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Black Friday – EE UK Discount Home Broadband and Phone Prices

Tuesday, Nov 26th, 2019 (7:43 am) - Score 4,681
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New customers of EE’s fixed line home broadband and phone (ADSL, FTTC and G.fast) packages may like to know that the ISP has dropped their monthly prices in time for Black Friday, which reduces all of their upfront setup fees to free and knocks a few extra pounds off their previous best monthly rentals.

All of their packages include phone line rental, unlimited data usage and an included Smart Hub wireless broadband router (you’ll only get an older Bright Box router on their 10Mbps plan). On top of that existing EE Pay Monthly mobile subscribers will benefit from an extra 5GB of mobile data, which increases to 20GB on their top Fibre Max (G.fast) plans.

Options also exist to add an Apple TV 4K set-top-box and various calling add-ons (e.g. Anytime calls for an extra +£5 per month). Otherwise the new pricing is set to go live sometime this morning and will then be available on new orders until 9th December 2019.

Standard Broadband (10Mbps)
£19 a month with £0 setup (£32 after 18 months)

Fibre Broadband (36Mbps)
£23 a month with £0 setup (£37 after 18 months)

Fibre Plus Broadband (67Mbps)
£27 a month with £0 setup (£42 after 18 months)

Fibre Max 1 (145Mbps)
£36 a month with £0 setup (£49 after 18 months)

Fibre Max 2 (300Mbps)
£43 a month with £0 setup (£54 after 18 months)

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By Mark Jackson
Mark is a professional technology writer, IT consultant and computer engineer from Dorset (England), he also founded ISPreview in 1999 and enjoys analysing the latest telecoms and broadband developments. Find me on X (Twitter), Mastodon, Facebook and .
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20 Responses
  1. Avatar photo Markus Mondoduke says:

    It’s truly sad what BT has done to EE. No longer the fastest, no longer the most reliable, no longer the best signal. Ovepriced, poor value, and dreadful support.

    These deals look OK to be fair, but EE is a shadow of its former self.

    1. Avatar photo dee.jay says:

      Heh, I have to disagree.

      I get 70Mbps LTE at home, 70Mbps in another location I’m regularly staying at, sim-free i’m getting 100GB data for £20 a month. I’ve had O2, Vodafone – both awful at home with Vodafone completely refusing to help me when their signal dropped through the floor at home, and O2 refusing to price match – so I simply left. EE have been great, ** in my experience **

    2. Avatar photo New_Londoner says:

      The data on the many mobile speed tests and coverage does not support your contention that EE has gone backwards in terms of network performance.

  2. Avatar photo Mark says:

    Looks like they have only discounted fixed line broadband though. The data-capped 4GEE deals are just as expensive as they normally are, and the unlimited data phone SIM is notably excluded from their Black Friday promotions.

    1. Avatar photo Mike says:

      Hopefully they will add the other plans closer to or on friday/monday, lost opportunity to nab Three customers if they don’t…

  3. Avatar photo Matt says:

    EE Black Friday deals are pretty poor. Deals only on old phones or mid-level phones. Nothing for new iPhones or new top Samsung. Vodafone has Note10+ 5G for 0 upfront and 62 pounds per month all unlimited. Ee offering it for 50 upfront and 84 per month, this is a joke.

  4. Avatar photo Thomas says:

    Anyone interested in any black froday offers leave me a comment along with a contact email and I can see what deal I can get done for you.

    1. Avatar photo mike says:

      Sounds legit. I’m sure people will be happy to post their email on a public comments thread.

    2. Avatar photo Derek Coupland says:

      I have broadband tv mobile phone looking for a deal on the samsung TAB S5e but not at 27.90 a month I’m retired

  5. Avatar photo Craig Hanson says:

    First time EE matched three and kick them out in black friday sim deals

    EE 60GB £20 after discount code £16 18 months contract applies
    Three 30GB £19 no discount code 12 month contract sim deal
    Three 30GB £18 no discount code 24 month contract sim deal

    Three used to be very competitive with black friday deals they are really trying to charge customers premium prices without offering UK based customer services with extra slow speeds/signal problems in many areas.

    1. Avatar photo ? says:

      Three has unlimited everything for £10 a month for 6 months than £20 after that easily beats ee they haven’t even budged the prices on there unlimited data plans still £44 for a 5g plan!!!

    2. Avatar photo mike says:

      Three have unlimited calls, texts, and data for £10/month for 6 months, then £20/month after that. 12 month contract. How is that not competitive? There are also cashback deals available at the usual places.

    3. Avatar photo mike says:

      It’s also worth noting the EE deal you quote is capped to 60Mbps. If you want 4G as fast as the network can go, that’ll be £25/month for 60GB. With that you can also choose one of their data offers, such as unlimited video streaming.

    4. Avatar photo Clare Jones says:

      ahahah three is competitive have you guys even used the three network in London/Manchester/Glasgow its so slow.
      Three customer service don’t even get me started they are useless I would return back to three even for £1 unlimited data deal.

    5. Avatar photo Larry says:

      The worst network and the worst coverage! Think that’s bad the customer service from 3 direct is absolutely appalling! When my contact is up. I wouldn’t touch them with a barge pole! You can wait for 2 hrs and get no response from them and they pass you around to different departments.
      Slow speeds is the major thing with the 3UK Network 0.02mbps in London and false promises with 5G and what happened with the 2 billion pounds network investment with three heard nothing since the end of 2018.

      I rather pay a couple of quids extra with EE for UK customer service and a excellent network coverage.

    6. Avatar photo ? says:

      Larry other than deep rural areas where ee has the advantage the coverage is pretty much the same have a read of this masts are shared https://mbnl.co.uk

    7. Avatar photo Mike says:

      They share the mast/backhaul to keep costs down but not the mobile equipment/frequencies, so both can still have vastly different performance despite being in same location.

    8. Avatar photo JW says:

      Masts are shared but they bandwidth and backbone network aren’t.

      For my own experience in Central London: EE > Voda > o2/Three

      EE is good all round, Voda feel faster opening page but speed is slower than EE, o2 and three depend on areas, some places speed can go below 200kbps despite showing full signal.

    9. Avatar photo Fred hunt says:

      Regarding to the user ? I wouldn’t even pay 3 £10 the network is snail slow.
      I left them after 6 years.

      I now pay EE £44 5G unlimited data plan getting speeds well over 500 meg in London 5G based areas.
      Even at peak time I get around 200+ with 4G+

      Using a Samsung Galaxy s10+ 5G phone.

  6. Avatar photo Harris Fred says:

    What a silly person I’m joined 3uk from EE this week I fell for their cheap crazy offer for 8gb unlimited min/text £8 uswitch deal.

    Thank god I cancelled the contract tonight took me over 50 minutes arguing with customer service kept on saying three network will be the best in 2020 so on told him politely not committing myself to a 12 month contract agreement with the issues.

    Bad points with three network
    Call quality sounded like a dying duck underwater.
    Speeds are deadful so much buffering using tuninradio app.
    Customer service hard to accept NO for a answer.

    Regards, Harris Fred

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