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Three UK Closes Down Wuntu Rewards App Because They Wuntu

Tuesday, Nov 26th, 2019 (7:12 am) - Score 35,391

Customers of mobile operator Three UK have this week noticed that they can no longer sign-up to use the company’s exclusive Wuntu rewards app, which instead warns those who try that the service is set to close on 15th December 2019. Admittedly many of its users claim that it had recently become a bit.. naff.

According to the promotional material, “Wuntu gives you offers and perks, just for being with Three. From money off local restaurants to special weekly treats, there’s a lot to love. Plus, if you’re a Pay As You Go customer, you can now unlock rewards when you buy Add-ons. Open wuntu to opt in to Pay As You Go Rewards and start earning points.”

When Wuntu first launched it did feature some attractive offers, discounts and freebies, although over the past few months those freebies seem to have largely evaporated and the discounts are no longer much different from those you could easily pull out of any old magazine, voucher code website or newspaper. Wuntu felt as if it had been abandoned and now it has been.

A Three UK Spokesperson told ISPreview.co.uk:

“Following a review of our customer loyalty programme, we will be closing the wuntu app on the 16th of December. Loyalty is hugely important to us and our customers and we will announce a new scheme to reward our customers in the new year.”

The app itself says this: “There’s still time to enjoy all the latest deals and to use your redeemed offers. Thanks for being with us on this journey – we’re working hard to find even better ways to reward our customers.” We await to see what those “better ways to reward” are.

UPDATE 8:42am

Added a comment from Three UK above.

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By Mark Jackson
Mark is a professional technology writer, IT consultant and computer engineer from Dorset (England), he also founded ISPreview in 1999 and enjoys analysing the latest telecoms and broadband developments. Find me on X (Twitter), Mastodon, Facebook and .
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33 Responses
  1. Avatar photo ianh says:

    Bravo on that headline, made me chuckle 🙂

  2. Avatar photo André says:

    It was utter rubbish, it won’t missed 😛

    1. Avatar photo jas sin says:

      totally crap

      probably the worst app on my phone containing 1100’s app

      started off soooo goood but became soooo baaaad

  3. Avatar photo Owen Rudge says:

    Enjoyed a chunk of free pizza from them back in the day, before it became “rubbish”!

  4. Avatar photo Ian french says:

    Three is becoming a joke these days they booted me off the old price plan £10 unlimited everything moving me over to the £26 unlimited everything one month contract sim plan.

    Complained to them over the phone and live chat told me £26 is the best they will do explained to them my usage only averaging 40gb-50gb.

    Anyway moved over EE 60gb black friday deal for £16 after discounts ebay code.

    Three these days are pricing themselves with premium prices with awful speeds,signal and customer service support guessing screw existing customers and charge them more.

    1. Avatar photo Matthew Parker says:

      That’s funny & ironic..I’m still on my £18 unlimited everything plan from over 2 years ago. Ahahah valued customer here

    2. Avatar photo walkerx says:

      i’ve got unlimited for £10 for 6 months, then £20 for 18 months which works out about £17.50 a month overall on three.

      There network is just as flaky as anyone else (yes i used to be on EE and they aren’t perfect either).

      I used to use the wuntu app, but when they started dropping a lot of the offers I uninstalled as could just get them online anyway without using their app

    3. Avatar photo mike says:

      Three do unlimited everything for £10/month for 6 months followed by £20/month. 12 month contract. No idea how you ended up paying £26/month.

    4. Avatar photo Andy says:

      I recently got move from a legacy contract (Ultimate Internet 100 (6-7 years old)(100 mins, 5,000 texts, unlimited data).
      When I got the letter telling me they were moving me, they were to move me onto a £19 plan that offered unlimited minutes and texts but a measly 12Gb of data! I’m a power user when it comes to data and usually use at least 20Gb on average, sometimes hitting 40Gb or even 60Gb, so how was this an equivalent plan?!?!

