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Major Email Outage Hits Plusnet’s UK Broadband ISP Customers UPDATE2

Thursday, November 11th, 2021 (7:58 am) - Score 16,176
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Customers of broadband ISP Plusnet have been affected by a major email outage, which appears to have started at around 6am yesterday morning and prevented users from being able to login to their email account. Some access has been restored this morning, albeit not without plenty of new problems showing up.

The provider’s service status page includes the following statement from 3:09pm yesterday: “We’re really sorry that some of our customers are still experiencing issues when trying to login into their email accounts. We’ve identified what the problem is and are now completing work to fix this as quickly as possible. Some of this work will need to be completed overnight, to avoid any additional disruption, and we expect affected customers to be able to access their Plusnet email account by tomorrow morning.”

The good news is that some customers have reported being able to login to their email accounts again this morning, but the bad news is they’re now reporting a variety of new bugs. The sporadic assortment of issues being reported include missing emails, an inability to send emails, new inbound emails not being processed, empty inboxes, access to the email server is erratic, emails that do get sent don’t arrive at their destination and difficulties with opening emails to view them.

Plusnet are due to issue another update on the situation within the next hour, but in the meantime you can find a flood of complaints about all this on their Community Forum.

UPDATE 8:57am

The latest update has dropped.

11 November 2021 8:08 AM

“Customers should now be able to log in their Plusnet email, however they may experience a delay when sending and receiving emails. We’re working to fix this as quickly as possible and we’re sorry for the inconvenience caused. Plusnet broadband and mobile services are not affected.”

UPDATE 12th Nov 2021 @ 2:24pm

The latest service status update from Plusnet was recently posted.

12 November 2021 12:44 PM

“Most customers should now be able to log in their Plusnet email, however they may experience a delay when sending and receiving emails. Plusnet emails can be accessed using an email client as an alternative. We’re working to fix this as quickly as possible. We’re sorry this has taken longer than expected and for the inconvenience caused. Plusnet broadband and mobile services are not affected.”

However, this overlooks many of the other complex problems currently being experienced by customers (as mentioned earlier), which remain largely unresolved. On top of that, the issues are not isolated to PlusNet, with customers on their managed services (e.g. John Lewis Broadband and Waitrose) also being affected.

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122 Responses
  1. Brandon Billingham says:

    A solid reminder to not use ISP based email systems

    1. André says:

      The likes of Gmail are known to have outages too (one not too long ago, if memory serves), and on top of it they scan all your emails to “target” advertising for you.
      No solution is perfect. Best option is probably running your own email server, if you have the expertise for that.

    2. Winston Smith says:

      Google claimed to have stopped scanning gmail for personal data in 2017.

      They also said they would continue to gather personal data from other products but claimed users could opt out.

    3. Buggerlugz says:

      Absolutely Brandon. Good advice. Which is why I haven’t used any ISP mail since 2000.

    4. Derek Simpson says:

      As of now (17.30 11th Nov) I cannot log in to Plus.net email: from grief survey of the user forums I am very much not alone. Plus.net says “we are working very hard to solve the problem” – the bad news – after primary school there are no more effort badges.

  2. Tom says:

    I remember a decade ago (or more¿) where an engineer at Plusnet wiped the mail server with no recovery of content. Oooops.

    1. Moo says:

      I remember that event. The company was undergoing “restructuring”, especially within the CSC. Frankly speaking, they going through a self-destructive phase. A month before that event I decided to resign from my role at the CSC.

      I believe that event was caused by the engineer getting confused by multiple terminal windows. He thought he was logged on the QA environment when it was actually on the live environment and inadvertently deleted 700GB of emails permanently

  3. Lucian says:

    This is what happens when you focus more on the marketing than on the product.
    Email is simple, retaining and managing good staff not so much.

    At least they switched from “We’ll do you proud!” to “That’ll do”.

  4. Margaret Davis says:

    Still NO incoming emails since Tuesday night 9 November here in Swanage Dorset.

