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24th August, 2020 (1 Comment)

The Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) has somewhat comically included broadband ISP Virgin Media UK in their latest list of DMCA takedown notices, which as part of a crackdown against illegal IPTV services ordered Google to remove the provider’s online bundles shop from their search results.

29th June, 2020 (9 Comments)

A new cross-party report from the House of Lords Digital Technologies Committee has called on the UK Gov to ensure that their future Online Harms Bill can tackle the rising “pandemic of misinformation” on the internet, which they warn is a “threat” to democracy. More censorship and blocking by broadband ISPs is proposed.

13th June, 2020 (18 Comments)

Over the past decade it’s become fairly normal to see Rights Holders pursue individual broadband ISPs when one of the internet provider’s customers is suspected of committing copyright infringement (piracy). Now the same is starting to happen further upstream, with major internet backbone provider Hurricane Electric in the firing line.

20th May, 2020 (9 Comments)

The latest version (v83) of Google’s popular Chrome website browser has finally made its new ‘Secure DNS’ feature available to all, which by “default … will automatically upgrade you” to use their DNS-over-HTTPS (DoH) service. But in order to placate concerns it only does this if your current broadband ISP supports it.

12th February, 2020 (12 Comments)

The UK Government has today proposed for Ofcom to take on the role of internet content regulator via a new legal “duty of care“, which would hand them the power to force company websites and social media firms into removing “harmful” content (e.g. bullying, terrorism, child abuse, self-harm and suicide imagery).

4th February, 2020 (1 Comment)

Ofcom’s latest annual ‘Children and Parents: Media Use and Attitudes‘ report has found that 9 out of 10 parents who use the network-level internet content filters provided by big UK broadband ISPs find them beneficial, but many still don’t use them and a fair few children can circumvent these systems.

15th January, 2020 (2 Comments)

The Advocate General for the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU), Campos Sánchez-Bordona, has today issued a landmark legal “opinion” that could effectively limit the ability of national security agencies (e.g. GCHQ) to force internet providers (e.g. broadband ISPs) into the bulk retention of personal customer data.

19th December, 2019 (34 Comments)

The Queen has today, for the second time since October, carried out the annual State Opening of Parliament, which repeated roughly the same list of Government policy plans as her prior visit. Once again this included planned legislation to support the UK roll-out of Gigabit broadband and internet safety related regulation.

internet piracy uk copy

17th October, 2019 (13 Comments)

A new study, by researchers at Carnegie Mellon University and Chapman University, has examined the impact of forcing UK broadband ISPs to block individual piracy websites (via court order) and discovered that it caused a decrease in overall piracy, as well as a 7 to 12% increase in the use of legal subscription sites.


16th October, 2019 (6 Comments)

Confusion reigns today after the Government confirmed that its controversial new internet Age Verification (AV) system, which was due to be implemented by commercial websites and “apps” that contain pornographic content (broadband ISPs would be forced to block sites that fail to comply), “will not be commencing.” But there’s a catch.

security internet connected uk devices

7th October, 2019 (9 Comments)

A demand for Facebook and other companies to delay or cease plans for implementing end-to-end encryption across their internet messaging services, which was made by the UK, USA and Australian governments, has today prompted the European ISP Association (EuroISPA) to “oppose” any weakening of encryption.


25th September, 2019 (19 Comments)

In a surprise twist Mozilla has informed the Government that they now have “no plans” to enable the DNS-over-HTTPS security feature by default for UK internet users in their popular Firefox website browser, at least not without “further engagement with public and private stakeholders.” Doh!

16th September, 2019 (19 Comments)

Andrew Glover, Chair of the UK ISPA, has told ISPreview in a new interview that a no-deal Brexit could harm both the industry’s supply chain and access to a skilled workforce. Glover also warns that DNS over HTTPS (DoH) raises a “host of security concerns” and says “considerable regulatory change” is needed to hit full fibre targets.

uk pirate music

10th September, 2019 (17 Comments)

Nintendo has won an injunction in the UK High Court that forces all of the largest broadband ISPs – Sky Broadband, BT, TalkTalk, Virgin Media and EE – to block four websites that were found to have facilitated copyright infringement (internet piracy) by helping to distribute video games for the company’s Switch console.

banned and forbidden uk internet censorship

9th September, 2019 (4 Comments)

The UK Government’s Intellectual Property Office (IPO) has recently published its annual 2019 intellectual property crime and enforcement report, which among other things reveals that the Premier League (Football) managed to remove or block over 210,000 live streams and over 360,000 clips of its matches.


9th September, 2019 (24 Comments)

Broadband ISPs and the Government could clash with Mozilla after the internet technology developer announced that it would move forward with its proposal to enable DNS-over-HTTPS (DoH) by default in their popular Firefox website browser, albeit with tweaks to respect ISP network-level internet filters.

website warnings uk internet isp

29th July, 2019 (10 Comments)

A new YouGov survey of 1,017 UK adults, which was commissioned by NewsGuard and conducted between 27th June to 2nd July 2019, has found that 51% of respondents would trust their broadband ISP or mobile network operator more if they pro-actively alerted users as to the quality of a news website being accessed.

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