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BT Broadband Users Suffer Problems with Netflix on UK Smart TVs

Wednesday, February 10th, 2016 (9:29 am) - Score 49,649

Some of BT’s Broadband customers, primarily those who are trying to use the Netflix app on an LG, Samsung, Sony or Panasonic Smart TV, appear to be running into problems with getting the service to work. In many cases the app will return a UI-113 error, which has also been seen on some Humax based set-top-boxes.

The problem seems to have started in late January and several related topics can be found on the ISPs Community Forum. Some subscribers have been briefly able to circumvent the problem by logging into and out of Netflix while also resetting their HomeHub, although the fault usually returns and the same trick doesn’t work for everybody.

Netflix itself has a specific page for the UI-113 error, which simply states: “If you experience the error code UI-113 while watching Netflix on your device, it typically points to some information on your device that needs to be refreshed.” However the advice given by Netflix to resolve the issue (e.g. reboot the hardware, login / logout etc.) does not deliver a proper fix.

The error itself is actually a general one that has been seen in the past on many different devices, with different ISPs, and usually reflects a problem with connecting to Netflix’s servers (DNS related perhaps?). But so far this latest issue only seems to be hitting customers of BT’s broadband service.

A BT Spokesperson said (canned statement):

“We are aware of a very small number of customers using some smart TVs who are unable to watch Netflix via their television’s built-in Netflix app. We’ll support manufacturers with their investigations to help resolve specific problems.”

One of those manufacturers, LG, echoed BT’s statement and also added that they were “working closely with BT and Netflix to help resolve specific problems” (here). At present neither side seems to be taking clear responsibility for the problems and no ETA for a fix has been proposed.

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By Mark Jackson
Mark is a professional technology writer, IT consultant and computer engineer from Dorset (England), he also founded ISPreview in 1999 and enjoys analysing the latest telecoms and broadband developments. Find me on Twitter, , Facebook and Linkedin.
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58 Responses
  1. Mike Malcomson says:

    I had same problem with a Samsung UHD TV.
    The work around I used was to turn off BT parental controls which was blocking the Netflix DNS.
    You may need to reboot the BT home hub or wait for a while for this to take effect
    Then run Netflix app on theTV
    Once this worked I was able to set Parental controls back on.
    The BT protect product that blocks access to phishing sites may also need to be turned off. This did not exist when I had the issue,

    1. Carl853 says:

      Hi I’ve got the same problem and seem to have come up with a temporary solution. Use your mobile phone to create a mobile hotspot and connect your to to your phone, load up Netflix log in etc then go back to settings menu and connect back to you BT home hub Netflix will still be loaded and working but I don’t know how long this will work befor Netflix and Bt start to conflict again hope this helps people out it worked for me. Ps sorry for the bad gramma

  2. Nicholas Peck says:

    Still the same problem with my LG TV. BT per the Community Forum are still working on a fix, as of today. Seems there is no other fix, although people who have spent money on an ASUS RT-N66U router or similar in place of their BT Home Hub appear to have solved the issue – at their own considerable cost. I spoke to BT again today – pleasant phone manner, and that’s it – no solution or offer of product or a discount!!

  3. Datsun Zed says:

    Same problem with Sony TV. Have spoken to Netflix, BT and Sony at length…neither side taking responsibility. have to say Netflix were VERY helpful…almost cetrainly a problem with SONY/BT as Netflix works on all my other devices. Only failures are Sony TV and PS4. Glad it’s been picked up as an issue. Tried the Parental controls thing….no difference.

  4. bob says:

    Do you all have BT home Hub 3 as it looks like this could be the issue or at lest something to do with it. It can’t be the devices as its happening with so many brands.

  5. Chris says:

    I can only log in very occasionally with my Samsung TV. It’s been getting worse since Xmas. I have BT broadband. Resetting the Samsung smart Hub sometimes helps. A real pain if you’re a Netflix user

  6. nick says:

    discussed with BT on many occasions, and they had to google the info that it was their problem. Found a painful way around it by using BT-Fon Wifi link. Seems that it uses a different approach to connect to Netflix.

    1. Chris says:

      Nick, how did you get FON to work?

