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Vodafone UK Suffering Disruption to Mobile Network

Tuesday, September 1st, 2020 (11:40 am) - Score 25,665
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Some customers of mobile operator Vodafone UK are reporting that another network outage is currently taking place, which appears to be disrupting both data (mobile broadband) and voice connectivity on their 3G and 4G networks (not enough feedback to say if 5G is affected but that seems likely).

The issue began at just after 10:30am today and one of their customer support agents said, “We are experiencing an outage right now. We’re not sure how large the outage is just yet but rest assured our engineers are already working to resolve this ASAP.”

In the meantime, those affected are unable to make or receive calls, while others are having problems maintaining a data connection. A similar sort of event also occurred on 28th August.

UPDATE 13:13am

The service appears to now be returning to normal, although those still experiencing problems might want to try sticking their phones into flight mode for a couple of minutes before re-enabling.

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By Mark Jackson
Mark is a professional technology writer, IT consultant and computer engineer from Dorset (England), he also founded ISPreview in 1999 and enjoys analysing the latest telecoms and broadband developments. Find me on Twitter, , Facebook and Linkedin.
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35 Responses
  1. Guy Cashmore says:

    Vodafone 4G data has been really unstable for the past 2 weeks, the ping test record on my router is showing multiple fails resulting in the backup WAN (on Three) coming into play a lot.

  2. Hereford says:

    Broadband speeds also dropped to 30kb/s during the outage.

  3. George Neville says:

    Approx 3 month I’ve had fone calls cut off had to redial occasionally it happens twice.thought it was my fone at first.so bought a new one .it still does it. So it’s vodafone technolog glitch.hope they sort it.

    1. Keegan says:

      I’ve had similar problems, luckily it hasn’t happened in a little while but a little while ago my phone would cut out calls half way through a call. Happened with multiple people, one call it happened 4 times. You called vodaphone and it cut off 3 times. Then when I spoke to an advisor (after spending 6 phone calls with their stupid tobi ai) they said they couldn’t help me. My contract with them ends next month and I won’t be reviewing. I’ve been with then nearly a year and all I have ever had is problems.

  4. John harland says:

    On vodafone mi fi before lockdown regular speeds of between 45 and 78 mbps for over 2.5 years after lockdown lucky to get 2mbps most regular beloe 1mbps ,so told vodafone they are in breach of contract by not providing a constant satisfactory internet speed so they agreed to release me from contract(over 1yr left to run) freewith no early leaving charge

  5. Virginia Adams says:

    We have not had a phone signal for 4 months . Made numerous complaints , still no signal. Calls don’t ring and constantly checking voice mail . Still being charged !!!

  6. Terry O'Toole says:

    Wouldn’t surprise me if Vodafone’s data network went down thanks to all the Karen’s & other mammies uploading loads of pics of their offspring in their back to school uniforms on Facebook. :p

  7. James Adams says:

    No phone signal for four months in this area, Vodafone technical team said it’s a mast problem,that was two weeks ago, how long does it take to fix a mast? In the meantime I am still paying for two mobiles. How can this be legal.

    1. Andrew says:

      hi – what are are you in?

  8. John Kaye says:

    I think that John Harland is correct when he says that they are in breach of contract.

  9. Luke says:

    Hit me at exactly the times listed above, eventually managed to make a call to 191, kept texting me a link to deal with Toby the Digital Assistant……..but I had no data connection ‍♂️
    Eventually got through to someone and apparently there was nothing wrong and it must’ve been my phone

  10. Ian Johnson says:

    Lost phone connection from around 10am until about 4.30pm.
    Trying to run a business!

  11. Lydia Jackson says:

    I have thesame problem with my Internet and my cellphone data, call keep dropping

  12. Sheralyn Rennert says:

    Absolutely awful, no network comes up when I dial. Constantly cut off during important calls where I’ve been in hold. Extremely frustrating. Also a tinny echoe with almost all calls. Does anyone have link for outage map? Can we get out accounts credited? I make calls via Internet now as this is so unreliable. Long term customer

  13. Mr I M Pallatt says:

    We have a place in Skegness and their 4g network has not worked there for months. Takes ages to navigate even basic web pages so we just gave up. Now looking to change contract.

    1. Jack says:

      Avoid Three in Skegness at every cost! EE or O2. Honestly, all the networks are crap in peak months in Skegness come October to June its absolutely fine.

  14. Bob says:

    I’m on three and have had a terrible signal for the last month. Currently got my 5g device set to 3g only at there’s recommendation.

    1. Santi says:

      And what has it got to do with Vodafone’s issue today?

  15. Rahul Ramechandra says:

    Vodafone broadband has connectivity issues from last month. We haven’t complained yet but still we are facing issues.

  16. Cora says:

    I’m working from home as a calls agent and I was cut off around 12ish for around and hour.

