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ISP Sky Broadband UK Start Small Pilot of Ultrafast FTTP Service UPDATE

Wednesday, June 3rd, 2020 (12:01 am) - Score 32,162
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After a long wait Sky Broadband has finally become the latest UK ISP to introduce an ultrafast and superfast broadband package based off Openreach’s Fibre-to-the-Premises (FTTP) network, but sadly this will initially take the form of a small scale pilot and is currently only available to a number of FTTP eligible homes.

At present Sky already sells an “Ultrafast 1” (145Mbps average speed) package using Openreach’s hybrid fibre G.fast technology (covers 2.81m premises), but they’ve also been busy working on a national FTTP service. In fact it looked as if they were about to launch it earlier this year when COVID-19 (Coronavirus) hit and effectively stalled almost all new FTTP installs, until now (here).

NOTE: Openreach has an ambition to cover 20 million UK premises by the “mid – to late-2020s” – here (currently at 2.57 million premises passed).

Openreach are now slowly restarting some of their normal engineering operations and, alongside that, Sky Broadband has decided to launch pilot their FTTP products. We were expecting something more substantial than this but Sky has instead informed ISPreview.co.uk that they will be rolling out FTTP on a wider scale over the coming months.

Otherwise the pilot currently appears to be largely mirroring Sky’s existing FTTC (e.g. 80Mbps tier) and G.fast plans (e.g. £39 per month for 145Mbps), although we believe that faster packages will follow in the future (hopefully later this year once they exit the pilot phase). At this time we have not been told precisely which homes are eligible for the pilot and two people who attempted to make an order (over the phone) yesterday were rejected.

Otherwise Sky’s FTTP based packages include the usual array of unlimited usage, service features and new customers will also receive their latest Sky Broadband Hub (SR203) router. Just don’t expect them to be promoting these in public for awhile.

NOTE: FTTP lines don’t suffer the same signal (performance) degradation over distance as FTTC or G.fast, so you’ll get closer to the advertised average speeds.


We’ve spoken to Sky again in the hope of gaining a few extra details. The pilot is available to new customers in existing Openreach FTTP areas, although we’re still uncertain as to how they’re judging exact eligibility since some seem able to order it and others don’t. At present only a small team of customer service agents are able to sell and service the product.

By the sounds of it Sky intend to ramp up their activity over the coming months until FTTP is available to all existing Sky customers (in covered areas).

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By Mark Jackson
Mark is a professional technology writer, IT consultant and computer engineer from Dorset (England), he also founded ISPreview in 1999 and enjoys analysing the latest telecoms and broadband developments. Find me on Twitter, , Facebook and Linkedin.
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74 Responses
  1. Matthew says:

    It is a very good start getting one of the biggest ISPs on Openreach network for consumers specially as it expands over the next few years hope to see them using Virgin media as well soon.

    1. 125us says:

      I don’t think Virgin wholesale their broadband network to other ISPs.

    2. Mark Jackson says:

      I believe he is speaking in a speculative way.

  2. Chris says:

    I was waiting for the last few months to get Sky FTTP. And now this… “small group” “no dates”. The only “sensible” option I have now is the BT and 24 months contract. There are couple other small providers doing FTTP but one never knows when they will fold.
    Oh, and AAISP and their silly data caps in 2020 on FTTP!
    O heat – here I come BT. But now – why there are no offers on the BT direct but there are plenty through affiliates???

    1. Ixel says:

      Even though a majority of ISP’s don’t advertise ‘data caps’, there can either be a fair usage policy or traffic shaping system in place. In the event there is none, the ISP is either considerably large (e.g. BT) or alternatively congestion is a possibility. In other cases an ISP might have an underlying hidden cap, which if exceeded they’d contact you to warn you about the excessive usage (typically this seems to be 5 or more TB in a month however, from the ISP’s I’ve discovered who happen to have such a policy).

      I’d argue that 2TB, or even 5TB, with AAISP is generous enough to not need to worry about data usage for most customers. That’s not even including the quota bonus.

    2. Jono says:

      Would ZEN not be an option?

    3. John says:

      Traffic shaping?
      Do you know any ISP’s who traffic shape?
      2010 is back that way.

