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UPD2 Plusnet Launch New HUB ONE “Fibre” Router and Self-Install FTTC

Tuesday, November 17th, 2015 (11:36 am) - Score 72,688

Low cost ISP Plusnet has announced the introduction of a new Hub One router for their “fibre broadband” (FTTC) customers, which features the latest AC spec WiFi and also allows them to offer a self-install service like most of the other big ISPs have already been doing.

Unfortunately we haven’t been supplied with a full spec sheet or a close-up picture of the new router (hopefully we can solve that for you very soon), although from what we’ve been told the Hub One appears to just be a re-branded HomeHub 5A device from BT (details of that here and here).

Plusnets Statement

From the 11th of November, Fibre customers will be changed to a Self-Install process and receive our latest hardware, the Plusnet Hub One.

This means it will no longer be necessary to wait in for an engineer to attend your property to setup the connection, and on the day your connection goes live you can setup the router at your leisure. This will help to speed up the provision of fibre for Plusnet customers. This self install process will be available for all new Fibre customers and any existing ADSL customers who upgrade to Fibre after the 17th of December.

We have updated the site to provide customers with an estimated speed range for fibre rather than, rather than a single figure. This ensures that we give you the most accurate indication of what speed you can expect.

The move to adopt the same device as BT’s Consumer division is perhaps the quickest fix for Plusnet, which has struggled a bit due to Openreach’s plan to stop supporting their separate VDSL Modems (here) and the need to find a suitable self-install compatible replacement.

Previously Plusnet’s new FTTC subscribers were simply given the not particularly impressive Hub Zero router (details), which only supported ADSL and thus still needed to be used alongside Openreach’s separate VDSL Modem/Router device as part of a Managed Installation.

The new Hub One does of course integrate a VDSL modem, just like BT’s HH5A (G.INP support on the 5A is limited), plus you still get 4 Gigabit Ethernet ports and a USB port for external storage devices. Sadly only new “fibre” subscribers will get the Hub One and as such they won’t need an engineer (Managed) to visit for the installation.

Meanwhile existing subscribers that want to upgrade will, for the moment, continue to receive the Hub Zero router. We understand that PlusNet are looking at providing this to existing customers too, although at present there’s no official announcement or time-scale. We will try to get some more details.

UPDATE 1:35pm

One of our sources has kindly furnished us with a picture of the new device, albeit from an earlier version than the one now shipping to customers (see article photo).

Apparently the reason for using the HomeHub 5A as a basis, rather than the 5B, is simply because it’s all they had to work with at the time.

We also understand that the BT WiFi (FON) specific features are not supported by Plusnet’s device (no surprise there as those aspects aren’t shared between the two ISPs) and the HomeHub’s Smart setup routine has apparently also been disabled because it caused too many irritations.

UPDATE 18th November 2015

Plusnet has kindly furnished us with the requested spec sheet, which is handy if you’re not already familiar with the HomeHub 5’s capabilities.

• VDSL Support (No need for an Openreach Modem for FTTC)
• Dual band Wi-Fi
• Wireless AC
• Supports WPS for easy Wi-Fi setup
• Gigabit Ethernet (up to 1000Mbps wired)
• Built in help flows in the router user interface to help if the customer has a connection problem.
• Will be used for new Plusnet Fibre customers
• Fits through the customers letter box
• USB port for connecting storage drive
• Automatic setup, no need to enter customer details on first connection

Tech Specs:
• Supports PPPoA, PPPoE, VDSL and WAN Ethernet
• 4 x RJ45 10/100/1000Mbps LAN Ethernet ports
• 1 x RJ45 10/100/1000Mbps WAN Ethernet port
• 1 x USB 2.0 port
• Wireless 802.11b/g/n/ac (Dual band – 2.4GHz and 5GHz)
• Supports same SSID across 2.4GHz and 5GHz wireless bands (Default), offers option to change these individually
• Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) support
• Automatic channel selection on 2.4GHz and 5GHZ wireless bands
• Wireless Encryption (2.4GHZ): WPA2 (Default), WPA, WEP 64/40
• Wireless Encryption (5GHz): WPA2
• Wireless Channel operation (2.4GHz): 20MHz (Default), 40MHz
• Wireless Channel operation (5GHz): 80MHz (Default), 40MHz
• Power management – Hub functions are monitored and individually put into power save mode when not in use
• Dynamic DNS support
• IPv6 support
• UPnP Support

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20 Responses
  1. Avatar JamesM says:

    Unless it can auto jump gateways to dodge the congestion then it’s a mute point. Still you get what you pay for scenario so don’t expect much!