    1. Marg Harrison says:

      same here, although I was able to access for a short time this morning. Now …nothing can’t even send emails

    2. Salopian Blue says:

      4pm & still no email access in Wem, Shropshire. None since Tuesday.

    3. Margaret says:

      Still no email coverage for me in Swanage Dorset this evening 11 November.

    4. Denise says:

      I did access this morning for a few minutes but all was not as it should be but did see I had received the Plusnet bill email……..

    5. andy says:

      had nothing all day yesterday, was working at 7am this morning but by mid afternoon was unable to send still same in wareham dorset

    6. richard huw gravell says:

      here i west wales i am in n the same boat at pm 13.11.2021 having contactwed plusne t yesterday 12./112021 i was told they hope to have sortedthe problemm out late weekend

  5. sid says:

    no emails comming in here either at 11.52 am so still not fixed?

  6. Jacque says:

    Still no emails coming through for me either

  7. Harry Whitehouse says:

    Incoming emails are now being received via Thunderbird, but most of yesterday’s seem to have been lost. Outgoing emails are stuck in the outbox, and I can’t log on to webmail.

  8. Fiona Shand says:

    Still no e mails here in North Wales.

  9. Alan says:

    I don’t believe for one second PNs statement that ‘some’ customers are affected, everyone I know on the platform is experiencing the same email issues. I can send intermittent emails and am receiving one an hour from yesterdays and todays backlog, but can’t send any out

  10. Bob Mason says:

    Yeovil area, no email since yesterday

    1. Philip Lloyd says:

      Concur with that Bob. Now 15:03p.m. 11/11 and still no nearer to being able to log in to e-mail. No up to date info from Plusnet either. WE’ll DO YOU PROUD, sounds like a jest right now.

  11. Mark Durkin says:

    I have received e-mails this morning through my ipad, but sent messages are stuck in the outbox. But error message is about not being able to contact the server

  12. Sue W says:

    Still unable to log in to PlusNet Webmail. Can’t even access PlusNet home page.

  13. Graham Orbell says:

    Still can’t send emails out, a few straggling in from yesterday in no apparent order. Still a problem more than 24hrs on.

  14. John Ovey says:

    it makes one wonder if our government have taken over PLUSNET!!!!!!

  15. G.Bickford says:

    plusnet is now rubbish .no email service for nearly 2 days and no info about when the outage will be fixed . Been a customer for over 10 years but will switch as soon as email connection is back?????!!! A fortune spent on their silly and misleading ads and clearly not enough on their IT

    1. Peter John says:

      Been with Plusnet for 5 years Service is good, Email was always crap lucky I had another email account with hotmail so not affected to much BUT its about time it was sorted it has always been a problem have a look at the history if you can manage to get on.

  16. Charles Tunley says:

    3.30pm 11th November – no e- mails sinceTuesday 9th – Wakefield

  17. john Ovey says:

    How much will PLUSNET offer in compensation? Answers on a postcard, please. At least that will get delivered

  18. Janet says:

    I’ve received some emails earlier, but now cannot receive or send, & webmail is “temporarily unavailable “.

  19. David Ward says:

    My most used e-mail address forwards to both gmail and Plusnet mail, so very luckily I am able to use it in both directions with gmail. However for nearly two days now the Plusnet mail has been unusable whether via webmail or via Apple Mail POP. Surely this problem should have been solved by now, and shouldn’t they make more – very much more – of an effort to explain what is wrong and why?

    1. Bob Davenport says:

      I wholly agree with your last sentence. And if they say the next update will be at a particular time, something should appear then. On the John Lewis (supplied by Plusnet) service-status page it says the next update will be at ’11 November 4:00 PM’. It’s now 11 November 4:19 PM.

  20. Brian Rogers says:

    Cornwall, unable to access Plusnet mailbox for two days now! Has been slow to log on for weeks. Poor service. Time to switch.

  21. Chris Clark says:

    Everything disappeared in my inbox….booked holidays, hotels, important messages / contacts.
    What does the advert say….we’ll do you proud ????
    You need to focus on existing customers, not just new ones.
    Get it sorted.

