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Vodafone UK to Hit Brits Stranded in Turkey with Roaming Hike

Thursday, Mar 26th, 2020 (1:33 pm) - Score 17,118

Mobile operator Vodafone UK appears to have picked a lousy time to inform customers in Turkey, many of whom will have been left stranded by the mass cancellation of flights until at least June 2020, that they’re about to impose a £6 per day charge for them to continue using their text, call and data allowances.

Naturally if you’ve just been left stuck in a country, which is not your home, by the Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation then that mobile phone in your pocket suddenly becomes much more essential for daily communication needs. Suffice to say that Vodafone’s significant price increase couldn’t have come at a worse time.

The £6 per day charge will only apply on the days when customers actually use their mobile, but as above that’s likely to be every day unless the UK Government are able to organise a mass of repatriation flights before it’s introduced.

Copy of Vodafone’s Customer Email


We’re making changes to the cost of roaming in Turkey.

From 6th May 2020, you can use your UK allowance of minutes, texts and data in Turkey. This will cost an additional £6 per day but only on the days you use your phone.

Based on your previous usage in Turkey, you can end your current agreement without a penalty for the next 30 days.

We really hope you’ll stay, but to discuss your options please call 0808 005 7370. If we don’t hear from you within 30 days your agreement with us will continue as before.

For more information, head online anytime.

Thank you.

Customer Care Team.

At present Turkey is still one of Vodafone UK’s free roaming destinations, which means customers can use their UK plan while abroad in associated countries at no extra cost. The 6th May change means that Turkey will leave this group and join c.60 other countries as Roam-further destinations (these attract the aforementioned daily fee; similar to how you’d be charged on other networks like O2).

A Vodafone UK Spokesperson told ISPreview.co.uk:

“We are informing customers about some changes to our roaming offering, From 6 May, we will be moving Turkey to our Roam-further proposition on pay monthly plans and to roaming zone 1 on pay as you go and VOXI. We are retaining Turkey in our Global Roaming Plus service as part of our Unlimited Max pay monthly plans, which offer inclusive roaming to 81 destinations worldwide.

We are the only UK operator to offer plans, which include inclusive roaming in Turkey and we continue to offer roaming at no extra cost in more destinations than any other UK network.

If any customer is stuck in Turkey, after May 6th due to the coronavirus, we recommend they contact us to discuss how we can support them.”

Sadly Vodafone doesn’t clarify why the change itself is being made, but unless Brits can escape in time then additional charges of up to £180 per month could easily be created. In that situation it might be worth upgrading to get their Global Roaming Plus service (assuming you can actually contact customer support by then).

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By Mark Jackson
Mark is a professional technology writer, IT consultant and computer engineer from Dorset (England), he also founded ISPreview in 1999 and enjoys analysing the latest telecoms and broadband developments. Find me on X (Twitter), Mastodon, Facebook and .
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50 Responses
  1. Avatar photo dave says:

    They’re hoping it will be over by then.

  2. Avatar photo Ahmad says:

    My wife is currently stranded in Turkey. I bought a Vodafone contract last January with free Turkey roam in mind . CS has not answered my call after waiting 1 hour and 40 min. No email address for CS . I will be cancelling this contract in the next 30 days .

    1. Avatar photo Name says:

      The cheapest flight from Ankara to London via Belarus costs ~£940.

    2. Avatar photo Name says:

      Sorry my bad, it costs £401. £940 was for return.

    3. Avatar photo Julie Whelbourn says:


      If enough of us write

  3. Avatar photo NE555 says:

    Three charges £3 per MB in Turkey – a whopping £3,000 per GB (or £3,072, depending on how you define a GB).

    If you go to a third-world country, e.g. Canada, it’s even more expensive at £6 per MB.

    Compared to this, £6 a day sounds pretty reasonable. A local PAYG SIM will be much cheaper though.

    1. Avatar photo dave says:

      Canada is 3rd world?

    2. Avatar photo NE555 says:

      Apparently so, according to Three!

    3. Avatar photo TheTruth says:

      Canada second largest country in the world after Russia, China and USA equal third

  4. Avatar photo Leex says:

    Just change to the Vodafone £32 unlimited max plan as it includes global World wide roaming (or get the Global roaming plus addon activated witch I believe can be added to any 1m/12m/24m contract but unsure like below if they enable it immediately)

    only downside with Vodafone is they don’t apply the plan/addons until next billing cycle and they are super bad with changing contracts that have a phone with them and months remaining , but they might do it due to the virus (I believe the Global roaming plus addon is the simplest way and you might be able to just enable it on the on your my Vodafone account Web page as could take more then 1-3 hours)

    £6 a day is very Bad (but still cheaper then the alternative at £0.50-4 per 1MB witch your phone could use 1-50mb per day just in background stuff + calls and text)

    1. Avatar photo Alfie kitchen says:

      Global roaming plus is built into certain plans and is not a bolt on feature. Customers would have to migrate onto a plan that includes global roaming plus to gain that benefit.