      I looked up what other plans they had on their site to find that there was the SAME plan that they were offering me for just £12p/m and plans for 30Gb at £18p/m and unlimited everything for £20p/m.

      If I were to just take their letter at face value, I would have been being seriously ripped off! I rightfully gave them a rollicking on the phone and told them that I wasn’t happy with what they were trying to pull and told them that I have reported them to Ofcom.

      If they come to move a customer from an older plan, they should be giving the customer an equivalent plan to begin with, while also using the plan’s normal pricing, NOT ripping the customer off if they were to do nothing as the letter actually suggested me to do!

  5. Avatar photo Brian says:

    Wuntu was never that good, but had got worse. Leaving Three anyway as network rearrangements, reducing the signal, have made it virtually impossible to make a phone call. Just a matter of who to go to, as all not good here.

    1. Avatar photo mike says:

      Interesting. I also left Three today because half way through my contract the signal at home become useless and never recovered.

    2. Avatar photo jazzhands says:

      I’m also moving the moment I can. Reception in pretty much any place I need to use it seems to have disappeared.

  6. Avatar photo Mohammed says:

    Tried the three network out for 14 days last year £20 deal BF 2018 never again many dropped calls and googlemaps didn’t seem to work around London westminster and Oxford street.

    I feel terrible for taxi driver’s in centre of London using the 3 network you cannot even make phone calls let alone navigate to the destination.

    If you complain to them they will fob you off saying your sim card or phone is faulty.

    Thank god I cancelled within the 14 days cooling off period moved to EE is like night and day.

    Three network oversubscribed lack of bandwidth.

    To many false promises with three what happened to the 5G network end of 2019

    1. Avatar photo Jordan says:

      I’ve been with three for 12 years and never have any noticeable issues, I live I. The north but often travel to London and other places around the world. Satnavs can struggle I cities due to the amount of tall buildings. It’s an absolute pain in New York!

    2. Avatar photo Emma scott says:

      I currently have two networks home mobile with 3 network sim deal
      work phone on EE network both on iPhone X.

      I must say the 3UK Network is terrible in terms of speeds,calls etc places in London speedtest now showing 3 signal bars 3 network with 0.23meg DL 1.23meg UL.

      EE speedtest showing 4 signal bars with 40meg DL 23meg UL

  7. Avatar photo Paul cobb says:

    It was a fantastic app when it started up. Loads of great offers and free stuff. Sadly it now rubbish and I have deleted it from my phone.

  8. Avatar photo Gary says:

    Much the same as the coverage or the network signal…. Lately it has become rubbish.

  9. Avatar photo Daniel says:

    Never really used the Wuntu offers as restaurant chains etc. did have outlets in my area. Used free coffee from Costa occasionally, but then there were time restrictions added which didn’t suit my schedule.

  10. Avatar photo Brian says:

    They sold it because it was a smoking gun for them. They sold people’s information through it to third parties! They slowly ran it down and now closed it to avert attention.

  11. Avatar photo Ryan Giddins says:

    Speed tested three today in Oxford circus… 2 mbit. Disgraceful what’s the point of unlimited data when you get 2mbits?


    Guess I’ll be leaving in a few weeks when my contract is up. There has been a network problem near my home for 3 months now too. What network issue takes more than 3 months to fix???

    1. Avatar photo Katie Dunham says:

      Three is overselling the service.

      I’m truly dying to leave three next month terrible signal problems in centre London what worst headed to glasgow last weekend for work business trip my Googlemaps didn’t even load up outside the train station.

      Had to borrow my manager’s phone for two hours.

      I wouldn’t call three a mobile network it’s like 56k dail up.

      If you make a formal complaint about the service they will guide you with hundreds of steps switch off your phone next replacement sim card.
      We will run some test wait five days etc etc nothing gets fixed had enough.

  12. Avatar photo Mervin says:

    I haven’t really had any big problems with Three. Yes in some places service is worst than in other area’s. But for price, Data and minutes there is no competition. I can honestly say I have been with Three since they launched in the U.K and I have not had any serious problems with them at all.

