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The 2017 UK Best Home Broadband ISP Picks by ISPreview.co.uk

Monday, January 9th, 2017 (1:56 am) - Score 226,296
Editors Choice of the UK Best Broadband ISPs

Choosing a new broadband ISP is harder than picking a supplier for Gas or Electricity, not least because the quality of service and performance can vary hugely depending upon where you live and which provider you pick. But with any luck our annual editors pick might help to simplify the options.

Generally there are two major fixed line broadband networks in the United Kingdom, a closed Hybrid Fibre Coax (DOCSIS/FTTP) platform operated only by Virgin Media in predominantly urban areas and Openreach’s (BT) national mix of slow pure copper (ADSL) or faster fibre optic based (FTTC or FTTP) services. Openreach is also open access (i.e. available via lots of ISPs).

A growing number of small Alternative Network (altnet) providers also use a mix of different technologies (wireless, fibre optic etc.) to cater for specific parts of the UK. Sadly few can use altnets and there is very little feedback for them, thus we mostly focus our guide upon those with national availability. NOTE: We do not recommend Satellite providers due to the high cost of data / meagre allowances, slow latency times and general concerns about service quality.

In keeping with that we have concluded a selection of ISPs by organising the options into three different categories (detailed below), which are separated to reflect the best picks for those seeking to save money or those who would rather pay extra for better quality.

ISPreview.co.uk Editor’s Pick Categories

PAGE 1: Price – For the budget conscious, with a possible reduction of quality.

PAGE 2: Quality – For those who don’t mind paying extra to get the best service.

PAGE 3: Commendations – Smaller niche and altnets ISPs who deserve praise.

Remember, it’s important to thoroughly investigate any ISP before you sign-up as there’s always a risk of bad service. This is true of even the highest quality providers, not least because many problems will not be within your ISPs ability to directly control (e.g. a fault or capacity issue on BTOpenreach’s platform may affect all ISPs or only those in a specific area).

The past year has also seen some major changes in the UK market, not least in terms of how broadband ISPs price and promote their services (here). As such this year’s update will give a total monthly price (broadband + line rental) and our full UK ISP Listings and Comparison service does the same.

Elsewhere switching ISP is usually as easy as simply ordering a service from your new provider and they will then handle the rest through a Gaining Provider Led (GPL) migration system, but there are some caveats to this and so we recommend reading our Guide to Switching Broadband ISP. Ofcom are currently working to fix some of the flaws (here).

Finally, we advise readers to check our Broadband Technology page in order to learn about the different connectivity methods. The Awards and Special Offer categories in our news system are also useful for keeping track of third-party ISP awards and price promotions, but take note that those in remote rural areas may sometimes pay higher prices due to the lack of local competition.

Price – The Best Low Cost Broadband ISPs

The UK is one of the cheapest countries in the world for broadband, so it’s not hard to find a low cost package. On the other hand the less you pay, the less you get (i.e. sacrificing service quality, performance or support), but if you don’t mind taking the risk then these options might help. NOTE: Most of the ISPs below will tie you into a standard 12 or 18 month contract.

All of the prices we display include VAT, line rental and we do not show special offers as those change far too often (standard prices are shown), although our ISP Listings will give you the latest prices with discounts applied. Plus we only show packages with unlimited usage as these are the most popular and easiest to compare. The following is an unordered list.

* Sky Broadband

 Monthly Line Rental: £17.40 | Setup Fee: £59.95 (Fibre)
Cheapest Standard Broadband
Cheapest Superfast Broadband
Download Speed: ‘up to’ 17Mbps
Upload Speed: ‘up to’ 1Mbps
Usage: Unlimited
Voice Calls: Standard Rates
Contract: 12 Months
Extras: Parental Controls, Free WiFi Hotspot Access (The Cloud), Included Wireless Router, IPv6
Download Speed: ‘up to’ 38Mbps
Upload Speed: ‘up to’ 9.5Mbps
Usage: Unlimited
Voice Calls: Standard Rates
Contract: 18 Months
Extras: Parental Controls, Free WiFi Hotspot Access (The Cloud), Included Wireless Router, IPv6
PRICE: £27.40 per month
PRICE: £37.40 per month

Sky sometimes attracts criticism due to its hold over Pay TV and the general dislike of a certain Rupert Murdoch, but the broadband side of their business receives some of the fewest consumer complaints (here) and highest customer satisfaction (here); at least among the big ISPs. On top of that they’re also one of the first among the major ISPs to adopt the new IPv6 standard.

