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Telecoms Engineers and ISP Staff Get Queen’s Birthday Honours

Friday, October 9th, 2020 (10:30 pm) - Score 6,480

The annual Queen’s Birthday Honours (2020) has just been published and it includes some figures from the United Kingdom’s broadband and telecoms sector, such as two Openreach (BT) engineers who have secured an MBE (Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire) for their services.

The honours system is technically designed to recognise people who have made achievements in public life and or committed themselves to serving and benefiting Britain, such as by helping to make the lives of other people or communities better. Proposed awards are chosen by the honours committee and their decisions go to the Prime Minister and then to the Queen, who awards the honour.

At the time of writing we haven’t yet had a chance to go through the entire list of honours, but we do note that it includes two of Openreach’s engineers (pictured). The first is Scott McPartlin, who made the news recently after he camped out on a remote Scottish island to help keep the community connected. The second is Pete Martin, who has helped everyone from the Queen to Stephen Fry stay connected.

Clive Selley, Openreach CEO, said:

“Pete and Scott are exceptional engineers who sum up everything that’s best about Openreach. They share a cast-iron reputation for always going the extra mile and always being ready to help anyone. We’re delighted to see them recognised in today’s Honours, representing all the key workers who’ve helped keep the UK connected at a time when it’s never been more important.

Every engineer who’s played a part in this mammoth effort are heroes and heroines in our eyes. We’re very proud of each and every one of them.”

At this point it’s worth noting that many of those receiving honours this year will be reflecting their contributions to tackling the COVID-19 crisis on the frontline. As part of that telecoms workers, particularly engineers, were designated as key workers and often kept doing their jobs despite the heightened risk; this continues today.

Suffice to say that much of the industry probably deserves an honour, but that’s a debate for another day. Congrats to all who received an award. We will update this article if or when we find any other people from the telecoms sector in this year’s list.

UPDATE 10th October 2020

The following is a list of other people in the telecommunications sector who have this year received a similar honour.

Denise Elizabeth Catherine Allan
Managing Director of Customer Service, Sky Uk. For services to the Telecommunications Industry during Covid-19

Ijeoma Nwamaka Ezeilo
Telecommunications, Sky UK. For services to the Telecommunications Industry during Covid-19

Adam James Gordon
Mobile Network Engineer, Ericsson. For services to the Telecommunications Industry during Covid-19

John Henry Hayday
Security and Business Continuity Director, BT. For services to the Telecommunications Industry during Covid-19

Reza Rahnama
Director, Core Voice Services, BT. For services to Telecommunications during the Covid-19 response

Karen Smith
Emergency Authority and Government Relationship Manager, BT. For services to the Telecommunications Industry during Covid-19.

Gemma Towers
Mobile Product Specialist, BT. For services to telecommunications during Covid-19

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18 Responses
  1. Buggerlugz says:

    Well if the queen’s honours list is now a complete farce. There is another million people who worked hard throughout lock down while they’re coworkers sat at home getting paid. Are they all getting MBEs too?

  2. JitteryPinger says:

    WTF….. people getting honoured fot doing their jobs…

    1. joe says:

      Indeed Carl. The island could have been left to suffer with a different person with a different attitude.

    2. A_Builder says:

      Top notch effort by the linesman.

      Presumably had to yomp his tool bag and a few spares with him too?

      TBH a few years back he would probably have been stopped by the Elf’n’Safety brigade – some common sense has started to deep into that area too.

      I think he deserves recognition for that.

      He has done something essential for the community.

  3. Brian says:

    Why so upset? Why should our profession not be recognized? People realised how important telco engineers are now when usually nobody cares about us, they just expect everything to work. Now some might argue that this is more important than someone who sings a song and gets an MBE for it or becomes a peer because they’re a dodgy KGB billionaire who’s done nothing really

    I’m happy they got it. And tomorrow, people will go back to forgetting all about it again.

  4. Paul Dombrowski says:

    To many managers and not enough engineers that actually do the work in the field, often in awful conditions recive any true recognition. Both SKY and BT have this honour of mainly recognising senior managers, nothing really changes. Well done, Pete and Scott from a retired BTI manager. Oh, Clive Selley until the awards would never of heard of the 2 engineers.

    1. Paul says:

      I agree with you Paul. All those high ranking directors would have been working from home due to social distancing, but the telecomms engineers of all companies carried on risking their health to do their day jobs for no thanks or reward.

  5. Bahhh says:

    Interesting Sky who shut call centres at one point due to covid get awards for serving people during covid?

