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Urban UK ISP Hyperoptic Officially Launch 500Mbps Broadband

Tuesday, November 12th, 2019 (7:27 am) - Score 2,974

A few months ago we leaked information on a new 500Mbps package that was being tested by “full fibre” (FTTP/B) broadband ISP Hyperoptic (here). The good news is that this additional tier is now out of trial and will today be officially launched across their portfolio of packages.

As we write this the Hyperoptic website is currently offline for “scheduled maintenance” and the new tier should be present once it returns. Previously the provider only offered three commercial tiers to the public at different broadband speeds, including 50Mbps (5Mbps upload), 150Mbps and 900Mbps+. All bar the 30Mbps tier offered symmetric speeds (i.e. the same speed for both downloads and uploads).

The new 500Mbps plan is set to cost from £38 per month on a 12 month contract term or £39 for a 30 day term (broadband only), which rises to £50 after the initial term has ended. You can also take it with a phone service, which raises the price to £40 on a 12 month contract or £42 on a 30 day term (£53 thereafter). Take note that the 30 day term options also attract a £20 one-off connection fee.

As usual the packages all include unlimited usage, 24/7 support, a wireless router and a dynamic IP address (IPv6 support has been rolled out) or £5 extra per month for a Static IP. Free installation is included. Apparently the latest promotional pricing will run from today until 22nd December 2019.

Dana Tobak CBE, MD and CEO of Hyperoptic, said:

“Current 500Mbps services are hard to find and either come bundled with expensive TV services or are on long-term, restrictive contracts. Once again, we are tearing up the accepted ‘norm’ in the market and offering 500Mbps services on the most flexible contract available in the UK, at a highly competitive price.

This new service neatly bridges the gap between our 150Mbps and 1Gbps offerings, providing consumers with a choice of packages. The wider range of fibre speeds will also help support the nation’s drive to increase Gigabit connectivity, as the new speed tier will give consumers the chance to experience what’s possible with ultrafast connections.”

In case anybody has forgotten, Hyperoptic’s Gigabit capable fibre optic network is currently live for over 400,000 premises across around 43 UK towns and cities, albeit mostly focused upon large residential apartment buildings (e.g. Multi-Dwelling Units with at least 50 units / flats each) or big office blocks.

Hyperoptic currently aspires to cover 2 million premises by the end of 2021, with a future aspiration to potentially reach 5 million by 2024, and their recent acquisition by global investment firm KKR should help to provide the necessary investment capital in order to get the next phase of that expansion going (here).

Despite this the provider faces growing competition from rival MDU focused full fibre ISP Community Fibre in London, as well as Openreach, Virgin Media and Cityfibre in parts of various cities across the United Kingdom.

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13 Responses
  1. Avatar Seb

    Well news about Hyperoptic don’t impress me anymore. I’ve got email from them that my place is ready for installation, so I order 1Gb from them. Got engineer appointed and guess what he came to install it and there was no wiring in the building. Took three months of fighting with them and finally I gave up. Cancelled my order. It looks like they adding addresses to their list to show statistics how much premises they’ve connected, but it’s complete BS. Still on their website you can order broadband for my post code, but I already know it’s not possible physically.

    • Avatar HyperopticCS

      Hi Seb,

      This definitely shouldn’t have been your experience – we make sure our website is updated so that all residents get the latest news for their buildings. Sorry to hear this wasn’t the case with the installation for your apartment! If you’d like to send us an email to support@hyperoptic.com with your address details, we’ll make sure to investigate further. Please put “FAO Social Media Team” in the subject line.

      Thank you!

      Hyperoptic Customer Service Team

  2. Avatar Malcolm Beaton

    Yes I have given up hope of them coming to Brunswick Quay SE16 – according to the Hyperoptic map we are have Installation Agreed but that hasn’t changed for almost 2 years – when I input my address they ask me to register interest – they currently have no plans for the area

    • Avatar Brian Gibson

      Registered an interest over 2 years ago HYPEROPTIC don’t give a toss about my area
      Because they are council flats.
      We have been snubbed by HYPEROPTIC and will never have fibre to the premises installed by this company.