Recently the operator has also launched a new Sky Q Hub router (here), which if you can get it is a big step up from their old and slow Sky Hub SR102 kit. The only downside is that Sky has yet to supply the new Sky Q Hub as standard, which means that customers will often have to pay a little extra to get it unless they take an expensive Sky Q bundle.

Sky of course also benefits from a strong selection of TV packages (note: Sky Q Silver includes 4K Ultra HD) support and if you only make limited use of the Internet then they can even throw in a basic broadband product with a 12GB usage allowance for free (here). A new O2 based Sky Mobile service has also just been introduced.

NOTE: There’s a £9.95 one-off router delivery fee.

• Low price
• New Sky Q Hub (router) is an improvement
• Speed (Fibre Broadband)
• Truly Unlimited Usage
• Reasonable support quality for a major ISP
• Wide-scale roll-out of IPv6

• Sky’s older BT-based ‘Connect’ package is expensive and slow
• Most users will still get the rubbish Sky Hub router (lacks 5GHz WiFi and Gigabit LAN)
• Sky enables Internet censorship by default (here), but it can be turned off

* Virgin Media

 Monthly Line Rental: £19 | Setup Fee: £14.99 – £40
Cheapest Standard Broadband
Cheapest Superfast Broadband
Download Speed: ‘up to’ 50Mbps
Upload Speed: ‘up to’ 3Mbps
Usage: Unlimited (FUP)
Voice Calls: n/a (Standalone)
Contract: 12 Months
Extras: Parental Controls, Free Virgin WiFi Hotspot Access, Included Wireless Router
Download Speed: ‘up to’ 100Mbps
Upload Speed: ‘up to’ 6Mbps
Usage: Unlimited (FUP)
Voice Calls: n/a (Standalone)
Contract: 12 Months
Extras: Parental Controls, Free Virgin WiFi Hotspot Access, Included Wireless Router
PRICE: £32.25 per month
PRICE: £37.25 per month

Virgin, much like Sky above, also receives some of the fewest consumer complaints (here) and high customer satisfaction scores (here) among the biggest ISPs. On top of that they’re currently going through a major expansion, which will extend their 300Mbps capable Hybrid Fibre Coax (HFC) based DOCSIS network to another 4 million premises by 2019 (roughly 60-65% UK coverage) and 2 million of those will be use pure fibre optic FTTP/H technology.

Outside of that the ISP is perhaps best known for their strong download speeds (their slowest entry-level package starts at 50Mbps), which regularly top various third-party awards, and a wide selection of pay TV and mobile (EE MVNO) bundles. Furthermore they’re also working to expand their UK network of public WiFi hotspots and recently introduced a fairly strong SuperHub v3 router with good wireless performance.

• Download speeds
• Strong TV bundles
• Good 4G Mobile tariffs (quad play bundle)
• Broadband can be purchased standalone (as above) or with a phone / voice service

• Coverage is mostly in urban areas (cities and big towns)
• Complicated Traffic Management Policy (mostly affects uploads)
• Upload speeds could be better
• Still awaiting IPv6 support

