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ISP TalkTalk to Hike Some UK Broadband and Phone Prices UPDATE

Monday, March 1st, 2021 (10:54 am) - Score 9,888
talktalk office manchester

UK ISP TalkTalk appears to have kicked off the week by revealing that some of their home broadband and phone packages will see price rises from April 2021. After that – from April next year – the monthly charges will be hiked by the rate of inflation plus 3.7% – mirroring similar moves by BT and some other operators.

Annual price hikes are fairly common among all the largest providers in this market because they’re frequently adding all sorts of new services (e.g. FTTP etc.), running big first year discounts, adapting to new rules (e.g. automatic compensation) and developing new systems (e.g. improved switching). On top of that consumers are also gobbling significantly more data (COVID-19 has had a particularly big impact on broadband usage).

At the time of writing, we are still awaiting more details from TalkTalk to clarify how everybody is going to be affected, but it’s stated that their ADSL based “Fast broadband” plan will increase by £2 per month this year from 1st April 2021 and, from 2022, “will then rise in April each year by the rate of inflation plus 3.7%” (the 3.7% rule also appears on their FTTC plans, but oddly it’s not mentioned for FTTP).

In addition, the ISP has removed mentions of “no mid contract price rises” and “fixed prices” from their promotional package descriptions, which is unlikely to go down well with customers if it means what we think it does. But we note that the descriptions on some packages do say this: “Latest offer price fixed for the entire minimum term of your contract … with no price rise over the annual rate of inflation after your contract end date.

However, the small print wording states that the new inflationary price rise “does not apply” when selecting Fixed Price Plus, which sounds like they will still have some sort of alternative. At present, it’s all still a bit confusing.

Example Small Print from TalkTalk’s Website

The monthly price of Fast broadband will increase by £2 from April 2021. The price will then rise in April each year by the rate of inflation plus 3.7%, from 2022. The monthly price of Fibre 35 and Fibre 65 broadband will rise in April each year by the rate of inflation plus 3.7%, from 2022. Price rise does not apply when selecting Fixed Price Plus.

Ofcom does have a rule against mid-contract price hikes that go above-inflation, which means that existing customers may be able to exit their contract penalty free (i.e. if you do this within 30 days of receiving the notification letter/email), but we’ve already seen that this may not apply when ISPs give advance notice of a future price hike plus inflation (example).

Just remember that other major ISPs will also be increasing their prices, although this is often mitigated by special offers when you switch provider. Alternatively, customers could try contacting the operator directly and haggling for a lower price (Retentions – Tips for Cutting Your Broadband Bill), although as a smaller ISP we don’t know how willing Origin would be to engage in this.

UPDATE 2nd March 2021 @ 3:19pm

The ISP has confirmed to us that “most customers” will see an increase to their monthly bill (average of c.£2.08 per month), effective from 1st April 2021, which largely affects those on their legacy Fast, Faster and Superfast plans (ADSL and FTTC). As above, new customers who sign-up to their new standard plans from 1st March 2021 won’t be hit with an increase until the April 2022 CPI + 3.7% change next year.

A TalkTalk Spokesperson said:

“Over this extraordinary last year, we’ve seen broadband usage soar by 40% and we’ve had to invest heavily in our network as a result. Unfortunately, this has meant that, alongside other ISPs such as BT, Virgin and Sky, we have had to raise our prices. We are as committed as ever to being the country’s only scale value broadband provider.”

We’ve also been able to confirm that TalkTalk will give customers the ability to pay an extra couple of pounds a month for their ‘Fixed Price Plus‘ plan, which will enable them to fix their price for the entirety of their contract and this includes a pledge of no above inflation price rises once out of contract. Existing customers can also re-contract to this if they’ve been on their current plan for at least 90 days.

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28 Responses
  1. bing says:

    Inflation sucks 🙁

    1. Randy says:

      especially if you don’t get a pay rise this year, despite your company making a net gain. But ofc the managers make a CPI net gain. Oh you pleb that works for us, these are tough times so you get no pay rise, or the lucky non-bankers get 1% below inflation so it’s actually a pay cut.

      If you have one of these lovely employers, find a new job.

  2. John says:

    Well I guess this was to be expected… but it’s still better than BT, who are doing inflation + 3.9% increases, aren’t they? And they have higher prices to start with!

    1. JD says:

      inflation+ 3.7% compared to inflation+3.9% isn’t a huge difference to be fair

    2. Randy says:

      mate what planet do you live on ? Openreach cutting appointments. Try to get broadband installed today when you need an OR employee to fiddle with the socket for no reason and well maybe we can fit you in around April or May time. Wires only ? that must be some sort of pre-covid thing.