  17. Matt says:

    4 dropped calls over two weeks totally random even with full signal.
    Talking to my dad he kept telling me all he could hear was an echo of his own voice.

    Data speed 4G+ but getting 10mbps (down) & 7 mbps (up)

    If you text “WEB” to 40127 you can save the most up to date settings for Vodaphone internet this does help especially after a mobile software update

  18. Matt (West Sussex) says:

    I’m guessing but could this be down to taking out the Huawei kit from it’s network? I have had a lot of sms from Vodafone telling me upgrades & maintenance work ongoing in my work & home postcodes very recently.

  19. Chris M says:

    My workplace uses Vodafone, they had a message to say that Vodafone are migrating to a new platform between the 1st and the 3rd, and to expect disruption. If this is the case why do they not say that to non-corporate customers?

  20. MR JOHN C PRICE says:

    Just had six weeks of abysmal 4g. Went from average 35mb down to 2mb.Likely caused by an influv of tourists but every time I managed to contact Vodafone they went on and on about it being a problem with my phone even though I explained over and over that it was on multiple devices and accounts. End of contract will be end of Vodafone.

  21. Azik says:

    Our closest (0.5 miles) cell mast (id: 20234) stopped serving 4G on 18/08 but was still accepting 3G connections. My LTE modem connects to another cell (104714) now which is over 2 miles away. What annoyed me the most is that I called Vodafone 5 times on different days since then and they would consistently refuse to admit it. Giving them all these technical details about cell masts and pointing at multiple devices having the same issue they would still suggest to restart/reset routers and go to the closest shops.

  22. Linda Mckay says:

    I have had no network for 4 week’s. Lost count of how many times I have spoken to them and been into their shop. Cannot make or receive calls. Been a nightmare I’m losing the will. Promises promises X

  23. Paul Howell says:

    I have had ‘no service’ for 6 months now travelling 5 miles to make a call. I have spent hours and hours talking to Tobi on line each time going to Technical,each time asked to do the same things with my phone, switch off, remove sim, go to aeroplane mode, enough was enough! I cancelled my contract as they were not providing the service therefore they were in breach of contract, after hours of haggling they waved the termination charge (£120) My new SIM arrived yesterday from BT I have followed ‘3 simple steps’ to get me up and running. I have spent 3 hours this morning on the BT helpline, using my landline. I don’t believe it!!! There is a fault with their mast and I still have ‘No bl**dy Service’ this time with BT Paul Llandrinio Mid Wales.

  24. Vince says:

    Vodafone has been unreliable for the last 5-6 days, and the deafening silence from the twitter team (when usually they’re responsive) is telling.

    Dropped data sessions, terrible throughput, random losses of signal… for days in many areas.

    I don’t care that there’s an issue nearly as much as them denying it by silence.

    1. Laura says:

      Yes I’m having exactly the same issue. They have now raised a ticket after more than 15 hours on chat taking to a machine in the last week. No idea if this will improve anything but it’s driving me mad.

  25. Mark Scott says:

    Why can’t someone like Crown Castle buy all the masts and spectrum and lease it back to the Mobile operators, that way, the signal quality will be higher for everyone and there may be scope to remove some relay sites.

  26. Louise says:

    Can’t even top up phone! Ridiculous. How are you expected to communicate? Useless!

  27. Ian Blaskey says:

    Our postcode is S45 OHT – we have had no Vodafone mobile service for a month. We asked what is the issue and are told that it’s ‘disruption’. We know that. Our business is suffering as we are personally as a result . When definitely will it be fixed and what is the issue? We are paying for a service we aren’t getting and need.

  28. Michael Needham says:

    September 29
    We have had lilited or no service on G2 handsets on Voda since 23 September, I live in luton/mid Beds area

  29. Nathan says:

    I’m a lorry driver and I cover a lot of South East England. Seems to be a problem in most places I go. Long term customer, but I will be switching network provider when my contract comes to an end. They just experience problems to often and it seems there is no real urgency to correct the issues.

  30. Jonesy says:

    General question please – I’ve been using Vodafone ‘Net Perform’ on my mobile to record 4G Up/Down data speeds for a number of years, but just yesterday it started to give a ‘could not connect to server, please try later’ error. Hasn’t worked since, and also fails on my wife’s mobile, same error. Has anyone else found the same problem? Any ideas? (Using the speedtest in the ‘My Vodafone’ app still works, but isn’t as useful.)

    Btw Vodafone 4G data speeds in my area in Suffolk were approx. 12Mb down/6Mb Up in Jan 2020 but now only 0.5Mb Down/ 0.1Mb Up (during the day, better at night) but that seems typical of the downgraded performance reported in other posts (we also have a large hospital nearby so assume it’s all the free data that’s been given to the staff soaking up the bandwidth). I’ve spoken with ‘Tobi’ and a real person at Vf about the drop-off, but they were no help whatsoever.

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