    1. Avatar Matt says:

      Still an issue then…

    2. Avatar JamesM says:

      No Idea I am with a decent ISP.

  2. Avatar Matt says:


    How have they managed to take something as OK looking as the Home Hub 5 and made it look really cheap and nasty, why not just paid the original design and change the logo.

    I assume the reason for BT getting rid of the A versions might be that they want to re-implament upstream G.INP in the future maybe… or some other future proof capability of the B.

  3. Avatar cyclope says:

    Why bother rebranding at all BT own plusnet after all,The HH5 is no more than a incompatible POS , It has the same chipset as the ECI modems, and isnt fully compatible with G.INP So those on Huawei cabs will potentially see poor performance, Then there seems to be an issue with them that causes a re boot frequently not good for FTTC DLM or if you happen to be using the connection at the time, Typical of plusnet is all i can say

    1. Avatar JamesM says:

      You have a fault there buddy. My HH5 b version NEVER does that.

    2. Avatar Tom says:

      My bt hub was stable as. Very impressive. What wasn’t impressive was VPN and BitTorrent Sync only getting 20mbps out of 80. Problem instantly went away with router swaps to my own router and came back when I went to the hh.

      Also can’t enable wan ping.
      And it auto port forwards port 5060 without notifying you leaving asterisk or SIP phones open to the world.
      Wonder if the plusnet router has that flaw.

    3. Avatar Boosey says:


      How does the router know which private IP your VOIP/Asterisk server is, and how does it decide which IP?

  4. Avatar PureEvil says:

    @JamesM — your HomeHub is a different model (5B) to this one (5A rebadge).

    That’s why yours hasn’t been playing up — separate beast altogether.

    However, these little runts (Hub One / HH5a) reboot every few days; sometimes every day. They hang when they please. They sync at typically lower speeds. They only partially support G.INP; downstream only. And their wifi range can be quite limited.

    BT probably still has an outstanding order, not yet fulfilled with the Sagemcom factory churning them out in Guangdong.

    Instead of dumping any more of these lemons on BT Retail, the telco has decided to foist them onto its riff-raff customers at budget sister outfit, Plusnet.

    Better than wasting the order by sending them to landfill!

    1. Avatar Eric says:

      Then you have a faulty HH5a or line fault. They reboot once a fortnight to do a firmware check.

  5. Avatar Westkent says:

    Lol, you lot make me cringe with your tech bollox ,
    I’ve been on plusnet fibre giving me a constant speed of 65 mb or above for 18 months now.
    With The modem alongside a router set up , who honestly gives a hoot how it looks, they ain’t ornaments.
    One PlayStation , one Xbox , both in constant use with me streaming live sports or a film with a fire stick most evenings ,
    (The odd bit of buffering admitatley )
    And I don’t have any complaints .
    Regards Westkent

  6. Avatar WILLIAM ANDERSON says:

    can i buy a new hub one as i am finding it hard to get a signali have fiberopiitic or can i upgrade to hub one

  7. Avatar SANDRA DALTON says:


    1. Avatar trollcake says:

      lol, wot?

  8. Avatar Lardeedaa says:

    It’s pretty crap in Plusnet format. Absolutely nailed down, you can’t even change the DNS settings. No option to upload new/better firmware.
    Avoid if you’re on Plusnet and buy a proper piece of kit.
    This thing is the IT equivalent of a pair of rubber scissors…safe for the masses, useless for techies.

  9. Avatar Bill Burnley says:

    So had my VDSL PlusNet for 3 years been reliable and cheaper than BT. Modem started to play recently so PlusNet sent me one of these as a replacement fine so far, yeh it looks a bit naff compared to the BT version but as long as it works who cares

  10. Avatar Matt L says:

    Is there any information on the Wireless AC on the device?
    AC (and N) comes in 2×2 or 3×3 spatial streams at the moment (AC will have more in future wave2 devices).
    It would be nice to know which type this is as 2×2 is maximum 300Mbps in N and 867Mbps in AC whereas 3×3 is 450Mbps in N and 1300Mbps in AC.
    If anyone has that info it would be great.

    1. Avatar Matt L says:

      I would like to add that this is theoretical maximums obviously 🙂

  11. Avatar A friend. says:

    I recently phoned Plusnet support to let them know I was having issues with my wireless devices only, they just sent me out a Hub one to fix the problem… if you want a free upgrade just let them know your Hub zero is having wireless issues.

  12. Avatar Desmond Newell says:

    I have recently bought an ASDL2 tp link archer D9 i am happy with but have just upgraded to plusnet fibre. My question is can I use the Hub One as a modem only and continue to use my D9 or will I have to get a BT modem to service the D9.

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