  13. Avatar photo Dezlazy says:

    I signed my whole family up to Three, a few months ago and regret it bitterly. £12 for 12gb was an absolute bargain. Now I understand why their offers are so appealing. Spent 4 hours in Winchester on Mon without a useable phone. It only worked just outside the train station, when I walked inside my caller couldn’t hear me, so literally had to stand out in the rain. My wife’s phone won’t work in her place of work, my daughter’s phone won’t work in her sixth form college. Contract expires summer 2020! No doubt there are people out there having a fantastic time with Three but I have no idea what to do about this. Any suggestions welcome.

    1. Avatar photo Lewis says:

      I would use live chat everyday and complain hoping they will release your contract without charge.

      That what I done in July my speeds has tanked below 1 meg all day and night calls are dropping out calls are missed and diverted to voicemail.

  14. Avatar photo Jimsue says:

    Three are converting 3g towers to 4g. As Three use 3g to make calls, this means calls cannot be made. Other networks have 2g to fall back on to make a call. I currently have a mifi unit with an O2 data sim in it. When I heve no Three signal, I tether off the mifi unit to make a wifi call from my phone.

    1. Avatar photo who says:

      Work reportedly got underway in Croydon last month to upgrade sites to new antennas and reallocate 10MHz of 3G spectrum for 4G use, in a move which it claimed ‘significantly’ improved performance and capacity on its 4G network. It noted that the refarming left 5MHz for 3G connectivity so voice calls/texts can still be made.

  15. Avatar photo Mary says:

    Excellent company NOT they forced me off my price plan today by a nasty letter been with three since 2009.

    My plan was 100 minutes AYCE eat data package for £13 pounds a month they wanted me to pay £22 for UL Everything package 1 month contract ask them to move me over to the £10 6 months half price deal 24 month contract was told NO Twice by phone and live chat oh well PAC code issued moving over to EE Black Friday 60 gb sim only deal for £16 NHS discount.
    I wasn’t very happy with three speeds and signal in North Wales anyway but asking me to pay £22 is taking michael.

  16. Avatar photo Sam Heron says:

    Cheap useless 3 its a bloody nightmare started a new job last month company.
    I work for handed me a brand new Samsung Galaxy s10 work phone on the 3 network.

    I missed about 4 calls eachday while working outside doing urgent business meeting these meetings require me to answer all my calls.

    Complained to them last weekend offered me nothing or even ran any test they blamed my brand new device becoming faulty mast/sim yeah right tested a EE payandgo sim card NO dropped calls or signal problems.

    Awful company stay away anyone looking to do business with three will cost you loads in the long run and annoy customers trying to contact you.

  17. Avatar photo Joe Blogs says:

    I had some really great stuff from Wuntu a I will miss it, there’s not much out there for free nowadays. I’ve used Three for many years, won’t use any other UK network. Alot of moaning wingers on here.

  18. Avatar photo Ghandi Foster says:

    Three is the best for deals unfortunately all the others except virgin hide extra call charges and don’t tell you about them

    Never had any issues and their customer team is the best

    Worst customer service I have had with a mobile company was orange

  19. Avatar photo Robert Macrowan says:

    I was an EE customer since the One2One days but the signal was getting worse and worse in the Brighton area. In January I switched to a Three sim only deal and have not looked back have used it without issue in Australia, New Zealand, Israel and Spain this year. Used a couple of resurant vouchers on Wantu but the best thing is the Easy Jet hands free service which is still available but you have to apply via text

  20. Avatar photo David says:

    Dont worry Jeremy will sort this out for you. One nationalised network and regular strikes with no service.

  21. Avatar photo gary hargreaves says:

    i am very disappointed as i have 2800 points and not allowed to use them on anything,,i got email today saying i have until midnight to use my points but the ap is not allowing me to use them on anything at all and says i need 200 points to unlock tier 3 but no access to anything on tier 2…what a wast of time me saving my points

Comments are closed

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