  22. David Harris says:

    Seem to be able to receive emails but still cannot send. Phoned Plusnet to check that this was still part of the ongoing problem and when I suggested there should be compensation, the reply was emails are just a complimentary service. Not a good attitude, need to look into moving when contract expires.

    1. Dave S says:

      Emails are a “complimentary” service. This is irrelevant, it’s part of the whole service whether complimentary or not. Email is a game changer for me and I would not have renewed with no email service. Regretting my recent renewal over this. A complimentary bottle of wine in a restaurant would not be of very poor quality or denied altogether.
      I am considering a change of email and moving to Gmail. Been with Plusnet a long time so very inconvenient to change so many contacts. I notice many ISPs do not offer an email service at all expecting customers to use webmail. I’ve been with Plusnet for many years and overall I’ve been quite pleased – the occasional outage here and there but most suffer from that. This current email has been the worst episode in my time with them.

  23. jan regan says:

    still no email service !!!!!

  24. Neil Fotheringham says:

    Still out in Moray. Wonder if they’ve tried switching off then on again? Or maybe it’s worse and they need a new elastic band!
    Compensation – I’d look up their terms and conditions but I don’t have magnifying glass that powerful.

  25. John Tollick says:

    I understand frustrations and anger.
    Luckily I am not reliant on email.
    So my view is of no consequence.
    “shit happens”
    It shouldn’t but it does.
    Pretty much everywhere.

  26. Alex 'Freedom' Haines says:

    I’m amazed by the quantity of people I meet still using the Plusnet email service. It’s wholly inadequate and only recently became secure in transit.

    This and the fact that an ISP supplied email causes too much friction when trying to move services is why I always recommend a service not tied to your ISP. I sent your poison there, but Gmail, now that’ll do…

  27. Tony says:

    Funny I can receive some emails on my phone using Bluemail app, but unable to get anywhere on my PC running Windows Live Mail. All I get is a pop-up saying to log in with my password!!! Have not done this for about ten years as a Plusnet customer, so why now and when I try, nothing happens.
    About time Plusnet got this sorted once and for all as this must be costing businesses a fortune and leading to a lot of anger.

  28. Roista says:

    I’m so pleased I’ve got a cable company coming tomorrow to advise placing of router and installation next week. At least my iCloud email works

  29. Ryan says:

    I don’t use Plusnet they seem to have a weird setup am petty sure the plusnet email is *@plus.net the MX is btgroupcloud-mail-onmicrosoft-com.mail.protection.outlook.com so incoming mail go to Outlook (Microsoft) but looking the mail client settings it all seems to be hosted on Plusnet ip’s.

    Seem a bit weird using Outlook for MX and then hosting the mail internally probably cheaper just for them to just use Outlook for spam filtering and then host the mail internally.

  30. Martin Jones says:

    Can see my Inbox new;trying to load my emails now

    18:42 Keep getting Server Error Failed Fetch command?

    18:46 Can see some emails now but not one with a photo attachment I am waiting for.

    Using another email address for this comment; Plusnet must still be on their Extended Yorkshire Tea Break.

    1. Martin Jones says:

      Now received a Server Error; is that the person serving tea or PLusnet’s mail server?

  31. Martin Jones says:

    Server shut down now (IMAP?) Must have run out of Great Yorkshire Tea.

    What PLusnet deed to do is

    1. Shut down their bu**sh*t TV ads

    2. Get someone in charge who knows what they are doing.

    3. Give a significant refund to people like me who have been with them for “donkeys” years.

    4. Fire anyone involve who went home @ 5:00pm today; when I was in IT (for 40 years); you stayed until the probem was solved or you fell asleep still standing.

    1. Ryan says:

      2. Probably don’t have any real sysadmins they probably outsource it all to the cheapest outsource tech team.

      4. I agree with that, when I still worked with my previous employer before they went bust, they had a outage of part of the IT system, a few techs including me stayed in the office until after 11pm to fix the issue, I think too many businesses don’t want to pay staff overtime to fix anything and prefer to wait under next day to resolve a issue.

