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UPDATE ISP Sky Broadband Confirms O2 UK and BE Migration Timetable

Monday, August 19th, 2013 (1:07 pm) - Score 4,474
sky broadband uk

Sky Broadband (BSkyB) have quietly updated their FAQ pages with more information about the forthcoming migration of O2 UK and BE Broadband fixed line ISP customers, which was previously expected to begin during the “autumn“. We now know that this process will start in October 2013 and should end sooner than expected.

According to Sky’s migration FAQ (here), any BE/O2 customers who don’t want to be moved over to Sky will be able to stay on their existing service until Spring 2014when we will be switching these off“. This confirms a significantly shorter process then the previously mooted 12-18 months. But you’ll have to call Sky on 08448 245 480 to let them know.

The update also confirms that Sky will conduct a phased migration by moving “customers in small groups” and the ISP states, as expected, that O2/BE customers won’t need a new router because they’ve “spent the last few months ensuring that everything can be done in the background“. But you might experience a brief 30 minute outage (unless something goes wrong of course).

Some additional information about phone lines and BT-based customers has also been released. For example, those on O2’s BT-based Connect package (i.e. people not within O2/Sky’s unbundled LLU network coverage) will be thrown on to the similar Sky Broadband Connect service.

What will happen to my home phone services?

• If you have an O2 Home Phone or BE landline service, this will move to Sky’s network at the same time as your broadband transfers.

• If you don’t already have a phone or landline service with O2 or BE then you won’t be expected to take Sky’s phone or landline service. You can take Sky Broadband without Sky Talk and Sky TV.

Similarly if you have a home phone package with O2 then you will be moved onto Sky Talk Anytime or Sky Talk Freetime (whichever most closely matches your current service). It should be said that the details are a bit different for BE Broadband’s customers and you can find more about that in last week’s article (here); we hope to learn more about this soon. O2 have also updated their FAQ with a few extra bits of information (here). Credits to people on the TB Forum for spotting this.

UPDATE 20th August 2013

The FAQ also notes that the spring 2014 closure date will do more than just kill off the old broadband platform, it will also take BE Broadband’s old email addresses with it too! – “From Spring 2014, customers who have joined us from BE (or stayed on that service) will no longer be able to use their BE email address.” Once again, another perfect example of why you should never entrust your email to a broadband provider. Credits to the BE Usergroup for that spot.

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13 Responses
  1. Avatar Martin Pitt - Aquiss

    Credits to the TB forum? Sounds like a disease :p

  2. Avatar Jonny

    The end is close now. Anyone have any good ideas of where to go next, small LLU o2w ISP. Xilo line checker failed when I tried to move and they don’t seem keen to bend. So ADSL24? seems next best option but at a premium price of £18.90 PM.

  3. Avatar sheffieldowl

    Is it true that to take Sky BB you have to take their line rental.I might need a new isp now Digital Region is shutting down,don’t want to move my line rental from BT though

  4. Avatar hmm

    Go to xilo been with them 3 years solid steady service forget mainstream isps

    • Avatar sheffieldowl

      I refuse to pay silly money as I can only get around 2mb max.No BT infinity,no Virgin and a long way from exchange,so no way am I paying around £15 to £20 to get a speed that is just about acceptable for general internet surfing and not much more even though I know there are good isps out there..Xilo,Aquiss,Zen,IDnet etc.

  5. Avatar ant

    Good move by sky to kill off dead wood ASAP

  6. Avatar Jonny

    I have already last month tried to move to Xilo but although leading up to the mac code request from BE the Xilo line checker worked for me, once I actually got my mac code and then tried the xilo line checker to start my order it failed and has done ever since. Xilo don’t seem to know why my line fails their test. BE even removed ALL tags from my line so I didn’t even need a mac code, but still the xilo line checker fails me.

    So I had to let BE take over the line once again and start a rethink of other ISP’s.

    Xilo – I would if I could but I can’t And am a little sad to have to pay ADSL24 £18.90pm for a max 4.8Mbit DL which is what BE give me. Great for my 4.93Km line, but paying £18.90, not sure. I want small no hassle no torrent blocking ISP, no capping and un metered. Plusnet is about to come under all those blocks because of it’s success and it’s links to BT (as BE is linked to O2 and now the worst culprit Sky).

    I read Sky is going to re-create BE as a premium service, great, but still with all the aggressive torrent and other website blocking it’s not an option.

    Anyone have any views on ADSL24 or any other cheaper o2w provider ?

  7. Avatar ant

    ‘I read Sky is going to re-create BE as a premium service, great, but still with all the aggressive torrent and other website blocking it’s not an option.’

    Sky do not block torrents or throttle them (or did not last time i used a sky service which was a couple of weeks back). As to website blocking you wont notice any difference BE block sites via court orders already also.

    • Avatar Jonny

      Torrent websites and their trackers. It’s bad enough with BE at the moment. Sky will be pushing forward with more aggressive blocking without court orders. It was in an article on here or torrent freak I read this.

    • Avatar ant

      Interesting do you have a link to any of that?

  8. To be honest as a Sky customer already, I’m more interested in the static IP option than any of this migration business so I want solid details on that! Still shocks me they paid so much for 1/2 a million customers (how many will actually come across stands to be seen) when their growth figures seemed pretty good already.

    When BT Retail and Business start splitting their figures its going to be interesting as to whom is OpenReach’s biggest customer also!

    The whole court orders thing can’t be avoided by any major ISP. In Sky’s case I imagine even more so with all the media ties.

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