    • Avatar HyperopticCS

      Hi Malcolm,

      Don’t lose hope – we are frequently reviewing different areas for the new possibilities of installing fibre. We’re very excited to increase our availability, so here’s to hoping we come to Brunswick Quay very soon!

      Thank you for your continuous interest.

      Hyperoptic Customer Service Team

  3. Avatar A_Builder

    I’m sitting here on a Hyperoptic connection and it works just fine.

    As with any SME growing to be a PLC there is going to be pain as simple address databases go outside their limits.

    When you start these things most of the info actually lives in the heads of the team. As you grow getting it out of heads into IT is quite hard and then dynamically updating the DB’s is a big cultural shift.

    Generally Hyper do a good job and provide a valuable service to the community on a totally commercial basis. If it wasn’t for Hyper, CF, CityFibre and to a certain extent VM, FibreFirst would not have happened.

    • Avatar StevenNT

      I second this,

      I’ve been a customer since July after my unexpected flat move and can’t fault them either. Their Twitter support if needed is fantastic along with email support too.

      If you have an quirky and non standard technical question they do their best to help you out with a good answer and if they need a little bit of time they will get back to you.

      I would recommend them to anyone who can get it and happy to give a referral too.

    • Avatar hv

      I have been happy with them as well the two years I have been with them. The difference it made to our 2Mbps EO line in London (we or any of our non-Hyperoptic neighbours in nearby houses are still not in any OR upgrade plans and enjoying their 2-3Mbps speeds as the whole area is EO) was unbelievable. In these two years we have had one outage a couple of weeks ago.

      Having read all sorts of horror stories about their installation, I was surprised how flexible they were. Initially they offered the bulk standard external cabling but when we said no, that wasn’t a problem at all and now all cabling is underground and in risers.

      The only “interesting” part was managing the street level part. We are a small building, far below their normal minimum limits, so we didn’t have too much leverage to negotiate anything. They brought the fibre in using I guess OR conduits and manhole covers – but one of those they needed were not on the kerb but on streetside. The street is always packed with parked cars that seldom move anywhere. For the two months we knew the installation date we had to keep one of our cars parked on it and whenever thar car was needed, swap it with another.

      On the day they came I moved our car away from the spot and they were waiting with their warning barriers and cones and stuff ready to move in and occupy the spot right away, and they almost ended up in fisticuffs with someone driving around the block and trying to find a parking space, who almost rammed them with his car insisting he will now park there and they can do their work another day…

      Anyway. It took quite a while from “installation agreed” to the service being switched on as they had a massive backlog of installatios but when the work actually started, it didn’t took but weeks for the fibre to come in and install everything.

  4. Avatar kds

    also, their home connection is CGNAT business connection you can get static ip but slightly more expensive to use it at home.

    • Avatar StevenNT

      Personally I’ve not had major issues with this. But I can see certain VPN’s being affected by this and some console gaming too.

      I agree CG-NAT is not ideal for everyone and I opted out of it for myself and paid the fee as a result but still good value overall than BT Openreach FTTC as the alternative network.

    • Avatar HyperopticCS

      Hi there,

      We are currently working on implementing IPv6 solution all across the network free of charge, which we believe can help avoid CGN depending on your needs (unless you’d like to opt for a Static IPv4 address). We also have all kinds of helpful tips & tricks on our FAQ page in regards to the IP addresses that you might find useful. We’ll drop the link here in case you’re interested: https://hyperoptic.com/help/technical-support.

      Our support is open 24/7 on 0333 332 1111 and support@hyperoptic.com if you need us.


      Hyperoptic Customer Service Team

  5. Avatar Dave

    I am rather surprised still no go here in Brighton either. I want to switch to something faster next month than my current Vodafone 80mb connection but seems I can’t

    • Avatar HyperopticCS

      Hi Dave,

      We understand the need – we’re working on expanding our coverage map. If you have registered interest on our website (http://ow.ly/docR30cxT3L) we’ll make sure to keep you posted with the progress. It’ll be worth the wait!


      Hyperoptic Customer Service Team

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