  32. jeff middleton says:

    I’ve phond twice and on both occasions the guys couldn’t tell me when the problems would be fixed. Not very helpful

  33. Bob P says:

    Plusnet email has now been unusable here in Edinburgh for two days, but my broadband connection is fine. I am using another email account and will probably ditch the plusnet email account, but what a palaver, having to change all my online profiles. Why hasn’t this major outage hit the national newspapers? Is it more serious than Plusnet are admitting?

  34. Marie Taylor says:

    I can seemingly receive email but not send emails. Most frustrating.

    1. richard huw gravell says:

      i qam in the opposite situati.on cant receive in emails but can send out emails

  35. paul wakely says:

    No e mails here in North Wales for 2 days

  36. Carl Farrington says:

    Customer’s photocopier wouldn’t send via relay.plus.net today, now I know why.

  37. Toni says:

    No Plusnet emails in or out since Tuesday night. The broadband router was flicking off intermittently earlier in the week and the phone line crackling, so I presumed a line problem. But that corrected. Then the email went down, perplexing as I still had internet access, phone working and my own domain email coming and going and the downtime detector website claimed nothing amiss with Plusnet!

    Fortunately I continue to use an off-line email client and store messages on my computer, so am not in the position others report of lost emails, other than any that might have been pending on the server. As I also have a domain on a different ISP I am able to email and have been able to advise those who use the Plusnet id to contact me another way. Many people will not be so fortunate.

    Odd nothing’s been on the mainstream news about it – it is clearly a major issue and no hints as to cause are alarming too. Maintenance upgrade gone awry, hopefully, rather than some form of cyber attack.

    Unable to get through to customer services at Plusnet by phone, I ignored it until Wed. night when I logged on to the member page on their website and was able to check my email info etc, but unable to access the webmail. Just tried again and still failing to send out an email I wrote on the Plusnet id on Wed. a.m.

  38. pissnet says:

    Garbage BT reseller. ISP like this should be banned. Worst service ever.

  39. Chris in Snowdonia says:

    There were problems earlier (Tuesday evening 9th Nov) than appears to have been stated.
    An email sent to me by my wife on 9th November at 21:34 did not get delivered, yet I did receive a different email at 01:02 on 10th November.
    Then at 01:16 on 11th November, she received an email and since then she then had a few hours of being able to send and receive OK, but I couldn’t, and then she couldn’t either. That was using Outlook and with email addresses @ a free domain we own, originally hosted by Totalise or Madasafish before being taken over by Plusnet, before BT bought (and separated themselves from) Plusnet. None of our @totalise.co.uk emails are currently working in Outlook and we cannot log in to Plusnet webmail. Then late yesterday (11th) my wife can send and receive OK again. At 17:00 yesterday, I had a seemingly helpful chat with a guy at Plusnet, who said that things might improve after 18:00 yesterday, but added the rider that this was information he’d been given at 10:00 that morning.

  40. Chris in Snowdonia says:

    I forgot to say that the really nice man at Plusnet made it clear that Outlook stood a better chance than webmail at present.
    Bearing in mind that my wife’s email seems to be sending and receiving OK now (via Outlook) I tried two things. I set up an identical account on one of our other computers. Attempting to use it gave message:
    Receiving’ reported error (0x800CCC92) : ‘Your email server rejected your login. Verify your user name and password for this account in Account Settings. The server responded: -ERR Temporary problem, please try again later.’
    (Which has been the same sort of response for all accounts in the last few days.)
    I also tried cloning her email settings on her computer to change the bit before the @ in the email address to make it my email address and that also failed.

  41. Alan Radley says:

    I am receiving mails but still can’t send any as of 6:40 am on the 12th. Fortunately I have yahoo,Hotmail,and Gmail to fall back on, but it’s still a pain.

