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AAISP’s 80Mbps Home Broadband with 1TB Usage Cap Now Available

Monday, February 1st, 2016 (8:44 am) - Score 1,087

Andrews and Arnold (AAISP) has officially made their new Home::1T broadband package available to order, which combines an ‘up to’ 80Mbps FTTC (VDSL2) connection with a monthly data allowance of 1 TeraByte (1000 GigaBytes) and line rental for a single cost of £60 per month.

The package was first unveiled at the end of December 2015 (here) and it now has its own official page on AAISP’s website (here), although the service clearly isn’t for everybody and is perhaps intended more for existing subscribers who could be seeking greater usage flexibility.

Home::1T Package Details
* VDSL speeds capped to 80Mb/s download and 20Mb/s upload
* 1000GB monthly download allowance (speeds drop to 3Mbps after exceeding 1TB)
* Data usage on uploads is not metered
* Line rental included
* Includes Openreach engineer installed VDSL modem, but no router (ISP supplied for £25).
* Includes 1 WAN IPv4 address and a block of IPv6 addresses
* 12 month contract

PRICE: £60 inc. VAT per month

Unfortunately the package lacks some flexibility, which can at times result in even existing AAISP subscribers having to pay extra charges to cease their line. It’s hoped that problems like this may be ironed out in the future, but right now the package is intended for a very particular type of user and not the budget conscious crowd.

On the other hand the monthly price isn’t that far off BT and Sky’s top ‘up to’ 76Mbps unlimited FTTC service, which increases to almost £50 once you add in the cost of line rental. Most people who adopt an “unlimited” package may never use 1 TeraByte of data in a month, although big video game downloads and 4K streaming are starting to test that.

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15 Responses
  1. Avatar SpencerUk says:

    How much is their landline cost exactly?

    1. Avatar GNewton says:


    2. Avatar ethel prunehat says:

      Not sure if this was the point of you question but the price includes line rental.

  2. Avatar stuart says:

    If you require a VAT invoice they double the price to £120 pcm! But they do toss in an extra TeraByte. So that’s ok then.

    1. Avatar Rich says:

      But the lack of a VAT invoice does not stop you reclaiming input tax as you can easily evidence that AAISP are VAT registered and would have charged you the tax.

      Or you could just not reclaim the VAT and eat the £10.

      Not really an issue. AASIP would tell you having their Home::1T tariff if you are VAT registered is a breach of their terms but I think they would find it hard to sue you for this as there are no “damages” caused by you using their service and paying for it.

    2. Avatar Rich says:

      Actually, this might have a big advantage.

      AAISP *have* to provide VAT invoices to VAT registered customers. You’ve agreed you are not VAT registered when signing up to Home::1T, but what do they do if you later inform them that you are?

      They can either break the law, and refuse to provide a VAT invoice, or let you out of contract as they don’t want to provide a VAT invoice, or, well, provide you a VAT invoice.

      They wouldn’t do very well suing you for breach of contract, as they have to show material losses to be able to win, and in this case that would be very very hard. Even the fees their supplier would charge them for termination if that is what they do – well, they have a responsibility to mitigate their losses, and by ceasing your service they have instead acted like petulant children and deliberately inflated their losses.

      So this could be an easy way to get out of contract if you ever so desire 🙂

    3. Avatar Vince says:

      Well given the Terms/Conditions say it’s a home user service and not for business use, and there are precisely 0 “home users” (eg not running or entertaining a commercial business in such use) that need a VAT invoice or indeed the ability to reclaim any VAT.

      So what was the point?

    4. Avatar Steve Jones says:


      They may not be able to sue you for damages using a home service for business, but they would be within their rights to terminate the service with an appropriate charge as you will have broken the terms of the contract. If it’s a fixed term contract that might be most of the contract cost less whatever savings they might make.

  3. Avatar Lee says:

    Or pay £33 per month for 80/20 BT full fibre Ethernet with no cap. I get that A&A is a niche ISP and I support that, but there’s nothing to see here of any value. It’s copper wires and a ripoff.

    1. Avatar kds says:

      BT will cost you £47.99 with line rental, not £33 as you say AAISP price £60 includes line rental.

      you can find cheaper ISP. that is not the point here, with BT I couldn’t even get iplayer to work with out buffering on a 80/20 connection.

      with AAISP they fix issues with single email. I dont even have to do any thing (most of the time)

    2. Avatar Rich says:

      BT are £30 per month plus £18 line rental, so it’s £48 vs £60.

      Oh, and no option of a Static IP, no IPv6, etc. At £12 difference I’d much prefer to be with AAISP of those two options.

      I’m not 100% sure 1TB is enough for me though.

    3. Avatar GNewton says:

      “Or pay £33 per month for 80/20 BT full fibre Ethernet with no cap”

      I don’t there is any such product from BT. To start with, BT hardly offers any genuine fibre, it’s mostly VDSL. And Ethernet lines are usually much more expensive, usually offered as a leased line version.

  4. Avatar Peter says:

    Or you could go for Plusnet at £19.99 for FTTC unlimited (80/20) with annual line saver rental equivalent of £15.49 and you can have a fixed IP4 address if you wish. That makes £35.48 per month. I pay the £6 extra for the anytime calls to all UK fixed lines as well, but that’s an option which many people probably won’t want.

  5. Avatar Darren says:

    I wonder how long they will hold that price. Could see me going for this if BTs line rental keeps going up.

  6. Avatar SpencerUk says:

    You could go Aquiss for less and unlimited…Paying an extra £10 per month for customer service which all being well you shouldn’t need to call for as long as BT don’t mess anything up on the network.

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