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19th October, 2017 (0 Comments)

The Government has today laid draft regulations in Parliament that revise the Electronic Communications Code (ECC) in order to make it easier and cheaper for network operators to roll-out new broadband and telecoms infrastructure (masts, cables etc.) on public and private land.

5g itu

16th October, 2017 (0 Comments)

The Government’s Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport has started to hunt for the first test locations to support a future rollout of 5G based Mobile and Fixed Wireless Broadband technologies across the United Kingdom, which is supported by an initial public investment of £25m.

united kingdom of great britain map 500

13th October, 2017 (19 Comments)

The Government’s National Infrastructure Commission has launched a new consultation which, among other things, warns that the United Kingdom “risks falling behind” other countries in its next generation mobile (5G) and broadband connections unless “urgent action” is taken to increase capacity.

5G official logo 3gpp

3rd October, 2017 (10 Comments)

A new study from the Cambridge Judge Business School, which examined the cost, coverage and roll-out implications of future 5G networks in Britain, has forecast that the roll-out of “ultrafast” Mobile Broadband will reach 90% of the population by 2026. But £12bn of funding may be required for rural areas.

fibre optic blue green strands

22nd September, 2017 (0 Comments)

A new whitepaper from total telecom and ADTRAN has suggested that the roll-out of future ultrafast 5G mobile services and Fibre-to-the-Home (FTTH) broadband networks will create a “symbiotic relationship” where “they are driving each other’s business case.”

major capacity fibre optic cables

20th September, 2017 (7 Comments)

Mobile operators O2, Three UK and Vodafone have warned that a recent decision by Ofcom, which prevented them from accessing Openreach’s (BT) existing cable ducts and telegraph poles in order to build new fibre optic backhaul links, could hinder the deployment of future ultrafast 5G Mobile services.

ee sim mobile broadband

19th September, 2017 (9 Comments)

Mobile operator EE (BT) has formally lodged a legal appeal against the matter of Ofcom’s forthcoming 4G / 5G radio spectrum auction in the 2.3GHz and 3.4GHz bands. The aim is to stop Three UK’s own challenge from imposing a cap on their ability to bid for a slice of 3.4GHz band.

LED Light Bulbs

14th September, 2017 (3 Comments)

A team working out of Brunel University London has secured £720,000 of funding from Europe’s Horizon 2020 programme in order to help them develop a 10Gbps capable home wireless network using hybrid Li-Fi (Light Fidelity) and mmWave tech inside LED (Light-Emitting Diode) room lights.

fibre optic cables on pcb circuit board

13th September, 2017 (9 Comments)

Mobile and broadband provider Vodafone has published a new study that claims to have identified 50+ towns and cities across England that have “digital potential just waiting to be unlocked,” provided they can fully exploit their digital resources to drive economic growth.

london uk broadband internet city

8th September, 2017 (3 Comments)

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has warned that the city and other parts of the United Kingdom might be at risk of “grinding to a halt” unless the Government puts more investment towards faster broadband, 5G mobile, transport and other major infrastructure requirements.

mobile network mast among trees

5th September, 2017 (20 Comments)

Mobile operator Three UK has this week carried out their threat to pursue a Judicial Review of Ofcom’s forthcoming 4G and 5G radio spectrum auction in the 2.3GHz and 3.4GHz bands, which will seek to impose a tougher spectrum cap that could stop EE (BT) from bidding.

lamp post

23rd August, 2017 (8 Comments)

Wireless infrastructure developer Arqiva has won a new 10 year concession contract in the Royal Borough of Kingston-Upon-Thames (London), which will enable them to improve 4G and future 5G mobile coverage by installing Small Cell (radio access nodes) telecoms infrastructure.

radio spectrum tower mast united kingdom

21st August, 2017 (5 Comments)

Last month Three UK threatened Ofcom with a Judicial Review unless they changed the rules of their 4G and 5G radio spectrum auction in order to aggressively curb EE’s (BT) dominance (here). Now EE has issued its own letter before action in order to defend against such measures.

mobile mast vector

9th August, 2017 (17 Comments)

Here we go again. Mobile operator Three UK has issued a formal letter before action to Ofcom, which threatens the regulator with a Judicial Review unless they change the rules of their forthcoming 4G and 5G radio spectrum auction in order to more aggressively curb EE’s (BT) dominance.

4g superfast mobile broadband

8th August, 2017 (2 Comments)

Wireless infrastructure builder Arqiva has signed their 12th London Borough street furniture concession contract, which gives them exclusive access rights to street furniture across Lambeth. As a result around 15,000 lampposts can now be used to improve 4G Mobile network coverage.

5G Mobile Wireless Radio Mast

28th July, 2017 (1 Comment)

The UK telecoms regulator has launched a Call for Inputs that seeks feedback on their proposal to harness the 26GHz radio spectrum band for future 5G based fixed wireless and Mobile Broadband technologies. Ofcom has also confirmed their intention to use the 3.6GHz to 3.8GHz band.

5g itu

26th July, 2017 (0 Comments)

Wireless infrastructure builder Arqiva and Samsung have confirmed that London’s first trial of an ultrafast 5G based Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) broadband network, which uses the 28GHz millimetre wave radio spectrum band to offer multi-Gigabit speeds, has gone live in London.

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