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3d rendering of optical fiber cable

29th July, 2020 (74 Comments)

Ofcom has proposed to change their UK regulation as a result of Openreach’s (BT) recent commitment to extend their Fibre-to-the-Premises (FTTP) broadband ISP network to a further 3.2 million rural properties, which will allow the operator to include these investment costs in its prices upfront.

fibre optic night cable openreach

29th July, 2020 (9 Comments)

At the end of last year Openreach (BT) introduced a new wholesale discount on their Fibre-to-the-Premises (FTTP) service (here), which encouraged ISPs to build stronger take-up in return for reductions on service rental and connection fees. The good news is that this has now been expanded and improved.

28th July, 2020 (30 Comments)

Budget conscious UK ISP TalkTalk has finally soft launched their first “Future Fibre” broadband packages based off Openreach’s (BT) ever expanding Fibre-to-the-Premises (FTTP) network, which at the time of writing appears to offer ultrafast speeds from 150Mbps to 500Mbps. No 1Gbps, yet.


27th July, 2020 (3 Comments)

After a number of successful trials it looks like Openreach (BT) will soon begin training up a whole new team of qualified drone pilots to help deploy their Fibre-to-the-Premises (FTTP) based gigabit broadband ISP network to even more UK homes and businesses, such as those that exist in particularly difficult to reach locations.


27th July, 2020 (10 Comments)

Last week the price per tonne of copper (Cu) bucked expectations by briefly reaching a new two year high of just over $6,500 (£5,074), which could act as a further incentive for UK telecoms operators to remove their old cables in favour of fibre optic (e.g. FTTP) infrastructure. If only it were so simple.

950k connected properties Photocall for Superfast broadband.

27th July, 2020 (13 Comments)

The original £463m (public and private investment) Digital Scotland project with BT (Openreach) is arriving at completion and as such the scheme has today celebrated the fact that it has helped over 950,000 extra premises to access “fibre broadband” (FTTC and FTTP) services (pushing “superfast” 24Mbps+ coverage to 94%+).

23rd July, 2020 (10 Comments)

We’ve received reports that broadband and other telecoms services across part of North East England are currently being disrupted by a fire that has broken out at a core BT exchange (NCL) in Newcastle. The situation is known to be affecting connectivity for a number of UK ISPs and their customers.

bt smart hub 2 router front

22nd July, 2020 (44 Comments)

UK ISP BT has informed ISPreview.co.uk that they’re “urgently working to resolve” a bug on their Smart Hub 2 (SH2) broadband router, which seems to affect the speed profiles for some of their Fibre-to-the-Premises (FTTP) subscribers and can result in customers seeing significantly slower than expected results.

21st July, 2020 (8 Comments)

UK ISP TalkTalk has today published a brief trading update to 30th June 2020 (Q1 FY21 financial), which saw them add (net) another 67,000 customers to their “fibre” (mostly FTTC) broadband base in the quarter (vs 118K in Q1 FY20). We also get an update on their “full fibre” FTTP launch plan for Openreach and Cityfibre products.


20th July, 2020 (18 Comments)

The Welsh Government (WG) has just announced that their Phase 2 Superfast Cymru contract with BT (Openreach), which is currently building a 1Gbps capable Fibre-to-the-Premises (FTTP) broadband network to cover 26,000 premises by March 2021 (here and here), is to be extended to reach 39,000 premises.


20th July, 2020 (14 Comments)

Rural UK ISP Ecom, which is currently building a new 1Gbps capable Fibre-to-the-Premises (FTTP) broadband network across rural parts of Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire, has started trying to build enough interest to extend into the large village of Wingrave and win customers from Openreach’s slower FTTC network.

15th July, 2020 (94 Comments)

Network access provider Openreach (BT) has confirmed to ISPreview.co.uk that they’ve just passed a new milestone, which was achieved by extending their gigabit-capable Fibre-to-the-Premises (FTTP) based broadband ISP network coverage to a total of 3 million UK premises. Only another 17 million more to go..

zen internet uk isp

15th July, 2020 (16 Comments)

UK ISP Zen Internet has followed last week’s soft launch (here) by releasing their new line-up of Fibre-to-the-Premises (FTTP) based broadband packages, which replaces the old 80Mbps, 160Mbps and 330Mbps tiers with a simplified but faster set of plans including 100Mbps, 500Mbps and 900Mbps+.

14th July, 2020 (62 Comments)

The UK Government has today confirmed a dramatic U-turn, which means that new core and non-core 5G kit from Chinese tech giant Huawei will be banned from use in mobile networks from 31st December 2020. But existing kit will get until 2027 for removal and a decision on FTTP broadband ISPs will come later.

13th July, 2020 (0 Comments)

The Superfast Leicestershire project in England has secured a small pot of £100,000 in extra funding to help the scheme spread “superfast broadband” (30Mbps+) further, although the details remain unclear. Meanwhile the East Leicestershire contract for Phase 3 has been re-tendered “as no credible bids were received.”

13th July, 2020 (13 Comments)

Shropshire-based UK ISP Aquiss has reduced the standard monthly price of their 150Mbps (26Mbps upload) “Pure Fibre” package from £56 to £48 per month on a 12 month contract term. A special offer is also running that gives you the first three months of service for £40 per month.

10th July, 2020 (8 Comments)

The troubled Connecting Devon and Somerset (CDS) project has signed two extension contracts with UK ISP Airband and telecoms giant BT (Openreach), which will see a further 8,200 premises gaining access to faster “fibre broadband” (mostly full fibre FTTP) connections by the end of 2021.

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