  42. Jonathan Priest says:

    On my PC I’m using MS Outlook Professional Plus 10 on Windows 10.
    Since the outage, I can only receive emails but not send them via my PC (They’re sitting in the Outbox at the moment).
    I can send/receive from my Samsung phone with no problems.
    Please advise.

  43. Chris in Snowdonia says:

    Interesting, Jonathan: My wife’s email is working an an Android Fire tablet but not on iPad2. Mine doesn’t now work on either. Her email is also working on her iPhone SE.
    I find the various comments from Plusnet about all hands on deck quite ironic. It suggests that there is nobody in the engine room and that the ship is sinking. I share with others a feeling that the scant news coverage is rather like a high-level blackout. Could someone please tell us if it is a hardware issue, a software problem, cyber attack or sabotage? Certainly the time when 2000 Plusnet users were affected because rats chewed through cables in Devon was fully explained in the news. Maybe the rats have left the sinking ship this time?

  44. A Mess says:

    Nottingham can’t send but occasionally receive, dreadful IT dept wants sorting useless

  45. Peter says:

    This may be wholly irrelevant, but when trying to look at mails using PlusNet’s webmail, I saw reference to something called “liveperson” or something in the process bar at the bottom left.

    Even if it’s not relevant to this particular issue, can anybody comment on whether it’s “a good thing” ?

  46. David Grey says:


    We are here in the Lake District and we are still having problems a day later.

    No e-mails received despite some having been sent, e-mails won’t send and no access to previously sent e-mails.

  47. Jules says:

    Still having issues! And as I always use webmail to access emails this is a real nuisance/problem for me.

  48. Rosita says:

    I’m in west London. Some, or is it all I don’t know, of my emails are arriving. When I try and send a test to myself, message says it hasn’t sent then it arrives. On my Mac it just doesn’t go at all . Says cannot send message using the server …

    I don’t understand why plusnet can’t keep us updated on this website, and others, including it’s own.

  49. michael gerard hughes says:

    guess once my email starts working again my first email will be a “goodbye” one.


    Think how bad it would be if they weren’t “doing us proud”

  50. Lesley Tape says:

    3rd day of not being able to access my email. Not good enough.
    No updates issued.

  51. Edward says:

    Still ongoing here in London very frustrated with the lack of a permanent fix. This has been going on for days first you could not send, then not receive and now can’t send again. I will be moving from plusnet at the first opportunity.

  52. James P says:

    Exmoor area. I can eventually log into ‘webmail’ and that’s it. My access of choice, Mac Mail, is no longer recognised (won’t accept the stored password). No new Emails since the 5th as old emails won’t delete to free up space. The slow deletion of old stuff has been an issue for some time but was recently corrected, but for only a day. Can’t send anything, not even to myself.

  53. Chris in Snowdonia says:

    Still no good here. The istheservicedown.co.uk graph is looking very much like the previous day and the Plusnet twitter comments that most customers should now be able to use their email doesn’t seem to reflect the real status. The complaints graphs are not a reflection of operational status at a particular time, only representing when the next frustrated user has had another try and failed.

  54. david liptrot says:

    been an absolute disaster, emails came through this morning then all gone of again can’t send or receive,buisness this week has been ruined since 7am Tuesday.
    how can a company the size of Plusnet can not sort out this problems an absolute disgrace, there is no doubt I will be moving provider.

  55. Peter says:

    At 12:44 PlusNet said “they may experience a delay when sending”. Thus far, my test has taken 12 full miutes, and still not sent.

    PlusNet are grossly understating the degree of remaining dysfunction, sadly.

  56. Dave W. says:

    Can Plusnet please tell its customers just what the hell the problem actually is and when it will be fixed , havn,t been able to log in for two days , Plusnet webmail IS NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE .

  57. James Jackson says:

    This service is not fit for service I intend to take legal action and see what the outcome is

  58. Jules says:

    John Lewis Broadband Service Status says everything is running….well it isn’t for me STILL!
    I am so frustrated by all this

    1. Jules says:

      So disappointed that John Lewis use PlusNet. They used to be reliable….but not any more!

