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Virgin Media Cut Standalone Ultrafast Broadband Prices by £7

Friday, Oct 11th, 2019 (7:36 am) - Score 19,032

Cable ISP Virgin Media UK has moved to discount the monthly price of their solo standalone broadband (no phone required) packages by £7 for new customers. For example, their entry-level 54Mbps plan drops to just £30 per month and 362Mbps falls to £45 per month for the first 12 months of service.

As usual all new subscribers will receive a Hub 3.0 wireless router (Hub 4.0 on 1Gig), a 12 month minimum term contract, unlimited usage, access to Virgin’s UK network of WiFi hotspots, internet security / parental controls and email. A £35 one-off setup fee must also be paid. However Virgin Media’s packages now include a warning to say their prices “may change at any point during the contract” (Virgin has not yet adopted fixed price plans).

NOTE: You can also get their 1Gbps standalone package from £62 per month. At present this is only available in Southampton (rest of their UK network by 2021).

Admittedly the new discount prices are still a little bit more expensive than Virgin’s combined broadband and phone bundles (here), although the post contract prices on standalone broadband are generally several pounds per month cheaper than their phone bundles. Otherwise the new pricing is set to last until 11:59pm on 13th November 2019.

Meanwhile Virgin Media’s TV Bundles have also been given an additional incentive in the way of 12 months free Amazon Prime Video (usually £79) and that’s on top of their existing discounts.

By Mark Jackson
Mark is a professional technology writer, IT consultant and computer engineer from Dorset (England), he also founded ISPreview in 1999 and enjoys analysing the latest telecoms and broadband developments. Find me on X (Twitter), Mastodon, Facebook and .
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35 Responses
  1. Avatar photo Smifffy says:

    It’s about time they rewarded loyal customers who have been with them for years instead of putting prices up and making them pay for updated equipment

    1. Avatar photo John R says:

      I am thinking of moving to 3 broadband no phone line needed it costs £21 a month

    2. Avatar photo H Matha says:

      Absolutely agree, the loyal customer should be awarded to value loyalty as they recruit new ones by reducing the bill. Giving % off bill by numbers of yrs the customers have been with them.

    3. Avatar photo excustomer says:

      @John R.

      I’ve done it but at £16 month as an existing three customer on a 24m contract.

      I got the 311 router then upgraded by buying seperately to a Huawei B525 to get 4G+ (Carrier Aggregation) and L band (Band 32) capability when they roll out with 5G.

      I’m still only on 4G but with D&U being between 20-40Mbps where I am, it’s a lot less DL peak than I got with VM but, in all seriousness, it’s a lot more fluid, capable of running 2 streams an Xbox and PlayStation at the same time at peak times and I’m even getting better pings to servers in the USA.

    4. Avatar photo Go away says:

      Why would they want to reward dumb customers.

  2. Avatar photo Scott says:

    typo “Amazon Price Video”

    1. Avatar photo Dave says:

      Nah, it’s full amazon prime. Including 1 day delivery’s. Not a bad deal.

  3. Avatar photo N houghton says:

    Again Virgin is screwing loyal customers in order to pay for cosessions to new ones at this rate you will have more leave than you can attract

    1. Avatar photo Herve Shango says:

      Negotiate a discount, I’d also threaten them that you’ll leave (vote with your money) sir, VM takes the piss out loyal VM customers, I’m glad I phoned them about it and I ended up with a discount to for my VM tariff (yes, I’ve been with VM for 3 years and 8 months). Call them.

    2. Avatar photo Go away says:

      Some people just expect everything given to them automatically in life.

  4. Avatar photo Roger_Gooner says:

    Everyone offers the best deals to new customers. If you are so aggrieved with Virgin Media, cancel your contract and expect to be called with better prices. If not satisfied, leave and after a year you’ll find them offering something tempting.

    1. Avatar photo Kev says:

      No they don’t. Both Talk Talk and Sky will offer the same price providing you recontract

  5. Avatar photo S.B says:

    Im leaving as soon as my contract is up unless they can match or beat the”new customer” deal. Whats the point otherwise! Your loss Virgin

    1. Avatar photo excustomer says:

      Easiest and quickest way is to cancel your contract and hand in your 30 day notice.

      They’ll call you from an 0345 number with their best and final offer the next day, word of warning tough, if you stay silent, they’ll drop the call before connecting a human being and keep calling again and again with dropped calls.

      But I was personally not willing to undergo jumping through their hoops for the best deal. I actually left.

  6. Avatar photo Wayne says:

    I’ve been screwed over by then for years I. A loyal customer but I’m in full support of your comment that we the loyal customer are indeed well over due something back for being faithful to them.many times my internet’s gone off through no fault of mine.they blame me saying I must have moved the modem (never moved it) and connection s must have come loose.constant messages when you call them saying there’s an outage in my area.phonelune crackles Intermitently and TV pictures keep jumping during films etc.
    And yet I’m always at fault according to them besides the fact I know about electronics as I used to work for a studio a few years back.but they still make me look stupid sending engineer to property in 12 occasions to date but each time tech guys say issues there end and it’s outage issues due to having too many on the same cabinet in the street and it’s caused on outage issue in the area.funny it’s made to look I’m at fault for moving a permanently situated box when I’m a loyal customer who pays direct debit monthly.yet I’m treated badly and made to look as if it’s my fault.discusting customer service incorrect details and one thing that angered me of recently was how they passed me to 8 difrent who couldn’t understand English and pass the buck on another person.
    Terrable and I mean terrable customer service

    1. Avatar photo Ian MaCK says:

      Well,said that man. Virgin Media have the worst customer service of any company I know and that’s saying something. I was a customer for 12 years and recently left and one,of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Long term customers are subsidising new customers, so all you thinking of joining – don’t. You’ll soon be paying more and more for less and less. Boycott virgin. If you don’t believe me, look at trustpilot, hardly a good word said about them.

