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Smarty Plans Early 2022 Launch for 5G Mobile Service

Friday, December 24th, 2021 (5:59 am) - Score 5,376

Mobile operator Smarty has this week started to inform their UK customers that they’ll finally get around to switching-on an ultrafast 5G mobile (mobile broadband) service during the “early 2022” period, although an exact date has yet to be revealed.

Smarty, which is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) on Three UK’s platform, has made no secret of the fact that they intend to launch 5G services to complement their existing 4G platform, but until now they’ve stubbornly refused to provide any useful indication of when that would occur.

Hopes were raised in the summer after a number of customers began receiving a 5G signal on their Smarty SIMs (here), which the operator said was expected behaviour for their pre-launch preparations. The good news is that some customers have now reported receiving a new email, which appears to confirm their plans to launch in early 2022 (credits to one of our readers for forwarding a copy – The Wee Bear).

Smarty’s 5G Launch Email to Customers

Did you know, SMARTY is about to get a big upgrade? We’re on track to be 5G ready in early 2022.

With our superfast 5G you’ll be able to stream blockbuster films on the go or enjoy super-smooth video calling with all your favourite people. And all at no extra cost.

We’ll be in touch with more 5G updates in the New Year.

Now that’s worth a fist bump,


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By Mark Jackson
Mark is a professional technology writer, IT consultant and computer engineer from Dorset (England), he also founded ISPreview in 1999 and enjoys analysing the latest telecoms and broadband developments. Find me on Twitter, , Facebook and Linkedin.
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30 Responses
  1. ad47uk says:

    I did not know, but it makes no difference to me, for a start we don’t have 5G around here, well apart from one EE mast stuck on a hotel and I am not sure if that is up and running yet and the other thing is my phone don’t have 5G.
    I expect there will be a extra charge for 5G, so even if it was available, I would not bother, the extra speed of 5G is no advantage to me.

    1. Bubbles says:

      It said no extra cost….. All three mvnos and three themselves don’t charge for 5G, it’s included as standard

    2. Dave says:

      My experience of 5G is that it isn’t necessarily faster than 4G. In the Canary Islands recently I was consistently getting over 200mbps on 4G – although the latency was ridiculously high too (~300ms) so I suspect they’re operating on some very low frequencies and prioritising speed which wouldn’t be ideal in many situations.

    3. anonymous says:

      Merry Christmas Mr Happy.

    4. ad47uk says:

      @Bubbles, I did not see that, even so, still not that bothered, as I said my phone don’t have 5G and only one mast around here if it is working yet.
      I still see little point in 5G on mobile phones to be honest,

      @Dave, I know a few people who have used 5G and said it is not great, I suppose it is still early days, but to be honest, I am fine with what I have. I am happy with Smarty, the service is reliable around here with 4G most of the time and for the price I pay.
      My phone is pretty new, so I can’t see myself replacing it for the next 4 years or so unless something happens to it. We will then see what things are like at that time.
      the thing is, I don’t buy expensive phones, the one I have now is an Oppo A72,that cost me £130, normal price was £199, but it was on offer, so I expect it will be awhile before phones at that price comes with 5G.

  2. leonard.j.king@gmail.com says:

    Good news for Smarty customers (of which I’m one). I would imagine that 5G home broadband will follow.

  3. Leonard King says:

    Good news for Smarty customers (of which I’m one). I would imagine that 5G home broadband will follow.

  4. John1978 says:

    Given that Three/ Hutchinson own Smarty I can’t see them changing network provider

  5. Mike trenten says:

    They can’t stop working with three as smarty and three are the same company

  6. Sam Perry says:

    5G is no where near 4G and won’t be until people stop objecting to mast planning applications..

    1. ad47uk says:

      Even when masts are built, someone burns them down.
      I am not sure if I would like a mast too close to be honest.

  7. anonymous says:

    Given they’re a Three brand seems unlikely they’ll be working with another mobile network.

  8. anonymous says:

    PS calm your language, please. Between racism and profanity you are likely to overstay your welcome pretty rapidly. This is not the forum for either.

  9. Simon Taylor says:

    I left Smarty several months ago because of their refusal to switch on 5G. They have been saying 5G is “Coming Soon” for over two years now.

    I’m now with Three and get 500 MBPS.

    1. Richard Walton says:

      When would you ever need that speed on a mobile phone?

      They create a product that’s massively OTT and rely on people wanting to ‘keep up with the Joneses’. The networks have yet to provide a UK wide reliable voice call service.

    2. John says:

      Breaking news Richard… people use 4G and 5 G on other devices, not just mobile phones.

      There is a large (and growing rapidly) number of people who use mobile broadband as their primary home broadband, load balanced with traditional fixed line broadband or as a backup.

    3. Staurt paul says:

      4g and 5g can be used as home broadband not just your mobile phone .

  10. Simon Taylor says:

    The thing is, I haven’t got Broadband at home and I use my phone as a WiFi hotspot. I have a 5G handset and those faster speeds are available to me, so I’m going to take them.

    I also got a cheaper deal with Three than what I was paying for Smarty. I now get unlimited everything for £16 a month.

    Smarty has taken far too long to introduce 5G and they deserve to lose customers.

  11. Grimreaper says:

    No idea what the rush is, for millions of people (Yes, Millions) its going to be 5 or 6 years before 5G reaches them, there are still a frightening number of towns which are still waiting for 4G!. The UK is hardly the hot rock’in exemplar for the speed of every technology roll out. I’ll worry about buying new 5G hardware in about 2028.

    1. Simon Taylor says:

      I suppose it all depends where you live. I’m Birmingham based and I’m pretty much picking up 5G all over the City now.

    2. GaryH says:

      Totally, The speed is red herring in the main to generate a perceived ‘need’ or desire over 4G. There are other advantages to Full 5G adoption but they don’t really have the same wow factor in the peak speed is king mentality of your average consumer.

    3. Liam bowers says:

      Virgin media is a rip off that’s why I’m rushing to 5g rolled out so I wouldn’t touch vm 02 with a bargepole

      Virgin media 02 is like the big 6 energy companies rip you off leave you high and dry with your money .

    4. Me says:

      That’s entirely down to local residents blocking planning applications for masts, then those same people moan they don’t have any mobile signal… but it’s no reason for the technology to stop changing and progressing, just because some hypocritical vocal people don’t like masts ruining their views.

  12. Jazzy says:

    Good news for my partner then as he’s stil on 4G with SMARTY and I am on 5G with GiffGaff which somewhat annoys him

  13. Ig Og says:

    It’s been a long wait. The few times SMARTY has teased 5G it’s been about a gig so I’m looking forward to it. We’ll see if they deliver.

  14. Pezza says:

    Very happy to see this although I doubt I’ll take advantage of it much as a Smarty customer, we don’t have 5G in my area. But it looks like everyone will get it regardless and for no extra cost.

  15. Richard Walton says:

    Like I said above, they need to improve call quality. Drop out still occurs in Leeds

  16. Sakshi says:

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  17. Qua Marsh says:

    I already get 5G on smarty? over 200mbps actually lol

    guess its official in 2022

    1. Adam says:

      Which area do you live in please

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