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Three UK Prepares to Trial eSIM Support on Mobile Network

Tuesday, December 3rd, 2019 (7:41 am) - Score 74,178
three uk mobile broadband

Three UK has confirmed to ISPreview.co.uk that the long wait for eSIM support on their 3G, 4G and 5G network may finally be coming to an end. The mobile operator plans to launch customer trials “within the next few months.” Rivals O2, EE (BT) and Vodafone have already launched eSIM, albeit with varying different levels of support.

Most people will probably be familiar with traditional SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) cards, which are the tiny chips that authenticate your identity to a mobile operator – when you slide one into a mobile phone or related device. SIM cards can also store a basic list of your contacts, although online contact lists have largely superseded that feature.

Meanwhile a growing number of new Smartphones (e.g. Google Pixel 3 / 4, iPhone XS / 11 Pro, Apple Watch Series 5 / 4 etc.) are shipping with eSIM technology, which essentially embeds an electronic SIM into your phone and makes it easier to switch between carriers via multiple account support (i.e. no more waiting for new SIM cards to arrive or fiddling with different ones when trying to change network).

EE has had eSIM support since 2018 via a number of mobile devices, while Vodafone presently only supports it on the Apple Watch Series 3, 4 or 5 Cellular and O2 went live with the technology in September 2019 (here). Meanwhile a big question mark has been hanging over Three UK’s eSIM support, which started two years ago after they confirmed their intention to support it.

Since then the most recent update from Three UK came via Twitter in May 2019, when one of their support agents said, “Currently we’re testing eSIMs for various phones to make sure you guys get the best possible experience. We expect to be able to support these in autumn 2019.” But when customers asked again last month they were instead told “we don’t have any concrete info’ to give at the moment.”

After prodding the operator for a few days ISPreview.co.uk has now been informed by a spokesperson that “Three will be trialling eSIMs within the next few months,” which sounds like it won’t be fully ready in time for the end of autumn as planned. The wait continues.

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41 Responses
  1. Mark says:

    A new tool to tie in mobile phones to networks disguised as a convenience. The new simlock is coming. Of course customers will not need to wait untill the SIM arrives by post, but wait if you want to change operator and your current one has other things in mind? It will not release your eSIM and you will not be able to just take the module out and replace it like with the regular SIM card. This feels like an apple idea.
    If someone knows to the contrary and this is not the case and a mobile phone owner will have freedom to manage their eSIM freely, then please do correct me.

    1. Mark Jackson says:

      So far as I can tell mobile phones with eSIM currently give you control over it and usually also include a traditional SIM card slot, although this may change in the future.

    2. John says:

      Simlocks are known in today’s tech, rather than using software or code to unlock, it’ll be done via the os…. It’s means no more cards. Which is a bonus

    3. CJ says:

      @Mark (OP)
      I guess you’ve never used an eSIM. Several eSIM’s can be stored on the phone at the same time and the user can switch between them at will. At least, that’s how it works on the iPhone.

      To use different networks the phone must not be sim locked, but that is no different to changing a physical sim.

      The biggest problem with the EE implementation of eSIM is that you need a new physical eSIM pack to move it to a different phone. Some networks allow that to be done using just an app but with EE if your phone breaks you’ll be without service until you can get a new eSIM pack from a store or in the post.

    4. Mark says:

      Thanks for constructive feedback. Yes, I have never used a phone with eSIM, but based on the descriptions of the process it allowed me to conclude that there was room for limiting user control. I hope this stays as you Guys are describing.

    5. beany says:

      “eSIM technology, which essentially embeds an electronic SIM into your phone and makes it easier to switch between carriers via multiple account support (i.e. no more waiting for new SIM cards to arrive or fiddling with different ones when trying to change network).”

      What happens when you decide to migrate with an Esim phone and take your number but the new provider F**Ks things up? Do you just end up with a brick rather than a phone until one of the providers decides to fix it? At least with an old phone if it came to it you could just get a new sim card, you may loose your number but at least in the mean time you would not have a £1000 paper weight.


    This smacks too heavily of Apple and anything even the slighteset bit apple is something to avoid like the plague

    1. André says:

      Like smartphones?

    2. Audrey says:

      I concur. Best just to avoid all things Apple – over priced and over rated and I still can’t work out why the OS is described as really intuitive – tell that to my 75yo mum who can’t even work out how to turn it off. I rest my case.

    3. Paul says:

      eSim is available on Android phones too, so your hatred of Apple in this case is misplaced.

    4. beany says:

      I agree though maybe im just old but yep sounds like another thing for douchy companies like apple and their ilk to lock you in to their cult like claws.

    5. Leex says:

      Esim built into every Google pixel phone (just disabled in the uk because no one uses it yet)

  3. André says:

    This has been “coming soon” for years.

    I’m not holding my breath.

  4. Mike says:

    I use my SIM in my phone and 4G router, with eSIM….?

    1. Bla bla says:

      Good boy

    2. Pete says:

      an eSim is basically software in your phone so no physical card to take out to put into your 4G router. If you have a router that supports esim you would be able to add the router to your account quite easy and if your network lets you share your data plan ( in the future ) that’s how the likes of Samsung and Apple Watches with esim support work – they pair them to your account and in most cases share the data plan

  5. mike says:

    Why are they always so far behind? It took them ages to implement native wifi calling, and they still don’t support visual voicemail.