    BT who halted all rollout work and only attended emergency work during covid also get awards?

    Even more ironic the majority of the awards are to managerial or other similar senior people who probably never set a foot outside their home to help staff or members of the public.

    Awards for serving the public, dont make me laugh. Why didnt for example the guy from Zooomm and Voneus get award given this…

    One guy who went in to keep a company going even though a member of his family had cancer and another that carried on installing things for people in full PPE.

    Looks to me more like a bunch of awards for office dwellers that stayed home, an award for a BT bloke cos he helped the queen and a second cheeky engineer submission from BT for a bloke which was no doubt paid well to spend 3 days on an island during a pandemic.


    1. CarlT says:

      BT didn’t halt rollout they actually changed priorities and focused on getting FTTP out to key workers alongside normal work packs.

      The independent Think Broadband figures bear out that rollout of FTTP continued.

      Still why let facts get in the way of a good rant? Hope you feel better.

    2. baaaa says:

      Oh really, BT delivering FTTP to people were they…

      They were to scared to even enter your house. But lets not let that get in the way of your praise.

  6. MJB says:

    Brilliant that the engineers were honoured, normal bloke’s going above and beyond and I’m assuming worked all the way through like many of us key workers while all the senior peeps stayed at home and assumed we on the ground would carry on. Which we did. Those at the top being honoured for working from home and attending Microsoft Teams meetings… wow… thats the bit that stings. They have no idea what its been like out there on the front lines, lads and lasses risking themselves to go in premises and keep the UK connected. With no recognition. Well done guys, keep it up, keep showing the grit.

  7. Rob says:

    … and all I get is harassment and threats of disciplinary action from my manager.

  8. S says:

    And what about the Contractors to Openreach who still had to go out during the height of the pandemic for 12+ hours a day, going into customers homes installing and connecting them with little stores due to BT Stores being closed, while Openreach guys were hiding in their vans on their laptops or in the exchanges and cabinets?

    1. baaaa says:

      Exactly Openreach engineers for the most part did nothing unless it was exchange work. Meanwhile the poor contractors were the ones left going out and actually serving people.

      Mind you we cant be giving awards out to real hard working people. I almost feel sorry for the queen who has to have her name tied to this far from impartial leftist rubbish.

    2. Boohoo says:

      Funny that because all contractors where furloughed across the country as provision work had stopped unless for key workers in which case a voluntary team of fully ppe equipped openreach engineers done the work.

      All the whilst repair work (which contractors dont do) externally carried on and still has service providers booking appointed repair faults which we had to go in for customer who had total loss of service.

      Not at anypoint during the height was a contractor to be seen and talking to a couple at the cabs confirmed they had been furloughed during the peak.

      On the fibre install side the openreach guys basicly didnt get guidelines and was told to basicly carry on and go in (obviously something in the fibre makes them immune) but in these circumstances for the first 2 week then the books go closed off and policy caught up and all work internal stop that side to.

      Any work carried out inside customers house after this point was either you volunteered and was part of a fully ppe group or you broke policy and guidelines and went about your normal work (not sure how your control got that work as it was closed off, but thats a different story) breaking mandatory policy.

    3. tosh says:

      ^^^ All utter Rubbish i have worked as a contractor to Openreach for over 5 years, i was not furloughed and neither were any of my colleagues.

      We do do repair work for for customers and Openreach. We also often assist Openreaches own engineers in deployment and rollout (everything from digging a hole to running cable).

      Back at the beginning of April I an 2 others were sent to a rather well known Call centre business in Leeds which was having issues, so i dont know why you think none of us were about, im sure the business concerned was glad we were.

      Openreach did not do any FTTP installs in peoples homes back at the height of the pandemic as has already been linked to by a prior poster, so that last couple of paragraphs is rubbish also.

  9. Steebs says:

    As with so many others in our line of work, I too was out and about during lock down, splicing fibre, repairing Fixed Wireless Installations, basically doing all I could to to ensure that those forced into working from home for health, safety and responsible social distancing etc. had reliable internet services.

    I was never offered such an award, but then again, I don’t really want that recognition. Why?? It’s simple; making certain that customer old and new have reliable internet services during what we now refer to as “the new norm” is not only my job, but a very rewarding aspect of my life. The recognition, thanks and smiling faces on my customers faces are all that I need or want.

    Sure an MBE is lovely, add a few letters behind my name, looks posh right?? An MBE won’t go about doing what I and many others have done for this country during this awkward time. If it were me, I think I’d go down the path of “Thanks, but No Thanks” out of respect to my many fellow key workers out there.

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