  7. Chris Webber says:

    I’ve been having this same problem, getting error code ui-113 when trying to access Netflix on my LG smart TV using BT Broadband.
    BT were most unhelpful and shrugged me off blaming Netflix.
    Netflix did tests, advising my BT Hub 3 router was not providing sufficient bandwidth to operate the the Netflix app on my LG TV, and suggested I escalate this back to BT.
    I have wrote to BT informing them the HUB 3 router is not fit for purpose to operate the LG TV Netflix app, and I have requested a free upgrade to a BT HH5 router.
    I am awaiting their reply.

    1. Graham Bowers says:

      Hi Chris
      I have the same problems and I have BT Infinity with a Home Hub 5. So it is not a permanent fix as mine worked OK for 10 months. BT said they could not assist as I get Netflix separately from BT. All the BT rep was interested in was selling me “BT Netflix” as he said that would solve the problem. He insisted that I cannot watch Netflix on my Sony smart TV even though I had been doing so for 10 months. I use my mobile phone as a wi fi hot spot and Netflix loads in about 2 seconds then I disconnect and reconnect to BT HH5. Which works for a period of up to 2 weeks before I have to retether to the mobile phone.

    2. Chris Webber says:

      BT gave me a free BTHub 5 upgrade. Problem solved.

  8. Harry Woodall says:

    My Netflix stopped working yesterday (22 Feb 2016) & I have the BT hub 5 router. I had a problem with my LG Smart TV when I first bought it about 9 months ago I resolved the Netflix problem by turning the parental controls off. Well the controls are still off but Netflix has gone down. I suspect the problem lies with both Netflix & BT particularly if some recent updates have been issued. But right now I’m paying for a service I can’t use on my TV & yet I can access it on my laptop.

  9. nick says:

    to connect with FON – select if from the list of wireless networks. The tv will say that it is not able to reach the internet – doesn’t matter. then start a grower on the tv, and it will default to the FON wifi login. Use your usual BT email and password et voila.
    Problem is that you have to do this each time you turn the TV on.

  10. nick says:

    CORRECTIONS – to connect with FON – select if from the list of wireless networks. The tv will say that it is not able to reach the internet – doesn’t matter. then start a browser on the tv, and it will default to the FON wifi login. Use your usual BT email and password et voila.
    Problem is that you have to do this each time you turn the TV on.

  11. steve says:

    Same issue with Panasonic tv and bt hub 3, cancelled Netflix as a result.

  12. Neil says:

    I am having the same issue Panasonic hh3

  13. Will says:

    I have the same problem – Samsung TV. It’s the Home Hub 3 and whatever funky routing BT is using for Netflix. I replaced my Home Hub 3. Problem went away. BT support utterly useless and twice ended up hanging up on me.

    1. Sue says:

      I have been having an ongoing problem since January, after many discussions with Samsung, resetting and new apps I now can’t access Netflix at all.
      Today I was advised by a BT customer representative that there are not any restrictions with BT and Netflix but having read the above comments I will be having further talks with them.
      I thought this was a problem with the TV for I do not understand why I can receive Netflix on my computer but not on the Smart TV and I can access all other apps on the Smart TV

      What did you replace your BT home hub 3 with.
      What did you replace your BT Home Hub 3 with ?

  14. Steve says:

    Have BT HH5 and Panasonic TV. Netflix has been down for two weeks. Netflix blames ISP and vice versa. Will have to cancel soon……

  15. Norman Hutt says:

    Have Panasonic TV but Netflix went down a few weeks ago. BT or Netflix could not fix it. Decided to cancel, or to stream Netflix from a laptop via HDMI cable, which is working fine and we want to watch House of Cards badly!

  16. john says:

    Samsung tv latest model bt hub 3. error ui-113 when trying to connect to Netflix.
    managed to see 1 film during free month. Since beginning of Feb. have had no joy although connection via computer and same network works ok. all other on demand channels work.
    Netflix get on to BT otherwise you lose another customer.

  17. Adrian says:

    Netflix just stopped working for me on some of my devices when connecting via my home highway 3 B on BT:

    IPad still works OK
    Android just hangs
    Fire TV stick throws a network error

    It I open a wireless hotspot connection on my phone and connect my android tablet through that then it works perfectly. So this is definitely BT or home hub related. I spoke with BT who were aware of the issue but couldn’t offer a solution or an ETA. If they don’t fix it in the next few days then I will be cancelling broadband with then and signing up elsewhere.

