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ISP Entanet Offers 1Gbps Full Fibre Ethernet Burst for £199 +vat

Thursday, July 4th, 2019 (12:50 pm) - Score 2,443

Entanet has announced that businesses within reach of their parent company’s (Cityfibre) Dark Fibre network, which is present in parts of over 50 cities across the United Kingdom, can now order their Ethernet Flex service for just £199 +vat per month. This offers a guaranteed rate of 200Mbps (symmetric) but can burst to 1Gbps.

The connection uses a Software Defined Network (SDN) setup to control the connection, which the wholesale provider claims will remove “the need for [end users] to even think about requesting bandwidth changes through a portal or incurring additional charges.” By the sounds of it you’ll get a 200Mbps connection but one that adapts up to 1Gbps automatically, as required.

Paul North, Entanet’s Head of Sales, said (here): “Our partners can give them a dedicated 1Gbps bearer at an incredible fixed price no matter how much they use it.” Apparently all of this will be backed up by a Service Level Agreement (SLA), rapid return to service guarantee and 24/7 UK support. Assuming this is based off Cityfibre’s existing Ethernet 1000 Flex product then it should enjoy a standard 5 hour repair SLA.

Paul North added:

“We believe this is a game changer for the industry and at £199 per month enables partners to give fantastic value to their customers. Most SMEs want a fast and reliable connection that allows them to carry out their daily activities and our new service gives them the flexibility they need in an increasingly digital economy that relies on cloud computing and remote solutions.

Ethernet Flex 1Gbps is also underpinned by our comprehensive Service Level Agreement (SLA), rapid return to service guarantee and 24/7 UK support from our technical specialists to give businesses solid confidence in their connection.”

The announcement makes no solid mention of any limit on how long you can burst to 1Gbps but it does use the words “accommodating occasional need” to describe the top speed, which suggests that there may be a caveat somewhere.

However upon closer inspection we do note that the price of £199 (Entanet’s partners may add extra costs on top for other things) is only available until September 30th, although they don’t say how much it will cost thereafter.

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Mark Jackson
By Mark Jackson
Mark is a professional technology writer, IT consultant and computer engineer from Dorset (England), he also founded ISPreview in 1999 and enjoys analysing the latest telecoms and broadband developments. Find me on Twitter, , Facebook and Linkedin.
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11 Responses
  1. Avatar Fran says:

    From looking at the detail from the marketing material this is just their GPON product but very cleverly re-branded to sound like something more exciting.

    “Entanet manages the access
    technology effectively by splitting
    and continuing the pure fibre
    connection to no more than 8
    business customer premises. This
    approach delivers a consistently
    reliable service even in the
    near impossible event that all
    of the connections are used
    simultaneously at their maximum.”

  2. Avatar Matthew Skipsey says:

    Hi Fran, this service is indeed based on GPON, however CityFibre are limiting the split to just 5:1 and providing a prioritised information rate (PIR) of 200Mb/s-200Mb/s. The Committed Information Rate (CIR) will be 1Gb/s-1Gb/s.
    Will they get to a 5:1 split in some areas, possibly, but in a lot of areas there may only be a couple of people sharing a splitter. e.g. 1:1, or 2:1 etc.

    GPON affords 2.488Gb/s down and 1.244Gb/s up, so divide that by 5 and you have your limiting factor of 248.8Mb/s on the upload (they round down to 200Mb/s for comfort). They do have an 8:1 split on their alternate GPON broadband services, but this is different.

    The backhaul from the local networks and core networks are all dimensioned to handle the bandwidth.

    So you can see how they are able to offer this without overpromising.

    The service, once consumed, will be delivered as Ethernet, so we’re talking 1500B MTU minimum, no packet encapsulation like PPPoE, and a managed router is provided which can support failover circuits. 24×7 support, 5hr fix, 99.9% uptime SLA etc.

    So although it’s GPON, the delivery to the customer is a 200Mb/s guaranteed service which can burst to 1Gb/s, which customers will find most of the time they can attain.

    I represent Giganet who are a CityFibre (Entanet) ISP offering this service. We’re a CityFibre launch partner also. We take the CityFibre services at the raw layer two level and route via our network for full control, management and flexibility.

