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This page displays the best ten fixed line broadband providers in the UK (voted for by readers of We also list the top providers by broadband subscriber size (based on each companies latest public results). Please visit our Reader ISP Reviews system to rate your ISP and note that this also includes Wireless (WiFi/FWA), Mobile Broadband (3G/4G), Dialup (Narrowband) and Satellite broadband providers.
Top 10 UK ISPs By Subscriber Size
  1. BT (PlusNet) 7,281,000
  2. Sky Broadband (BSkyB, O2, BE Broadband) 5,247,000
  3. Virgin Media 4,536,200
  4. TalkTalk (AOL, Tiscali, Pipex) 4,206,000
  5. EE (Orange and T-Mobile) 775,000
  6. Kingston Comms. (Eclipse, KC) 178,200
  7. Zen Internet 94,000
  8. Vodfone UK (Cable & Wireless Worldwide) 59,000
  9. Entanet (Estimated) 50-70k
  10. THUS Group (Demon Internet) (Estimated) 50k
Latest Reader ISP Reviews
ISP Name: Eclipse InternetType: ADSLDate: July 24th, 2014Author: MaejRating: x---------
ISP Name: BTType: ADSLDate: July 23rd, 2014Author: WizardSleeveRating: x---------
ISP Name: XILOType: ADSLDate: July 22nd, 2014Author: simonwalterldnRating: xxxxxxxxx-
ISP Name: ComsType: ADSLDate: July 21st, 2014Author: dinsdaleRating: xxxxx-----
ISP Name: Origin BroadbandType: Fibre OpticDate: July 19th, 2014Author: NextGenHipsterRating: xxx-------
ISP Name: PlusNetType: ADSLDate: July 16th, 2014Author: N1geDRating: xxxxxxxx--
ISP Name: XILOType: ADSLDate: July 15th, 2014Author: virgilRating: xxxxxxxxx-
ISP Name: PlusNetType: ADSLDate: July 15th, 2014Author: keiron12Rating: x---------
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