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Welcome to our list of Internet Service Providers, which is split into six categories based on technology type. The comparison is only designed as a simple guide and not a full outline of all packages. Readers can submit additions via the ISP Submission page and those confused by the different categories should read our Internet Access Technology section.
Primary ISP Categories (Fixed Line Services)
Superfast Broadband
Comparison of ISPs that use superfast broadband tech (e.g. FTTC, FTTH, Cable etc.) to deliver internet speeds of 25-30Mbps+ or faster.
Standard Broadband
Comparison of ISPs that use standard broadband tech (e.g. ADSL, ADSL2+) to deliver internet speeds of 0.5Mbps and up to 24Mbps.
Broadband and Phone Bundles
Comparison of ISPs that bundle broadband and phone services together for a cheaper price (Internet, calls and line rental).
Alternative ISP Categories (Wireless Services)
Mobile Broadband and SIM-Only Mobile Phone Tariffs
Comparison of UK mobile operators that offer SIM-Only (inc. txt and calls) and dedicated Mobile Broadband services via cell networks.
Fixed Wireless Access
Comparison fixed wireless access (FWA) broadband and local WiFi hotspot ISPs that focus on coverage in specific (niche) areas.
Broadband Satellite
Comparison of satellite broadband ISPs that use small spacecraft, which orbit the earth, to deliver internet access anywhere in the UK.
Cheapest Superfast Broadband
  • PlusNet £3.99 (*14.99) Month
    * Speed: 38Mbps - Unlimited
  • TalkTalk £5.00 (*13.50) Month
    * Speed: 38Mbps - Unlimited
  • Virgin Media £7.50 (*17.50) Month
    * Speed: 50Mbps - Unlimited (FUP)
  • BT £8.00 Month
    * Speed: 38Mbps - 40GB
Cheapest Standard Broadband
  • PlusNet £0.00 (9.99*) Monthly
    * First 12 Months + £12.99 Line Rental
  • John Lewis £0.00 (*11.00) Monthly
    * First 6 Months Free
  • Pop Telecom £1.00 (*10.00) Monthly
    * First 12 Months + £15.70 Line Rental
  • TalkTalk £1.75 (*3.50) Monthly
    * First 12 Months + £15.03 Line Rental
Latest ISP List Updates
  • SSE Southern Electric
    * Updated: 2015-04-16 12:14:55
  • Pop Telecom
    * Updated: 2015-04-10 15:49:51
  • LN Communications
    * Updated: 2015-04-09 08:34:30
  • ilovebroadband
    * Updated: 2015-04-09 08:25:25

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