    1. Mike says:

      Most places don’t even have 4G+ either.

      My hope is they have been holding back to roll out a decent 5G service.

    2. Leex says:

      They still haven’t enabled global 4g calling on any frequency (I feel like I am in the atone age on three)

      Vodafone and o2 as it says it working but still drops to 3g to make call (unless you have a o2 or Vodafone branded phone)

      Ee/bt it just works as most phones have the ims built into the rom by default (well if it’s Samsung any way)

      No way we can turn off 3g and 2g if can’t get networks to push ims 4g calling settings over the air working so it just works (android has supported it from version 7-8 with more options for reading from sim card or network push in 9 and later)

  6. Stuart Parr says:

    I asked Three maybe 3 or 4 years ago if they’d support eSIM as a few Android watches had started shipping with them. They used to be pioneers but they’ve got a bit complacent lately.

  7. hv says:

    Curiously Three supports esims in many other countries they operate. At least in Hong Kong, Sweden, Denmark and Austria. Is there something specific in the UK network that requires more work and testing?

    I have been waiting for this to be able to utilise the dual sim capability of iphones. Unfortunately I am with Three in the UK and not moving anywhere because of their data roaming thing, and my US carrier does not support esim…

  8. Connor says:

    Annoyingly Three is good at giving concrete sounding info but then backing down from it.

  9. Alagie says:

    The SIM card I don’t know how can I get it I am living in Germany

    1. Basil says:

      You can get it from the grocery shop

  10. Dimi says:

    So they are not planing to invest in the network at all. Still they will be worst network provider in UK. So pointless to keep up with the big providers when you dont have network to cover basic city.

    1. Joe says:

      I’ve been with Three for over 10 years and they’ve been far better than Vodafone ever was. Faster to fix things, more generous with data, good customer service. I travel a lot and their coverage and risking services are superb.

  11. B b says:

    We should organise a demonstration

  12. Starz12 says:

    I have a very old Vodafone phone, which unfortunately just about works now. When I first was given the phone, I said where do you put the sim card, only to be told there isn’t one. The number was embedded to the phone. The phone didn’t have a removeable back or able to change battery. This phone is at least 5 or 6 years old maybe even older. Unfortunately Vodafone was an awful signal in my area so I moved to 3 and never looked back. I really like being with them. I don’t like the idea of esims although I can see advantages and disadvantages with them.

  13. Ogilvie Jackson says:

    We need Three support for Apple’s Cell Iwatch.!!
    Let’s hope this happens soon with esim support… come on Three, get a move on !

  14. Smithy says:

    Still waiting for three UK to launch 5G they promised us in 2019 not getting my hopes up and the network is pants around London and Manchester slow speeds.

  15. Jeevtan says:

    Has any one used dual esim on iPhone? If so how is the experience?

    1. André says:

      Surprisingly good, actually.

  16. Barry Rose says:

    I would hardly say that Vodafone supports esim as keeps being reported.
    Yes they support it on Apple Watch but this isn’t marketed as an esim device it is marketed as Apple Watch with Cellular, no one cares how it’s delivered. However, we do care that they don’t support esim on flagship devices when it is meant to be a flagship operator. Why is no one probing when Vodafone will support it from the Media? So frustrating that Vodafone won’t give any of their customers a concrete answer.

  17. Shady Dealer says:

    Wouldn’t have any other devices other than Apple ones. Comment in direct response to some clowns comments. As for over priced, clearly that’s your opinion, I’d never argue they were overpriced and a great residual resale value would ease that issue anyway.

    Reliable, generally safer than Android and its bloat ware and infestations of malware. Had to use an Android phone for work which was so toilet and shocking UI I binned it and now use a Windows phone for work.

    Apple haters, get a life. Not sure why you feel you need to bash at every opportunity, inferiority complex perhaps? Don’t care why to be honest. Enjoy

  18. Martin Nicholls says:

    Any update on when Three will actually launch esim in the UK?

    1. Peter Black says:

      Twitter says Spring this year
      But their tweets also seem to suggest that Apple Watch support might not be included on day one as they say its more difficult to implement. Might be true as Voda only to Esim on the watch and not on mobiles so the two implementations must be different. Very odd you would think Esim would have a standard across all platforms and devices.

    2. Martin Nicholls says:

      Thanks Peter for the update.
      I won’t hold my breath though, as they promised it when I bought my iPhone XS when they were launched.
      Now I’m on the iPhone 11 Pro….. and still false promises from Three.

  19. ken gregory says:

    I currently using Truphone esim profile on an unlocked Pixel 3a I brought from argos. works a treat but the profile simply is for data only. voice calls are made by apps voip Skype/whatsapp etc! There are other providers out there including usa but they are very tight with the data.
    USA people simply should use the google voice as its free calls to USA mobiles and landlines where ever you may be in the world! if you are using esim simply purchase global plan profile and good to go! Remember because they charge premium for data ensure phones have data saver on so to restrict high data apps connecting to data networks and eating your data unnecessary.

  20. Rob Nelson says:

    I find it odd that Three HK have Apple Watch support, and are part of H3G yet we don’t here.
    I love my Three contract for cartoons reasons but long to use an Apple Watch.

  21. André says:

    Six months later…. still nothing.
    I really don’t get why it’s so challenging for them to implement this.

  22. David Thornton says:

    Any update on Three UK supporting eSIM and Apple Watch eSIM?

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