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UPDATE TalkTalk Gobble Virgin Media’s UK Copper ADSL Broadband Users

Thursday, November 13th, 2014 (10:21 am) - Score 13,565

Cable operator Virgin Media (Liberty Global) has reportedly sold 100,000 of its old copper-line based Virgin National (Virgin.net / ADSL2+) broadband subscribers to rival ISP TalkTalk.

The Virgin National service, which peaked at 275,900 customers during early 2011, was officially closed to new subscribers in October 2013 (here) after suffering repeated declines. At the time Liberty Global said they simply wanted to “focus on developing services on our next generation cable network“, but they also pledged to continue to provide “services and support for all of our existing National customers“.

The ADSL based service had originally been intended to complement the operator’s cable platform and give Virgin a reach into non-cable areas, although instead it often felt neglected and received very little attention from its parent. The service, which offered variable top speeds of up to around 20Mbps, could also never keep up with Virgin’s cable (Euro/DOCSIS) service that can deliver top speeds of 152Mbps.

Earlier this year we reported that Virgin Media had effectively put related customers up for sale by sending “information packs” with the relevant details out to “prospective buyers“. At the time a spokesperson told ISPreview.co.uk, “We do not comment on speculation.”

Never the less a new report on the FT, which has been spotted by Thinkbroadband, appears to confirm that the customers are now being sold to TalkTalk. It’s not known how much the ISP has paid, although the deal didn’t show up in their recent Q3 2014 results.

UPDATE 13th November 2014

We’ve managed to extract a few comments from both providers.

A Virgin Media Spokesperson told ISPreview.co.uk:

As we continue to invest in, and expand, our own superfast, fibre optic network, the time is right to hand over our DSL service. We are working closely with TalkTalk to ensure the transition is seamless and people have everything they need to make the switch.”

A TalkTalk Spokesperson told ISPreview.co.uk:

We are pleased to have agreed this deal which reflects the scale and quality of our network. We look forward to welcoming these customers to TalkTalk and will be working closely with Virgin Media to ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible. These customers will be able to benefit from our full range of great value products, including TV and mobile, and we aim to make all of them better off.”

Naturally we also asked TalkTalk what service Virgin’s customers would be switched too and how this might impact their existing email accounts etc. Sadly the ISP could only say that they’ll be speaking to all related customers about what this means for them over the coming weeks.

However TalkTalk does believe that a lot of the affected customers will be able to get their superfast FTTC broadband and TV services (Virgin could only ever offer them slower ADSL2+).

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  1. Tim says:

    This is good news. Virgin’s national ADSL service was well known for being poor (slow and over contended). I think even TalkTalk can improve on it, especially if they move customers across to their own LLU network and they are also able to offer FTTC which VM didn’t.

    1. Cat says:

      I’m in agreement with all those who have commented on the abysmal change over to TT- a company I will not be doing business with. Yes, every VM customer who’s been affected by this sudden move should definitely take their business elsewhere. I’m a mac user and since the switch I cannot use my mail account to send emails – I called VM tech dept, and was told that they want remote access to fix the issue; when I stated that I was perfectly capable of inputting the information myself, I was met with disdain and told that I couldn’t have the information required, so best to contact Apple… Therefore, the Virgin Media – regardless of who owns the company – will never receive another penny from me. I predict more and more complaints for their awful customer service – as they continue in a downward spiral.

    2. Martin Cannell says:

      I agree wholeheartedly with all the adverse comments posted by previous users. It passes comprehension that OFCOM see fit to support what Virgin are doing.

      Any assistance from the Virgin “team” on the 0345 454 1111 number is worse than useless. You can wait for between 30-40 minutes, and then get told by someone, whose English is very difficult to understand, that despite all the previous similar problems with this 530 login, nothing can now be done because the Virgin Freespace is no longer active, and suggested I go over to TalkTalk – which I have NO intention of doing.

      I have requested a personal contact with a senior Virgin U.K. representative, so that I can discuss this matter in more accurate detail. Needless to say, no one has responded.

      I believe that Virgin Media has broken its contract by charging me for my ISP service, which included free webspace, and have now either lied to me about the present status, or have IT personnel who are not totally incompetent in having this persistent fault eradicated.

      I have always understood that in U.K. Law, the Sale of Goods Act states that suppliers must supply goods that are satisfactory and fit for the purpose for which they have been provided.

      That surely does not include forcing a different product on to the consumer, and removing a service for which they are continuing to pay.

      It is as though you have purchased a Vauxhall car, with specific extras, and then making you accept a Ford, with a different specification. This is just an example of what is happening, and is in no way a reflection on either car makers – both of which I believe are extremely good!!

      All my images on the remote server are inaccessible from Virgin, which I believe is image theft, which is also an offence in Law

      This matter will be referred to the U.K Trading Standards Head Office for further action.

    3. JMaiden says:

      Appalling service shame on you Virgin we have received nothing but one email informing us of the sale to Talk Talk 4 days before the switch. From Talk Talk we have heard nothing . We are not impressed with either company and will be looking to take our business else where.

  2. John says:

    What a load of rubbish!!talktalk cant even get a service to work on a virgin media line!!talktalk is the worse provider in the entire planet!!!

    1. Sheila says:

      That is what I have heard.. been trying to write to TalkTalk, but it keeps saying my password and email address is wrong.. BUT IT ISN’T.. I also noticed my Direct Debit has gone up in the one month since TalkTAlk has taken over.. My broadband has been even slower that Virgin !!!!! All I got over all this swop about was a small paragraph saying my Direct Debit would change.. Do they mean another supplier or that my monthly charge has gone up.. OR BOTH..

  3. Jeff says:

    Received notification by letter this morning about the migration of Virgin non-fibre customers onto TalkTalk. I phoned the enquiry line to ask about existing Virgin email accounts, and was told that these accounts would be scrapped in either 3 months (if customers refuse to join TalkTalk), or in one year’s time (if they do join TalkTalk). The person I spoke to seemed very vague and/or embarrassed about the scrapping of existing email accounts. I am a non-fibre customer ONLY because Virgin hasn’t bothered to install this facility in my area. I – along with I imagine many thousands of other Virgin customers – think that Virgin’s behaviour is totally unacceptable, since they are penalising their customers for their own failings. Altering email addresses, especially when they are associated with banks, legal and financial bodies, medical links, business institutions, tax offices, etc., is both time-consuming and worrying, especially for the elderly. It is not beyond the ability of Virgin Media to ensure that existing email accounts remain operational; perhaps the Virgin board of directors should be listening more to their customers and less to their bean-counters!

    1. Brian Goulding says:

      I have just reported them to OFCOM for the way they have acted and hope that many more do the same.
      just go onto OFCOM web site and fillin the complaint form.

    2. Brian Goulding says:

      I received a e,mail from OFCOM today and they said that virgin are within their rites, not much help then.
      They did say though that if they didn,t send out your mac code within five days of cancelling your contract it is illegal.

    3. I think you are missing the point. Virgin is only interested in Cable. Their copper wire network is a leftover from the previous bodies it merged with years ago.

      I suppose that you are going to fall by the wayside called progress. If you can’t get broadband you may as well put up with Talk Talk it may be one of the cheapest of the dinosaurs. The alternative is trying to sue a multimillion pound corporation, AKA wasting your time.

