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UK ISP BE Broadband and O2 Delay Launch of Superfast Broadband to 2013

Tuesday, April 10th, 2012 (11:54 am) - Score 3,085

Internet provider BE Broadband has this morning informed their customers that they’re “not making very good progress on fibre” and will once again have to delay their plans to launch a full superfast broadband (FTTC) service until 2013. The move is also likely to affect parent ISP O2 UK (Telefonica).

BE revealed during September 2011 that it was taking them “longer than we originally thought” to launch their superfast services, which meant that their original plans to launch the new packages before the end of 2011 had to be delayed to 2012.

Since then hopes had been raised after BE began trials of its FTTC service at the Barking (Greater London) telephone exchange and announced a major overhaul of its core network during 2012, which would improve capacity and provide better support for a number of future products.

BE Statement

We’re afraid we’re not making very good progress on fibre. There are lots of reasons for this, but the bottom line is we’re unlikely to launch a service across the BE network in 2012.

Many of you told us you were prepared to wait for a fibre service from BE, so we’re sorry to bring you this news and for keeping you waiting.

We’re still looking into launching a service on a limited basis later this year, combining our unshaped, unlimited network with the higher speeds of fibre-to-the-cabinet. It’s just taking much longer than we’d like.

Customers are likely to be left feeling both extremely frustrated and confused by the latest news, which oddly states that the service won’t and then will launch, albeit on a “limited basis“, this year. BE’s network is also shared by O2 and as a result any delay affecting one usually tends to hold up the other. A double whammy of frustration.

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17 Responses
  1. Avatar adslmax says:

    Say goodbye to your customers!

  2. Avatar Mike says:

    Disappointing. They will loose a lot of customers, service will go down hill rapidly.

  3. Avatar Kyle says:

    I have read that a lot of customers were only staying in the hope that FTTC packages would be offered in the near future.

    It seems like they have slipped behind just too far this time.

  4. Avatar cyclope says:

    Can’t say that this news comes as any surprise,they haven’t even started upgrading their network or moving customers on to it yet, so it must not be complete, they do not have the needed capacity for FTTC If there is ever a fibre link down it has a serious effect on lots of customers across the network, because they are running things very hot in some parts of the country

  5. Avatar Deduction says:

    Well said Cyclope. The network upgrades will probably take most of 2012 to complete so this news that fibre will be further delayed is no shock. I guess the VERY die hard BE fans will be the only ones sticking around this company which has gone rapidly down hill for the past 2 years.

    BE have became worse than some of the big boys in the market making wild promises their gobs cant cash.

  6. Avatar Louis says:

    Im glad I jumped ship.. to virgin 50 meg.. You may say bad choice.. but in my area its perfect 🙂

  7. Avatar Sheffield Owl says:

    That’s all I wanted to hear,come July it will bye,bye O2.Great customer service but sadly being left behind by many others.

  8. Avatar Liam says:

    How could BE, who were once at the cutting edge of broadband in the UK slip so far down? It was their USP that they offered, cheap, fast, reliable broadband. All that has gone out of the window since O2 took over.

  9. Avatar TG says:

    Louis> virgin do traffic managements on the 50Mb upload 🙁

  10. Avatar Deduction says:

    And BE (by their own admission) has a congested network, which results in poor latency and a raft of other issues, hence their so called Network upgrades which are taking so long.
    Traffic Management on any other product is preferable over a congested network. At least with a traffic management system you know what to expect with certain protocols, rather than the weekly roulette game with BEs congested network.

  11. Avatar nredwood says:

    I really cannot understand what anyone who is unhappy with BE has to gain by staying

    If waiting for FTTx, jump to an ISP with a 1 month contract then migrate when FTTx is ready for service. Simples!

    1. Avatar Sam Morris says:

      In response to nredwood,
      FTTC is bound by a 12-month infrastructure contract set down by BT, and this cannot be altered by the ISP. It is not yet possible to get a 1 month contract on FTTC. Unless an LLU-based system is devised, it never will be.

  12. Avatar Louis says:

    TG > They also do traffic management on down stream now too. But the rate stuff comes down at during it doesnt bother me.. 6mb/sec to 3mb/sec is no big woop 🙂
    I dont upload a great deal anyways.

  13. Avatar Louis says:

    TG > Big improvement with what i got through Be due to my line length.. I was getting a mahoosive 800k/sec tops 😮

  14. Avatar Louis says:

    TG > Also I have paying less now lmfao

  15. Avatar nredwood says:

    @Sam Morris

    If you re-read what I posted, you might then see I referred to FTTx being ready for service i.e not availble

    I’m well aware there is a 12 month minimum contract for FTTx

    However, whilst waiting there are plenty of good ISP’s that do 1 month contracts on ADSL Max or SMPF LLU to hop to in the mean time until FTTx is available

    No reason to stay with BE or O2 until FTTx is available 😉

  16. Avatar Deduction says:

    Skys new truly UNLIMITED FTTC service is now live 🙂

    Anyone on BE who can get the sky product and were waiting on BE to get their shambolic act together need wait no longer.

    Roll on the next quarters customer churn figures and another massive decline for O2/BE LMAO

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