* PlusNet

 Monthly Line Rental: £17.99 | Setup Fee: £6.99 (Router Delivery)
Cheapest Standard Broadband
Cheapest Superfast Broadband
Download Speed: ‘up to’ 17Mbps
Upload Speed: ‘up to’ 1Mbps
Usage: Unlimited
Voice Calls: Standard Call Rates
Contract: 12 Months
Extras: Parental Controls, Included Wireless Router, UK Support
Download Speed: ‘up to’ 38Mbps
Upload Speed: ‘up to’ 1.9Mbps
Usage: Unlimited
Voice Calls: Standard Call Rates
Contract: 18 Months
Extras: Parental Controls, Included Wireless Router, UK Support
PRICE: £27.98 per month
PRICE: £32.98 per month

Plus.net are perhaps one of the cheapest providers in the market, at least as cheap as we can recommend going before you hit the troubled waters of TalkTalk (not included here due to too many recent mishaps and complaints). The ISP appears to be reasonably well rated for customer support, but at these low prices you shouldn’t really expect the best service speeds and quality.

Elsewhere the provider also offers a bog standard Pay TV product using YouView (IPTV) technology and a BTSport add-on is also available for their broadband customers, plus they’ve recently launched a new Mobile service via EE’s national 4G network. So if you want a cheaper service then Plusnet should cover the basics.

• Low FTTC (Fibre) prices
• UK support

• Don’t expect stellar quality service speeds for such low prices
• Some recent criticism for slow telephone support
• Standard broadband users get a very low spec router
• Prices for their ADSL packages are oddly similar to FTTC

* BTInfinity

 Monthly Line Rental: £18.99 | Setup Fee: £9.99 – £59.99
Cheapest Standard Broadband
Cheapest Superfast Broadband
Download Speed: ‘up to’ 17Mbps
Upload Speed: ‘up to’ 1Mbps
Usage: Unlimited
Voice Calls: Free Weekend Calls
Contract: 12 Months
Extras: Parental Controls, Free WiFi Hotspot Access, Free BTSport TV Lite, Included Wireless Router, 100GB Cloud Storage
Download Speed: ‘up to’ 52Mbps
Upload Speed: ‘up to’ 9.5Mbps
Usage: Unlimited
Voice Calls: Free Weekend Calls
Contract: 12 Months
Extras: Parental Controls, Free WiFi Hotspot Access, Free BTSport TV Lite, Included Wireless Router, 500GB Cloud Storage
PRICE: £38.99 per month
PRICE: £44.99 per month

As the largest ISP in the UK it’s fair to say that BT can attract a lot of complaints and as such we tend to preach more caution than we would with the aforementioned providers, which is also partly why we’ve chosen to highlight their superfast broadband BTInfinity (FTTC/P) packages (BT’s slower ADSL based packages usually attract the majority of complaints).

On the other hand BT are seeking to improve support quality by moving most of their agents back to the UK (here) and they also bundle free premium BTSport live TV content with all of their broadband packages (e.g. Premier League Football and Rugby). Subscribers also benefit from access to BT’s large UK network of public WiFi hotspots and the merger with EE has given them a good selection of Mobile tariffs.

On top of that BT recently introduced their new Smart Hub (Home Hub 6) wireless router, which is currently one of the most advanced bundled ISP routers in the market, and their entry-level FTTC “Infinity Fibre” package comes with a speed of ‘up to’ 52Mbps (most other ISPs still offer ‘up to’ 38Mbps).

In other words, BT’s attraction is all the extras it throws in rather than their price or service quality. Indeed they tend to cost more than all of the other major players’, although this is often masked by some heavily discounted first year price reductions (annoyingly you have to read the small print to find their post contract prices).

