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Sky Confirm First Customers Live on 940Mbps Broadband in York UK

Monday, September 28th, 2015 (1:02 pm) - Score 4,013

As expected Sky Broadband has today echoed last week’s news from TalkTalk (here) and Cityfibre, which confirmed that the first trial customers are now live on their joint “ultrafast” 940Mbps capable Fibre-to-the-Home (FTTH/P) network in the city of York (North Yorkshire).

Strictly speaking this event actually took place last week when we first reported it, although Sky appears to be a little slower on the PR side of things than TalkTalk. Meanwhile the press release itself doesn’t say a lot, except to confirm the benefits of a pure fibre optic network to service speed and reliability.

Lyssa McGowan, Director of Sky Broadband, said:

Sky is the first broadband service provider in the UK to offer guaranteed broadband speeds. We are proud that these products will be available to our customers in York on our ultrafast and ultra-reliable gigabit network.

As Ofcom continues its review of the broadband market, we believe that trials like this are a valuable demonstration of the alternative technologies now available. With the right conditions for investment and innovation, consumers and businesses could benefit from more ultrafast connections across the UK.”

The press release claims that this development makes “York the first ultrafast city in the UK“, which suggests that Sky’s PR team are perhaps unaware of other developments in the market (e.g. Hyperoptic have a 1000Mbps service in several cities).

The PR also ignores that the York deployment currently only covers a couple of thousand premises and the vast majority have yet to be reached (around 80,000 in total, but the current roll-out plan is only for the first 20,000) and that “ultrafast” tends to cover 100Mbps+ speeds (this brings Virgin Media into the equation).

Sky’s other claim to be the first broadband ISP in the UK to offer “guaranteed broadband speeds” is similarly incorrect, although if they had added the word “consumer” before broadband then it might have been a little closer to the truth.

In fact plenty of providers can offer a guaranteed rate, although they’re usually business focused solutions and have a Service Level Agreement (SLA). Lest we not forget that Sky’s guarantee is only for their 50Mbps and 100Mbps packages, not the 940Mbps option that the press release highlights.

Otherwise you can find more details about Sky’s Ultrafast Broadband packages HERE, but here’s a short recap.

Sky Ultra Fibre Optic
* 50Mbps “Guaranteed Speeds”
* Totally unlimited usage
* Included router (£6.95 delivery charge)

PRICE: £10 per month + £16.40 per month line rental

Sky Ultra Fibre Optic Plus
* As above, but with..
* 100Mbps

PRICE: £20 per month + £16.40 per month line rental

Sky Ultra Fibre Optic Pro
* As above, but with..
* ‘up to’ 940Mbps

PRICE: £30 per month + £16.40 per month line rental

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9 Responses
  1. Avatar rage says:

    Shame about the silly line rental. Make the broadband more expensive if you have to!

    1. Avatar Ben says:

      I’m sure this can be arranged. Free line rental and £26.40 a month for the 50Mbps package.

  2. Avatar Matthew says:

    Any details on what routers are being provided? If it’s anything like their current woeful one over wireless nobody will be getting past 40mbps never mind close to 940mbps

    1. Mark Jackson Mark Jackson says:

      It’s going to be a different one, with faster dual-band WiFi and Gigabit LAN ports, but we don’t know much more.

    2. Avatar Hedges says:

      A FTTP connection requires totally different gear to that of FTTC.

  3. Avatar Darren says:

    Speedtest or it didn’t happen.. Seriously though always nice to see a speedtest.

    Still no word on upload?

  4. Avatar Peter says:

    The equivalent TalkTalk FTTP >900Mb UFO (UltraFibreOptic) packages (from £21.70 for the ‘SimplyBroadband’ base package) include phone usage and don’t use the BT Openreach phone lines so no annoying “silly line rental” extra is applicable.
    From the TalkTalk site:
    “The broadband prices you’ll see around split out the broadband package cost and the monthly line rental. As UFO is a brand new ultra fast fibre broadband network that doesn’t involve phone lines from BT Openreach we can simplify things with a single ‘all in’ monthly charge. Charges for additional calls and TV channels may still apply depending on the package chosen.”
    Also says “More than 900Mb: refers to download and upload speeds” so (if actually delivered) sounds more user friendly than the bizarre 200Mb-down/12Mb-up I’ll soon have from Virgin broadband.
    Personally, I’d prefer a more balanced download/upload ratio over further (mostly irrelevant) download speed ‘upgrades’.
    Can’t get the TalkTalk/Sky FTTP services where I am (yet…) but the extra competition might help to keep Virgin, BT etc. on their toes regarding future developments.


  5. Avatar Hull_lad says:

    I seriously don’t get the issue with ‘line rental’. It’s fixed broadband. There’s a physical infrastructure that needs upkeep and maintenance to deliver the broadband, aside from the work required to install it.

    Why is it a problem to pay £5 plus £15 line rental compared to paying £20?

    If it wasn’t necessary (which TalkTalk are rather naughtily implying above), then why aren’t TalkTalk charging £5 for their service?

    1. Avatar Peter says:

      The only ‘issue’ with ‘line rental’ is that it’s often only mentioned in the small print (as a non-optional extra charge) after the headline ‘Bargain Price!’ for the broadband itself.
      As a Virgin Media (using their own fibre optic infrastructure) broadband customer my broadband doesn’t actually use the phone line so, in theory, I could opt to cancel the phone line and keep the broadband service only (as far as I know Virgin are the only ISP [other than the new TalkTalk FTTP scheme, which includes phone usage] to offer broadband without obligatory phone line rental) but the ‘Bundle’ pricing/discount structure means it might actually cost me more to have less.
      Many people now have little use for a telephone land-line but with most other ISPs the phone line is either needed (for both Internet and phone connection) or obligatory anyway, so why not quote broadband prices that accurately reflect what the total ‘all in’ price is actually going to be to access whatever necessary infrastructure applies for a particular customer?
      I’d say the TalkTalk pricing for their ‘UFO’ FTTP service is, far from being ‘naughty’, refreshingly straightforward in as much as the ‘Headline Price’ is actually what you pay for the broadband service, infrastructure rental and included phone usage.
      No copper wire (BT Openreach network) is required so no additional ‘line rental’ figure needs to be applied over and above the quoted price …simple.
      £21.70 a month for the TalkTalk FTTP >900Mb UFO package sounds like a bargain to me (cheaper than the SKY equivalent in the same area) …at around 1/3 the price of my Virgin 200Mb/12Mb broadband plus phone line rental, I just wish I had the option in my area!

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