    4. pete fox says:

      during the migration from virgin media to talk talk I have lost my 1571 voice mail service. Phoned virgin media twice and have been told it won’t be in action until April. I asked for a reduction in my bill. only to be told that it is a free service. Well it isn’t free for me. When I need to change my email address the whole thing is a nightmare – changing the modem router configuirations and all my other links – can’t virgin be more helpful in all of this. I am thoroughly disconcerted

  4. Ivan says:

    I agree completely with Jeff. Unsurprisingly, Virgin doesn’t care about its customers, but it is surprising that it doesn’t even care about their money. I am amazed there isn’t more fuss about this appalling customer betrayal.

    The most annoying thing is the mere 4 days’ notice given which was designed to be insufficient to work out alternatives. Hopefully most users will refuse Talk Talk and let them know that Virgin has shafted them as well as its customers.

    The Virgin Indian I spoke to tried his best but his computer was telling him they couldn’t give me fibre. Months ago they had been on the phone trying to sell it to me but failed to ring back. Virgin’s website also says they can connect me by fibre. He had very little information about the TT deal and TT failed to phone before the switch, which was assured in the letter. I wonder if they’ll try to slam my phone to themselves as well?

    At the very least Virgin should be offering their customers their email addresses in perpetuity.

    We’re going to see much more of this unethical treatment by American companies when TTIP comes in. We need to see the development of peer-to-peer broadband that will strip these companies of their power.

  5. Mark says:

    I think that it’s disgusting the way that Vigin has treated it’s customers. I’ve had broadband from Virgin for many years and the first I knew of the switch to TalkTalk was a week ago when I received a letter. There was no apology in the letter and no ‘thank you for your custom’.
    I understand that the switch will take place this week giving me little time to sort anything else.
    I thought that Virgin were a decent company: how wrong was I!

  6. Debbie says:

    I too am very upset, I been told that I will not be able to keep my email after 3 months if I wish to move away from Talk Talk or 12 months if I stay. I read nothing but bad things about Talk Talk. I have no idea how much I will be charged or how I will operate my emails and I am very very upset that I have just been dumped though I have been loyal to them for over 15 years.
    Why can’t we keep our addresses?
    This is just terrible and no one seems concerned about it least of all Virgin and Talk Talk!

    1. Giles says:

      The prospect of the impact of changing email addresses when you run a self-employed business is huge. Cards, letterheads, contact lists, advertising materials, distant customers and website access password links etc. etc.. The call to at least get the consolation of retaining your current email address in perpetuity is the very least that Virgin and TalkTalk should acknowledge as a basic professional courtesy, or the degree of departure from this ‘forced divorce’ will be even more massive and accelerated. Wise up, guys. It’s in your own interest to do this to try to keep us.

    2. You are going to have to open up all those old mails you have copies of and resend them to a more NSA friendly email company such as Google or the NSA. You could just send them back to yourself using the new ISP but they are still going to be reread by whoever missed the important information they contain the first time around. When was the last time you were contacted by GCHQ?

  7. stewart says:

    This is very interesting as around the second week in November my Virgin ADSL speed slowed to 0.18mps. My brother owns the account and speaking with a Scottish Lady at Virgin Media was helpful until she discovered it was an ADSL account and said that was ‘now in the hands of a third party’ and there was no further help to give. She gave me a direct telephone number and that proved ‘dead’! My brother, like many commentators, did not want to change his e-mail address and it looks as if we will need to go to BT. It is only a co-incidence that I came across this web site and as yet my brother has not received any letter from Virgin. Can anyone recommend a decent broadband supplier, we aren’t really interested in media packages just a phone and good broadband connection?

  8. Peter says:

    I see that I am not the only long standing Virgin customer who feels that they have been treated badly. I found the staff at BT more than helpfull, which is more than I can say about the Virgin staff who still peddle the move is in your benefit line. Getting a MAC code has been a nightmare. I found out today that I had been migrated to TalkTalk against my wishes because it was automatic, despite the fact that I asked to close my account at least 5 days ago. My only hope is that a majority of the 100k customer to whom this applies also walk and Virgin /TalkTalk end up with egg on their faces.

    1. Sheila says:

      Sorry what is a MAC code.. can you explain please

  9. Theo says:

    I have been with virgin adsl for about seven years without problems — until three days ago, when conto a crawl, then stopped altogether. Now realise that it will be due to failed migration to Talktalk. Have just wasted £50 on new router, which made no difference.

  10. Anne Abdo says:

    Very disappointed by the way Virgin has treated us: the lack of notice, lack of proper information, and the cheek to suggest customers will actually benefit from the move. As for it being ‘seamless’ we were without broadband for 4 days following the ‘migration’ on the 16th. After numerous phone calls this was sorted (fault on the exchange) but we were left with router problems and it took several hours on the phone to Belkin (who were extremely helpful) to change the settings on our router and range extender. This move has been very badly managed!

  11. Tony says:

    Hi All, I have been with Virgin since before the year 2000 and all I got was the letter saying I was being transferred. Then an email from Virgin saying it would happen in four days time which was last Monday, but NOTHING since. All still seems to be working as before, so have I been switched or what? Any idea about prices with talktalk yet?

    1. Liz says:

      Hi Tony,

      You could try this: http://whatismyipaddress.com/ this should give you your IP address and, more importqantly, your supplier.

    2. Sheila says:

      I have had no email from Virgin… Just the one paragraph letter from TalkTalk.

  12. Colin Perfect says:

    As with everyone else I have been a loyal customer to Virgin without any issues for more than 10 years and now dumped onto TALK TALK the worse Broadband supplier in UK without any consultation. I requested a MAC code on 12 December am I am still waiting. All Virgin say is that we have applied and you will have to wait. This is completely outside of the regulations governing MAC codes and what is the point in having Regulations if they are not enforced. Again like everyone else I face the nightmare of changing email addresses with loads of institutions. Virgin Directors could not care less about their customers. Happy Christmas Virgin!!!

    1. steve says:

      Hi I’m trying to move from virgin to bt they gave me a mac code that bt can’t use it,I checked my isp and yes it’s talk talk so how can virgin give me a mac code on behalf of talk talk,i’ve had enough.

    2. Brian Goulding says:

      by law they must provide your mac code within five days.
      report them to http://WWW.cisas.org.uk
      I was lucky i got mine and have switched to my own choice of provider.
      I think virgin are playing dirty tricks to make it hard to move….

  13. David says:

    More nightmares here.

    Long standing customer etc etc treated shamefully – just selling my account to TalkTalk with 4 days notice. Immediately told them I did not want to go to TalkTalk and they offered me a MAC Code. Raised an order with BT and all was well until I get an email from BT saying I have cancelled their order – it turns out that TalkTalk (by their own admission) had taken my account from BT !!

    I have had to get another MAC Code and pass on to BT who are now going to take it back from TalkTalk – what a mess and not sorted yet as my IP is still registered as TalkTalk.

    Virgin should have given us at least a months notice to give us a chance to choose the service provider we want and then and only then transfer the account hassle free assuming the customer has not chosen to leave.

    This “you will move to TalkTalk” is arrogant and heavy handed – what a way to treat their customers. Luckily I use my own email as sending from the Virgin email account stopped working almost immediately.

    1. Tony says:


      Did you get any of this? Taken from Virgin’s website.

      “TalkTalk will be in touch to explain what your new package will be. They’ll also confirm the dates you’ll stop being billed by Virgin Media and start being billed by TalkTalk”

  14. Theo says:

    Am still without service, five days after the failed migation to Talktalk. Was promised a text update today Virgin say it’s Talktalk’s responsibility, but still not heard so called 150 from Virgin mobile. Am told that BT (who I rent the line from) “are working on it”. Hmm. How difficult is it to flick the switch in the exchange back on again? But why did Virgin order the disconnection in the first place?