• Free BTSport TV content
• Access to BT’s large network of Public WiFi Hotspots
• Strong SmartHub router
• Customer support will soon be over 80% based in the UK
• 52Mbps (9.5Mbps upload) is their entry-level FTTC / Infinity speed

• Basic broadband (ADSL) packages have a shaky history
• Price is higher than some rivals, partly due to all the extras
• Post-contract prices still being hidden behind convoluted small print
• BT attracts a lot of complaints, although they are the biggest ISP

* Origin Broadband

 Monthly Line Rental: £17.99 | Setup Fee: £0
Cheapest Standard Broadband
Cheapest Superfast Broadband
Download Speed: ‘up to’ 17Mbps
Upload Speed: ‘up to’ 2Mbps
Usage: Unlimited
Voice Calls: Standard Call Rates
Contract: 12 Months
Extras: Included Wireless Router, UK support
Download Speed: ‘up to’ 38Mbps
Upload Speed: ‘up to’ 10Mbps
Usage: Unlimited
Voice Calls: Standard Call Rates
Contract: 18 Months
Extras: Included Wireless Router, UK support
PRICE: £17.99 per month
PRICE: £31.58 per month

Origin started life as an ISP for South Yorkshire, but they’ve since expanded to cover the rest of the United Kingdom. Most recently they’ve also re-branded and slashed their prices, which puts them into the same ultra-cheap category as TalkTalk and a few others. But ultra-cheap ISPs tend to be very poorly rated and yet Origin receives a balance of mixed feedback (Origin Reviews).

At this stage it’s too early to tell if Origin will be able to maintain their current pricing and quality over the longer term (unlimited broadband and line rental for £17.99 per month must be cutting close to the bone), but on the value front it’s hard to knock them. You also get an included router and UK support. But if you choose Origin, do so with caution.

• Price
• UK Support
• Included ASUS DSL-N16 router
• Claims to have no hidden set-up or delivery charges

• Maybe too cheap?
• Closure of Digital Region network hit Origin customers hard, but service has improved

NOTE: Most of the above ISPs will also offer plenty of paid extras (add-ons), such as Anytime UK calls, mobile plans or enhanced TV bundles. In addition, providers that use Openreach’s UK telecoms network still have a lot of control to differentiate themselves in terms of features, network quality and performance, so don’t treat them all as the same.

Now on to summarise the best providers for service quality..

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Mark Jackson

By Mark Jackson
Mark is a professional technology writer, IT consultant and computer engineer from Dorset (England), he is also the founder of ISPreview since 1999 and enjoys analysing the latest telecoms and broadband developments. Find me on Twitter, , Facebook and Linkedin.

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49 Responses
  1. We are working on a new website, honest 🙂

  2. John

    TalkTalk is good – AAISP should be at the top Sky are much much worse

    • The list is unordered, there is no top (no.1 etc.) or bottom, it’s however we wrote it at the time.

    • Camilla

      TalkTalk has been useless for us! We have now reached the stage where our connection cuts out every 5 mins for up to 30 mins – and TalkTalk just blame BT lines, although our neighbours with BT broadband don’t have any trouble maintaining a connection. (I guess we should have gone to SpecSavers, i.e BT, in the first place!)

  3. Tim

    How about adding an extra category for the best ISP for Market A exchanges. While I like to see which ISPs are highly rated, it doesn’t help me as almost all of those listed refuse to provide broadband for Market A exchanges such as mine. The few that do support Market A exchanges either refuse to offer ADSL Max Premium or charge a fortune >£50 per month, leaving just Plusnet as a less expensive ADSL Max Premium provider.

    • I suspect that would cause too much confusion for this summary, but it would make for a good article to highlight the real-world cost differences in more detail. I’ll start doing research.

    • Tim

      Actually I guess it is 20CN rather than Market A that makes it hard to find an ISP, although my exchange is a 20CN Market A exchange (which is what prompted my request), some Market A exchanges do provide more that just 20CN and I suspect that they provide more choice.

    • BTarenotgood

      Tim… I created an account just to tell you:


  4. Sean Finlay

    Whatever you do, avoid Hyperoptic. I’ve used all the main players and these guys are the worst.

  5. Very helpful list but We need a broadband provider who can supply a wireless broadband which does not require a telephone land line as we live in a lodge on a caravan park. Is there such a thing? Can you point us in the right direction.Many thanks.

  6. David White

    Why are all the broadband providers ever regulated and brought to book they should all get massive fines and this will stop them messing people about you just want good internet so we can carry on our days.

