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slow as a snail uk network connection

20th July, 2019 (39 Comments)

A few years ago Sky Broadband became the first ISP to stop accepting orders from UK customers on lines – often rural ones – where speeds were stuck below 2Mbps (here). Sadly more providers appear to have joined this club of shunning those on slower lines, which for some may exasperate the feeling of digital exclusion.

london underground tube trains

19th July, 2019 (7 Comments)

After several trials Transport for London (TfL) has today announced that they will make 4G mobile (mobile broadband) services available across the whole of their London Underground (tube trains) network by the “mid-2020s“, starting with the eastern half of the Jubilee line from March 2020 (tunnels and stations).

o2 uk logo white background telefonica

19th July, 2019 (8 Comments)

Mobile operator O2 has invested £32 million to upgrade their existing 4G network capacity at just under 400 UK tourist hotspots for the summer holidays. Some of the locations to benefit from this include the Abbey Road crossing, Piccadilly Circus, Buckingham Palace and the Angel of the North.

optic fiber cable vector icon

19th July, 2019 (0 Comments)

The Government’s Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport (DCMS) has begun consulting on its plan to implement the new European Electronic Communications Code (EECC) into UK law, which includes new provisions that are intended to boost the rollout of Gigabit speed “full fibre” (FTTP) broadband and 5G mobile networks.

vodafone mast and engineer

17th July, 2019 (5 Comments)

Vodafone has announced that their new 5G network, which promises average mobile broadband speeds of 150-200Mbps and peaks up to 1Gbps, has now started rolling out into Birkenhead, Bolton, Gatwick, Lancaster, Newbury, Plymouth, Stoke-on-Trent and Wolverhampton after initially only going live in a few major cities.

three uk mobile broadband

16th July, 2019 (15 Comments)

Mobile operator Three UK has today gone live with their new “world’s first” software-based cloud core network, which sits in a virtual environment and will be used to underpin the launch of their new ultrafast 5G based mobile broadband services next month (as well as existing 4G services).

london underground tube

16th July, 2019 (6 Comments)

A joint £2.4m UK project with South Korea looks set to trial how ultrafast 5G wireless data connections could be used to support “uninterrupted infotainment services” (i.e. travel services, entertainment and advertising) for commuters travelling around the Glasgow Metro, as well as possibly the London Underground.

5g and mast uk tower microwave mmwave

16th July, 2019 (9 Comments)

The Joint Committee on the National Security Strategy (JCNSS) has launched a new inquiry into UK 5G and fixed broadband telecommunications infrastructure, which in the wake of all the alleged risks from Huawei’s kit will examine the issues of sustaining access to “safe” telecoms technology as a national security issue.

ofcom uk telecoms regulator

12th July, 2019 (4 Comments)

The UK telecoms regulator, Ofcom, has today proposed to make a “slight change” to the technical parameters allowed for licence exempt use of in-vehicle low gain mobile phone repeaters (aka – signal boosters / signal enhancers), which in theory could help to improve mobile reception inside vehicles.

5g mobile signal bars uk

8th July, 2019 (13 Comments)

Crowd-sourced analyst firm OpenSignal has today published the first results from their initial real-world benchmarks of 5G based mobile broadband networks across 8 countries (i.e. those that have launched the service). The highest maximum speeds were seen by 5G users in the USA (1815Mbps), while the UK scored the lowest (569Mbps).

united kingdom digital connectivity

4th July, 2019 (1 Comment)

Ofcom has today published their 2019 Communications Market Report (CMR), which reveals the latest information about the take-up and impact of Fixed Line Broadband, Phone, Mobile, TV and Radio services across the United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Wales and N.Ireland).


4th July, 2019 (31 Comments)

Mobile operator Three UK has discounted their 4G “unlimited data” and Huawei AICubeB900 router based mobile broadband plan, which is now being offered at just £13 per month for the first 6 months of service (rising to £26 thereafter) when taken on a 24 month contract term.

vodafone mast and logo

3rd July, 2019 (35 Comments)

ISP Vodafone has today gone live in 7 UK cities with their new 5G based ultrafast mobile broadband network. At the same time they’ve moved to challenge Three UK by introducing a new range of SIM-only and handset plans with “unlimited data” (also on 4G services). A new home broadband (FTTC) and mobile bundle is coming too.


3rd July, 2019 (0 Comments)

Google (Alphabet) has announced that Loon, which is a long-running project that aims to distribute mobile broadband (4G / 5G) connectivity from High Altitude Platforms (stratospheric balloons), will in a few weeks time see its first commercial trial take place in Kenya (Africa).

bt uk isp logo

2nd July, 2019 (8 Comments)

In an unsurprising development BT has announced that they will launch their own 5G based ultrafast mobile broadband service this autumn, which will initially be made available to subscribers of their premium “Plus” packages. As you’d expect this is due to be based off EE’s national UK network.

scottish highlands road

28th June, 2019 (6 Comments)

The Countryside Alliance, which is home to 100,000 members who campaign to protect UK rural areas, has called on the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee (EFRA) to demand a “funding strategy” from the Government to support the aspiration of making “full fibre” (FTTP) broadband available nationwide by 2033.


28th June, 2019 (16 Comments)

Mobile operator EE (BT) has today revealed further details about their new 5GEE WiFi plans and advanced HTC 5G Hub (Mobile Smart Hub) wireless router, which will deliver ultrafast mobile broadband speeds to consumers across parts of the United Kingdom. But it’s a bit pricey for what you get.

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