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ISP PlusNet Boost Uploads Back to 9.5Mbps on Unlimited Fibre Broadband

Friday, October 27th, 2017 (1:30 pm) - Score 5,731
plusnet uk

After unceremoniously cutting the upload speeds of their ‘Unlimited Fibre‘ (up to 38Mbps FTTC download) broadband package from 19.5Mbps to just 1.9Mbps in 2015 (here), Plusnet has now decided to boost their upstream speeds part of the way back ‘up to’ 9.5Mbps.

The change is being introduced “at no additional cost” for both new and existing subscribers, although the latter will have to wait a few days longer in order to benefit as the UK ISP does not plan to begin the upgrade process until November 2017 (we suspect they’ll conduct this in phases).

The vast majority of users should have copper lines that can deliver the speed, but some may receive lower performance for all the usual reasons (distance, poor home wiring etc.).

Plusnet’s Statement

We know how important it is to be able to upload content quickly, especially to social media, so we’re making improvements and raising the maximum possible upload speed for customers on this product.

At the moment, customers on this product can get upload speeds of ‘up to 1.9Mbps’ but we’re increasing that to ‘up to 9.5Mbps’, at no additional cost. Your download speed will also remain the same, but you should benefit from faster speeds when uploading photos and video to the likes of Facebook or sending emails.

New Plusnet Unlimited Fibre customers will start getting the faster upload speed from the point of sign-up, and we’ll also start to move our existing ‘up to 38Mbps’ customers to the faster upload speed from November.

We suspect that the change may at least partly reflect Ofcom’s intention to cut the wholesale price of Openreach’s related 40/10 Fibre-to-the-Cabinet (FTTC / VDSL2) tier, which is currently still the subject of a consultation and some Government concerns (here). Assuming that proceeds then ISPs will suddenly find Openreach’s 40/10 tier to be more attractive than their slower 40/2 option that is normally a little cheaper.

Meanwhile Plusnet has also done a little video to help showcase the difference.

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Mark Jackson
By Mark Jackson
Mark is a professional technology writer, IT consultant and computer engineer from Dorset (England), he is also the founder of ISPreview since 1999 and enjoys analysing the latest telecoms and broadband developments. Find me on Twitter, , Facebook and Linkedin.
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15 Responses
  1. alusufferer

    “to upload content quickly, especially to social media” line saturation was a far greater problem with the low upload speeds and it’s why i couldnt recommend them to anyone that asked.

    i cant find any mention of the ‘plus'(?) customers who paid to have the additional upload speed having that cost removed from their bill?

  2. Ultraspeedy

    “Plusnet’s Statement

    We know how important it is to be able to upload content quickly……….”

    Interesting so they know its important but 2 years ago decided to say F**K you all and your upload speeds and chopped the rates by 90%.

    Plusnet, doing you proud again.

    Perhaps one day they will release a statement which makes some kind of sense. Most of them seem to go along the lines of… Lets alter our product, then in a few years lets say we are putting things back to basically how they were, even though at the time of the changes, we said they would make things better.

    Short version they are and always have been full of the proverbial.

  3. eM

    It’s been a long time coming. But then, they were the last large ISP out there with a 40/2 fibre package. And being last hurts the competition.
    P.S. Nice turtle!

  4. My broadband internet has been unacceptablely slow for the last few months. I am told by friends I recommend that they also have this problem. I am on t.he! Verge of changing to a different supplier.

  5. Broadband internet speed is bad for months. Not happy.

  6. Dave

    Plusnet are a joke, appalling service since joining a few months ago and they are not doing me proud – DO MY HEAD IN MORE LIKE USELESS!!!!!

  7. Steve Munden

    I left Plusnet recently because of the regular disconnects during peak times (particularly evenings). I spent months working with them on it but they couldn’t fix it. I switched to another provider which resolved the issue, was half the price and as an added bonus I got a faster download speed and ten times the upload speed, all over the same cables. It seems to me that Plusnet were deliberately limiting the service, and this announcement rather confirms that.

    • Simon

      They were, trying to be smart.

    • captain.cretin

      They almost certainly were, however this info is probably kept away from the help desk people.

      I posted the theory on the ISPR forums over a year ago, and got an almost instant speed boost on my parents line; 24 hours after posting it, their line had gone from sub 2Mb to 6Mb; this after weeks of trying to get it sorted through PN, go figure.

      Even after proving PN had been scalping them for years, they have still stayed with the wretched company.

  8. apolloa

    I would check this, I just ran their line checker and it still claims my maximum upload speed is 1 to 2 mbps, I get around 8mbps on BT Infinity.

  9. Stephen Martin

    Never been happy with my fibre speeds with plusnet and lately it’s got slower, got BT engineer coming on Monday to investigate

  10. Jazzy

    One of the reasons I stay with Sky. I always get a good deal when I renegotiate my contract with them (currently paying £28 for fibre max and line rental) and always get 65m d/l and 19mb u/l

  11. Alegeek

    I have no issues with Plusnet, been a customer on and off for years (moving for deals not service issues).

    I sync at 80mbps, the cabinet is a stone’s throw from my house. In the last week we’ve done nearly 1.2TB’s of downloading/streaming/uploading and it’s been flawless.

    I can’t grumble for £11 a month! (Line rental paid upfront).

    • Paul

      Another happy Plusnet customer here after moving from Virgin Media. I also get their TV service, which has worked pretty much flawlessly for me too.

      I was with them a few years ago before moving to BT, who were worse to deal with imo. One thing I’ve noticed is that response-times have increased since I’ve been away, with up to 40 minutes waits for their phone support now. That’s my only negative though – for the price, it’s very good (again imo).

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