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three uk mobile broadband

19th September, 2019 (21 Comments)

Mobile operator Three UK has today pledged that existing customers can expect “performance improvements” (i.e. faster mobile broadband speeds) of up to 150% as part of a major upgrade, which will see them both rollout L-Band (1.4GHz) technology to boost 4G and switch some of their 3G spectrum to 4G.

world internet

19th September, 2019 (1 Comment)

The United Kingdom has placed 13th out of 34 countries in a new Connectivity Index from Carphone Warehouse, which ranks sixteen different metrics across each country (transport links, information sharing, mobile broadband speeds, tourism and immigration etc.) in order to determine which are the most connected.


18th September, 2019 (13 Comments)

Mobile operator Three UK are keen to showcase the benefits of their new “ultra-fast” 5G home broadband network (here) and to that end they’ve agreed a new partnership with Activision, which will help to promote the remaster of the publisher’ popular Call of Duty: Modern Warefare multiplayer video game.

millbrook proving ground 5g

16th September, 2019 (9 Comments)

Mobile operator O2 UK and Samsung have announced that their latest trial of ultrafast mobile broadband connectivity will involve equipping a standard ambulance with simulated 5G connectivity, which they say could transform such emergency vehicles into a unique remote consultation room.

copper vs fibre optic openreach engineer

14th September, 2019 (57 Comments)

Several industry sources have indicated to ISPreview.co.uk that they now expect the Government to water down Boris Johnson’s (Prime Minister) pledge to cover the United Kingdom in “full fibre” (FTTP) broadband by 2025, which will instead be replaced by “gigabit” or “gigafast” terminology (i.e. delivery by more than just full fibre).

5g mobile sim logo uk

13th September, 2019 (11 Comments)

Crowd-sourced analyst firm Opensignal has today updated their early real-world benchmarks of 5G based mobile broadband networks across 12 countries (i.e. those that have launched the service), which reveals that the United Kingdom remains the slowest of the early adopter countries (599Mbps UK vs 1815Mbps USA).

o2 uk logo white background telefonica

13th September, 2019 (45 Comments)

After Three UK led the way, followed by Vodafone, then EE and today mobile operator O2 has become the last of the major UK providers to launch its own “Unlimited Data” (mobile broadband) tariffs for 4G and future 5G customers, which are available on both their Custom Plans and SIM-only contracts from £33 a month.

binary pound gbp money uk

13th September, 2019 (1 Comment)

A new piece of research from Oxera, which was commissioned by the Broadband Stakeholder Group think-tank, has helped to highlight some of the benefits (better employment, increased economic activity etc.) that UK Local Authorities could expect if they help to rollout 5G mobile and “full fibre” broadband.

vodafone uk 2017 mobile sim logo

12th September, 2019 (10 Comments)

Mobile operator Vodafone UK has announced that their new 5G network, which is capable of ultrafast mobile broadband speeds, has just been deployed to cover the South Terminal building at Gatwick Airport. The North Terminal is set to follow by early 2020.

ee rural mast

6th September, 2019 (27 Comments)

The National Association of Local Councils (NALC) has voiced strong opposition to new plans by the UK government, which last month proposed to simplify the planning rules (Permitted Development Rights) for new mobile infrastructure (4G / 5G masts etc.) in order to improve rural network coverage across England.

Plaid cymru logo - the party of wales uk

6th September, 2019 (2 Comments)

The Party of Wales (Plaid Cymru) appears to expecting a general election soon as they’ve recently set out a new – if somewhat familiar – three-point plan, which primarily aims to “eradicate Wales of broadband not-spots by 2025.” Sadly they neglect to define what “broadband” means, in terms of either speed or technology.

ee mobile sim cards

28th August, 2019 (74 Comments)

Mobile operator EE (BT) appears to have responded to pressure from Three UK and Vodafone’s new “unlimited” data (mobile broadband) plans by launching their own competing products, which they say come with “no speed restrictions” and are available today for 4G and 5G SIM-only and Smartphone plan customers starting at £34 per month.

5g mobile broadband users uk

27th August, 2019 (5 Comments)

The UK Government has commitment another £30m to help up to 10 rural locations conduct “innovative trials” of 5G mobile / mobile broadband applications as part of a new Rural Connected Communities (RCC) project, which could stimulate commercial investment. On top of that they aim to ease mobile planning rules.

mobile mast tower signal uk

26th August, 2019 (44 Comments)

A new UK Government funded project called NoServiceHere is hoping, among other things, to harness the power of the Twitter community in order to help identify areas (rural and urban) of poor mobile signal by curating geospatial data, which can then be used to help focus the rollout of 3G, 4G and future 5G networks.

Man worker in the firld by the solar panels,Man worker in the firld by the solar panels

23rd August, 2019 (10 Comments)

Now this really is unique. One of the Government funded 5G RuralFirst testbeds on Orkney (Scotland) appears to be delivering “high-speed” wireless broadband to a number of remote rural properties by using solar panels as receivers for a new Light Fidelity (LiFi) network (i.e. Li-Fi solar backhaul).


19th August, 2019 (15 Comments)

“If it’s not Three, it’s not real 5G” said Three UK this morning (here) when promoting the launch of their new 5G based ultrafast mobile broadband network. In response rival operator EE (BT) is reported to have lodged a complaint with the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) over the slogan, which they say is “misleading“.

three broadband

19th August, 2019 (64 Comments)

Three UK (Hutchison 3G UK) will today join EE and Vodafone by confirming that their new 5G ultrafast mobile broadband network has finally gone live, starting in busy parts of London with a £35 home broadband ISP alternative. The initial plan is to cover 25 towns and cities by the end of 2019 and deliver “at least 2x faster” speeds.

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