    4. Ixel says:

      John, the keyword in my original message which I guess you overlooked was ‘can’. This means there’s a capability, not a certainty. I’m not going to spend time forming a list of possibilities for you, if you’re really that interested and have the time then you can do that yourself :).

    5. Mike says:

      This is nuts. Openreach are not meant to favour any ISP’s and have to treat them all the same. Surely that means all ISP’s should have untethered access to supply. Not just bt and we as it appears to be at the moment. What is the point of the monopolies commission if they dont enforce. I have and always wish to be a sky customer apart from a small break with ee(never again, I value good service). Why should I be forced to have a faster service with a provider who do not match sky’s customer service on the same platform it makes no sense.

    6. CarlT says:

      It’s Sky’s choice to not offer FTTP. They have the same access as everyone else with deep enough pockets to Openreach’s network.

  3. Burble says:

    I’m still not quite sure why Sky and TalkTalk feel the need to trial this?

    1. The Facts says:

      To see if everything works, processes.

    2. John says:

      They have ordering systems, billing systems, support and diagnostics all to be tested.
      They need to check their network can deal with higher tiers.

    3. joe says:

      @John Of course much of that ought to have been tested via G.fast

    4. CarlT says:

      The network is fine for the higher tiers. In common with everyone else Sky have been throwing 10Gs in like the wind since Openreach started their special offer and have plenty of capacity on their core.

      Provisioning of FTTP is a little different, though. Enough that it requires some extra work.

    5. Oliver says:

      It may well be a demand shaping exercise. I expect there will be a decent number of people hoping to switch to a cheaper Fibre ISP, or order for the first time from a non-BT ISP (but buying mostly on price, so not Zen etc). Sky enable certain post codes to order under the guise of a ‘Trial’.
      Many companies still have smaller workforces in call centres and other work areas. Launching under a trial means they won’t face the fall out of disgruntled customers facing delays to order, whilst simultaneously depriving current customers from being able to access call centres etc.

  4. MartinConf says:

    Has anyone successfully got on this latest pilot? what area?

    1. Matt says:

      I just tried to sign up in Bristol without success – I already have FTTP with BT.

    2. Chris says:

      What number should I call?

    3. Sean says:

      I already have BT FTTP too. My initial term is due to end very soon. When trying to place an order via Sky online, this now recognises a landline number at my address but doesn’t let me place an order. Instead this tells me to call ‭0333 759 4255‬. I’ve tried this but once through to sales I just get an automated message saying the call centre is closed. What number did you use to get through please? Thank you.

  5. Wally1 says:

    I suppose opening a Pilot FTTP scheme is better than nothing
    just like HDR for some Sky Boxes is better than no HDR at all.
    Sky are moving the right way but at a very slow pace.
    I’ve tried today to contact them by phone to see if I can get
    on the FTTP pilot or get a HDR friendly box but also hit a
    virtual brick wall. The final irony is that my FTTC speed has
    dropped by 10Meg overnight. Again looking at BT.

  6. Neil says:

    I called ‭0333 759 4255 ‬and was offered it with no real issue. Just mentioned I already have FTTP through BT and that was enough. Couldn’t get them to give me a stand-alone price but 150mb with UHD, F1 and basic PAYG phone was £70 a month.
    Still need a dish though, I was hoping that would disappear with FTTP.

    1. Sean says:

      How did you get through to speak with someone Neil? Whatever I say to the automated machine just takes me to a message saying the department is closed. Thanks.

    2. Neil White says:

      It didn’t recognise my number (not a SKY customer) so I tapped On my mobile. Then got the automated systems and just said something like join sky for broadband.

    3. Tyeth says:

      Used this number, thanks, entered my number at prompt (even though it said mine initially was unrecognized and to enter a different number than the calling one), and said join sky broadband to machine. Through to sales who tried to pass me to pilot team but very small and busy so took details to pass on for callback. Kept speaking to helpful guy who said ultrafast2 is still WIP and Ultrafast 1 is 39.99 solo but can only get from pilot team. They can and will knock off a tenner from your tv/broadband combo if you take one. Sales team also offering good discounts if you mention but then dont want fttp as they “cant help you” they then go out of their way to offer tv deals and money back on installs and account credit.

