said it is upto the coucil how it is spent…
      quote”Local councils can decide how to spend the New Homes Bonus. However, we expect local councils to consult communities about how they will spend the money, especially communities where housing stock has increased.”

      Your background has nothing to do with this project.

  6. broadbandbob says:

    Fastman is absolutely right. The expenditure is still subject to procurement legislation. There’s nothing that says they can ignore proper procedures on the way to spending the money, or that they can spend it on inappropriate ends. If Clark was right, they could spend it opening a casino, without compliance with any procedures or standards which obviously they can’t. And there are particular rules for funding, set by the Dept for BIS and in the special case of broadband the DCMS. Clark is wrong. And he sounds like he works for Aylesbury Vale Broadband, anyway.

    As far as I know, and I live in the area in question, the Council knew perfectly well there were at least two outfits who were on the way to delivering superfast by wireless, which makes a heck of a lot more sense in that environment. But the Council ignored them and launched this vanity project. The Chairman of the company is the Leader of the Council, who’s put his Mrs on the Board. There’s no one in the company with any networking or ISP experience, and most of the directors think fibre is something you get in your breakfast cereal.

    They’re claiming to bring fibre to 100 percent of premises in three parishes, but one parish withdrew from the scheme because they didn’t like the look of it, and now another parish is starting to worry. If anyone brings a legal action against the Council, the whole thing could collapse, leaving people high and dry.

    1. Clark says:

      “….But the Council ignored them and launched this vanity project.”

      contradicts that there is a procurement process which the rest of your post claims.

  7. broadbandbob says:

    Clark – the point is, they ignored both the other available providers and they ignored a proper procurement process as well. You seem to be suggesting that if you ignore something it therefore doesn’t exist. If only that were true.

    Are you sure you don’t work for Aylesbury Vale Broadband?

    1. Clark says:

      So first it is there is/was a procurement process, than its they ignored it, please make up your mind, either there was one or there was not. Oh and no i do not work for any broadband company or council. The same can not be said for certain others though eh?

    2. Porty News says:

      BT supporters change their mind like the weather.

    3. Msadmn says:

      Of course it is!!! Hi Andrew – would recognise your writing style anywhere 😉

  8. Msadmn says:


    Local person here. Yes there is already perfectly serviceable broadband in the area and has been for years. As someone who has 15 years of senior IT experience, i can definitely let you know the person responsible has ignored pretty much everything in regards to setting up an ISP. He has no logging,monitoring, DHCP, AAA, traffic shaping and the paedos and hackers will have a field day with this connection as his terms of service is about as good as a chocolate fireguard. Not only that hes consistently rubbishing wireless which has been fine for me ( ive worked from home for 3 years now, with multiple VPN’s and have had no issues) but knowing the layout of the villages in question theres no way he can get fibre anywhere. Hes annoyed pretty much everyone in the village with ridiculous requests for installation of his equipment without wanting to pay and empty promises to the people in the outlying areas of the village which he has no intention of laying fibre to. Thank goodness VN and RR are also here, they do a fantastic job, provide great support ( even fixing customers email! would like to see Mr Mills do that LOL ) and a fantastic service. Mr mills would not need to go around and rubbish his competitors if his service was going to be any good!

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