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Sky UK Issue New Sky Broadband Booster to Guarantee Home WiFi UPDATE

Wednesday, August 21st, 2019 (8:58 am) - Score 105,329

After yesterday’s Sky Broadband ISP news (here), which saw them soft launch a new range of ultrafast broadband packages, it’s worth noting that some of the provider’s Sky Q customers also appear to be receiving a new Sky Q Booster style device, which is essentially a WiFi extender for your home (set to form part of a new Sky WiFi Guarantee).

The new model is almost certainly intended to complement their new Hub (Sky Hub 4 / Sky Q Hub 2 / SR203) router, which will be sold alongside Sky Broadband’s aforementioned ultrafast packages. Previously Sky has always released a new wireless booster device in order to go alongside new generations of their router hardware and this time looks to be no different.

NOTE: The new device is officially called the Sky Broadband Booster (SE210) or Booster 4, rather than Sky Q Booster.

The booster adopts a similar styling to the new Sky Broadband Hub and stands up like a tower rather than sitting flat, although on the back it only features a power connector and single Gigabit Ethernet port (at least we assume it’s Gigabit speed). A Wi-Fi Protected Set up (WPS) button is also present to help with linking the booster into your network of Sky Q devices (Hub, Box and Minis).

At the time of writing we weren’t able to see how much Sky will charge for this updated add-on as the related product page has been taken down and it’s not at present listed under their accessories (here). We have asked Sky to clarify what’s changed with this device and will report back, although it’s probably safe to say that they’ll be using a more advanced WiFi chip like the new Sky Broadband Hub (we’re still awaiting full specs for that too).

UPDATE 22nd August 2019:

We’ve been looking into why the new extenders aren’t being sold on Sky’s website any more, although some customers have been given one for free by Sky’s own engineers as part of an unrelated service upgrade. Apparently the reason for this seems to be hiding a new product / service add-on, which Sky hasn’t yet officially announced (they promised us a reply yesterday but we’re still waiting).

According to one of our sources, Sky are currently preparing to add a new feature to their Sky Broadband Boost add-on (+£2.50 extra per month). The feature is effectively a WiFi Guarantee (similar to BT’s Complete Wi-Fi feature). The new feature is due to be introduced from early September 2019.

The guarantee will promise to deliver WiFi speeds of at least 3Mbps to every room in your house and if you can’t get that then the boost kicks in. At this point customers will first be offered an upgrade to the Sky Broadband Hub router and if that doesn’t work then Sky will send you the new Sky WiFi Booster 4 device above (supplied either as part of a Tech Team engineer visit or separately).

One catch here is that existing Sky Broadband Boost customers will only be able to benefit if they re-contract both their broadband and boost add-on for another 18 months (this is not an issue for new users who take the boost once the WiFi guarantee is added). Personally we think this is a bit mean as the boost feature is already quite new, but obviously it is an extra cost that the ISP will have to balance somehow.

However if you take the Sky Broadband Boost add-on after 20th August then the WiFi guarantee should be added for free. At least this is all our understanding from sources and Sky has yet to officially confirm.

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21 Responses
  1. Bob says:

    Any idea if this is a mesh or just an extender?

    1. Mark Jackson says:

      My guess if it’s like the old one, then it’s an extender, albeit one that can work within the Sky Q WiFi mesh that you get across their various other devices.

  2. JmJohnson says:

    I’ve had one of these for a few weeks now. It does become part of the mesh with other sky q kit so it isn’t a pure extender.

  3. Jo says:

    Not sure where you’re getting your information from. These boosters (booster 4) have been out for a few months. They predate the new hub by quite some time.

    1. Mark Jackson says:

      It’s the first time they’ve been spotted by our readers outside of a trial but if you see things like this sooner then please do let us know. We’re reliant upon feedback from people like yourself since Sky, unlike other ISPs, rarely does official announcements about such things so we often have to play catch-up.

  4. June Thompson says:

    How much is it going to be a month,

    1. Mark Jackson says:

      So far those that have had it got it “free” during a Sky engineer visit to improve their wireless service. You use to be able to buy it from them too but, as per the article, this option does not at present seem to exist.

  5. Mike Boote says:

    We were given one (SE210) when the engineer came to upgrade us to SKY Q, it certainly works well, giving us wireless access in the garage and garden, we were not charged and the engineer said that it was to improve our WiFi signal at the back of the house because it was being partially blocked by inner walls. We also have the wireless multi room hub, this also acts as a WiFi extender and is brilliant because other than the power cable there are no other unsightly cables like we used to have years ago in our old house.