  15. Tony says:

    Hi All,

    This is taken from Virgin’s website regarding the switch:-

    “TalkTalk will write to tell you all about your new package at least 30 days before you become a TalkTalk customer.”

    Has anyone heard from TalkTalk?

    1. Liz says:

      Have not received anything at all from talktalk. Only received notification from virgin yesterday, I think by design so customers that have been promised to TT dont have time to change IPs.

  16. Tony Patel says:

    Hi All have no fear i work for BT Business and i just heard about this news from another virgin customer who was very unhappy with the time scale etc.

    If anyone has a business and would like to switch to BT, please obtain a Mac Code and provide a contact number i will call you to get things moving with BT Business.



    1. Andrew Davidson says:

      Hi Tony,

      Just saw your post on the ISP website. I am appalled by Virgin’s actions. I don’t think I can get fibre optic broadband in my area so it looks like I will have to change ISP. BT seems the logical alternative. Please could you let me know how I can switch.
      I already have a gmail address whuch I would like tomuse.
      Many thanks
      Andrew Davidson

    2. Barbara Bailey says:

      Hi Tony. I too got a letter from Virgin on Tuesday to say they were passing me on to Talk Talk out of the blue,followed by the email tonight to say it will happen in 3 days time. Virgin knew about this is November apparently why have they taken so long to tell their customers. As I am going to have to change my email address after 15 years or so with Virgin I have decided to change the whole set up and go to BT. My phone contacts with your BT staff have been so helpful. I got through to somebody pretty instantaneously not like Virgin with all that press 2 then 3 or 4 and eventually you are put through to the wrong person. When I asked them how much broadband I used each month they couldn’t tell me–or couldn’t be bothered.
      So we are transferred to Talk Talk with absolutely no idea of what will have to pay them!! It is outrageous. Has anybody written to Private Eye about it???Think I might just do that.
      The uncertainty is very worrying and I don’t like the look of all the problems people who have been switched are having.

  17. Connie says:

    I have received a letter today and an email tonight and been given 4 days notice of the switch over. There was no mentioning of a change of email address in either of the two. I found out through this forum. It will be a nightmare informing all and everyone of a new email address. I have been a customer since 2004 and I feel I am being slapped in the face. I’ll definitely won’t be signing up with Talk Talk. I hope the shareholders will feel the pain soon, too.

  18. Angela says:

    I received my letter and email over the christmas and new year period. I echo the views expressed by fellow long standing Virgin Media customers about feeling dumped, poor customer loyalty and being presented with a significant change with little notice and the ramifications of losing/changing an email address. All made worse by the sparse information provided by Virgin Media’s switch weblink. By talking to 2 people at Virgin, I’ve learnt that after the ‘switch’ it will take 3 months for the billing to come via TalkTalk and seemingly I’ll have my email address for a year. This is not written down anywhere. I’m really displeased and concerned that I’ll lose my history of emails, don’t fully understand that these will transfer across in the short (and long) term, seemingly when my virgin address no longer exists. This is an atrocious way to treat loyal customers. Perhaps what Virgin aren’t thinking about is that some of us have our mobile and money accounts (personal and business) with the Virgin brand. I know I will be reviewing all my accounts in light of this; clearly loyalty cuts both ways.

    1. Julia Trow says:

      Thanks for translating what I’ve just been told! Wasn’t sure what the advisor was saying to me and he refused to transfer me to the UK despite me being transferred two days ago! Really annoyed with Virgin for doing this, we’ve been with them for years!

  19. Ian Browne says:

    It has been a revelation to discover this site and comments. I have been a Virgin customer for 17 years and I received a sparse letter before Christmas saying this would be in the offing, and a text on Saturday to say the change would happen in three days. Yesterday the change seems to have take place and I can no longer send out emails on my virgin.net address from my iPhone or iPad. Calls to TAlkTalk were pointless as I am not yet a customer, calls to Virgin gave me SMTP addresses and instructions, neither of them worked and it was suggested it was an Apple problem, and they wanted £25 to advise me.

    I am appalled at the way in which we have been treated and at the poor standard or communication from Virgin. Like many of your corresponedents I think I will change and take control of my own destiny than wait for further complications of being dumped by Virgin. I see I might anticipate problems in getting a MAC code out of them.

    A letter the BBC you and yours is on its way too

  20. justin says:

    does anyone know if we will be supplied with new routers when the transition to talk talk is forced upon us also what will happen to the discounts i currently receive on my 5 virgin mobile phone accounts for being a virgin media customer will they stop and if so could i cancel my contracts at no charge as virgin have breached the contract agreement i took out also if i cancel my broadband with virgin then sign up to talk talk independently i could get a new router and then get free broadband for a year

    1. Pete W says:

      Your post is incomprehensible. Have you never heard of grammar or punctuation?

  21. Robin Barnes says:

    Outgoing emails suddenly stopped working! Incoming emails and website availability remain functional. I received an email on 2 Jan saying I would be switched three days later. Nothing from Talk Talk. Then yesterday and today (and possibly earlier)my outgoing emails stopped sending and just got buffered in my Outlook out box. Contacted Virgin helpline who “took over” my PC and fiddled with my Outlook settings (a procedure which I don’t like at all)and made it work. I think they have changed the outgoing server port from 25 to 465 amongst other things. Made similar changes to my Ipad. Technician says it is due to the migration to Talk Talk and lots of people are having problems. Virgin could have offered us an upgrade path to cable for those of us in cabled areas and then they would have kept a lot of customers.

  22. Steve Littlejohn says:

    I also was a long standing customer of virgin but that means nothing,I phoned virgin and asked for a mac code so I could go to bt I used the number they gave me to contact them,I was then given a mac code,now this is the interesting bit the mac they gave me was for my virgin account and when I gave it to bt it was not accepted.
    I then did an isp check which revealed that talk talk are now supplying my broadband,I phoned virgin back on the same number and was greeted by a man from talk talk???Who said he was answering overflow calls from virgin customers,I explained all about my useless mac code, the problem I had worked out for myself, (a virgin mac code to use on a talk talk account) not a chance of working!.
    I am now waiting for a mac code from talk talk,let’s hope!! but it does seem that the left hand doesn’t know what the right is doing,so beware.

  23. Liz says:

    I have been virgin media adsl since 2007, yesterday I received a letter informing me that I will be one of the unfortunate customers included in this switch, that letter also mentioned a ‘previous letter’ about the switch …that one I received today!. I now have 3 days to find and sign with another supplier or become a taltalk customer, Talktalk would never have been a choice of mine.
    I can find no information about this switch on virginmedia site so must ask here, and hope somebody can answer: Does this switch mean I will be committed to a new one year contract with Taltalk?.

  24. Chris says:

    I’ve been with Virgin Media since the early days of Virgin Net. I received my letter yesterday.
    I’m a bit confused as to why Virgin Media haven’t offered a ‘slow’ fibre option.
    Also in their letter they state.
    ‘Virgin Media is committed to giving customers [not us] a great broadband service and will be concentrating this effort on their superfast fibre optic cable network, which unfortunately is not in your area’.

    This is misleading. I went straight to the Virgin Media Broadband products page. Entered my postcode and guess what! I can get Superfast fibre broadband.

