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Customers of UK ISP Plusnet Wrongfully Marked as Being in Arrears

Saturday, June 8th, 2019 (7:00 am) - Score 5,336
plusnet uk

Broadband provider Plusnet has blamed a “system error” after a switch of payment providers resulted in the ISP failing to collect the January 2019 payments from a small number of their mobile customers. The issue was corrected but some of those hit discovered that their credit files had been given a negative mark.

Unfortunately Plusnet has now gained somewhat of a reputation for billing errors, many of which followed last September’s troubled effort to migrate their old billing system to a “brand-new” platform (here). Suffice to say that they’ve suffered from a slew of problems since then and the ISP is now comically close to becoming an internet meme for such issues.

According to MSE, the negative marks were present on credit files from March until late May 2019 but have now been resolved. The ISP has not contacted all of those who may have been affected to apologise, although it’s noted that not everybody who missed the January payment suffered a negative mark and this should not impact their long term credit scores.

A Plusnet Spokesperson said:

“We are aware that a very small number of Plusnet Mobile customers had changes made to their credit files temporarily due to an error when we changed direct debit supplier in February. The small number of customers who had temporary changes to their credit files in March have now had them removed.

This was a result of a system error when we changed our direct debit supplier in February. It is highly unlikely that this would have any effect on them obtaining credit, but we want to reassure customers if they have experienced any issues they can contact us on 0800 432 0200 and we’d be happy to help.”


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Mark Jackson
By Mark Jackson
Mark is a professional technology writer, IT consultant and computer engineer from Dorset (England), he also founded ISPreview in 1999 and enjoys analysing the latest telecoms and broadband developments. Find me on Twitter, , Facebook and Linkedin.
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16 Responses
  1. Avatar JamesMJohnson

    Considering that most interest rates for loans are now based on your credit history… what happens to those customers who are now paying an additional 5% APR for the term?
    There should be stronger penalties for screwups like these.
    No that doesn’t include me… it just quirks me how companies can affect someone like that and make out that it’s ok.

    • Avatar Stephen Wakeman

      I believe there’s recourse in instances like this whereby you can demand the entity posting the mark on credit records to have it removed. Plus if you wanted to be absolutely sure, you could register for a free account with each of the 3 main credit agencies to check and contact them to correct it if so.

    • Avatar JmJohnson

      I understand that… but there’s a grey area where you could get a loan without knowing the mark is there… instead of being offered 3.5% you’re offered 5% and accept believing your history is correct… you end up paying a higher interest rate for the term of the loan.
      There’s no standard criteria for credit… so may think 5% is the best you can get.

  2. Avatar Optimist

    A Minus score for Plusnet!

  3. Avatar SO

    I will never go back to plusnet ever since I was being billed twice for six months line rental and internet and they never refunded me.
    They should change their slogan to ” PLUSNET, we’re proud to do you”.

  4. Avatar Malcolm Ling

    Unfortunate for some people .I can only speak as I find we went with Plusnet from BT much cheaper to date last class call centres addressing calls and concerns imeameaitly. For me glad we changed provider .Plusnet thank you keep it up.

  5. Avatar David Blench

    Plus net continued to charge me after I switched only a threat of the ombudsman resolved the issue.

  6. Avatar Fang farruer

    Quite agree with poor service. Although only £5)month contract, have had issues. Will follow up next week. Thankyou

  7. Avatar Plusnet Employee

    Billing issues are affecting staff too, with many people off on long-term sick for stress etc, and many more experienced agents quitting or being sacked due to “excessive” sick.

    This has been going on too long, and you’ll find very few employees will defend Plusnet when questioned in the phone.

    Customers – please do remember this when you call. We hate it as much as you; please don’t shout at us.

  8. Avatar Mark

    Happened to me, was showing a balance of zero on my CR but still said “Late Payment” but this was dating back to April 2018! Took 5 months, several phone calls, over twenty emails, multiple subject access requests for the phone call recordings (which despite being illegal to not honour a SAR they STILL didn’t provide them)… Finally when the communications ombudsman was mentioned they actually got their act together and sorted it! Useless company, I would NEVER use Plusnet again!!

  9. Avatar Rob

    They didn’t take my broadband charge out in February, contacted them a few times and in the end just gave up, thanks for the free month.

  10. Avatar coffeecup

    I left plusnet over 12 months ago and the billing issues were happening back then, why has it taken this long?
    And why is plusnet getting awards for things like best isp or best customer service ? A simple google of plusnet comes up with many netagive reviews and most of them are within its own forums.
    Plusnet used to be awesome years ago now its just a big pile of mess!

  11. Avatar James

    It’s like bigblu satellite broadband… only have to loom st their Facebook page and there’s people having debt collection agency’s contact them for money they don’t owe and bigblu are not bothered.

  12. Avatar Jon

    Joined Plusnet 31 October 2018, broadband use only. In 226 days:

    845 disconnections.

    ‘Normal’ service (from brief actual working experiences, daily averages being at least 18 Mbps download, 3 Mbps upload, <3 disconnections and <5 minutes downtime) 48.2%.

    No lasting change following 11 engineer appointments: #1: no change, #2: 70 days, 3#: 14 days, #4: 16 days, #5: <24 hours, #6: no change, #7: lost connection, #8: restored connection, normal service <24 hours, #9: <24 hours, #10: no show, #11: wired front of house 3 weeks ago, normal service on old line <24 hours.

    Fault established under house on 1 March 2019 – still waiting trench dig and new connection.

    Additionally, Plusnet have compensated £360 for shockingly appalling customer service, account mismanagement, wrongfully blocking of account and misleading site advertising, resulting in hours of communicating on telephone, online, waiting in for engineers who often make little difference and connection failures up until 30 April 2019.

    Issue currently with Ombudsman Services.

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