  5. Avatar photo Hassan Talbert says:

    I have two contracts with Vodafone I will be cancelling both and contracts tomorrow instead of me paying £35 a month I will be paying £57 a month plus 6 pound a day in Turkey I can get stuffed and that’s it

    1. Avatar photo Tariq says:

      I have two contract with Vodafone I will be gone next.

    2. Avatar photo Lexx says:

      Be interesting who you switched to as don’t know any other UK provider that includes Turkey roaming for £26.50/£33/£37 a Month (Vodafone unlimited max 81 zones, 24/12/1m month sim)

  6. Avatar photo Noname says:

    Vodafone is losing money to include Turkey as parr of the usual roaming free zone.

    Its compared to selling £1 to 50p. So it does NOT make business sense. – ask Vodafone for specific details.

    Next best option is to migrate tariff that includes Global Roaming (PLUS).

    Yes you pay extra to ths higher tariff but this resolves the problem.

    1. Avatar photo HUSEYIN Z says:

      They are not losing a thing because they own the biggest operator in Turkey called Telsim. How can they break contract like this. On top of this they just sent a email increase my tariff 2.5%. I have 4 phones with them.

    2. Avatar photo Adam McGloew says:

      Vodafone has its own mobile operator in Turkey lime most of EU it is call Vodafone Turkey. pointless ignorant comment from poorly informed person.

    3. Avatar photo Mark Jennings says:

      I think you’re misinformed. Vodafone has its own network called Vodafone Turkey and as far as I’m concerned you don’t lose money by working with another subsidiary of the same company

  7. Avatar photo Selim Guler says:

    As a loyal Customer of Vodafone UK past 29 years.Found the whole practice absurd,especially during these daunting times of Corona Virus effecting the globe.They should be supporting their customers,not hiking prices by introducing new charges to people stranded in Turkey.
    I have 5 Vodafone Numbers with them for the past 29 years,I will cancel everyone of the contracts unless this practice is reconsidered and reversed.

  8. Avatar photo Lils says:

    Vodafone be ashamed of yourselves!! Hello..stranded people in Turkey..100% disgraceful.
    I’d like Vodafone to tell their customers why they are doing this, particularly now…should explain for themselves.
    Turkey included roaming data was main reason, only main benefit to my contract with them. They will defo lose customers.
    They should honour contract term same price in a plan switch at least.

  9. Avatar photo Martin Webster says:

    Buy a local SIM? Same as you need to do in Egypt.

  10. Avatar photo Colin Songhurst says:

    I have four contracts for family members to use on holiday in turkey .No point being with Vodafone anymore.

  11. Avatar photo Murat says:

    Hi as a big family we have 5 Vodafone contracts at home if Vodafone decides to leaves Turkey free roaming we will immediately cancel our contracts straight away and look for other options, please avoid your Decision and keep both sides happy

  12. Avatar photo Vince haffenden says:

    Vodafone tried this a couple of years ago.
    The backlash was huge.
    They changed their mind saying that they had listened to their customers.
    So, are Vodafone no longer listening to us. They own part of Turkcell so the argument that it’s internal costs is does not hold water.

    1. Avatar photo Betts says:

      How about we sign a petition like it happened 2 years a go. I Am one of the ones are stuck in Turkey. Choosing vodafone was the reason for turkey
      Being in the roam free zone!!

  13. Avatar photo M.Remzi says:


    As a loyal customer for 9 years with contracts being renewed every 18 months,I find it unruly,the practice being implemented for Vodafone UK customers stranded in Turkey due to Covid19,likely to be continuing to the summer months by introducing a surcharge of £6.00 daily whenever the customer uses the network. Vodafone UK needs to support their customers,not ask for money when I and people like me are most vunerable.

    Also the contract terms being increased from 18 months to 24 months introduced again during this period should not take place till next year at the earliest.

