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London ISP G.Network offers 6 Months 900Mbps for £22 PM

Thursday, February 25th, 2021 (12:09 pm) - Score 2,016

UK ISP G.Network, which is currently building a new 10Gbps capable Fibre-to-the-Premises (FTTP) broadband network to homes and businesses in London, has refreshed their range of packages and prices. As part of that they’re offering some significant discounts on their fastest tiers (e.g. £22 per month for 6 months on 900Mbps).

The provider is currently riding high after securing a major fund raise from USS and Cube Infrastructure Managers, which will enable them to invest £1bn to help deploy their gigabit speed FTTP network across 1.4 million premises in London (12 boroughs) over the next 5 years (here). But at the same time as building that network, they’ll also need to attract new customers and that’s where being aggressively competitive on price can help.

The biggest discounts can be found on their 24-month and 12-month contracts, but G.network has also introduced the option of rolling monthly tariffs for a little extra flexibility (you will of course pay more for a 1 month term, albeit with the ability to cancel the service at a month’s notice).

To give people access to the best fibre experience we’re offering all of our tariffs for just £22. When you buy our 300, 600 or 900 tariffs you’ll pay £22/month for the first 3 months on a 1 year contract and for the first 6 months on a 2 year contract,” said G.Network’s website. Plus there’s the satisfaction guarantee, under which customers can leave without penalty and for any reason within their first three months.

Download / Upload speed

24m – monthly cost (after 6 months)

12m – monthly cost (after 3 months)


Average monthly cost on a 2-year deal

150 / 50





300 / 100

£22 (£28.00)

£22 (£30.00)



600 / 300

£22 (£36.00)

£22 (£38.00)



900 / 900

£22 (£48.00)

£22 (£50.00)



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By Mark Jackson
Mark is a professional technology writer, IT consultant and computer engineer from Dorset (England), he also founded ISPreview in 1999 and enjoys analysing the latest telecoms and broadband developments. Find me on Twitter, , Facebook and Linkedin.
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14 Responses
  1. William Wilkinson says:

    I’m well jealous. I’m desperate for faster Internet and I’d pay a lot more than £22 a month to get it. This website is brilliant by the way. I just wish there was an article about faster broadband near me.

    1. Randy says:

      Tell me about it. I feel like im going to be the last one to get FTTP. It’s popping up (literally in my case) left, right, above and below but nada for me. G.Network look very good though they were digging up the road near my office last year in Central London. 10Gbit seems a bit wasteful, 1Gbit would be fine for 99% of home users I’d have thought, even overkill.

    2. Tyeth Gundry says:

      Suck it up and register for Starlink (Satellite), 100-300mbps DL <100ms ping https://www.starlink.com/faq for 80quid/month +400equipment charge. Waiting list but some peoples best hope. The main page is broken for me at the moment

  2. Jonathan Heath says:

    Maybe but in the not too distant future there will be 8K streaming – I may be wrong but isn’t one of the Japanese broadcasters beaming the Tokyo games in 8K? That will eat download speeds.
    There are 8K TVs available now.
    Then whilst I WFH, I have need for Bloomberg live trading links to remain competitive.
    Coupled with 8K monitors that are available from Dell in the US (https://www.dell.com/en-us/work/shop/dell-ultrasharp-32-8k-monitor-up3218k/apd/210-alez/monitors-monitor-accessories).
    So it sounds like overboiling the ocean. But in 5 years, it really won’t be.

    1. Winston Smith says:

      8k streaming is not going to be a significant factor anytime soon. As a rule of thumb you need to be half the screen diagonal distance away from the screen to to resolve 8k. There may be 8k TVs but for a typical 8 foot viewing distance you’d need a 192 inch screen to make it worth the while.

    2. Billy Nomates says:

      Look at how little 4K content exists today.

      On Netflix you need around about 25mbit to watch a 4K stream. Extrapolating, you’d need 50mbit to watch 8K (totally unscientific estimate there) so I doubt you’d need even 100mbit to watch in 8K.

      Remember the quality of a 4K/8K stream is not anything like a UHD bluray is, and new compression technologies come along all the time. H.265 uses much much less data than MPEG-2 for example and even quite a bit less than H.264 circa 30% less.

      We don’t need gigabit for 8K streaming.

    3. CarlT says:

      8k is 4 times the pixel count of 4k, Billy.

    4. Jonathan Heath says:

      I don’t think even 5 years ago there was a need for 10 meg download but here we are.
      But now Disney is streaming 4K / HDR films and the same for Netflix.
      And whilst I agree with you on distance from screen, we built our house to future proof our screen so we could position it at least 15 feet if we wanted.

    5. Billy Nomates says:

      I stand corrected. Thanks CarlT. Of course! Can’t believe I just thought 8K = double 4K.

      An article by Huawei reckons that the peak bandwidth for an 8K video on Youtube is 300mbit!!! wow but that’s peak, and it says you need 206.9 mbit for 8K. But then the same article reckons you need 100mbit for 4K which you certainly don’t (tested it myself). But bearing in mind it is talking about the “most demanding” videos on YT so I presume they are very high bitrate.

      I have some 1080P IMAX transport streams that require 200+ mbit.

      The huawei article is here


      But it still doesn’t look like we need gigabit. Even watching 2 or 3 streams. Of course, it would free up more space for other stuff simultaneously.

  3. Anna says:

    But their website says 3 months… are you sure you got this right? Or rather it does as of right now anyway..

    1. Anna says:

      “(e.g. £22 per month for 6 months on 900Mbps).” oh yeah you did – didn’t say that was 24 months contract BUT dam for £48 a month i’d have a 10 year contract!

  4. Anna says:

    Not sure they thought the whole “Dedicated Relationship Manager” through – Good if you are getting a divorce I suppose! 😀

  5. cam says:

    Isn’t it 13 boroughs?
    Hammersmith & Fulham
    Kensington & Chelsea
    Tower Hamlets

    They’re also expanding to:

  6. Paul says:

    Openreach upload speed is a joke when they going to match these

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