  25. Robin Barnes says:

    See article at top of page.
    “Cable operator Virgin Media (Liberty Global) has reportedly sold 100,000 of its old copper-line based Virgin National (Virgin.net / ADSL2+) broadband subscribers to rival ISP TalkTalk.”
    As far as I can make out ALL customers who were non cable customers of Virgin i.e. connected through their phone line will be transferred to Talk Talk, 3 days after they receive their email saying they are to be transferred. Virgin don’t seem to be interested in encouraging those customers to upgrade to a cable connection.
    You may still get technical help from Virgin if you are lucky. I think I need to get a Mac code from Talk Talk and transfer to BT. I certainly don’t want TV feom TT which seems to be part of their package.
    I cant see that we will be committed to any contract with Talk Talk as the transfer was imposed on us.

    1. roger davies says:

      BT have just told us they will obtain the MAC code on our behalf, we just have to sign up with them. Fabulous customer service, unlike VM.

  26. disgruntled customer says:

    I’ve been with virgin for well over 10 years, and have put up with their poor customer service and high prices because I wanted to keep the email address associated with the account. Now, with 4 days notice in the middle of the Christmas holiday period, my custom is no longer wanted.
    I made a written complaint and asked to keep the email address in recognition of my loyalty. As I understand things, it’s just a re-badged gmail account so this should be straightforward.
    In response, I received a phone call from virgin, trying to sound very apologetic about the switch and the inconvenience etc – but also telling me it was talktalk’s fault that I couldn’t keep the virgin email address.
    Insincere nonsense and lies from a company that clearly doesn’t care about my custom. I have my mac code and I am going.

  27. Linda Ingram says:

    I found out today that I would have been switched to Talk Talk on the 14th January…. I have been a loyal Virgin Media customer for many years , I even have my mobile phone with them but that is all about to change I put a stop to the changeover and have signed up with Sky… I cannot believe that VM would have treated its customers so badly …. They have known this was going to happen since April 2014 its obvious as to why they did not inform us as we would have left them faster than a rat would leave a sinking ship therefore they would have lost loads of money…. well I am one of those rats and I am off !!!

  28. Chris Sullivan says:

    As an elderly person I have very limited knowledge in setting up a new email address so a bit concerned. I would be grateful if anyone could answer the below questions. (1) Will I be able to keep my virgin.net email address. (2) Can I break my contract with Virgin Media quoting that they are breaking my contract with them by transferring my account to Talk Talk. Thanking you.

    1. Barbara Bailey says:

      Apparently we can keep our existing email address for 3 months if we decide to change ISP and leave Talk Talk or up to a year if we accept Talk Talk.( This is what other people have been posting who have taken the trouble to phone Virgin.) One way or the other our email address will have to be changed. So far nobody seems to have had any communication from Talk Talk about what they might charge or what package they will offer us. A lot of people seem to be opting for changing to BT. I only found out I was changed to Talk Talk by running a Broadband Speed Check. You would think they might say hello you are changed to us in an email. Good luck and like you I hate all this change and worry.

    2. Brian Goulding says:

      you can cancel your contract with virgin which they should have told you, but make sure you ask for your mac code so you can set up a new provider.
      Virgin wont let you keep your email address.I use hotmail for my email, this lets you keep your email as its not part of a supplier and its free.

  29. Andrew Pearce says:

    I was originally an NTL customer when Virgin took over, I never had a problem with the NTL service. I didn’t want to change then, but was force to do so, had to change my email addresses. To be honest the virgin service has been very good, I’m going to see what the service is like on Talk Talk and deal they offer me before making a decision.

  30. Barbara Bailey says:

    I found it very annoying that I didn’t know whether I had been changed to Talk Talk or not. So I put a post on the Virgin Forum. Had a helpful response that if you Google “Broadband speed check”, click on that site and run a check at the end it tells you who your ISP is. Bingo–it was Talk Talk!! Thought I might have had an email from them to say hello and welcome. Not a bit of it.

    Have been having a job sending emails from virgin.net so set up an alternative email account with Gmail–free of charge and that works and on my Iphone as well,unlike virgin. Thank Goodness for these forums as neither Virgin or Talk Talk are communicating with us.

    Still taking the money though.

    Anybody been in touch with Private Eye about it all??

    1. Brian Goulding says:

      If your not happy with talk talk and dont cancel you may end up with a 2 year contract.

  31. Brian Goulding says:

    Its disgusting what Virgin Media have done.They sold to Talk Talk to make money rather than just closing down the ADSL inernet.They should be reported for what has happened.

  32. Cat says:

    I’m in agreement with all those who have commented on the abysmal change over to TT- a company I will not be doing business with. Yes, every VM customer who’s been affected by this sudden move should definitely take their business elsewhere. I’m a mac user and since the switch I cannot use my mail account to send emails – I called VM tech dept, and was told that they want remote access to fix the issue; when I stated that I was perfectly capable of inputting the information myself, I was met with disdain and told that I couldn’t have the information required, so best to contact Apple… Therefore, the Virgin Media – regardless of who owns the company – will never receive another penny from me. I predict more and more complaints for their awful customer service – as they continue in a downward spiral.

  33. Martin says:

    I found out about the forced move to TalkTalk when Virgin Media were responding to a complaint I made about broadband repeatedly dropping. After I escalated the complaint (from the usual nonsense e-replies) I took a call from a seemingly disgruntled Virgin staffer who advised that the real cause of my woes was the move to TalkTalk. This was two weeks ago but at the time I had heard nothing about it. The staffer sent me the letter I should have received by post. I then received my letter today, the same day as I signed up with BT. BT switched on the BT Sport service immediately which I thought was a great sign of future service. I REALLY hope that I now can migrate without some of the difficulties you others have had.

    In this process I learned that aligning email addresses to broadband servers is a bad idea so I have moved to gmail BUT it is surely a breach of competition law that ties people into the ISPs and also, at best, a disgrace to force customers to give up their email addresses. But we will all be able to say good riddance to virgin and I hope for Talk Talk’s sake they did not pay much for the customers they were acquiring. Surely they must have known what would have happened, or maybe they did not pay Virgin very much, maybe we were given away.

  34. Brian Goulding says:

    if you are fed up with the way virgin is acting or don,t receive your mac code within 5 days there is a government web site called cisas with you can complain to.
    don,t bother with ofcom as they cant help.

  35. Mike Baxendale says:

    I am a Virgin bband user. Our phone calls are with BT.
    Had a letter today from BT saying “we are sorry you are moving your calls to another provider” I never asked for this. BT could not tell me which company had made the request. Are TalkTalk trying to “steal” BT call business, or is this a coincidence. BEWARE!!

  36. I am told I will risk the loss of all my precious contacts which I have built up for years. Virgin must answer for this publically. They could still do something for us non cable customers to save our email addresses. I cannot get cable as there is none in the area I live. As a journalist I will now publicise this. We have all been so passive so far.Please join me. I have asked them on to a television programme to answer for what they have done. They will not come up with one satisfactory suggestion of how we can keep the emails as domains.
    Something could still be done even if it costs them some money,. They could always take it off their PR budget which they obviously don’t feel they need to use. Very nasty behaviour Virgin.

    1. Martin Cannell says:

      Hello Christine,

      I am delighted to read that you are hoping to write a news article about this scandal – caused by the cavalier and inconsiderate actions of an American company. It needs publishing to the media, as it may help to dissuade potential Virgin customers to think again!!

      Surely, there must be some method of recourse, in British law, that can be actioned against this organisation – irrespective of their size and company assets.