    When I am back in the UK whenever the repatriation takes place,indication from the UK Government sometime in June it seems,I will be switching from Vodafone,unless these price increases are reversed before being put into place before May the 6th

  14. Avatar photo Turgut saridja says:

    After finally getting through to vodafone and asking to to be upgraded to global roaming plus not an easy procedure i have had to cancel my contract with them with no penalties as stated however this will only end after 30 days when it will revert to a pay as you go .

    meanwhile i took out new contract sim only global roaming plus with a new number after 30 days when my original sim becomes pay as you go i need to go and port it to the new number the only was to keep my original number .

    so all booked reasonably happy all be it a long winded process

    today i received my new sim and was a little unsure to activate in case i lost my original number

    as i am stuck at home nothing to do i decided to cal;l vodafone to help me with the process after hanging on for nearly an hour finally someone answered .

    i am now being told that global roaming plus does not cover Turkey after the 6 may also after a heated exchange i ashed to put through to cancellations with the intention of cancelling both my contracts with them .

    now i am being told by cancellations that global roaming plus does include Turkey after 6 may wow confused or what it seems vodafone are unaware of whats going on also

  15. Avatar photo Geoffrey Stockham says:

    Commercial self interest prevails over care for Customers. There is no excuse for the increase. The timing of the change is in strict contrast to the humanitarian instincts of the human species suffering the Corvid 19 crisis.
    WAKE UP VODAPHONE! Do the right thing and postpone the change until the crisis is over. If not, then like others I will cancel my contract.

  16. Avatar photo Mark keers says:

    Similar to other company’s o2 & three being worse trust me on that guys ! it’s all about making profit & not for the customers benefit ! But yes Vodafone could handle this much better for its customers & if it’s right that they own a share of turkcell then they could offer their customers a much better deal than their doing its about common sense in biz ‘ so yes Vodafone show your leading the way & make a deal with the customers & keep us all happy especially in this current climate ” because a lot of people put there trust in Vodafone over the years inc me ! We all don’t want to leave over this decision so come on Vodafone sort it out thanks

  17. Avatar photo leyla says:

    I have a contract with vodafone phone and told them i like to cancel it because its no use for me anymore if Turkey is out of free roaming’ they told me i can cancel the contract with no fee.
    Thats will make a compmaint to Ofcom
    I still have over 1 and half year contract with vodafone

    1. Avatar photo dave says:

      So they let you out of contract and you’re going to complain?

      Vodafone are free to change their plans, you agreed as such when you took the contract.

      They have to let you out of contract without penalty if it’s to your detriment and they have.

      What exactly are you going to complain about?

  18. Avatar photo Steven F says:

    Timing stinks, why keep messing about with zones, they backed down last time due to the amount of complaints. There’s no real choice, so have upgraded sim plan.

  19. Avatar photo Michael Leeds West Yorkshire says:

    What i don’t understand is what are turkey doing about this Vodaphone own a Turkish network it used to be called Telsim part of the Uzan group.
    Plus the added cost an average family with two kid with a phone on a 14-day holiday will cost an extra £336.00 per holiday so the customer will travel to the roam free areas such as Spain and France.
    While the Turkish hotels will take another hit, Nicholas Jonathan Read is the CEO at Vodafone Turkey and he’s in the UK.
    And he in London, so why is a British company with a Turkish subsidiary want an extra £6.00 per day of holidaymakers to use their network in turkey?.
    And if you remember they tried to do this two years ago.
    All seem to have the same charge £6.00 per day, what happed to competition, do the rules not apply to mobile networks any more.
    Turkish politician needs to know that Vodaphone, a prominent telecom system in turkey, is trying to ruin the economy, or bury bad new when this virus is around i do remember a politician doing this when a member of the royal family died.
    So do you think they are trying to rip us off at a wrong time? When they know all the politicians have their eyes on other things.

  20. Avatar photo Gail Rankine says:

    I took out 3 contracts recently on the understanding that turkey would be roam free now I need to cancel them or upgrade to use my roam free allowances . Vodafone should be ashamed of themselves doing this at a crucial time they will lose lots of custom

    1. Avatar photo MRs SLC says:

      Exactly my problem. I have my holiday booked and was relying on that. they wont cancel my agreement. I spoke to three advisors the second one said no problem whilst selling me an upgrade for another number. Their tactics are scandalous. i have to pay for global roaming or pay £6pm each phone how is this fair?

  21. Avatar photo Sven says:

    I have had two contracts with Vodafone for the past 5 years ONLY because Turkey was roam-free destination. Suppose I will be cancelling them both very soon… Buying el cheapo phones for use when in Turkey to rely on pay as you go will be far cheaper for me in the long run… All communication is online anyway so all we need is data….