  59. Denise says:

    Still nothing as I can’t even access my account at all. No doubt they will access my account for payment though. Shambolic service in this day and age.

  60. PHILIP SMITH says:

    No sign of any new emails for 3 days now. I sent an email to a work colleague yesterday and they rang me back to say they had read it but it then bounced back. I’ve been with plusnet for more than 10 years and have recommended it to others. Not any more.

  61. John Hayden says:

    I have not had email services for 3 days now.

  62. M. Hamilton says:

    service has been very slow for a long time, but now its almost non-existent. Takes half an hour to get in, lots of emails but cannot get rid of the old ones so its cluttered with unsolicited messages, then it suddenly disappears, ‘out of time’, then ‘server’ decides to refuse any further service, and so it goes on. Absolute nightmare. On the phone there was no help whatsoever.

  63. T Bar says:

    West London, Friday pm – late this morning a flood of emails arrive via Outlook but not Apple Mail, iPhone apple mail is OK, all have the same settings! Tested of a laptop running Big Sur, cannot connect to Waitrose.com (Plusnet) on anything. Webmail still fails to load inbox “Failed to send Fetch Command” will have to migrate to another service . . .

  64. David Wells says:

    Plusnet is not available. FULL STOP. Years ago one of their staff advised me he thought their service was so unreliable i should use gmail. So Glad I did that as this is the second week this year that I have had Plusnet woes.

  65. Colin Watters says:

    We first noticed a problem Tuesday late. It’s now Friday and Email was still a problem on PC using Outlook but OK on Android Tablets.

  66. M Wardle says:

    Email worked briefly this morning and I thought all was well, but it failed again at mid day. Cannot access anything, including Plusnet webmail, despite their claims that it is working …. Appalling service this time– I have always liked PlusNet but will reconsider when contract expires…. they do not live up to their adverts, although customer service staff are very helpful, as far as they can be….

  67. Colin Watters says:

    Some people (including me) have managed to get MS Outlook email working by changing the outgoing server from site.plus.net to Perhaps put it back in a day or two…


  68. Colin Watters says:

    Some people (including me) have managed to get MS Outlook email working by changing the outgoing server from site.plus.net to Perhaps put it back in a day or two.

  69. Colin Watters says:

    Great spelling checker changed “smtp” to “site” in the above.

  70. Peter says:

    Colin Watters suggestion worked for me just now ……. using Thunderbird.
    Outgoing server was set to

  71. Richard brown says:

    Here in North Hampshire we were receiving emails yesterday after a day of nothing, but could not send.

    The sending problem resolved early this afternoon and all appears to be OK now.

    I have been with Plusnet for 13 -14 years and this is the first major outage I can remember. I agree that they should have made an effort to explain what was going on (or not).

  72. Richard Brown says:

    Change that. Sending has just failed again!!

  73. Steve Sanford says:

    Can send from iOS iPad, iPhone, not from pc! Any ideas why?

  74. Steve Sanford says:

    Emails send on XP OEClassic 2.7, not on 3.2; on win 10, OE classic 3.2:NO!

  75. Chris in Snowdonia says:

    04:33 Saturday 13/11 – visiting plus.net yields message:

    Thanks for visiting, we’ll be back soon

    We’ve had to take the site down for maintenance.

    We’ll be as quick as we can, but in the meantime you can find the latest updates and talk to us on:

    Our Twitter page
    Our Community forums
    Or you can call our Support Team on 0800 432 0200 or 0345 140 0200
    (For residential customers we’re open from 7:30am until 10:00pm, 7 days a week. If you’re a business customer, you can call us 24 hours a day 365 days a year. We won’t be able to answer any questions about your account, but we’ll do our best to help with any general enquiries)

    Sorry for any inconvenience we’ve caused.

    See you soon.

  76. Chris in Snowdonia says:

    http://www.plus.net is back up, advertising special deals but I still cannot access emails via Outlook or webmail under different browsers, different computers.

