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VOXI UK Adds TikTok Streaming Support to Endless Mobile Data

Monday, May 24th, 2021 (10:09 am) - Score 1,464

Contract-free UK mobile operator VOXI, a sibling of Vodafone UK, has today extended their “Endless Video” pass (i.e. giving unlimited data on 4G and 5G mobile broadband to certain video streaming services) to include support for the popular TikTok internet video streaming service.

At present any VOXI plan that includes the “Endless Video” pass (this can also be added for an extra £7 per month) will give you unlimited streaming on the following apps and websites, without eating into your data allowance: Netflix, YouTube, Amazon (Prime Video), My5, TV Player and UKTV Play. Now customers can add TikTok to that list too (this applies to both new and existing subscribers).

VOXI’s tariffs also include Endless Social Media (unlimited data for Facebook & Facebook Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp, Pinterest, Snapchat and Twitter) and 5G at no extra cost. The cheapest plan with both Endless Video and Endless Social media included starts at £15 per month (this also includes 15GB of data [currently boosted to 20GB], unlimited calls/texts and a rolling monthly contract).

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By Mark Jackson
Mark is a professional technology writer, IT consultant and computer engineer from Dorset (England), he also founded ISPreview in 1999 and enjoys analysing the latest telecoms and broadband developments. Find me on Twitter, , Facebook and Linkedin.
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19 Responses
  1. adslmax says:

    That’s pretty silly. I don’t like TikTok (pretty daft and silly short video) Pointless and waste of data!

    1. CarlT says:

      To each their own. Enough people like it that Vodafone thought it good to add it to the plan.

      There are way worse uses of data.

    2. blueacid says:

      OK, your opinion is your own, but it’s undeinably popular in the market, therefore this news may well be welcomed by far more people than those who lament it.

  2. CarlT says:

    Not sure I understand the complaint here, Damien?

    They don’t want people soaking up 20+ Mbit/s streaming endless 4k. TikTok bandwidth usage is minimal compared with YouTube at 1080p let alone 4k.

    This isn’t a fault, it’s intentional and makes sense given the pricing.

  3. Voxi says:

    I didn’t know about that 1080P You Tube video issue! That’s false advertising if I did ever see it, especially when you consider the number of phones with 1080P or higher screens now. I’m with Voxi but may change after reading that as I use You Tube a lot, and when I go back to the office eventually it’ll be eating my allowance as I watch You Tube whilst eating my lunch.
    It’s better just to have a blanket data allowance really. They can’t try to play tricks then.

  4. CarlT says:

    You can tell the difference between 1080p and 1440p on a screen the size of a phone at normal viewing distances, Voxi?

    I thought my 20/15 eyesight was good!

  5. Andy says:

    I don’t know why you were told that your allowances don’t count if you tether. On their FAQ it says

    Can I tether with my VOXI plan and extras?

    You can tether another phone, laptop or tablet to your phone and your endless social media will still apply when using those apps or websites on the other device. The same goes for the apps and websites included in your endless video and music passes.

  6. Roger_Gooner says:

    Have you checked that YouTube over 1080P comes out of the allowance? I see nothing on the VOXI website about that, and their advertising suggests that you can use whatever you want.

    ‘Endless’ means unlimited use, so you can enjoy your favourite social apps without eating your data.

  7. Mike says:

    Didn’t Ofcom outlaw different treatment depending on what device the SIM was in, which should mean that tethering is treated the same as having the phone in a device?

  8. Voxi says:

    @CarlT that’s not the point, as suggested you will have to remember to set the resolution on your You Tube app. In this era their are plenty of competing providers and packages that do not limit you to 1080P or lower resolution. And with large high quality 6″ or larger OLED panels with Dolby Vision you probably could tell the difference even with poorer eye sight.

    However, looking into this I cannot find this restriction mentioned anywhere? Do you have a source to backup the claim @damien?

  9. Winston Smith says:

    Perfect human vision can resolve around 320 dots per inch.