  18. Mark says:

    BT replaced my HH3 with an HH5 because of the problem you mention. All worked perfectly for a couple of weeks, and tonight my 2-month old Panasonic Viera smart TV can’t connect to Netflix or iPlayer. (It says there is a network error, though when I run through the set-up it appears to connect to the internet fine and strangely ITVPlayer still works…) Tried resetting the HH5, restoring the TV to factory settings, but problem still there. I’m utterly at a loss.

  19. Pete says:

    I’m just off a half hour call with Samsung – my third in the last fortnight. They and Netflix have both carried out full diagnostics, reporting nothing wrong. Samsung told me that there was a firewall upgrade done by BT which has resulted in the problems we’re all having. Only happens with the app on UHD TV, I have no problem with my standard HD Samsung telly

  20. julie says:

    At last!! We have an LG smart tv downstairs and a hitachi smart tv upstairs. After weeks of trying everything you can think of we sorted it. Read lots about DNS servers and IPS etc etc (which were really confusing) and connecting directly with ethernet cabke, we tried switching off parental controls but still no connection. After sifting through several chat forums it suggested turning off bt protect as well which we did and netflix back on without a problem. Not sure how safe our broadband is now, but hey ho… hope it helps some folks, good luck! We have the home hub 5 by the way

  21. Mark Manwaring-White says:

    I have the BT vision box and all was well until., BT went down 3 or 4 weeks ago, since then I get the U-113 almost every time I try to log in, and my Chrome cast will not go in… This is evidently a BT problem, but as we all know they NEVER accept any responsibility for any faults…
    Come on BT, see what has changed and please fix it!!!
    We are all very fed up, especially now you have lost the FOX channel!!
    Sort it please

  22. John Gibson says:

    Experienced problems with connecting to a Panasonic HD TVs, a Sony TV and a Humax Freesat box.. Managed to get intermitant connection to Netflix on a BT Freeview box.
    Called BT which is always a joy, and after putting me on hold for 40 minutes, while the Indain call centre checked out the connection they cut me off. Again rubbish service from BT.
    Decided to bite the bullet and replace the BT home hub 3 with an ASUS -N66u.
    Problem solved all devices now connect to Netflix.
    BT really need to get there act together, it’s clear the problem lies with them

    1. Chris says:

      John ove bought the ASUS N66U but can’t get the settings correct for BT Infinty, I keep getting a bt error screen. Do you mind me asking what set up you used please?


  23. Prof Mark Saunders says:

    I have been trying to sort this problem for months. I can not get Netflix via my Pansonic bluray box at home, yet it works fine in the shop I bought it from. I took the player back and tried it! BT say it is a Netflix problem. Netflix say it is a BT ISP problem. I have cancelled my Netflix subscription and will probably change my ISP as well. All I want is for it to work!!!! People are pleasant when you talk to them but no real customer service at all in terms of fixing the problem.

  24. Norrie says:

    Same problem with Panasonic. Had home hub 3b which stopped working with Netflix. Swapped for a home hub 3a which works with Netflix but is a rubbish router. Now tried the home hub 5a and it doesn’t work. I don’t have parental controls set up so that’s not the problem.

    1. Norrie says:

      Just to let you know I’ve got the Panasonic working by used wired rather than wireless. Use a tp-link plug connected to the to and one to the router.

    2. Norrie says:

      Stopped working again. Wired or wireless. I give up.

  25. Fitzcarraldo says:

    One of my family has a Netflix account and was pleased when we bought an LG 40UF770V in early January 2016. We use BT Infinity broadband with a BT HomeHub 3. The Netflix app on the TV stopped working after a couple of weeks and always displayed the infamous “ui-113” message. As we are paying good money to Netflix, we resorted to trying various DNS server addresses posted on the Web for US Netflix, which only work for a short time. Although US Netflix has more content, we want UK Netflix as it has UK programmes that are not available on US Netflix. Today I found a YouTube video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oZS5c8v5K-s) regarding a different Netflix error code (“nw-2-5”) but I tried the suggested fix anyway and changed the TV’s DNS server address back to the default Although the Netflix app still displays the “ui-113” message, it manages to connect to UK Netflix if we try a second time. After a couple of months of hassle, that is progress. Anyway, even though I had never enabled BT Parental Controls, I logged in to the BT Web site, enabled Parental Controls then disabled and deleted them as per the instructions in the aforementioned YouTube video. Worth trying.

