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14th May, 2024 (32 Comments)

Several thousand of 1p Mobile’s customers in the UK are currently suffering from network connectivity problems, which appears to have started yesterday morning and remains ongoing today. At the same time, the operator’s website reports that they’re also having “issues with our customer service telephone system” (probably due to high demand).


13th May, 2024 (14 Comments)

Several of our readers have spotted that mobile operator 1p Mobile are stealthily offering a 500GB data (4G / 5G mobile broadband) SIM with unlimited UK calls and texts, which doesn’t appear alongside their main plans but costs just £25 per month on a regular rolling monthly term.

lamp post

10th May, 2024 (5 Comments)

Mobile infrastructure firm Cornerstone, which handles the UK network sharing agreement between O2 (VMO2) and Vodafone (Vantage Towers), has today joined forces with Signify in a new partnership that aims to put luminaire technology into lamp heads on street lights in order to build a new Outdoor 5G and IoT Neutral Host platform in urban areas.

5g signal

8th May, 2024 (8 Comments)

Broadband and mobile giant Virgin Media O2 has teamed-up with IT services company Accenture to boost their 5G private network capabilities for UK businesses, which may help them to “seize opportunities” in the country’s growing mobile private network market – estimated to reach £528 million by 2030 (STL Partners forecast).


7th May, 2024 (6 Comments)

Mobile network operator giffgaff has recently launched a temporary new 40GB (data) contract deal for just £12 a month on an 18-month term – available to both new and existing customers, which also comes with free UK texts, calls and 5GB of inclusive EU roaming allowance.

vodafone mast 4g SRN

2nd May, 2024 (9 Comments)

Vodafone has today confirmed their commitment to deploy 5G Standalone (5G SA / mobile broadband) technology to rural Wales as part of its proposed merger with Three UK, while adding that the merger “could” also result in 4G being delivered to more than 93% of the Welsh landmass by 2027, which would then lead to an upgrade to 5G by 2034.

Virgin Media O2 UK Logo is forged

2nd May, 2024 (11 Comments)

The latest Q1 2024 results have today been released for Virgin Media and O2 (VMO2), which reveals that they’re now home to 5,722,900 broadband customers (up by just 5.3k in Q1 2024 vs 9.5k in Q4 2023) and built another 194,000 full fibre (FTTP) premises via nexfibre (down from c.300k last quarter).

iD Mobile UK on green background

1st May, 2024 (8 Comments)

Some of our readers have spotted that low-cost UK mobile operator iD Mobile (Currys), which uses Three UK’s national 4G and 5G network via a virtual operator (MVNO) agreement, has recently introduced eSIM (Electronic SIM) support to their mobile service.

Picture of a cat trying to hack into the internet - Copilot Image for MJ on 280424

29th April, 2024 (21 Comments)

The UK Government has this morning announced that new laws, which are designed to help protect consumers from cyber criminals, such as by requiring that network devices, like broadband ISP routers, receive greater protection (e.g. regular security updates and stronger default passwords), have finally come into force.

Wireless radio spectrum UK mast tower 123RF ID 13477202

25th April, 2024 (2 Comments)

The One Touch Switching Company (TOTSCo), which is responsible for implementing Ofcom’s now heavily delayed One Touch Switch (OTS) migration system for faster consumer switching between UK broadband ISPs, has today helped to clarify the tedious subject of applicability to Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) networks.


24th April, 2024 (11 Comments)

Mobile infrastructure services provider Cornerstone (CTIL), which handles the UK network sharing agreement between O2 (VMO2) and Vodafone (Vantage Towers), has outlined a new plan to Government MP Sir John Whittingdale that it hopes will help digital infrastructure deployments – particularly for 4G and 5G (mobile broadband).

uk map england scotland wales northern ireland

24th April, 2024 (4 Comments)

Ofcom’s spring 2024 study of UK fixed broadband and mobile coverage has reported that “full fibre” (FTTP) now reaches 62% of the UK (up from 57% in Sept 2023), while 80% are within reach of a gigabit-capable network (up from 78%) and 85-92% of premises can get an outdoor 5G signal from at least one operator (largely unchanged).

iD Mobile UK on green background

17th April, 2024 (17 Comments)

Low-cost UK mobile operator iD Mobile (Currys), which uses Three UK’s national 4G and 5G network via a virtual operator (MVNO) partnership, has today claimed to be launching a “new” set of fixed price SIM Only mobile plans that pledge not to hike their prices each year by the rate of inflation.


16th April, 2024 (6 Comments)

The UK telecoms and media regulator, Ofcom, has today issued several updates to their planned auction design for releasing a large chunk of millimetre wave (mmW) radio spectrum frequency in the 26GHz and 40GHz bands, which will be used by mobile operators to deliver faster 5G (mobile broadband) services – mostly in urban areas.

vodafone mast 4g SRN

16th April, 2024 (36 Comments)

Mobile network analyst firm Streetwave and the Northumberland County Council (NCC) in England have released the findings of an interesting study that monitored the effects of Vodafone’s recent 3G switch-off in the region. The study found this resulted in a small to modest boost in 4G/5G coverage and mobile broadband performance.

mobile network speed test on UK smartphone

15th April, 2024 (14 Comments)

New data from Ookla‘s popular broadband connection testing service, Speedtest.net, has revealed how well Samsung’s Galaxy S24, S23 and S22 family perform for 5G based UK mobile broadband speeds vs Apple’s latest iPhone 15 family. Overall, the S24 comes out as the fastest, but experiences may vary.

Sky Mobile UK

12th April, 2024 (37 Comments)

Some of Sky Mobile’s customers are continuing to experience connectivity (calls and data) problems today after the operator suffered a large disruption to 3G, 4G and 5G services yesterday afternoon, which Sky initially claimed to have fixed. The remaining issue seems to only be impacting data (mobile broadband) connectivity and not calling.

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