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UPD UK PostOffice Swaps Telecom Network and Unveils Faster Broadband

Friday, July 19th, 2013 (4:24 pm) - Score 7,440
postoffice uk broadband

The Post Office has finally begun its long awaited £500m migration from a BTWholesale / Logica based managed broadband platform and on to one that’s being delivered by TalkTalk Wholesale and Fujitsu (original may 2012 news). As a result a series of refreshed internet and phone packages have also been launched.

In addition to the five-year contract between PO and TalkTalk, Capita has also been brought in to provide the customer contact centre and MDS have been enlisted to handle their consumer billing and settlement solutions. It’s believed that PO are currently home to around 500,000 broadband and phone customers.

The new investment means that PO can finally move on from their old up to 8Mbps (ADSL) packages and offer a range of up to 20/24Mbps (ADSL2+) solutions. However in this day and age it’s disappointing to see that there’s no hint of a superfast broadband (FTTC) option, which could be a risky oversight.

It’s understood that, starting from 2nd September 2013, the PO will begin moving customers on to its new broadband and phone network. Meanwhile new customers will be able to take the enhanced packages from Monday 22nd July 2013. But, despite a name change, the actual packages don’t appear to have changed much (same prices etc.); although the “new” Broadband Essential (formerly Broadband Standard) now comes with a 10GB usage allowance instead of only 5GB.

Take note that the “unlimited” usage package continues to retain its 100GB fair usage limit, which will slow customers down if they use too much in any single month. Also customers that want the Anytime UK Calls option will need to pay an extra £4.50 per month. Some new mobile and international calling options will also be added. A free modem or wireless router is also still believed to be included but not yet confirmed.

new uk postoffice broadband packages 2013

Customers will now get access to an all new online account management system, although on the downside the Post Office has decided to scrap their 50MB webspace allowance (not many people used it). The official announcement about all this is due to follow on Monday but in the meantime you can check out their FAQ Page for more. Credits to Thinkbroadband for spotting this development.

UPDATE 12th September 2013

The migration appears to be causing customers a few problems (here).

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Mark Jackson
By Mark Jackson
Mark is a professional technology writer, IT consultant and computer engineer from Dorset (England), he is also the founder of ISPreview since 1999 and enjoys analysing the latest telecoms and broadband developments. Find me on Twitter, , Facebook and Linkedin.
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38 Responses
  1. Kyle

    Another company promoting an unlimited service with a 100GB FUP. I guess this service is run by people as old as their ADSL Max packages.

  2. Alan

    Who are they trying to attract ?
    £16.30 for 5Gb download for their Broadband package only

  3. Tom L

    I thought the whole Unlimited with FUP claim had been outlawed by Ofcom?

    • Kyle

      As did I, but on many occasions have been advised that’s it’s merely a guideline. Another win for Ofcom — not.

  4. Ayjay

    Anyone know if talk talk’s rules on LLU (i.e taking the line over from BT) will apply? I already paid to get away from talk talk and don’t want to have to do it again.

  5. Allen

    We have not been able to send emails out since 1st September, but have received some. Also cannot access our account on the post office e website. What a mess!
    We thought Talktalk had a bad reputation – is this down to changing over to them?

  6. Callum Glasgow

    Have not been able to access my account on the postoffice.co.uk website for five days now, done a web search to try and find out what’s amiss and directed back to the non-functioning P.O. website, also wasted 20mins on the phone trying to speak to these clowns. In very short order I’ll be an ex-post office customer.

    • Christina Aguilar

      Exactly same problem Cannot send emails cannot log into my account and cannot get through to them on the phone. I telephoned OTELO to complain and had been given a address to complain. Telephone OTELO to complain. I have been told they had received lots of call this week from customers complaining about the post office. Appalling service and so far nothing had been done.

  7. david cant

    Email not working since 1st September,

    Took app 5 hours on phone till got reply

    Got to wait up to 5 more days to get email back

    Not the sort of service expect from post office

  8. david cant

    Going to be total of 7days without,

    No one answer calls at call centre

  9. Ernie Lawrence

    Have not been able to access my account on the postoffice.co.uk website for three days.
    Put on hold on three times for thirty minutes,then cut off, when trying to phone.
    No email for three days.