    Pathetic, really. We’re told that Artificial Intelligence is just around the corner, yet these tech companies cannot even manage to stream video reliably.

  26. Adam says:

    I’m having the same problem on my LG TV using the BT Home Hub 3. Been going on for months and I am just having to either connect my TV to the internet via my phone or plug my TV into my laptop with a HDMI cable.

    From reading above this seems very much like an issue with BT. However, what I don’t understand is that this combination (LG+BT+Netflix) worked perfectly for me for 6 months – why does it not work all of a sudden? Irrespective, this is unacceptable and I want a solution ASAP which won’t cost me anything.

  27. J Westerby says:

    Signed up to Netflix through BT in December 2015. Since this time unable to watch Netflix due to constant loss of service. BT unable to address the issue despite numerous attempts so Netflix now cancelled to maintain my sanity!!

  28. Gary B says:

    I’ve had a Sony 4K TV (KD-55X8505B) since Dec 2014 … always connected to Netflix via my Home hub 3 Type b (Infinity 2 broadband)…
    Same as all above comments, always worked fine until couple of months ago then ui-113 error code appears….like others tried factory resets on tv and sometimes if you then reset Netflix to original settings on fault screen you get new-2-5 error code then refreshes again and you can sign in and watch Netflix…but only temporary because it drops back out again….spent hours of my life rebooting,disconeccting other bits of kit like PS3 ,skybox,etc….made no difference ….
    All other smart apps on tv work fine,can stream 4K via U Tube perfectly,etc….also no problems connecting/viewing Netflix via iPad ,iPhone,etc…
    Spoke to Netflix they said it was an issue with my isp …
    Spoke to Sony today…immediately they asked who my broadband provider was,BT and which Hume hub router I had …. They were adamant that the fault lies with BT and specifically the router which will no longer allow Netflix on numerous brands of smart TVs …Sony say if I replace with Home hub 5 my issue will be fixed ?
    Anybody else changed the router ?…Did it fix the problem ?…Did BT give it free/discounted,because they should !! If as it would seem they are definitely to blame

    1. Chris says:

      The ASUS N66U router fixed Netflix instantly. I now press the Netflix icon on the Samsung and it starts immediately. BT routers do not work with Netflix on smart TVs most of the time. Simple.

    2. Graham Bowers says:

      The HH5 will not fix the error permanently I to have a Sony smart TV same errors. I subscribe direct to Netflix. The BT reps were only interested in selling me “BT Netflix” as “this would fix the issue”. And that gem tool just over 4 hours to get to… that was via various mostly helpful BT people as I was passed on from one dept to another. When I said that I was not interested BT (TV dept.) just hung up.

    3. Gerry Flint says:

      Hi Gary,
      I have a home hub 5 and have been having trouble loading Netflix on my Sony not so smart TV. I am convinced that the problem lay with BT, they blame Netflix, Sony were as much help as a ashtry on a motorbike. Think I will just cancel Netflix until they fix the problem. Good luck to all you very patinient people!!

  29. Kris Harris says:

    For all those that are still having issues with this, I have tested a few different scenarios and can conclude it is definitely BT that is the problem
    I have Netflix on 3 devices in my house and none can connect first time

    Have tried Netflix at 2 other locations (one is using Virgin Media the other is EE’s home broadband, or something like that), both work perfectly fine.

    Finally have used my phone as a wireless hotspot and connected my PS4 and my Samsung TV (SAMSUNG UE48JU6500) to that and tried Netflix and it connected first time no trouble at all

    It appears the issue seems to be when logging in to Netflix itself as I can switch back to my BT HomeHub3 wi-fi and watch anything once I’m in (yes sometimes it is a bit slow loading or you have to wait for a shows page to show ‘Play Next Episode’ etc) but I can live with that, I can’t live with using my 4GB of mobile data to watch a couple of shows

    I hope this helps other people

  30. Rob says:

    I got lucky.
    I was having a devil of a time connecting to Netflix using my Panasonic Vierra Smart TV and a wired connection to a BT Home Hub 3, the one that needs a separate white modem box. My son happened to have a spare Home Hub 5 which has been sitting un-used by the TV stand for six months. After doing factory re-sets on every piece of equipment to no avail, I installed the HH5 and, hey presto, I can connect to Netflix. All I need to do now is reset the Wifi connections on all the devices that use it and visit my house…

    1. Ian says:

      My original HH5 wouldn’t connect Netflix to my DigiHome Smart TV. I badgered BT for a solution but nowt. They’ve sent me a brand new HH5 and I still can’t connect.