      No one is so big that they can consider themselves to be immune to unacceptable breaches of contract – which is what I personally believe this is.

      I joined Virgin as my ISP some sixteen years ago – not Talk Talk. They have also discontinued my Virgin Freespace which I used regularly in tandem with my “WS_FTP95 LE” facility. They have deleted my remote images so I can no longer view them, add to them, or even delete them, and yet they are still helping themselves to my money – but not providing what was in the original contract.

      Remember the old cliche – “The Bigger They Are – The Harder They Fall” !

  37. Brian Goulding says:

    virgin have not a clue what they are doing. I had a phone call off them today telling me that they are changing adsl customers to talk talk. I said your a bit late mate. I cancelled my contract with you last wednesday,got my mac code and set up a broadband supplier that I wanted, not one forced on me. Also that I also received a letter from virgin after the event telling me not to do anything yet.He also told me that I still have to cancel my contract with them when I get conected to my new supplier which is wrong becuase it is done automatically as soon as I conect to their router.I hope Richard Branston is losing sleep over this but I doubt it.
    I only hope that someone with a legal background is effected and starts legal proceedings about this immoral behaviour…..

  38. Sheila says:

    Got an email yesterday referring to a letter I received ‘recently’ about transfer to Talk Talk. We did not get a letter. It’s happening in 3 days. Will wait and see.

    1. Brian Goulding says:

      dont wait 3 days if you dont want to go to talk talk, ring virgins cancelation desk, tell them you want to cancel and get them to email your mac code which they must send within 5 days, then look for a supplier of your choice.
      virgin are being underhand with some of their tactics. they are sending out letters at the last minute, then you will get a phone call about the change over when its done and dusted.

    2. Tina Steele says:

      I did not get a letter either just an email

  39. Jock says:

    Does anybody have experience of getting a MAC code, and if so, can you tell me whether I need to get one from Virgin or from TalkTalk, who are now nominally my supplier?

  40. Brian Goulding says:

    click on your internet symble at top of your screen and click on connection information, it will show your provider.you will then have to cancel your contract with them and ask for your mac code, which they must send you within 5 days.when you get your mac code you have to get a new supplier within 30 days or you will have to get a new one sent.
    its a lot off hassle which non of us virgin users needed…..

  41. Jock says:

    Thanks Brian.

    I feel like writing a letter to Mr Branson saying:

    Dear Mr B,

    I’ve decided I no longer want you as a supplier, so I’m going to dump you with as little ceremony (and notice) as you dumped me.

    I’m going to Virgin Money tomorrow to get my money out and transfer it somewhere else.

    I’ve got a MAC code to transfer my home phone (which I switched FROM TalkTalk to you a year ago) and broadband to somebody else.

    I have a Virgin MiFi which I’m cancelling.

    I was going to use Virgin when I fly to the USA later this year, but now I’m not.

    When you (with Stagecoach) take over the East Coast route on 1 March, I’ll switch to Hull Trains or Grand Central.

    In all, I have no further use for you. I hope this costs you as much money as it is costing me in inconvenience (I’m self-employed, so have to tell everyone in Christendom about my email change, and risk losing work if I forget anyone).

    Yours (or not, as the case may be),


    1. Tina Steele says:

      Yes I agree talk with our feet and our business take it elsewhere I think Virgin have got to cock over the years. This will also affect me when my contract runs out on my Virgin Mobile Phone packages of which I have 3 with Virgin.

    2. Martin Cannell says:


      A fine response which every one should follow. To Virgin, we are no longer human beings who have supported them over the years – we are now just a number on a computer.

      Their so called “Help Line” confirms that !!

      Come on Virgin, have enough guts to take us all on. You are not unbeatable, although you may think so !!

  42. Martin says:

    Jock, I’m not sure that Branson actually owns it any more. Ownership is vague, through some Delaware-based US group where ultimate ownership is not on public record. Branson licenses his Virgin name to various groups, some of which he owns more of than others. Seems a shame if Virgin Media’s performance adversely affects other Virgin brands such as the Bank and the Airline, which to be fair both seem good. On the other hand those lines have profited from the brand name and made Branson rich. Maybe this will make him and other brand owners more careful to protect their brand value by ensuring that people using a brand name do not destroy its value through poor service and questionable practices.

    Separately, any idea why they take as long as 5 days to generate a MAC code – maybe i’m over simplifying but presumably a computer generates it so it could be real-time rather than taking so long. Another scam to get a few extra days of line rental?

    1. Jock says:

      Could be – I’m having to wait 5 days for a MAC code this time, but I’m pretty sure I got one over the phone last time I changed provider.

  43. Martin Cannell says:

    I am about to leave Virgin after sixteen years – as they are now the low life of ISP providers. Please report all your complaints to the U.K. Trading Standards Office and the Office of Fair Trading. It will also be beneficial to contact Which Magazine, and the B.B.C. Watchdog programme, with Anne Robinson.

  44. Kon says:

    I’ve received, the same letter and emails as the posters above; and I’ve been with Virgin or ages. This move disgusts me and I wanted to ask how would I switch to BT for example and would they provide me with non fiber internet; as I am living in a small area of literally couple of meters away from the fiber, but for some reason BT or Virgin didn’t bother to connect my area to the main line.

  45. Chris Allonby says:

    Anyone know if the TalkTalk phone package part of this allows free weekend and evening calls, as I’ve had from Virgin Media?

  46. Tracey Mills says:

    The letter we received only last week had no contact details at all, telephone, email or address. With no email access I can’t send an email. I tried the 150 number and was told that it was nothing to do with virgin or talktalk so I should call their number! How do I get a mac code with only my non-virgin mobile so that we can choose our own supplier? Why, given the circumstances, can we not at least keep our virgin email address? I have never experienced such poor customer service from anyone.

  47. Robin Barnes says:

    I have today (26 Jan) received an email from Talk Talk saying I will be migrated on 25th Feb (contrary to email from Virgin just after Christmas saying I would be migrated in three days time)so it seems that at the moment I am still with Virgin. The emailed deal from Talk Talk was on a like for like basis but a few pence cheaper than existing costs with Virgin (but only for the first 6 months after which it became more expensive). I then phoned Talk Talk sales team (Tel: 0808 108 0655)had a very pleasant chat and negotiated a much better deal although it will tie me into an 18 month contract (broadband, line rental and unlimited landline calls (but improved because it includes calls to UK mobiles and 0845 numbers)). Having done a lot of research and phoning round, this price is better than BT, EE or Plustalk. Whether Talk Talk is better or worse than the other providers remains to be seen. At least I spoke to people in Preston who I could understand instead of Virgin support in India who I usually have difficulty with. Talk Talk say that 12 months after migration my Virgin email address will stop working so I have set up a Gmail account. Good luck to everyone else who has been abandoned by Virgin.

  48. Robin Barnes says:

    By the way Plustalk said that they didn’t need a MAC code (but they also said I could keep my Virgin email address which I believe is incorrect).

    Regarding fibre: EITHER you may be able to connect to Virgin cable whereby they drag a fibreoptic cable to your doorstep if you are in an area that has had conduit installed in your road OR you can connect to fibre via optic fibre to your nearest roadside green telephone junction box and then the last few hundred metres are via the overhead copper telephone cable if your exchange and your green box have been fibre enabled. If neither of these are available then you have to stick to ADSL and wait for fibre to reach your road. (Try Googling BT Openreach)

  49. Lisa says:

    Well spent another painful day not getting very far with TalkTalk and Virgin.