  10. Christina Aguilar

    I have the same problems. No emails could be sent. Cannot access my log in account Cannot get through to them on the phone. I telephone OTELO today and was given a reference number and advice to write and complain. Phone OTELO and they will register your complaint. An appalling service. I have been a customer for at least 8 yrs and this is a disgrace the way this has been handled.

  11. Alan Gaynor

    I’ve also had no email service since Sunday, customer service is disgraceful and non-existent,been unable to speak to anyone on so called help lines,phone just rings and rings. Will be joining the droves of ex-customers as soon as possible.

  12. Lorna Adams

    I’ve been having problems with the telephone service spent all of yesterday morning and evening trying to get it sorted but no answer. I’ve been able to access my email account but my bills have been completely messed up and apparently I’m now in debt, funny as I’ve paid by direct debit for 2 years and the august payment hadn’t been taken. Their service is appalling.

  13. Anna McKnight

    Same problems. No service since 2nd September and unable to get an answer from the technical services dept. I am trying to change supplier but can’t get my MAC number either. No business should be allowed to operate like this!

  14. mr j broderick

    we are old age couple our telephone not working for last 5 days we have spend hours and hours at different time to call but helpline is always busy our local post office letting us use their phone to call helpline we dont know what to do

  15. I’ve noted some of your complaints about the situation and we’re currently attempting to get the PO’s side of the current problems.

  16. The Post Office has messed up BIG TIME!!!
    In the current billing period my landline failed and took 8 days to fix, then I was unable to access the Internet for 6 days and now I cannot access my email account and have spent a total of two hours and forty-five minutes on hold during three calls – each time they have come up with some lame excuse e.g. “our system is down, please phone back”
    I will be contacting OTELO

  17. Well,well,well – three more holes in the ground. No e mail service since
    1st September. The wait on the telephone was a nonsense – when one gets old
    one cannot afford to waste time – I was asked to remain patient and service would hopefully be restored by 8th Sept. Now the 11th Sept still no service. Spoke to a most understanding person this a.m. I was talked thru’ steps to restore….however, this proved a waste of time as the server could not be found. Meantime someone will endeavour to correct the problem internally at pobroadband service and I should just check my e mail service from time to time. ? Waiting for Godot?

  18. We should have an article up about this tomorrow morning.

  19. Now eleven days without email either in or out. Have been given 3 different days when it should be back. Lloyds Bank had a glitch when they launched TSB. IT MADE THE NATIONALS. No mention of nthe Post oFFice problems though. WHY?? Just getting a bit fed up with them.

  20. Bob Duck

    I too can’t access my Post Office Account, no emails for the second time, keeps saying I’ve entered the wrong password etc. No I haven’t. I tried ringing the help lines, never get through to anyone. I’ve started timing the waiting periods now! Are we not due a rebate for the periods when the system is down, after all they’re not providing the service that we are paying for. Come on Post Office, get your act together, and sooner rather than later.

    Frustrated from Fleetwood!!!

  21. Peter Hallam

    No e-mail since Sunday September 1st! Impossible to get through to anyone on the phone. “your call is important to us!” Ho, Ho. A truly diabolical service!

  22. Alan Gaynor

    Am staggered by the statement given out by P O spokesperson,how can they say that only a small number of customers have been affected when no one can get through to the help lines to complain.I’ve voted with my feet and taken my business elsewhere.

  23. D.H.J.

    Unable to access the internet and email since 2nd September. Spent hours on the phone at different times of the day and evening but put on hold each time. Left my phone no. for a return afternoon call but no such call received. Not very enamoured with this customers service.

  24. pat

    I am also a customer of post office broadband on standard package, have been with them for years, have never gone over the 5GB usage in a month now I am supposed to have 10 GB, I managed to get into my account at last and they are trying to charge me for about 40GB usage in less than 2 weeks usage, I spent several days trying to get someone to answer their telephones, finally got through yesterday only to be told yes you have definitely used that many GB some days its over 6Gb, but they cant tell me how its so high. my contract runs out next month and I for one will not be renewing it, I have had to disconnect my router and will now effectively be without internet connection because of the amount of money they say I am owing to them for the past two weeks, very inconvenient as I can now only get access to internet if I take my laptop to a family members house. they are an utter disgrace.