  31. Flo says:

    Had this problem also on 2 different models – after a lot of looking found this fixed which worked and have netflix up and running again easily – I used it on a hub 4


  32. Steve Youell says:

    The problem is that netflix app adds as a DNS server. Using anything other than the homehub default gateway as the DNS server returns an error from parental controls as it uses that to apply said controls. No other app on my Sony smart TV does that and just uses what the DHCP server on the homehub hands out. The netflix app has to stop adding that backup IP address for DNS. Is it Sony setting that value or Netflix? Considering it is happening on non-Sony TVs the finger looks to be pointing at Netflix.

  33. Gary B says:

    I previously left a comment on March 29th….Here is an update & SOLUTION !
    Eventually (after much time and pain,ie,phone calls to BT,online chats to BT,phone calls to Indian call centres,etc and standing my ground and getting logged complaints raised)I got BT to supply me with a Home Hub 5…Connected this,rebooted my Sony TV one final time and immediately was able to log into Netflix…been happily using/viewing for approx 3 weeks now…no issues,drop outs anything what so ever..
    It is definitely the Home hub 3 that causes the problem since what ever changes were made by Netflix and or BT….
    Initially BT would only offer me the Hub 5 at a so called discounted price/activation fee + postage (about £50-£55 in total)…I would not except this and kept hasling them until they capitulated and sent me it FREE which lets face it they should do
    Overall other advantage is Hub 5 is neater,more compact,etc…
    Hope this helps !

  34. Fitzcarraldo says:

    A couple of weeks after my comment on 27 March, my smart TV stopped being able to access Netflix again. I ditched the BT Home Hub 3 and bought a second-hand BT Home Hub 5 Type A, and the TV can now access Netflix again, this time without any error messages at all.

  35. Jonnyswan says:

    I have had the same problem with a hub three, no netflix. Spoke to BT for an hour and they blamed the compatibility of the TV apps. I also inquired if the BT Hub 5 would work with standard broadband (as others have said it would) they said NO.

    So they talked me into upgrading to fibre with the Hub 5, surprise surprise Netflix now works even before the fibre is connected and an email from BT to confirm Hub 5 works with standard BB.


    “It’s best to plug your new hub in straight away so everything is ready for when your Infinity starts – the new hub will work with your current service too.”

    Looks like I got duped.

  36. John Hill says:

    I have a Samsung UE50JU6800KXXU and my son has the 45 inch version. He connected to Netflix through a J-NET hub and it works rocket speed. I connected to Netflix via BT HH3 and it unpredictably and randomly fails with error ui-113. Resetting the Smart Hub and signing back in allowed a temporary solution but it failed within a day or two. Netflix works fine when I stream through the wireless HH3 using a laptop and I can connect the laptop to the TV with an HDMI cable and solve the problem. However, it’s clear that the problem is neither with Netflix nor Samsung and it’s to do with the bandwidth of HH3. The problem also occurs if you are streaming to laptops at the same time you are streaming to your TV. The BT demodulator and decoder is subject to errors when under load due to a limited bandwidth and this results in losing the connection to Netflix and the software in the Samsung to hang. This is why the Smart hub has to be reset. The problem was completely solved by upgrading to BT HH5 and a factory rest on the TV. Commenters here have also noted this solution but be aware that if you connect and stream other devices whilst simultaneously watching Netflix on TV, you can even overload BT HH5, especially during peak periods. The problem is akin to the old days when downloads used to take forever, especially on the old 32k phone links, and then timeout occurred, everything hung, and you had to reboot the computer. Bottom line is that you need the fastest combination of BT infinity (or equivalent) and an ultra fast decent hub and router if you are to stream the bandwidth required for modern 4k and HD. You can’t get a camel through the eye of a needle.

    1. John Hill says:

      Bear in mind that connecting your Hub to the TV via wireless will on average provide only half the data transfer rate that you would achieve compared to hard wiring using an ethernet cable.