  22. Avatar photo Mr John Thomas Yates says:

    We currently have “650” Vodafone sim only contracts with Vodafone for our cargo company, Our Drivers go to Turkey regular and we won’t be paying the extra £6 or upping the sim only deals, Lets see how they like it when my Telecoms adviser requests 650 PAC codes in one go, we are TNT UK LTD.

  23. Avatar photo Anna Maria says:

    For those all in similar situational like us choose vodafona becasue of inclusive roaming of turkey, we stuck in turkey and we will get local simcard from Bimcell it seems like the simplest and cheapest option off all carrier. they use Turk Telecom network for simcard and 6gb internet 250 min and text 65 lira which is 8 pound and then you can top u, for 39 lira more less 4 pound you can get 10gb internet 1000 min and 1000 text also if you top up 40 lira they give free 5gb internet. this is the most suitable and cheapest option we find. Take photocopy of your ID to one of the BIM supermarket and you can get your simcard after registration.

  24. Avatar photo Halil Dogan says:

    Have a business account with 6 lines. Only reason we changed to Vodafone was roaming in Turkey. Vodafone customer service is the worst. Will be cancelling all lines and moving back to o2.

  25. Avatar photo Eren Ali says:

    I have 3 Vodafone contracts and will be leaving them.why do this during coronavirus?did they think we wouldn’t notice? shame on them

  26. Avatar photo Pete says:

    Would like to add my views to this thread , 4 X Vodafone SIM contracts in my house hold and 21 Vodafone in my family which we all have Vodafone contracts so we can use in turkey when we are there , about 3 weeks a years , we can all get cheaper SIM deals with O2 ee sky virgin three and then use our the savings to purchase a turkey PAYG SIM as said above , talked to all our family and have all decided to move away from Vodafone due to this , and what perfect timing well done Vodafone as all other companies are giving free stuff away you robbing gits are fleesing your customers

  27. Avatar photo Steve Owen says:

    Disgusting behaviour by Voda Phone UK for taking Turkey off their free roaming, great timing with all this Covid-19 going on. I’m on a Turkish Forum and thousands will be cancelling their contract including myself. It’s happend before so Voda you better reconsider this move.

  28. Avatar photo A.Z says:

    Disgusting. Left lousy o2 so we could have free Turkey roaming few times a year when away, also convinced family and friends to switch to vodafone. In return this is the bull they come out with. Remember what happened last time vodafone tried this few years ago. Yes they changed their minds. I hope everybody decides to move on so these greedy operators can realise without us customers they are nothing. Well you are about to lose 4 very loyal customers mr vodafone!!

  29. Avatar photo No Name says:

    Just cancelled mine, only reason is due to Vodafone dropping Turkey from roaming. It’s why I moved to them in the first place.

  30. Avatar photo Rachael says:

    Switched to voxi (Vodafone) a year ago for the sole reason of being able to use my normal allowance in Turkey. Text message received from them this morning saying its no longer free. Wasn’t even aware they were able to just switch and change contracts whenever they feel like it! Feel sorry for those that are stuck in Turkey atm what a horrid way to treat customers during this pandemic.

  31. Avatar photo Baran says:

    O2 offer a better plan with same price.. then why am i need stay in Vodafone… There is no reason…
    Good by Vodafone..

  32. Avatar photo David G says:

    Hi, just after finding out that I will not be able to use my Vodafone in Turkey without paying more, it’s disappointing as when I go to Turkey on holiday, I will be unable to phone home to the UK for the same as being at home, it’s also disappointing to my friends that I have told to move to Vodafone for this reason some of them have moved from O2, O boy are they going to be mad with me .

  33. Avatar photo Julie C Spencer says:

    Just had an on-line chat with Vodaphone.
    They confirmed that my only option for Turkey is to spend £37 for a 30 day Roam further SIM.
    The assistant then recommended that I go onto a VOXI as she said it includes Turkey.
    Their website clearly states it includes does, however, when I phoned Vodaphone they said that VOXI does not include Turkey and the wesite is out of date !!!!!!!
    Not helpful and not impressed.

  34. Avatar photo Mohammed Khan says:

    Me and my friends visit Turkey regularly and have recently purchased a villa . We all decided to switch our providers to voxi, ( I had been with o2 for 20 years) to make life easier whilst abroad in Turkey. Vodafone/voxi have behaved in a despicable way and we shall be showing our annoyance when we cancel our voxi contracts.

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