    A 6″ diagonal screen @ 1080p gives around 367 dpi, exceeding human resolution comfortably. Anything more is a waste of bandwith.

    Dolby Vision is a HDR standard and not relevant to resolution.

  10. CarlT says:

    While I congratulate you on apparently having distance vision right at the limit of human perception, Damien, I wasn’t bragging about my fairly average for corrected, vision.

    The default at least for the version of the YouTube app that I have is auto. It doesn’t pull down the highest resolution possible when the window doesn’t have enough pixels to display it.

    Annoying as I’m sure this is it’s a weird provider in some ways and there are plenty of other options as mentioned.

    If we start on the whole neutrality thing and follow it ad nauseam this product is dicey.

    This written from my Note 20 Ultra.

  11. Gary says:

    Damien, unless you are American you don’t have 20/8 vision as we (the UK) don’t use that scale. Maybe next time be more careful in your research when looking to make things up.

  12. Carl O says:

    If you are tethering via something like a chromocast, using a phone for your hotspot but then using the chromecast app and not casting instead, that will use your allowance.

    “When you tether to devices such as your video game console, TV, Chromecast, Roku, or Fire TV Stick, the data used will come out of your general data allowance”


  13. Mark kelly says:

    In relation to netflix / youtube / prime video watch on HD , HDR, and 4k and using general data, is false. I used it for months and have stacks of general data left. What I have issue , is it seem they put tik-tok on endless video streaming, but at cost that endless video and social media can not be used in EU anymore.

  14. Voxi says:

    @winston smith, I am fully aware of what HDR and Dolby Vision is, I’m also fully aware it has a more visual impact on higher resolution screens. Hence why it’s usually only found on 4K television screens. But my old eyes can tell the difference between screens, I’m sure I am not unique. I’ll grant you 4K may be a stretch, but 2k screens I think are acceptable.
    And as for your claim of the perceptible dpi, the human eye can see up to 576 megapixels and at 4″ it can see up to 2190 dpi, it all depends on how long you look at something, how close you are to it, how good your vision is and so on.

  15. drumsboy says:


    I am using voxi since 1,5 years in Germany and made 150 GB with the unlimitedplan today.

    So this isn’t true.

    1. Mark kelly says:

      If you saying using endless social and video in EU is no longer include is false, it changing on 1st June.


      “Roaming fair usage policy
      We are updating our fair usage policy when roaming.

      The two main changes are as follows:

      Your allowance of general purpose data will be capped at 20GB, or your 30 day plan’s allowance, whichever is less, when you roam in our Europe Zone.
      Endless Social Media, Endless Video and Music pass will be available in the UK only and are not included in EU Roaming – this means that if you are in the Europe Zone, any usage of these apps will be deducted from your plan’s allowance of general purpose data.
      If you exceed your allowance of general purpose data whilst in the Europe Zone, you can still connect to Wi-Fi or buy one of our data extras. Details of our data extras can be found in our pricing guide.

      There are also limits on how long you can use your phone abroad for.

      If you are not happy with these new changes, you can pause your plan or cancel at any time through your VOXI account online at http://www.voxi.co.uk/sign-in”

  16. Deryk says:

    4K is included. I’ve proven it, having sat playing 4K videos and watching the gigabytes rack up on Android’s meter while nothing is taken off my allowance.

    However, most browsers are not. They’re MEANT to be according to the support people I’m talking to on Twitter DMs (it’s getting quite in depth, and to be fair, they’re definitely trying to get to the bottom of it) but it’s not working. The Youtube app, even Youtube Vanced, workes fine. Safari on the Mac tethered to the (Android) phone, also works fine. Firefox or Chrome on Mac however, eats data. Firefox on Android also eats data. Neither I nor VOXI can fathom for the lives of us why this is happening – according to them it should make no difference, and I’ve had both Safari and Firefox sat side by side with developer tools watching the network connections and I can’t see how they can possibly tell between the two (yes I have tried putting Safari’s user-agent into Firefox using User Agent Switcher – it’s not that either).

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