  7. Honest Dave

    Uno broadband’s cheapest adsl with line rental is £23.99/month inc VAT (aka Talk Surf)

    • Additional features (250MB webspace, email, static IP etc.)
    • UK Support
    • ADSL price
    • Cheap call rates – good if you hardly use a landline
    • Monthly contract

    • Price for VDSL (Talk Surf Fibre not avaialble yet)
    • No router included
    • Slow broadband checker
    • Some issues with activating new phone lines
    • Their website could do with a refresh, still functional though

    • In order to keep a similar base of comparison we use “unlimited” packages for all our comparisons in the article. Luckily the majority of ISPs have one, except AAISP.

  8. Honest John

    The price I quoted is for unlimited BB from Uno

  9. Muhammad

    I have been using Origin Broadband since January 2017, and its quite slow plus since two days service is down and no response from technical team and customer service. One of the worst service provider I came across. Don’t buy origin broadband even if they give you for free. Annoying and shameful

    • Thomas McArdle

      Muhammad, now that 10 days have passed, what is the state of your Origin bb? I was considering moving to the for fibre optic.

  10. Victor Sieron-Demina

    I started to read your article because it sounded professional…until this sentence:
    “The UK is one of the cheapest countries in the world for broadband, so it’s not hard to find a low cost package.”

    Here is one from the Eastern block:

    “5 118 Ft”- Price approx. £13 per month
    1 000 Mbit/s- Yes up to 1000 MBit/ sec
    “12 hónap-” 12 months contract
    “Típus: Kábelnet”
    “Egyszeri díj: 0 Ft” – installation at no cost
    “Modem díja: 0 Ft” – router for free
    “Garantált letöltési sebesség: 500 Mbit/s” -guaranteed 500mb/s download speed is contractual
    Garantált feltöltési sebesség: 100 Mbit/s- upload

    £13 pm, no extra cost, 500-1000 mb/ sec speed, 5 times faster than Virgin, but cheaper than any broadband.

    • Mehran

      You are completely right. Everything in this country is a mass from public transportation to internet…. 😉

  11. Jeremy Carpenter

    Andrews and Arnold let me down

  12. Just given TalkTalk notice to finish with them ,when they wanted to charge me £65 to send an engineer out to check my line connection as my broadband keeps falling off, good by talk talk.

    • Scott

      My solution is to just swap their cheap n nasty bundled free Hawaii router with the poor signal, for anything at all. I chose a cheap BT HomeHub, and the difference was noticable, practically no cut outs at all. The hawaii router kept resetting all the time until I binned it. I think the weather sometimes played a part on how well it performed

  13. Mehran

    I can just say that UK has worse ISPs in the world and the most expensive one. I used to pay only 20 pounds for 100Mb unlimited fiber broadband in Sweden. I always had min 70Mb download rate. NO installation cost, No fee to send an engineer to fix a problem if any, No bounded contract, No cancellation fee. The service was so perfect I could download 2 GB file just in a few minutes.

    Also I don’t understand why to get a fiber broadband they want to switch my telephone line?Now I have problem with landlord who doesn’t allow me to switch the tel line!!!!!!!!

  14. Lindsay Charman

    Virgin are notorious for slow speeds, dropping off completely at night so you can’t even stream. Very disappointed that the ratings on this are so badly researched.

    • Frank Mccourt

      Hi, Lindsay I use Virgin Media internet and I couldn’t agree with you more. I’m thinking of switching, what ISP do you personally use? Thank you.

  15. Rosy

    No internet for two days on plusnet which is first time in several years. A lot of upgrading being done nationally apparently. Would have appreciated a warning letter and apology!

    • Carolyn

      My Plusnet was down for over 3 weeks last autumn and dealing with their “award winning” customer service was a nightmare. They’ve just announced another price rise which gives me the opportunity to jump and I can’t wait.