  37. Jim Gardner says:

    Just bought Panasonic 40dx700b. One of the latest tvs launched this year. Can’t get Netflix on it. (code ui-103) Netflix say it is an Internet issue (not enough bandwidth). However I have BT infinity and get 35mb/s. Also I can get Netflix on all my laptops, tablets and even my android phone!! One of main reasons for buying TV was to get Netflix! Tried rebooting et etc but no luck. Just want this sorted out!!

    1. Jim Gardner says:

      After long discussion with BT I should be getting a replacement hub (although still a Hub 3.0) so will wait and see. I have already signed up for a trial with Amazon Prime and that works fine with my TV (so it must besomething related to Netflix itself) if not sorted out soon I will be cancelling my subscription!!

    2. Fitzcarraldo says:

      Jim, I also have BT Infinity, and the actual throughput I get is lower than you — it’s around 29 to 30 mbps — yet as soon as I switched from a BT Home Hub 3 to a BT Home Hub 5 Netflix stopped giving any problems. So if you are getting 30 mbps it’s highly unlikely bandwidth is the cause of your problem. I also doubt that a replacement Home Hub 3 will solve your problem. Like you, with the Home Hub 3 Netflix was accessible on all devices other than my smart TV. So bandwidth was never a problem in my case.

      If you don’t get any joy from BT, a second-hand BT Home Hub 5 can be purchased for around £30 incl p&p on Amazon UK or Ebay. That’s what I did, and it was worth it to keep my family happy with Netflix but there are other advantages: the Home Hub 5 is better than the Home Hub 3 (it supports the faster 802.11ac Wi-Fi if you have phones and laptops etc. that also support 802.11ac, it supports NAT loopback and various other things that are not available with the Home Hub 3).

  38. Matt says:

    Ditched the BT Hub 3 altogether and got a tp-link archer vr900 instead. Works a treat.

  39. Jo says:

    I had this problem. In my case I would get an error on first accessing Netflix, but if I selected Try Again it would then get in ok. However, when watching TV series it would 99% of the time not auto load the next episode, and perhaps a third of the time it would fail to give any options to access the next episode at all. In which case I could search for the series and access the next episode, but when that route had the same problem I would have to exit Netflix and go back in, when I would get the ui-113 again. Very frustrating. This is the Netflix app on my BT YouView box by the way. I can confirm like many others here that it is the fault of the Hub 3. I actually got BT to send me a free replacement Hub 3 (took much persuading that it was an actual problem even though his tests showed no fault, and that no, it was not a Netflix issue. Whatever happened to the customer is always right?) and problem immediately solved. So no need to shell out on an alternative router if you don’t mind sticking with a Hub 3.

  40. David C says:

    Same problem with new Panasonic smart tv and connecting to Netflix via
    BT hub 3 ( even though it worked fine last week on my old tv/ BT vision. Funny that. BT finally admitted yesterday that Netflix wont work with hub 3 and are sending me out a hub 5. So shall see . All other apps work fine. surely an organisation like BT can resolve this problem for customers as it is clearly a connectivity issue.

  41. Karl says:

    Ok, im getting an issue too.
    Im not sure what the code is but my problem is that sometimes the programme im watching on netflix starts to buffer and freezes at 25%, then i get a message telling me im not connected to the internet.
    This is happening on my Samsung smart tv and my laptop.
    I have the BT HH5 and BT say its not there issues.
    Netflix says its not them although very helpfull.
    I have hard wired the TV to my hh5 and it still did it then so cant be the wireless.
    I have streamed my tv through my phones data (Vodafone) and it seems to of done it again so that rules out BT and the router.

    If i stream Netflix through my phone and screen mirror onto my TV its ok….

    I really dont know what else to do.
    90% of my viewing is nerflix. Take that away and i dont have much else to watch.

    I do also have amazon prime, and that seems to have done it also so i think that rules out it being a netflix issue.

    At a loose end now!

  42. Trev says:

    I hard wired to the router and reset the hub and it started working again with bt hh5 and ssamsung smart tv

  43. Jo Mortimer says:

    August 3rd 2016 – we watched Netflix fine until today, we have a BT hub 5, now, Netflix suddenly won’t load on TV but on iPad in the same room we can get it fine…..so???!!!

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