    I have been a customer with Virgin for the past 20 years and cannot believe they have the audacity to just change over the customers supplier without any prior notification. The representative I spoke to at Virgin was actually helpful I think he felt that the customers have been treated unfairly, that or he was just trying to pacify me and get me off the phone!

    However, he gave the following information, which could be helpful to other people also.

    This is the Complaints address:

    Virgin Media National
    PO Box 622
    SA1 9GW

    They also told me the CEO for Virgin Media is Tom Mulbridge.

    I have tonight set up an outlook.com email address in preparation for changing provider!

    1. Robin Barnes says:

      Try phoning TT office in Preston on Tel: 0808 108 0655. They seemed quite helpful.

  50. simon harrison says:

    It’s a joke. Virgin have messed me about.an email sent to me 5pm on a Sunday saying about the migration. I tried signing up to sky which has been rejected because the migration has not finalised. One person says one thing then passes you on to someone else. Customer services hang up on you. They say they will email you a mac code. Then to discover it will take 5 days then to discover it won’t be valid. Aaaaaaaah. Virgin won’t communicate with sky and the only option sedms to be to end the contract and have to wait a month with no phone or broadband. Change my number and email too. It’s a whole pile of mess. To top it all I did not receive a letter about this!

    1. Barbara Bailey says:

      Make a complaint to Virgin complaints dept and report it to Ofcom. I an surprised that there has been nothing in the press about the problems we have been subjected to. We are all having to make all these phone calls to Virgin at our our own expense and it is none of our making.

  51. Robin Barnes says:

    Having received an email from TT yesterday, today I got a letter from TT confirming their emailed migrated deal. At least TT seems to want me.

    1. Barbara Bailey says:

      Don’t be taken in by it. My internet connection has been terrible since the change. Keeps coming and going.

  52. Martin says:

    If sports TV is for you then BT Broadband with free BT Sports (£3 extra for HD over Sky box) is worth a look, coupled with a non-linked gmail email address. I change over broadband on February 10th, and Sports is activated immediately on order. Virgin (to be fair) supplied MAC code Tuesday morning following request the previous Saturday, so then it’s 14 days and job done. And my Virgin account is still in credit due to credits posted earlier to compensate for previous poor service. BT may be a bit more expensive but I feel good, like BT have been doing stuff like this for years and they watch people leaving for would-be competitors then to welcome them back when, as for us, things go wrong. Added bonus: don’t need to share new email address with everyone, can lose some contacts on the journey. Adios Virgin.

  53. Twitterer says:

    Am I imaging it or did Twitter address @Virginmedia airbrush out of history all their tweet history responding to myriads of customer complaints. The one last week from Ellie Goulding was funny. She then deleted it and @Virginmedia is now all adverts. I need someone to tell me I didn’t imagine all this?

  54. Jock says:

    Virgin email received 21 January says: “We recently sent you a letter about transferring …”. Ah, that’ll be the letter dated 23 January, that I received today, 28 January.

    Not just their customer service that’s arse about face, then.

  55. Jayne says:

    I’m fuming!!

    I have been a Virgin media customer for almost 20 years, in one form or another. When I moved I became a Virgin National customer as my new build house didn’t have fibre optic connection.

    I found out via an email on the 25th Jan that in 4 days time I was being switched over to TT. I received the letter that they claimed that they sent yesterday (27th) dated the 26th Jan. Exactly how do I manage to source a new IP with no notice and working full time!

    How dare they treat their customers so badly, I have no idea where to start to change my email contacts…. I’ve had the same email address since I was a Blueyonder customer. I feel forced to go to TT as I have no time to do anything about it.

    Cancelling Virgin gives me no time to change over all of my email contacts, its not like post redirection where they are automatically forwarded for a period of time.

    I have just contacted BT who said that they would probably need an upfront fee as I might not have a good enough credit score!!


  56. Barbara Bailey says:

    I spent 2 and a half hours on the phone to Virgin today to try and get my MAC number which BT need for me to transfer to them. I was kept on hold for 30 mins when I hung up . Tried again and held on hold for 25 mins. Made 3 more calls and put through to one department after another.

    So infuriated I phoned Ofcom. Very interested in my problem. They took up my case and I then emailed a complaint to Virgin about my treatment.

    I received an apologetic phone call 4 hours later from Virgin with the Mac Code. So they have the information readily available.

    This treatment of us is just dreadful.

    I am really stressed out by it all.

  57. Mark says:

    I wish I had found this webpage earlier – until now I thought I was on my own in thinking the switch to TalkTalk (TT) was poorly handled! I received the letter on or about 12 Dec and thought the timing, just before Christmas, a chore to say the least; however, I could wait until the new year at least – but then the 4-day notice of switch arrived and my BT line rental was due within the week so I had to make a decision – I am now at BT because while TT may have better speeds the customer service is not good and I have 3 friends who have walked away from that company.

    The helpline was useless and many did not know of the switch unless you contacted the National Customer Service but the number we were all given seemed to take you to the Virgin Mobile helpline. I did get an incorrect MAC code at first but was advised all the MAC codes had to be completed by hand as there was some problem or other. Once I had that my switch to BT went smoothly but I have yet to have a final bill (they owe me) and numerous calls haven’t achieved anything except to make me feel I should have left them ages ago! My youngsters said that my line speed was appalling but as we don’t ‘stream’ anything it was adequate for our needs.

    I have been with Virgin since 1996 and now except that ‘loyalty means nothing these days, no wonder the human race has become so mercenary in outlook. No doubt the Virgin Directors will pleased that the switch went well; the fact that for many customers it was a nightmare won’t worry them, after all, they are someone else’s problem now. I will not be using there services again.

  58. Mark says:

    Further to my last, if it is any help to anyone (it appears the letters have all arrived at different times) I received most help on the number 03454542222 which I think is entitled National Customer Helpline. Through the entire period of my switch, it was impossible to gain a number I could call direct – like the Virgin Accounts team (the whole company is ex-directory!!).

  59. Mark says:

    Robin, the number 08081080655 is the TalkTalk Sales Team and they were very helpful if the objective is to say with TT, they were able to help a little but, in my experience, all issues relating to Virgin bounced you back into the Virgin helpline roundabout. Virgin actually referred me back to TT at one point and they couldn’t have been more helpful – but all the sales teams are usually excellent – it is the customer helplines post-switch that are usually the problem.

    1. Robin Barnes says:

      Yes I think you are probably right about the Sales Teams being better than aftersales teams. TT aftersales care has a poor reputation whilst Plustalk (which is owned by BT)has a goodish reputation. Trouble is the TT deal is £4 per month cheaper and after the initial contract is about £3.70 per month cheaper. I only want broadband and phone and not TV.

  60. Jock says:

    Re: MAC codes

    Have today been advised by Virgin that the MAC code I requested a week ago won’t be applicable any more – their “back office” team say that I need to contact my new supplier, explain the background of the Virgin-to-TalkTalk transfer, and ask them to do an “MPF transfer”, which they say can be effected without a MAC code.

    Hope this helps.

