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Vodafone UK Drops 38Mbps Superfast Broadband to Just £20

Tuesday, May 8th, 2018 (1:23 pm) - Score 12,274

Once again ISP Vodafone has managed to push the UK entry-level price for an FTTC (VDSL2) based unlimited superfast home broadband and phone line package even lower. Prices have now dropped another £1 to start at £20 a month for their ‘up to’ 38Mbps plan and £25 for ‘up to’ 76Mbps.

On top of that they’ve also removed the £9.99 one-off router delivery charge which, so far as we can tell, makes Vodafone the cheapest unlimited FTTC (VDSL2) provider in the UK. Both of the packages include a wireless router, unlimited usage, phone line rental, Parental Controls, six months of free F-Secure anti-virus software for up to 5 devices and an 18 month contract.

A new line provision charge of £60 (one-off) may also apply if you don’t currently have a fixed phone line at your property. As before the monthly prices are ever so slightly higher for subscribers that aren’t existing users of Vodafone mobile, but even without this it’s still exceptionally cheap.

Superfast 1 (up to 38Mbps)
Speed Guarantee of 25Mbps
PRICE: £20 for Voda mobile customers (£22 for non-mobile customers)

Superfast 2 (up to 76Mbps)
Speed Guarantee of 55Mbps
PRICE: £25 for Voda mobile customers (£27 for non-mobile customers)

The price point continues to confirm that Vodafone are interested in aggressively stealing customers away from their rivals and thus growing their market position. Over the years we’ve seen plenty of ISPs adopt a similar tactic while looking to rapidly grow some scale and often one caveat of this approach, which usually hits a bit further down the road, can be a decline in service or support quality. Hopefully we don’t see a repeat of that this time.

We shouldn’t forget that Vodafone and Cityfibre are also in the process of deploying a 1Gbps capable FTTH network out to around 1 million homes across 12 UK cities by the end of 2021. The first package details have yet to be revealed but we wouldn’t be surprised if those also adopted some similarly aggressive pricing.

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22 Responses
  1. Avatar Virgin says:

    Got plusnet to match this off for unlimited fibre extra with line only for £25 a month for 18 months deal (increase to £26 a month from 5th June due to broadband price increase by £1 extra)

    1. Avatar Virgin says:

      Off – offer

  2. Avatar Gus says:

    I just cancelled my Vodafone fibre order. They could not be sure my landline phone number would be kept. I am with Plusnet and NOT moving house. Forums report many people with issues loosing their number. Speaking to customer services abroad gave different responses every single time. Paperwork showed a different phone number and I got worried and cancelled after Plusnet price matched. Just a word of warning folks.

    1. Avatar paul says:

      I had no issues when I switch from plus net to Vodafone, I did lose my number when switching from bt to sky I think its not who you switch to or from its what Openreach feels like doing!

      more should be done, then again I don’t really care about my number

    2. Avatar Name says:

      I didn’t know that there are still people using landlines at home.

    3. Avatar dave says:

      @name, landlines are way cheaper to call 0870 and other premium numbers than from a mobile unlike you pay for an addon to premium numbers. One of the few benefits of a landline.

  3. Avatar Dave says:

    38mbps superfast? It’s 2018. Nothing about 38mbps is fast, and 20 quid? I get 200mbps for 27quid. Am I missing the joke here?

    1. Avatar Lev says:

      Where can you get 200mbps? Who is the isp

    2. Avatar Name says:

      Not all people live where FTTH/P networks are. Give me a call when you will have 200Mbit symmetric with static /29 ipv4 + /64 ipv6 for 25quid.

    3. Avatar Adrian says:

      Dave, most people are so uneducated, and that allows ISP’s to constantly run afoul. Don’t start me on pricing… And what is that vdsl??? We are close to 2020, EU countries are using FTTB/FTTP.But why would UK needs to follow? Let’s make a couple more billions on the peoples backs…. So frustrated, can write about this for weeks. Wherever I wrote about better pricing and higher speeds my posts are deleted 🙁

    4. Avatar Mitch says:

      We get 2mbps so be thankful

  4. Avatar Scott says:

    I’ve been getting a reliable 38mbs for over 5 year with sky and by. Went to Vodafone based on £20 price. Within weeks it was dropping to 2mbs in the evening/weekend. Very good customer service, but basically they have oversold in my exchange. Could be months before more kit installed. they released me from contract without issue as they coulnt meet their end. Back with sky at 36-38mbs.

  5. Avatar David p says:

    I pay full price and have complained about 4/6 download speed. Videophone say as long as you are getting some speeds that’s it. Your under a 18 month contract. Very poor service for so called high speeds. Can’t wait to leave and complain to BBC.

  6. Avatar Mark says:

    Changed my broadband to Vodafone and didn’t loose my landline number ( not that I use it ) so I wouldn’t be worried about it , however you do need the app or laptop to change a few settings , mainly the 5 ghz password & username. Had it for a month or so and works fine .

  7. Avatar Paddy gil says:

    What’s the best at present as I’m getting 70mpps with b4b and they are very good a little dear £32 pm ( anyone cheaper with up to 70mpps + ) please let me know ?

  8. Avatar Adrian says:

    When Uk providers will stop ripping off their clients? This is a f***ing joke, 36 Megabits?I?? Where are 100,200 Megabits or even 1 Gigabit? And I am talking price range of 15-30 pounds. Not a £100!!! Why ISP’s in this country are so unscrupulous??? And why the people don’t open their eyes and demand this bulls**t to stop???

    1. Avatar noko says:

      Because they’re sheep who’re more concerned with their bread and circuses.

  9. Avatar Hal says:

    I’ve been with voda 32mbs fibre for about 6 months now and it consistently drops to as low as 1mbs during peak 6pm-12am. Voda say that I have too much connected at once but I live alone. Imagine if I had a family. Hundreds of complaints but voda won’t/can’t doing anything about. Pay that bit more and stick with sky or BT.

  10. Avatar Jackie Morgan says:

    Im interested you’re 20 pound broadband i want to if i can get deal please yhank you

  11. Avatar Paul Pennington says:

    Neither Vodafone nor any other big name supplier will cater for the 250000 + population of Hull. We are stuck with a high priced monopoly.

  12. Avatar Ryan BT says:

    I think people above flaming on in a ball of rage about FTTC services vs their FTTP or HFC type network need to remember that Ofcom wants to keep this copper network, as do other wholesales such as Sky who don’t really want to further invest in new BB services due to cost and saturation. Ofcom wants to maintain the cheap pricing currently on offer to consumers. Investment in FTTP and the likes requires a lot of money. Meaning higher prices for consumers that nobody really wants to pay given that in fact FTTC speeds work fine for 95%. I work in a sales and retentions dept for a big ISP and let me tell you that most people don’t care about G.Fast or FTTP when it’s costing them more when what they have(I can confirm I get put down 9/10 times when trying to convince someone to upgrade), and in some cases that’s still ADSL, suits them fine. If folk think back about years past before how expensive broadband actually was – and where it has come down to today then that same kind of pricing for FTTP will come back again. Companies like Hyperoptic are offering cheap enough pricing. But such is their sluggish growth of their network.

  13. Avatar edmonto says:

    Voda is a bit crappy:

    a/ you gonna lose your existing number (even they told you not).
    b/ you are forced to live with their crap router, they refuse to give the connection password

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