    We’ve introduced our “CityFibre ELITE 200-1000 Flex” service off the back of Entanet/CityFibre’s announcement.

    Here’s our press release and introductory ‘retail’ pricing about this service: https://www.giga.net.uk/cityfibre-flex-leased-line/

    I believe this is a game-changing approach to providing dedicated/guaranteed bandwidth but with the ability for customers to burst above this as and when they need it. Saves having to pay for a full 1Gb leased line if 95% of the time you need less than 200Mb/s, but don’t ever wan’t to be slowed down below 200Mb/s.
    I believe this will be a great fit for many SMEs.
    If organisations want the assurances of 1Gb/s come rain or shine, then there are very good value CityFibre 1Gb/s leased lines available that we can offer. Our website can let you know the options if you are within a region.
    Customers can upgrade to a dedicated higher capacity leased line mid-term if they wish. There’s great flexibility there too.

    We’re excited to be driving the adoption of full-fibre connectivity to businesses. That’s what the UK needs to remain competitive. This product will help fit a gap currently not served. Yes, perhaps a niche one, but there’s no harm in innovation! 🙂

    Matt Skipsey

    1. Avatar Laurence "GreenReaper" Parry says:

      It’s not a bad deal, if you need it. Though I’d note that £199/month would lease several dedicated servers in a datacenter, if your main requirement is bandwidth and transfer. Of course, if your goal is to transfer work to and from your office, that’s irrelevant.

      The terminology here is a bit odd; normally the 200Mbps would be the customer’s committed rate, and 1000Mbps the peak/excess.

    2. Avatar Matthew Skipsey says:

      Yeah, my bad, I am using Openreach’s terminology in their specs for their GEA-FTTP service for the guaranteed GPON rates. Openreach call it PIR Prioritised Information Rate which is the min guaranteed speed if demand is greater than supply. Openreach are using a mix of Huawei, ECI and more recently Nokia for their GPON network.

      Calix who CityFibre use for their GPON network call theirs “Committed Information Rate (CIR): The minimum guaranteed rate for traffic that the ONT provides for the particular Ethernet service.”
      So this is what they’re setting at 200Mb/s for this product.

      And to top off my contradiction, Calix use PIR to define the burst “Peak Information Rate (PIR): The PIR value is the maximum bandwidth rate for upstream and downstream traffic that the ONT allows the service to use if bandwidth is available.”
      So this is what they’re setting to 1Gb/s.

      This service is full-fibre burstable leased line internet connection, to effectively replace your potential (depending on what you may already have) expensive leased line, slow ADSL, slow FTTC, slow G.Fast, slow cable, slow satellite, slow 3G/4G link or whatever else you may be operating from in your office.

      It’s a cracking deal if I may say so.

      Hope that clears it up! 🙂


    3. Avatar Matthew Skipsey says:

      Just ignore me all together. It’s been a long week! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
      Openreach and CityFibre have the same terminology! I have been reading the Openreach specs incorrectly. The end result is the same though!
      CIR = min guaranteed bandwidth (e.g. 200Mb/s)
      PIR = max bandwidth if available (e.g. 1Gb/s)

    4. Avatar Lee says:

      Matt, have you been awake too long with PEWs your side?

    5. Avatar Matthew Skipsey says:

      Ha, perhaps! Wednesday night was a long-one! Thankfully don’t have to do them too often.

    6. Avatar Lee says:

      Telehouse north, was you on site doing the work?

    7. Avatar Matthew Skipsey says:

      Yes! I get the short-straw living in London for the occasional trips to the DCs.
      However it was a team effort, with a colleague working from home helping me out.
      Our upgrade works are going well.

  3. Avatar Matthew Skipsey says:

    Yes! I get the short-straw living in London for the occasional trips to the DCs.
    However it was a team effort, with a colleague working from home helping me out.
    Our upgrade works are going well. 🙂

  4. Avatar Matthew Skipsey says:

    Yes! I get the short-straw living in London for the occasional trips to the DCs.
    However it was a team effort, with a colleague working from home helping me out.
    Our upgrade works are going well.

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