  61. Kevin says:

    Am I alone in not receiving any letterS from Virgin Media?. The first I heard of the sale to TT was an email from VM on 25 Jan saying the transfer would go ahead some time in mid-Feb. The email referred to an earlier letter from VM which I have not received. Except this one email on 25 Jan I have received no correpondence (written or electronic) from either company. Nor have I been able to get thru on phone to VM to get MAC code

  62. Kevin says:

    How many other customers have not received a letter from VM advising them of the sale? Reading comments it appears some customers have only received 4 days warning of transfer not 30 days as promised

  63. Kevin says:

    Can anyone explain what is meant by the option of TT’s FTTC package? My understanding this gives faster speeds than normal ADSL. If my existing telephone/broadband from VM comes via BT cable would it be possible I have this facility? If so, does BT phone/broadband packages also offer this? I live in a block of apartments built in 2005. although the area is cabled our building is not. My current download speed is around 5mbps – often down to 2mbps late evenings despite being no more than a mile from BT exchange

  64. Helen HESFORD says:

    I received an email from virgin but cannot do anything at all as I am on holiday abroad ,can talk talk just take the direct debit from my bank without me signing any thing?I really do not want TT but by the time I am back it will be too late. Virgin have already closed my account details.

  65. Graham says:

    We’ve been very happy Virgin customers for more than 15 years – a couple of minor glitches over time but nothing unreasonable. So we’ve been loyal and stayed with them (in spite of cheaper alternatives)- broadband only and virgin.net email. I got my letter on Wed 28 Jan (first I’d heard of the migration) and then the four day notice mail on Fri 30 Jan. Very surprised so started doing web research on the TalkTalk service. Only then did I discover that e-mail was terminating too – but only from media sources, not from Virgin. Now started panicking as email address change is massive impact. Today I called the 0345 454 2222 number – and after a 25 minute hold, had an encouraging chat – the guy told me that after migration I would over time get a talktalk e-mail, and at some future point my virgin.net e-mails would be redirected. I asked if that would ad infinitum – and he said YES. Can that be true??? Because if so, there is no real e-mail panic.

    Separately, in my searching for alternatives to TalkTalk, I spotted that Virgin fibre IS available where I live, so I asked him about that too, and if I could switch to that instead. He passed me through to what I think was the migrations team, where another very helpful lady confirmed that yes I could switch to fibre – AND that my virgin.net address would remain working ad infinitum. Can that be true too??? Anyway I decided to go that route (will also get a major speed upgrade) – she says she has is sorting the cancellation of my transfer to TalkTalk and sorting my switch from ADSL to fibre….and will confirm everything by Wed 4 Feb. Only problem was that she couldn’t confirm it all in writing…

    I guess it’s now wait and see to see if I’ve made the right call…and haven’t been led up the garden path. From my previous positive Virgin experiences, I am hopeful, but would welcome comment from those with more technical knowledge than me.

    1. Robin Barnes says:

      My understanding is that if you migrate to Talk Talk your @virgin.net email address will keep working for 12 months.
      If you go with another ISProvider it will stay live for 3 months.

      Rather than get a Talk Talk email address I suggest you get a Gmail or Hotmail address. These email addresses are independent of the company you are with so if you change suppliers again in the future you wont need to change your email address again.

    2. Robin Barnes says:

      You will, of course, be paying about £160 a year more with Virgin cable than you are currently paying with Virgin ADSL.

  66. Andrew Mack says:

    Its just a disgrace. A letter with no method of reply only a phone number which when you call it those answering the call do not know anything about the change. What a way to treat customers and I have to lose an e-mail address I have had for years. The letter informs me I am being changed to Talk Talk, no apology, no real business case just that as a customer I am no longer of use to them, did not stop them taking my monthly payment all these years though did it? I am so cross, I have cancelled Virgin am I am changing to Sky and Yahoo. How can they (Virgin)get away with this?

  67. Robin Barnes says:

    By the way this whole fiasco was the subject of a big article in the Telegraph over the weekend (Saturday I think). Trouble was it was buried in the Money section! See


    although the online article seems to be dated last Thursday. It has 389 comments (so few?).

  68. Trevor Ratcliffe says:

    Totally disgusted with them, I only found out last Friday so instantly called to cancel and ask for Mac number. After having to listen to some daft sod who works for TT how good they are has soon as I stopped laughing i was told it will take up to five days been four now so let’s see if they keep to their word. Explains now why my speed keeps dropping. I have also just been emailed that my bill I ready, this looks high to me but for some reason I cannot view it on line. You pay a month in advance so I take it we get this back?

  69. Jenny Paton says:

    Have just been reading all these negative comments and now understand why my 82 year old mother is having problems. First I heard about this switch was yesterday when she informed me that she could receive emails but not send them. Although my mum is fantastic using her computer and i-pad, when it comes to the technical side she struggles (as do I). Having eventually got through to Virgin she could not understand the person on the other end due to their accent (broad Scottish) and then Asian. Having no luck at all she has resorted to writing to Virgin asking for an immediate response – will be surprised if she ever receives an answer. So Virgin have taken it upon themselves to get rid of a large chunk of their customers and offer no support to them if the switch over causes problems. I feel sorry for them all, and even more so for the elderly customers like my mother who use their computers to keep in touch, especially in the winter when they can’t get out much. Shame on you Virgin!!!

    1. Robin Barnes says:

      Had the same problem with my emails as your mother has had. See above. It is fixable.

  70. Rachel Collier says:

    To my knowledge we haven’t received any notification at all about this switch and the first I knew was when my internet stopped working 6 days ago.
    I was told to leave it for 24 hours at first and then made to take phone sockets off the wall to test the line blah blah blah –
    After 2 days they admitted the problem was probably this migration – here we are nearly a week now and no further forward.
    I’ve tried the social media line and I can’t see my tweets either – although they are being answered but only with platitudes.
    I’m furious as I work from home and am left high and dry and they clearly don’t care when you ring.
    The Indian call centre staff are unfailingly polite but they just can’t help and don’t kow what is going on.
    I asked to get my MAC code and the nice lady in Scotland couldn’t give it to me because my husband id the account holder and he is currently several thousand miles away on holiday!!
    I’ve just made a note of the info mentioned above about moving without a MAC code asking the new provider to do a MPF transfer.
    Feel totally let down by a brand that I have always trusted.

    1. Jock says:

      Moved to PlusNet seamlessly without a MAC code (using the MPF transfer request) – hope you had a similar experience.

  71. Karen Watson says:

    Never more thankful for the “vanity address” which I simply redirected when I picked up the news – NOT from either party to the deal.
    Rang on 23rd Jan to inform Virgin I do NOT want to do business with TT and ask for MAC.
    Finally got the round-robin “you’ve been sold” letter on 28th – no sign of MAC
    E mail on 2nd Feb to tell me “you’re going”
    Transfer appears to have taken place yesterday (6th) but no notice and no comms whatever from TT.
    Did somebody also sell off Ofcom while they were at it or has it been “cut” while we weren’t looking?

  72. steve lythgoe says:

    they could have pick a better company than talk talk, or no listen no listen as i call them , no listen no listen have rubbish custommer service

  73. joanne pearson says:

    ive been with Virgin media for 10yrs, i got my letter of the change over end of January from Talk Talk, i thought it quite inconsiderate that i got no letter or informed of this change over from Virgin itself.
    My direct debit with Virgin pays for my internet from the 16th to the 16th of each month.
    obviously this is the last payment i am making to Virgin as Talk Talk start the new plan on the 4th March . Now i would have thought that Virgin would have just charged me from the 16th Feb up to the 4th March, because my letter from Talk Talk states that i will be paying from the 4th to the 4th of each month, i want to know why Virgin has taken a full months payment up to the 16th of March when i will be paying Talk Talk from the 4th March onwards.
    Virgin is taking 12 days of internet from me when i wont even be with them on these dates!!!!

    as for Talk Talk, i think its applaling how they are charging an extra £1.99 on top of the new price all because we pay by direct debit, direct debits are instant payment, surely this £1.99 should be only charged if you choose to pay via paper invoice.

    and then it states that when Talk Talk take the first direct debit on starting 4th March the cost will be a bit higher because they bill a month in advance plus part month charges due to the package change over.

    not only have i paid Virgin from 4th to the 16th ( 12 days) of internet when Virgin wont even be giving me their internet, but how many millions Virgin users out there are going to be charged for these 12 non existant days…..by jove Virgin are going to be well minted, money in their pocket for none service given.