  77. Jules says:

    John Lewis webmail (via Plusnet) STILL not working! Day 4 and one very frustrated customer! This weekend’s jobs – research alternative providers, set up Gmail account and notify everyone of change of email address. This is going to be one hell of a job but needs must! Cannot live with this service anymore. SO disappointed….and frustrated!

  78. Bob P says:

    Plusnet Email still not working properly at 0923 on 13 November, although some incoming mail gets through. I have no idea if outgoing mail is delivered, and very annoyed that my folders aren’t being updated in my Apple Mail on iPad. I am now using an alternative email service, and will start to inform my personal and business contacts that this change will be permanent from next week, stating why. Last chance saloon for Plusnet?

  79. J G Silcock says:

    It is now over 75 hours since I have been first unable to work with e-mails and the telephone line to plusnet is permanently jammed.

    Please can there be a full admission fron Plusnet as to the extent of this problem and a realist undertaking to resore service a.s.a.p. Customers deserve at least some honesty in return for their loyalty.

    Will there be compensation?

  80. Jill says:

    Still unable to access John Lewis webmail – a few emails occasionally download to iPad nothing coming through to mail on android phone and impossible to log in through browser 🙁 I’m awaiting an email my sister said she sent on Thursday! Royal Mail may have been quicker even on second class.

  81. CEngland says:

    It’s now 92 hours since I have been able to access my emails. Can somebody give us a straight answer as to when this problem is going to be fixed. This is absolutely diabolical service if your tec guys can’t fix it get someone who can.

  82. Tad says:

    Its now 0930 in the 14th, still no email. Cannot access it via windows laptop or Android mobile. What’s going on? When will it be available?

  83. Geoff Stenner says:

    Managed to log in and download with John Lewis /Plusnet at 6.30am this morning, but now can’t get logged in at all. Have had major access problems since Wednesday Have had problems for months whereby download of emails either doesn’t work at all, or can take up to 20 minutes of multiple log-in attempts. Was told this is a network issue being worked on.

  84. Graham Orbell says:

    After four days problems persist. The same ‘update’ on the problem is issued time and time again.

  85. GuyG says:

    Still without my ‘normal’ email access through Thunderbird, which has been flawless for 8 years or more until 9th Novemeber. Yes I can now get at my emails using a roundabout route using iPad and plusnet webmail, but that doesn’t help with links and saving those I need to save.

    Plusnet themselves continue to issue a bland statement daily to the effect:
    Most customers should now be able to log in their Plusnet email, however they may experience a delay when sending and receiving emails. Plusnet emails can be accessed using an email client or an app as an alternative.

    We’re working to fix this as quickly as possible and we’re really sorry this is taking longer than expected and for the inconvenience caused.

    This has been repeated (cut and pasted) at least 6 times over the last few days. Come on Plusnet – tell us what has really happened and we may cut you some slack. Leaving us with bland corporate speak messages does you no favours and drives us away.

  86. Marie Morris says:

    No emails since friday night. My email app advises account not verified.

  87. Marie Morris says:

    I just called Plusnet and they are advising customers to set up/use an alternative
    email address where they can. We can’t even set up auto forward from server.

  88. Jan Taylor says:

    Problems continue. Items in DRAFT box cannot be retrieved, SENT and BIN boxes have disappeared completely. INBOX is still hit and miss. Please Plusnet restore normal service ASAP. Desperately need to forward an item in my Draft box.

  89. ERIC says:

    I am TOTALISE /Madasafish/ plusnet user
    I am without mail in Israel
    Normally I receive 200 mails daily including some that are important business.

    Can we expect a service in next few weeks or are our business and private activities destroyed???

  90. Jules says:

    I had access via webmail for a short while on Saturday but it was so so slow I wasn’t able to clear my inbox of the previous days’ emails. Now today I’m back to not being able to access anything again.
    Like everyone else here I am VERY frustrated by this. Surely someone must know what has gone wrong and can reinstate the system as it was last week before this major outage?! Surely there is a back-up copy that can redeployed?!

