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Broadband ISP Plusnet Reintroduces Perks for UK Customers

Monday, Jun 5th, 2023 (7:26 am) - Score 10,008

Customers of broadband ISP Plusnet, which is part of the wider BT Group, may like to know that the low-cost focused internet provider has just “re-launched” their “Perks” loyalty reward programme, which reflects an ever-changing selection of “exclusive deals, discounts and free trials on a huge range of products“.

Existing customers can see what perks are available by logging into their account on Plusnet’s website, although the provider states that they’ve partnered with lots of big brands including Gousto, TasteCard, Jimmy’s Iced Coffee and The Body Shop to name a few.

Existing customers should visit this section to check out what’s on offer: https://www.plus.net/member-centre/my-perks .

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By Mark Jackson
Mark is a professional technology writer, IT consultant and computer engineer from Dorset (England), he also founded ISPreview in 1999 and enjoys analysing the latest telecoms and broadband developments. Find me on X (Twitter), Mastodon, Facebook and .
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18 Responses
  1. Avatar photo speaking the truth says:

    I thought Plusnet was closing down.

    1. Avatar photo occasionally factual says:

      Some people have misread some headlines.

      What is happening is that:
      1. Plusnet Mobile is shutting down.
      2. Plusnet Business Broadband and associated services are shutting down.
      3. 3rd party Plusnet broadband (John Lewis) has shutdown.
      4. Plusnet TV has gone.

      But not the main product of residential broadband and phone. That is continuing.
      Although their residential FTTP does not have any voice(phone) service currently so the future of that part of Plusnet is unsure.

    2. Avatar photo Vince says:

      Long term it is – it’ll be part of EE – EE for consumer, BT for business.

    3. Avatar photo occasionally factual says:

      While BT Retail going to EE makes some sense, removing Plusnet as a bargain basement FTTP brand makes none.
      BT plc needs a cheap and no frills service to get people away from other providers and I cannot see EE being price competitive against TalkTalk, Now etc.
      So I really doubt that Plusnet will vanish as BT plc needs to get as many customers as possible. Of course that means that Plusnet will be pared down to only a few bare essentials like FTTP without voice, no email etc to reduce costs but the group needs that bargain basement.

    4. Mark-Jackson Mark Jackson says:

      So far, I’ve seen no confirmation that Plusnet itself will be closed, indeed I suspect the value of the brand familiarity and its consumer ratings would make such a move rather self-defeating. But they are, for now, re-focused on being just a basic broadband provider.

    5. Avatar photo Alex says:


    6. Avatar photo anonymous says:

      THAT’s NICE!

    7. Avatar photo Ad47uk says:

      There have been rumours of it being sucked into EE, but as others have said that would be a bit of a silly thing to do if BT want to keep customers.
      As others have said, it will no doubt be a basic service, but that is all a lot of people want, all I want is to be able to acess the internet, I don’t need email or any of the rubbish that BT bloats out their service and router with

    8. Avatar photo Daniel says:

      PlusNet do email hosting for me.

    9. Avatar photo Ad47uk says:

      @Daniel, I thought Plusnet got rid of their email service? While years ago it was a thing to have email from your provider, it is a bad idea. The only reason my sister-in-law stayed with BT when they updated to Fibre was because of their email addresses being linked with BT. I have not had an email address linked with an ISP for years, in fact I think AOL was the last one, and I only had AOL for a month as they could not even deliver the speed of 3Mb/s I got with other providers at the time. I still have that address, but I hardly use it these days.

      But with so many free email services out there, no need for an ISP address, I have my own domain and pay for email hosting.

      What ever Plusnet does will not matter to me, hopefully at the end of the month anyway.

    10. Avatar photo charles says:

      @occasionally factual it’s all going to be EE in the near future. Before you tell me I am wrong I can assure you 1001% I am not. Been on the cards since October 2021.

      @Mark – well I have sent you 4 e-mails all with info. I keep my ID secret but I am one of the “team” of people currently hashing out the deal between departments. My info was well received by the Register and others, not sure why you want to ignore it – but more fool you. I get at least 3 e-mails a week about it

      BT as a brand for internet will be totally shut down, the cheap FTTP side will continue. It’s the same reason they are offering PN customers 30 days cheap EE contracts – they want to keep the low prices but dod a total rebrand.

  2. Avatar photo David Lewis says:

    The only “perk” I was interested in was the inexpensive SIM cards. Only reason I stayed with them.

    1. Avatar photo Crotchety says:

      Don’t think £60.00 a year is cheap, there are far cheaper alternatives.

    2. Avatar photo Ad47uk says:

      I changed from plusnet mobile to smarty as it was a better price, also 3 has a better signal than EE.

  3. Avatar photo MilesT says:

    I wonder if Plusnet is “white labelling” a “perks” service (there are several out there, some aimed at providing employee benefits, others more towards consumers).

    1. Avatar photo charles says:

      No. If they wanted to do that they could just copy capita’s one and apply it to their customer base. Capita and PN staff get very good discounts – that a lot of the public would like also.

  4. Avatar photo will tell says:

    If plusnet can’t offer voip phone then that will threaten its future.

  5. Avatar photo Peter says:

    PlusNet need to sort out how they allow customers to upgrade from copper connections. The problem is they don’t offer a way to migrate the copper connected phone to anything else. They don’t have a VOIP service and if the customer migrates the phone number to another VOIP elsewhere they cancel the whole contract.

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