  16. Fuel Broadband. £23 per month for everything. Our line seems to have stabilised now, after early problems, but I think that was down to the TalkTalk line, which is out of their hands. I think we’ve been with them for eighteen months now. You speak to a human, in Fred Dibnah country, and their website is easy to understand. That is all we ask.

    • john clark

      I’m with fuel broadband and they are absolutely rubbish my Internet is the slowest it has ever been I may as well be on dial-up customer services is non-existent you wait ages for them to answer the phone and then they don’t do anything for you I’ve complained and complained and complained now I am switching whatever you do do not buy from fuel broadband

  17. Jack

    You can get SuperFibre 50 broadband and phone for £25 a month for 12 months from Virgin Media. Very good value I think, https://www.vmshareit.com/offer/559431114

  18. Stephanie Baldry

    I am feed up with Virgin, when i first went with them i had a deal, they soon broke that and i had two price rises when along with other problems I deceided to leave them and gave notice.They then phoned me and said if I stay they would give me the deal Jack above has stated as yet this deal is still not sorted and today they have charged me £40.36 I think they are not reliable and cant wait to find a better provider.

  19. pat

    I just visited the zen.co.uk website to see what service they could offer me. After filling in my number & postcode, then selecting my property, I am greeted with a spinning circle for 5 minutes then a completely blanck page. This happened multiple times with Firefox & IE. If an ISP can’t even maintain their own website I doubt they can be trusted to maintain a reliable internet service.

    The hunt goes on……

  20. Anton

    I used Virgin (Fibre Optic) and PlusNet, both are crap. Also used to have SKY which wasn’t super fast but exceptionally stable.

    In Latvia I had 100mb internet (not up to 100mb, but 100 mb guaranteed) and it was amazing quality internet at £5 per month from small local provider.

    • Tony Edwards

      Friends of my wife in Guangzhou, Canada,NZ, Austrailia,tenants from Latvia,Hungary,Lithuania all amazed at what we pay for unreliable broadband and frustrating lack of honest cutomer service

  21. Sky Broadband with Cheapest Superfast Broadband is very good price

  22. Dim

    I have been with Virgin Media for almost a year and I just can’t wait for my contract to finish so I can leave without a penalty.
    1) I ‘ve been feeling the speed being ridiculously slow, so I bought a new router to keep logs of my internet max speed. I ‘m not getting even 1/10th of what i m paying for.
    2) At some point I found out there most expensive plan, is supposedly escaping traffic management (a.k.a Virgin deciding to drop your speed because who cares if you ‘re paying for it). So I went for that. Still the same problems.
    3) Internet keeps dropping completely, currently posting this from my work, since I have no internet for 7 days already. Still waiting for them to fix it, after they have missed every single ETA they have given me when i call them.

    I honestly do not understand how there is no law to protect citizens/consumers from this kind of behavior. This feels almost like a billion dollar scam.

    • Tony Edwards

      If you check customer feedback you will find BT,Virgin and Sky all have masses of in particular broadband complaints in recent months and no one is explaining why. So no point in moving?

  23. Dave Walker

    Been with TalkTalk for about 10 years. Currently pay appr. £45month for Broadband (38mbps), line rental and all calls incl most of the world 24/7. No TV packages or anything else. Their only problem as far as I’m concerned is that they still outsource all their customer service calls to a largely under-educated call centre in bloody Bangalore or Delhi or somewhere in India. I have always had a hell of a problem in making myself understood, or understanding their Pidgin English,which is no use to anyone with a hearing problem, and which is a huge source of frustration and procrastination (are you listening Sir Charles – this is a CUSTOMER speaking and if you don’t sort it soon you won’t have one left to talk to!). Having said all that, I still think that I get reasonable value for money and I doubt that any of the other well-known ones in the UK would do any better from what I see and hear!

  24. UNO aka Xilo are hands down the best I’ve ever used. Their customer service has a phone and ticketing system but the best part of it is the link rarely if ever goes down.

    When I was on Freeserve/Wanadoo/BT I never had anything but problems, plus I get 100GB ADSL a month which for less than £18 beats the hell out of any 4G deals they’re currently offering.

