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Vodafone Hope to Banish Broadband Blackspots with Super WiFi

Thursday, February 21st, 2019 (10:13 am) - Score 12,604

Mobile operator and ISP Vodafone have today announced that they’ll soon be launching a new cloud controlled “smart home network” solution for customers of their home broadband service, which will work to deliver “fast, reliable, Wi-Fi signal to every corner of the home.”

Over the past few months we’ve seen a number of UK ISPs launch mesh style WiFi extenders, which usually consist of a base unit and several “repeater” modules (e.g. BT’s Complete Wi-Fi and TalkTalk’s Plume SuperPods). Naturally Vodafone weren’t going to be left out of this and so they’ve come up with a similar solution called.. drum roll.. Super WiFi.

As we all know putting “super” in front of anything makes it instantly better or stronger (super man, super car, super herpes etc.). In any case Vodafone explains that their new solution uses “easy-to-install small extenders, strategically placed throughout the house, to deliver a consistent signal in every room” (up to 3 extenders should cover a good sized house). So far, so familiar.

However Vodafone explains that its approach is a bit different because their Super WiFi network is managed by the cloud and uses “self-learning algorithms” to get the most out of your home wireless signal (i.e. it keeps “learning” and adapting to internal and external changes.). For example, it can switch between WiFi channels to deliver the strongest signal (modern routers have been doing this for years) and detect interference from other devices, before adapting to compensate.

The extenders still connect to the ISP’s broadband router but the new cloud aspect should, they claim, create a “smart, dynamic network that adjusts automatically to deliver the best possible connection to each type of device.” As usual all of this will be controllable through a Smartphone App, which also enables Vodafone’s customer care team to help tackle any remaining issues remotely.

Ahmed Essam, Vodafone Group’s Chief Strategy Officer, said:

“We know that the vast majority of people’s broadband issues are actually down to poor Wi-Fi signals in their homes – around a quarter of calls into customer care are about Wi-Fi issues. Super WiFi is a simple way to address these problems and give our customers the best possible connection in every room of their house, every day of the week.”

Sadly Vodafone has not yet provided any pictures of the new kit or said how much they’re likely to cost, although mesh WiFi systems do tend to be quite pricey. We would stress that there are plenty of third-party mesh systems on the market (e.g. Mesh WiFi page on Amazon) that will do a similar job and the costs are slowly coming down. Likewise in smaller homes you may only need a single cheap extender.

One reason why Vodafone may have chosen not to give out more details is because they plan to do a phased roll-out across their various different markets. The first to benefit will be their subscribers in Spain, which will see the new solution emerge within the next few weeks. After that they’ll make it available across other major European markets and the UK this summer.

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20 Responses
  1. Avatar numpty-dumpty says:

    Sky have had a mesh wifi solution for almost 3 years with Sky Q Multiscreen.

  2. Avatar Neb says:

    So is this like BT complete, an additional monthly fee or one off extra upgrade and you keep the kit?

    Any ideas yet on price if it’s extra?

    Guessing they provide their standard router still?

    It’s just all super!…

    1. Avatar Jason says:

      I’ve heard there’s a new one on the way. Called a VOX3…

    2. Avatar Steve says:

      Only for they’re gfast tho

  3. Avatar Jonny says:

    We saw Vodafone make bold claims about their “future proof” router that is barely functional, so I’ll hold back on the excitement about this one.

    1. Avatar Jason says:

      Can’t disagree here hahahaha! Hopefully VOX3 router will be better.

    2. Avatar Steve says:

      My friend has one of they’re new routers but they’re only for vodas superfast gfast thing

  4. Avatar Meadmodj says:

    On Vodafone Portugal they appear to use what looks like a TP-Link Deco Mesh and on a Spanish news site the TP-Link name is used. Like BT’s Complete is a bespoke BT Whole Home it may be that Vodafone will also have a bespoke unit with the cloud based management like Plume.

    As previously stated my personal view is to buy a mesh independent of the ISP/technology with direct control locally.

  5. Avatar Michael V says:

    This is long overdue. I live in a ground floor flat & no Wi-Fi hub from any ISP will cover the building. I have had two Wi-Fi extenders for years. I will put it to the test though when I get chance to.

  6. Avatar kurstykrab says:

    “We know that the vast majority of people’s broadband issues are actually down to poor Wi-Fi signals in their homes”

    except if you’re on vodafone where the incoming connection is in a word crap.

    vodafone, at the bottom for a very good reason.

    1. Avatar HilarityHarry says:

      But you do realise Vodafone aren’t responsible for that line going into the property? That’s owned by openreach, many factors including line lengths, impairments or bridge taps cause all sorts of issues for all customers using FTTC. This is just the tip of a very vast iceberg which all providers have to deal with, unfortunately the infrastructure is so old there’s only so much even openreach can do to provide the best possible service and they are trying believe me

  7. Avatar AnotherTim says:

    I don’t think it will banish broadband blackspots in my area – Vodafone (like many others) won’t provide any broadband at all here.
    BTW I have had very good experience with the Ubiquiti long range access points – absolutely rock solid and seamless as you move between them.

  8. Avatar Vanneta young says:

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    1. Avatar boaby wyper says:

      Hi Vanneta, thats great news, can i give you herpes again?

  9. Avatar Granola says:

    Vodafone – great mobile provider, pea poor broadband provider.
    If they can truly provide whole house coverage with pea poor broadband should we get excited, probably not.

    1. Avatar Jason says:

      Can’t fault the broadband personally teh customer service is sometimes a bit to be desired

  10. Avatar John says:

    Let’s just face it Vodafone home broadband is just one big rip off they ripped me off for nearly one year with there guaranteed 25 Mbps speeds lucky if I got 6mbps speed don’t trust Vodafone with there bullshit con con con that’s what Vodafone are they couldn’t extend thereselves

    1. Avatar Jason says:

      Did you apply for you’re ultimate speed guarantee discount then to flag to them they weren’t giving you the speeds stated?

  11. Avatar Dain says:

    Maybe you should concentrate on what you are doing now I have to use 3g in a fast 4g aria I once got 26-35mbd once not now on 4g more like 0.5kbs-6mbs so stop taking the p— not good for business

  12. Avatar Keith says:

    If as a broadband provider all you are looking for when people call up with issues is WiFi problems, then all you are going to find are WiFi problems. I’ve always been a critic of VFs Tech support, but 2 weeks ago “joy riders” ran a digger into the local OpenReach cabinet. While the cabinet was back up and running within 12 hours, my sync speed between the cabinet and my modem has nose dived! Quick call to VF tech support, and the guy is convinced it’s my WiFi that’s the problem and is trying to get me to split the SSIDs.

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