    And why should we be charged more from Talk Talk just because theyve changed our providers over…..we DID NOT ask to be changed over.
    what ever Virgin customers have paid Virgin up to, then Talk Talk should start their charges from the day we all finish with Virgin.

  74. Brian Crook says:

    I whole heartedly agree with all the above comments of other past virgin customers.I was unable to send any emails last Friday
    i contacted customer support put in touch with a indian lady who managed to send an important email off for me and was told everything would now be ok as you have guessed it is not.Disgusting service and will be moving to another provider.I feel really let down as i have been a loyal customer for years this obviously counts for nothing.

  75. sara fisher says:

    Has anyone got a UK based phone number for virgin national or talk talk? My parents have been without a working phone now for three weeks following the ‘switch’ and no one can tell us why or when it will be fixed. Very ffrustrating.

  76. haydn cook says:

    Just to say I’ve also been a customer for almost 20 years, really can’t understand why email addresses aren’t ‘portable’ like mobile phone numbers. Notifying everyone of new email address will be a huge amount of work – plus presumably re-registering with amazon, facebook, ebay, paypal, and anyone else for whom an email address is the ‘log in’. New business cards, etc etc… Shame we can’t come up with an email forwarding system, but obviously Virgin don’t want to help as they are trying to push us towards talktalk. Bastards!

  77. Dennis Harris says:

    This is a shocking way to treat customers of long standing. I really thought that Virgin were better than this and very disappointed with them. I’ve changed to BT and have internet access, but there seems to be a problem transferring our old phone number, so we have no landline phone.

  78. Sandra says:

    Found this website via Google Chrome after experiencing problems in the last few days in sending emails from my Virgin email address. Such a relief to know there are SO many other people having similar problems. My transfer to Talktalk took place 11th February and everything seemed to be running smoothly until last weekend. Now, my ability to send email is very intermittent. I get a notification from Virgin that I’ve changed my password! Which password? I have a new Talktalk account password which works fine, but am I supposed to use it to still access my Virgin emails in the Windows 8.1 Mail app? Or use my original password? Very, very confusing. No explanation from Virgin or Talktalk about what’s happening to my email address. I’m a “senior citizen and find it all very scary, and didn’t ask for all this hassle.

  79. Twitterer says:

    I left Virgin just before being sold to Talk Talk and am now with BT. So far so good. No breaks in signal, no hassle at all. Now I realise all the issues really WERE caused by Virgin (not my line, the signal box, the line renter etc etc). Then I received a bill from Virgin whose billing department doesn’t seem to notice that I am no longer a customer. Really glad I cancelled direct debit early in the process as otherwise they would have taken payment and then I would have had to reclaim it with all that hassle. So those leaving Virgin and TalkTalk do remember to close your direct debit instructions early. Meanwhile I look forward to receiving lots of bills from Virgin, threats of disconnecting the already disconnected and probably a County Court judgement against me.

  80. brian says:

    OMG this is the my worst nightmare talktalk.
    I left them a while ago because they were crap.Now they want me to go to them not a chance i had countless connection drops arguments with customer services even slammed the phone down on me lol i certainly wont be going with them. they are rubbish.

    1. David says:

      I was also with TT ages ago and cancelled the contract because of rubbish service , but I went back to them as part of the VM migration…….I now have a faster internet connection , better wifi , and a bill that is half of Virgin Media. They have come on leaps and bounds since I was with them last………All i can suggest to you is that you go with TT but haggle with them over the price…….Give them a chance because you can always cancel the service up to 1 month after your go live date with no penalties if you’re not happy……You’ve got nothing to lose and you never know,,,,,,,you might be pleasantly surprised

  81. David says:

    I was also one of the many to be migrated to Talk Talk. Virgin media took a full months payment out of my bank when they knew i was leaving them only half way through a billing month cycle and I complained and demanded my refund , to which I was told that it would be sent out and take up to 6 weeks(I wonder if Virgin Media would wait 6 weeks for a bill payment).That time has now elapsed,with no sign of my refund……..I now have to write to VM’s complaints department and wait another 8 weeks for a reply before I can take it further. Thats all i can say about VM is that they are a total waste of time , and i urge anyone thinking of taking VM’s services to reconsider……….If you do have a problem , they will not help you.I have been lied to by them , and they have effecively stolen my money……….What an absolutely crap company…………

  82. Barneygoogle says:

    Hi, sorry to hear of all the above. I’m not with Virgin, other than using a virgin.net email address. Will I lose this? It’s a webmail service, so I don’t understand why it needs to end, for those who move to TalkTalk, or any other provider.

  83. Rose M says:

    I received one of the letters about the Virgin migration to TT, then some time later a welcome letter from TT. For the last couple of weeks (ie around the time I think the migration probably happened) I have noticed my connection has slowed down a huge amount, and late at night just constantly hangs. About a year ago I bought a smart tv and had been enjoying Netflix, playing in fabulous HD via my Virgin broadband connection – watching it last night it was immediately apparent that the films are now only playing in SD and the picture quality is bloody terrible. Oh, and the film crashed about 4 times during the hour and a half I was watching it.

    I am so angry about this clearly inferior new service. Why If the same infrastructure is still being used, has it go so much worse under TT? Despite not having fibre optic under Virgin, the copper ADSL was pretty decent. So cross now. Does anyone have any ideas what I can do?

  84. Chris says:

    I tried to cancel my Virgin national service around 10th Feb. Got a foreign guy who said he would do it. Nothing happened except that my email address stopped working. Tried again on 20th Feb got put through to Talk Talk who said they couldn’t do it – they put me through to Virgin who said thay couldn’t do it. Eventually I got put through to a “cancellation team” who said they would do it. Nothing happened except they took my money at the end of February. Tried again and the same run around. Someone eventually said the problem was I was with Virgin National and gave me another number – got the same run around. Eventually someone said that I had to continue paying until the 27th March because BT would then close the line (I was moving house) – even though my original contract said only 1 month notice was required. I stopped the continuous payment authority towards the end of March and so far have received 3 undated letters requesting payment. Plan to write to the address at the bottom of the letter.

  85. Peter Hellyar says:

    I contacted POP COM in February when I heard Virgin were dropping land line broadband , despite POP COM being given a MAC code they have not been able to transfer my Broadband, in fact I lost my Broadband service on the 6th March Virgin are still charging me for the service as are POP COM , both are blaming each other.
    I have now gone to BT .
    POP COM want a cancellation fee of 275.00 even though they cant provide the service they committed to.
    If you approach this company watch out for on costs like an additional charge if you live in a rural area.
    I have reported this to Ofcom who have directed me to the Ombudsman

  86. Peter says:

    The Virgin handover to Talk Talk is a fiasco. Been without landline and broadband for 8 days now and nobody wants to tell me what’s going on.

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