    2. Avatar photo Herve Shango says:

      Dude, call them and negotiate a discount, do not just sit there and complain of the internet, talk to them about it.

    3. Avatar photo Go away says:

      I see the retard of many names with the same full stop allergy is back.

    4. Avatar photo beany says:

      “discusting customer service incorrect details and one thing that angered me of recently was how they passed me to 8 difrent who couldn’t understand English and pass the buck on another person.
      Terrable and I mean terrable customer service”

      It must be such a pain dealing with such a ‘discusting’ service. With English skills so superb others are ‘terrable’ in comparison.
      (The Speak and Spell from Ebay is in the post…)

  7. Avatar photo Paul Houghton says:

    The Hub is very poor for speeds and drop way off at peak times and browsing slow need to reboot modem regualarly. Out of contract prices too much. I dumped Virgin and now paying Three for 4G unlimeted home broadband with the B535 router a much better stable wifi experience and speeds roughly same or faster than Virgins entry level offering. Everything works just fine no problems browsing or streaming Netflix 4K.

  8. Avatar photo keith hides says:

    I agree that Virgin should reduce costs for long term customers. I started with Grossest and have stayed with Virgin ever since. It seems when there is a price hike, which is every year, you have to phone retention and grovel for a discount for a few months. I would advise anyone to look around and not be as stupid as me!!!!

  9. Avatar photo keith hides says:

    Grossest should be Telewest

  10. Avatar photo Herve Shango says:

    I saw this article a couple of hours ago, I was shocked VM was giving new customers (again) new discounts which seem to be a constant theme with VM, so as a long term VM customer (loyal). I phoned VM, discussed it with them (in an upset tone about it), they decided to look into ways of keeping me happy and gave me a discount on my broadband, anyway I’m happy to stay with VM, they need to share the discounts with their loyal customer period, it can not just be for new customers who may be looking to join VM.
    I’ve been with VM for three years and 8 months now. I will not sit back and allow VM to charge me so much for a broadband period.

  11. Avatar photo Anthony evans says:

    No land line for 3days cannot get any satisfaction about why this is on demand and catch up off tv VM get your act together !!!!

    1. Avatar photo Go away says:

      Can someone put subtitles on for me to understand that last post?

    2. Avatar photo excustomer says:

      @Go Away

      It’s simple, the VM experience by many isn’t the same as yours.

      Simply put, here, the poster says the service isn’t as reliable or dependable as you might believe yourself.

      Accept that VM could be less than perfect and all the comments make sense.

    3. Avatar photo kevin says:

      I think Go Away meant the post made no sense, which it did not. I read it 5 times and could not understand a word the poster was trying to say. Either you can magically translate broken and poor English or you know what they meant because it was you that typed it.

  12. Avatar photo John says:

    Worse broad band ever they should be banned and fined for false promises and poor customer service

    Until they getthere act together dont buy this false advertisment

    Trading standards sort it out

    1. Avatar photo Go away says:

      Ah the weekend is close and the early binge drinking and forgetting your keyboard has a full stop key is here.

    2. Avatar photo Nathan Lloyd says:

      You obviously have not been with sky then. There fastest is virgins slowest.

  13. Avatar photo Pete says:

    Virgin media used to be a lot fairer to loyal/existing customers before Liberty Global bought the brand. They boil my pee the way they ignore loyalty now.

    1. Avatar photo excustomer says:


      Also, before the Ofcom automatic discount came into effect.

      VM doesn’t really operate an automatic discount, each time as a customer that I had a loss of service, I had to call to register my claim, the service would get connected again for a few hours. The problem would return the next day prompting another call and the automated message would ask me to register the claim again.

      VM used to offer a goodwill discount for their intermittent service drops but it did require effort to call them up and ask for it.

      Now, there’s no good will. If VM can’t offer goodwill, why should customers continue with their loyalty?

    2. Avatar photo kevin says:

      I guess you will just have to stay with budget bin Plusnet then.

  14. Avatar photo Litlephil says:

    Virgin do give loyal discounts to customers u have to barter on phone about 3 weeks b4 u run out cuz if u don’t phone they won’t phone u l. But then neith sky , tslktsk, or by will they will just put ur price to the normal . But if I phone up y can barter. An if u look at ur statement u get loyal discount. I have all channels including movies not sports. And 300 mg unlimited calls as that wa the thing putting my prices up n I get it 12 month £75 a mont so barter. But if u check ur statements online u see at bottom all ur discounts £10 of movies and loyal customer £29 off so barter.

    1. Avatar photo Litlephil says:

      Productive text I meant TAlkTalk, BT and Sky.

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