  91. Steve Roberts says:

    I’ve been with Force9 for many years and have tolerated the vagaries of its webmail as I couldn’t face updating all my contacts, accounts, utilities, etc. if I moved. The service started getting even more cranky than usual on the evening of Tuesday 9th November before dying completely on the 12th. It’s been restored briefly a couple of times but only for short periods. Nearly a week of poor service now, so perhaps time to look at other options with a view to going elsewhere.

  92. Jen Darragh says:

    Nearly a week and emails still intermittent. Haven’t been able to access inbox now for 5 days! Very poor service Plusnet. When is this going to be fixed????

  93. Alec Taylor says:

    Almost a week without emails, and several phone calls to Plusnet.
    This just is not good enough.
    Are Plusnet’s IT staff all based overseas? If so, this may be the reason for abject failure to get this problem fixed promptly.

  94. Graham Mott says:

    Plusnet e-mails. Hopeless. Utterly totally completely comprehensive hopeless. It went wrong late last Tuesday 9 November. that’s getting on for a week now. If they had any idea what they’re doing, it would be fixed by now.
    Apparently they do not follow the elementary procedure of duplicating data, so that if there is a hardware fault they can readily switch to the alternative.
    They claim that ‘most’ customers should now be OK. I don’t believe a word of it.
    Others on here say don’t use ISP based e-mails. I have a gmail account and don’t like it. What other options are there?

  95. Bob P says:

    Hooray! Email up and running, and webmail is accessible and quick. It has taken a while, though, and I think we’re entitiled to an explanation, even if Plusnet email is essentially free.

  96. richard huw gravell says:

    i had a backlog of emails from thursday 11.november to monday 15.11.2021 for two hours nothing since i can email out but not in i havent had the emails for wednesday 10november am still waiting pm 18.11.2021

  97. Philip Gould says:

    I have a customer on John Lewis email who uses Thunderbird (up to date version). After initially updating Thunderbird, 11 emails arrived up to 10am today back to Nov 10th. Webmail appears to be OK, receiving test emails etc., whereas TBird is now not receiving test emails, and is not showing and error on retrieval attempts. I did reduce the maximum number of server connection to cache from 5 to 2.

  98. Philip Gould says:

    Correction to previous message, rephrase, TBird appears to be completing the retrieval process without showing error, but not finding recent test emails which appear on Webmail OK.

  99. Philip Gould says:

    I had to turn off the security settings in imap to get Tbird to work, having previously been working with 993 on imap (now 143). No security on send either and using port 587
    Whole service should be retired I think.

  100. Mrs. P A Patterson says:

    Despite reassurances that e-mail is now fixed. I can send e-mails, but not receive. I am using M/soft Mail to pick up e-mails, but I don’t like it as I don’t have the full functions on the screen and can’t access my address book from there. Spoke to Plusnet support who suggested I should contact T/Bird, but apart from other complaints about this on their site there is no help. Can’t understand why Plusnet thinks this is fixed when it obviously isn’t. Am now thinking about closing the e-mail account and switching to another, but what a pain and time-consuming too. Not impressed. We’ll do you proud? I don’t think so!

  101. richard huw gravell says:

    at 14 35pm 22.11.2021 i can send emails but not receive emails.i had a message on saturday 20..11.2021 to say i was in the email section stating that my emails inwards were being processed havent m heard anything since. and that my outward mails had been completed

  102. Edith Alexandra Smith says:

    I have Plusnet assurances that they are doing all they can but I am seriously thinking now of going to Ofcom to get released from my contract – I am paying monthly debit and getting no emails – I think they owe me for inconvenience – lack of confidence in their service and loss of service as per Contract. I had to pay for my dental appointment lost on my email setvice!!!

  103. Mellis Davis says:

    Still waiting for some action. Cannot get a new server as everything is validated by e-mail. Why John Lewis cannot put a message on the phone lines to explain what is going on is beyond me. Finding now that my j.l.passwords are not being recognised. Very frustrating to see all the emailfolders which cannot be opened.

Comments are closed.

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