  25. Danom

    …. Well. This clearly doesn’t look good for me. I tried convincing my parents to switch to Virgin, but they did a massive U-turn and decided to go with the PO instead, seeing as we have the phone through them anyway… I haven’t even started using their service, and seeing as all I can really find regarding them is bad news, I don’t particularly think I want to.

    Rescue me, please.

  26. This happened to me several years ago when tiscali changed to talk talk. I was without internet service for nearly 3 months because they struggled to migrate their existing customers over. Looks like history is repeating itself. I’m leaving Post Office – can’t stand it any longer. No broadband and rubbish email facility.

  27. Barney McGrew

    Post Office b’band has become absolute rubbish with my speed dropping from 6.4 to 0,335mbs. I moved from TalkTalk to the PO because they used BT Wholesale as supplier, but now they have gone over to TalkTalk and hence the rubbish speed. Once I am able to get through on the customer service line, I will be asking for my MAC code and then off to PlusNet

  28. Carl Brown

    Switched from Tiscali/Talk Talk to the P.O. broadband some years ago due to poor service, price increases and erroneous bills, including removal of cash via Direct Debit without authority. Talk Talk could also not tell the difference between a Username and an Email Address leading to problems logging on, etc.
    Had to send them a notice Intent to Sue via recorded delivery, and request a MAC number. Result, they repaid what they owed, plus a sum in compensation.
    Now without Email for three weeks with my “Improved” web-mail via P.O. broadband,
    due to their lack of understanding the difference between Username and Email Address again, line speed has also dropped recently.
    Nothing changes with Talk Talk. They are due to “upgrade” the service on 2nd October and Email me????
    Cannot contact via Email or Phone, time to move on I think, things can only get worse from here.

  29. Michael

    No email for a month, emailed Post Office numerous times no reply Phoned numerous times helpline always on hold average call with no reply half an hour! service has collapsed cant even speak to anyone to get a mac code to change broadband supplier.
    WONT BE PAYING BILL! hope they take it further so they can be exposed as a total shambles!

  30. teresa

    it would appear my home phone number has changed over night without my knowledge. It has taken me since Thursday to finally get through on phone to enquire as to what has happened. Apparently I have someone else’s number. my original number rings but no one answers. I have been told this morning by a patient po lady that it would take 7-10 working days to find out what’s going on. poor service…….tutt, tutt!

  31. Ian

    The debacle continues. After severaldays loss of email service since early September my account was ‘locked’ a few days ago. After waiting for an answer for more than an hour each time I called the Post Office I eventualluy got through and was told my account ‘had been compromised’ (hacked) but would be back up in a few days after they posteed me a new password. I argued this was unacceptable and my account was onlocked and then worked ok until the next day when it was lovked again. Hours more time wasted waiting for an answer and this time I was told I had been sending spam email! The Post Office has never contacted me to advise theye thought there were problems and it takes forever to get any action out of them – if you can get them to answer their phones in the first place. Plusnet – here we come.


    10 DAYS ,despite ringing several times aday max time 1 hour,still not been able to get through.Received 2 e-mails to say my Broad band now upgraded to a different address tha nI use ,but outgoing mail still on my old e- mail ,how about that?

    Never known such appaling service,is anyone working there?

  33. PaulM

    I’ve had a disastrous experience of PO broadband since joining a few months ago. Even treid to charge me two sets of connection fees – not very nice since I’m a pensioner. Took lots of attempts to contact them. Usually wait for over an hour for a response. Still having to use my own router as PO one seems to be faulty. Promised new one bit not arrived. Now, to cap it all my PO broadband speed has dropped from 3.5 meg down to 1.2 meg. Not sure if I can be bothered to complain again since I’ve had to sort out more than 10 issues with them already ranging from bad billing to no connection. Goodby PO, will be changing suppliers when my contract is up which I would imagine is what most PO customers will do at the end of this year.

  34. Stuart

    Replying on behalf of another disgruntled PO customer(they are unable to gain access).They have not had e mail for over a month,been threatened with court action over not paying monthly charge (they pay by direct debit) had telephone bill twice as much as usual due to trying to contact them and now cant change supplier due to not being able to provide MAC no.What a mess,what a disgrace.

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