      3.9% … for what exactly? What increased costs do they have? considering the majority of us are working at home, paying for our own electricity (oh thanks for the £6 a week HMRC) and employers aren’t paying massive electricity/heating/water/teabag bills. It’s a scam, we all know it .. but you call them up and say bye bye. Sometimes you can call the bluff and sometimes you can’t. But I’m not paying 4% more for reduced service. No way.

  3. JP says:

    How dare they 😛

  4. Carl says:

    I think the service is bomb proof. Been with them 18months. It’s a premium service with a budget brand. I obviously use my own router hardware but my fttc has rarely any issues. Sync at about 60mbs and very happy!0

    1. Boris says:

      I’d agree with this. They get a lot for flak for their customer service, but the actual connection is great. Been using them for 8 years on fttc, and just about to switch to their fttp service.

  5. Steve says:

    SSE are the only fixed price broadband contract leftas far as I can see..

    1. Mark says:

      Zen internet as well

  6. Glenys carter says:

    Why must the increases come on top of the inflation rate? Arent they being greedy?Seems to me that with their millions of customers a 2.7% increase is plenty!!

  7. Marguerite says:

    Before you start putting your service in order 2days last weekno Internet i have been with talktalksince2013 iam not renewing this time nearly out of contract 3 months left need to improve c/service its leaves a lot to be desired

    1. Richard says:

      I’ve been with them for many years. If I have any problems I just email the CEO and things get sorted

  8. Bryan says:

    Thankfully my 24 month contract expires in april. I had already intended looking for a new supplier with the intent on spending more cash for my new supplier. Located in scotland, continuous speed problems, price hikes and one of the worst customer service services i know of.

  9. Joel says:

    Any news if customers on their fixed price deals will have theirs go up too?

  10. John says:

    Joined talk talk for under £20 for 18 month contract contract ended & i was not reminded but have been charging me over £34 for the last 3 months I’ve just found out.

    1. Richard says:

      You need to be in more control of your finances

  11. Groucho says:

    Just been told Post Office handing over to Shell in two weeks time. Pity, as it had been okay for about three years.

  12. anon4575 says:

    Just switch to Cuckoo, no contract, £30 per month for FTTC (I think the price is fixed).

  13. Sam1374 says:

    Signed up to talktalk last August on an 18 month no mid contract price rise offer – was told today that my monthly payment is increasing from April. It’s quite scandalous that they advertised no mid contract rises, to then do exactly that less than 8 months later. I don’t work from home, nor have I throughout the pandemic, as I’m a key worker. So for their customer advisor to try to justify the increase by telling me my demand has increased is ludicrous – it’s actually reduced as I was working part time and now work full time. talktalk should honour the contracts that their customers signed in good faith.

    1. Terry says:

      Hi Sam, I’m furious, I’m on an 18 month FIXED contract, & have been told I’ll have a £2 increase from next month… I’m currently only 5 months into this contract… I’ve been arguing for 45mins this morning with them!
      Waiting for a call from a manager, if that happens?
      Something needs to be done.
      All the best!

  14. Anon says:

    TalkTalk seem to be increasing the price of contracts that were stated to be Fixed Price for the entire length. Basically, they’re breaking their own contract which is okay because their terms and conditions allow it. How appalling.

    Luring in customers with a fixed price promise, only to increase prices mid way. Stupid.

    1. Joel says:

      Have you been notified your price is increasing?

  15. Alan Welsh says:

    Same notification of TT price hike mid contract! What is the point of a contract if it only works one way-thought contract meant a two way legal agreement?

  16. graham ward says:

    Likewise. On fixed contract but told it’s still increasing its price.
    Clearly an abuse of a contract. Is there anyone we can legally challenge them with?

  17. J.Brennan says:

    I am also 6 months into an 18 month contract. I have paperwork which states “unlike the other major providers, we’ll guarantee your broadband price stays the same for your 18 month contract”
    I have had a frustrating and fruitless phone call with them,but all they would offer is not charging a fee if I left. In a contract, are not both sides bound by the terms? Surely this is not legal?

  18. Colin says:

    Talktalk told me it was a fixed price for 18 months in Feb 21 email today say it going up £2-50 month

  19. oj says:

    i did my new contract in jan 2021 on web chat. they said they wont be price rise on min on chat but talktalk now saying is in my contact terms & Con
    but apply it was in the T&C..

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