  25. Hugh

    Thought I’d review and leave a warning to others thinking to join up, I’ve been with Plusnet now for nearly 10 years and for the most part they have been amazing, always friendly and gave good deals on broadband.

    Until last year.. I had a terrible dip in my internet (.5-1mbps) and patchy, I raised several cases with them and even had their engineers out to ‘help’ the response was that it was my fault and they basically didn’t care, in the end I had to write a letter to my MP to get anything done anywhere near satisfactory. (turns out there was a fault in the exchange box that no one had bothered checking)
    The complaints dept left it that when fibre came to my area that they would offer me a very good deal to make up for the poor service i’d had.

    I called again recently to upgrade to fibre, the salesman clearly didn’t care and offered me the standard price – regardless of seeing my time with them and the records of all the issues.

    They aren’t even willing to match TalkTalks offers anymore and walked me through how to leave them when i hadn’t even suggested I was going.

    This is just a sad case of a once fantastic business that’s given up trying

    Dont be sucked in my their entry deals- once they have you they don’t give a damn.

  26. Elizabeth

    Having paid for BT infinity for a year I was in fact getting speeds of 19bps instead of a minimum of 35.BT said I complained in March and never got back to them then complained a year later when I did a thorough broadband check. What we were getting was certainly quicker than our old package but it was only when the boys were gaming and complaining that I realised something was wrong. A work colleague in the same area had infinity installed.An engineer came out fitted a Mk3 box and he had about 50bps.I contacted BT and said I should have had a box fitted when I upgraded.To cut a very long story short an engineer came out fitted a box znd I’m now being charged £129.99 for the pleasure Will have to contact them yet again . Their customer servive is shocking.

  27. Tony Edwards

    You must be joking! have you read the customer complaints for Virgin,Sky and BT? particularly for broadband in recent months We have two virgin broadband lines in this shared house one without issue the other totaly unreliable with no explanation as to why.Upgrading to a superhub 3 did not help. an engineer sent by Virgin told us no point to complain for a couple of months as they are doing a lot of work in ip1 area of Ipswich!Profoundly frustrating as nowhere else to go

  28. Blitz

    Thank got the post office ain’t on hear the WORST of the bunch we have it until virgin or by pull there bloody finger out and give us fiber and I’m in Essex but this one is crap cuts out at least 5 or 6 times a day for 5 mins to an hour no point in phoning then as they haven’t got a clue

    • David

      I’ve had post office as well,can’t wait till contract ends!,I’m getting 0.72MB download speed,for over 2 months,phoned several times,done all there tests an checks,New router etc,they say the lines fine!,,I can’t even watch catch up tv etc they can’t explain to me why this is so,the 1st year I was getting 6.12MB download speed,not great but was able to watch films n tv streams.there’s a speed limit probe on 1 of the wires,they have turned this off at there end but still no change.so angry and frustrated.avoid at all costs post office broadband,this is the best advice I can give you.thinking about talk talk next,but heard bad reviews as well,sum1 help.

  29. Cameron

    I can’t understand how virgin media are in your top. I have been having broadband problems for the last 2 months. I have lost my service on occasions for 5 days. Rubbish is all i can say. Leaving them that is why on this site. Recommends don’t touch.

  30. When I was living in UK, I had Xilo and I must admit it’s one of the best ISP I’ve ever had. I wish they were in Slovakia as well.

    On the other hand, I didn’t have a very good experience with TalkTalk, but that’s maybe only my experience.

    What I can tell you from my experience, before choosing the new ISP, google as much as you can before. Nothing is wrong than slow internet and poor support.

  31. Chorisia

    Virgin customer,(since NTL started),Broadband loss of service for months,another virgin line to this shared property has no problems. Upgraded to a superhub 3,same problems. Virgin wont send an engineer as they say there is no problem…advised by a Virgin repair person not to complain for couple of months as they are doing a lot of work in our part of Ipswich!

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