  6. James Greasley says:

    Will I get one

  7. Dave Mitchell says:

    “The guarantee will promise to deliver WiFi speeds of at least 3Mbps to every room in your house and if you can’t get that then the boost kicks in.”

    Ah, the joyous marketing BS. The boost kicks in.. hahahahahaa
    At least 3mb in each room. . . wow, so fast…

    When are people going to wake up?
    Sure it might give you a slightly better experience over the usual rubbish routers they pass out, but, isn’t about time they gave you the same figure via wireless as to what you are getting if you hardwire?

    1. beany says:

      “isn’t about time they gave you the same figure via wireless as to what you are getting if you hardwire?”

      NO because no ISP has control over what your walls are made of, or where you decide to use your computer wirelessly.

      You may as well expect them to supply you a wireless router that will give hulk like radioactive beam of wireless at your full wired speed when you go on holiday, to the shops or visit another planet if you can not understand wireless is location and surroundings dependant.

  8. DTH engineer says:

    I’m a home service engineer for sky. We have been installing these boosters for about 2 months now so this isnt ‘news’

    We install them as part of the mesh system for when Q boxes aren’t connecting to each other

    1. Alan George says:

      Maybe not news but your recent firmware updates to older routers has made them useless for WiFi. Very suspicious

    2. Mark Jackson says:

      Why would that make it not news DTH? Sky haven’t announced anything in public yet and we only heard about this from their customers, likewise the related WiFi Guarantee hasn’t been launched yet. ISPreview is a specialist site focused upon ISPs so this is obviously very much news for us.

  9. Alan George says:

    Rather suspicious that the WiFi on my sky hub has been disconnecting and failing these past 4 weeks. Same router for 3 years plus . Same location for 18 months no issues. Recently getting limited bandwidth or restrictions on number of devices. So much so that devices would just not be able to connect while others can. I have my own booster in place too and same with that. 20 years in computer support industry and I was just going to ask them to replace faulty hub. Far too much if a coincidence , especially after recent firmware update to router seems to have started issues.

  10. Garry Darcy says:

    The new hubs are now available for customers who take the Sky broadband boost. Otherwise when they do become available to the general public they will cost £99. That’s what I was told today. Anyway I choose to take the boost as I get a better router and a guarantee if I don’t get the correct service I get the money back from the boost

  11. Keithbarnet says:

    We had SkyQ set up 2 weeks ago. Package included main SkyQ router and SkyQ mini box for multi room upstairs.
    The signal on the SkyQ main router we received is very weak, so we pointed this out when the Sky engineer came to set it all up (initially we received the main router by post).
    The engineer admitted the weak signal and said Sky are giving out a newer SkyQ router (known as 4.2), only if you take Broadband Boost package (£5/month extra)

    I got on to Sky Retentions Team, as the ! router signal was terrible compare to my old Sky+ router.
    I managed to get upgraded to Broadband Boost with Wi-Fi Guarantee, free for 18 months. This way I was eligible for the upgraded newer 4.2 router.

    So problem solved. My only frustration is that when a customer pays for SkyQ, the supplied router should be fit for purpose. It is obvious (there are many posts on SkyQ forums), that there is a wireless signal problem with the original SkyQ router.

  12. Eddie Hutton says:

    We received one of these boxes when our SkyQ box would not connect to the Sky router that was out in place when we switched from BT. The service has improved but we had to request for an engineer to come out. As I want to set up an office in the garden, can I extend from this booster box to connect to a receiver/booster in the garden or should I go for something different?

  13. Jack says:

    The Sky hub they have now along with the same one they use for NowBroadband is terrible! I don’t understand who came up with them but whoever it was didn’t see any logic in external antennas. I live in a fairly small flat and only get 30% signal / 1 bar in the bedroom less than 6 meters away. The customer service is only interested in selling the boosters for extra a month when it isn’t them that’s the problem. In my case I just decided to buy a cheap extender from amazon for £17 and it does the job.

  14. Niall Anderson says:

    I was told that the booster box ain’t a thing by a sky person over the phone

  15. R squires says:

    I took on the new sky boost the router is rubbish it won’t work a fire stick 12 metres away I was charged 10 pounds delivery for the router and now my so called free booster was another 10 pounds del and they only send them 1 at a time at this rate I think it will cost me about 60 quid plus more money for my subscription what a con

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