      Interesting times… now come on vodafone 😉

  7. Gordon says:

    I’ve just signed up for this in Bristol. Already with BT, pure FTTP the past 2 years in a new build.
    Sky offered 145mb for £35. No TV required. Quite pleased and beats anything BT offered directly.

    1. Laura says:

      Have you had any issues since joining with Sky?

  8. Mark says:

    FTTP has just been enabled on my street and the only relatively cheep option is BT as all the other mainstream companies are not taking orders yet. Vodafone seem to be partnering with openreach but I can’t get even an estimate of when they will be taking orders.

  9. Shaun says:

    I wonder whether you’re forced into using the Sky supplied router, I seem to remember them using a strange authentication method – something to do with the router MAC.

    I’m currently on the Plusnet FTTP trial but wouldn’t mind some extra speed as the trial tops out at 80mb.

  10. James says:

    Just phoned 0333 759 4255. Again the response was ‘computer says no’. When I asked about a pilot or an explanation as to why BT can provide me with the service yet they can’t, their response was its Openreachs fault for not giving Sky access yet, rather than Sky not providing it!

    1. Sean says:

      I got exactly the same. He asked if I was part of the pilot, to which I said no. I asked if I could join the pilot and explained I already have FTTP through BT but this made no difference. I was told I only a limited few have been invited..?

  11. Jj says:

    Just called after it said unavailable online and got ordered with ultrafast sky signature hd and netflix for £47 a month – they said on phome they are offering fttp ultrafast deals or the same speed as superfast to anyone with FTTP

    1. James says:

      Don’t understand how some can, and some can’t. Unless you and the others further up all happen to be in the ‘pilot’ postcodes! Incredibly poor by Sky again (after the HDR fiasco)!

    2. Sean says:

      May I ask what you said to the automated answer machine to get through to the correct department?

  12. Amjad says:

    I want to know how we reduced ILL COAST by using cache HTTP

  13. A350 says:

    In case this helps anyone out – Call the number 03337594255. If you’re an existing Sky customer, then call from a number that isn’t registered with Sky, if you don’t have another phone, then block your Caller ID when calling. When it asks you what you want, say “Ultrafast broadband”, it’ll then ask you if you an existing customer and if you have Sky TV, say no to all (even if the truth is you do). The chances of then routing to the right team that are trained in FTTP are higher. Then just say you would like FTTP and saw that Sky are offering it to anyone that has it with Openreach. State that you do have FTTP in your area and BT are offering it. They (human this time and not automated voice) will ask if you have been with Sky or are with Sky, you say yes and go through account verification. Seamless, ordered 145 Mbps FTTP. He did say he was a part of new customers sales team and he also said I’m lucky to have got through to a team trained in FTTP but contrary to statement above from Sky, whilst their existing PR statement might be saying it’s only for new customers, it appears that they can still do it for existing customers too. I also got a discount off the standard price and no set-up/installation/P&P charges too being a Sky VIP Gold customer! So they are doing it. For the record on the website it says Ultrafast isn’t available in my area. Hope this helps. If you don’t succeed, try the usual hang up and call again!

    1. Sean says:

      Didn’t work for me tonight unfortunately, though I got a little more information than previous attempts. I still have a coupe of months left to run with BT, so I’ll try again next month.

    2. Matthew says:

      I tried the route that you detailed above and I got through to the non-working sales line. Finally after speaking to someone and she tried to find one of these teams that has training and a infrastructure engineer, I was told even though my neighbors can get Fiber through BT, they still can’t push me on to the list. No one knows. A350, I think you must have lucked out getting through as they might have been on call overflow to that team.

    3. Mark says:

      Thanks, can confirm this worked for me and is worth a go. No idea what criteria they are using for not offering it to certain people because I already have Sky TV. Got offered super fast for £25pm on FTTP just waiting for Router.

    4. Julian says:

      ok so tried calling today (Monday 8/6/2020) using A350’s suggestions and no joy at all.

      When I withheld the number calling from my mobile it kept insisting that I provided my Sky phone number and only when I entered # several times did it ask what I was calling about.

      Tried Ultrafast Broadband and it ignored me and asked if I wanted Sky tv and phone sales. Said I wanted Fibre To The Premises and it then went off in to a blather about how they were only serving Key Workers on the phone during the COVID-19 emergency and then hung up on me.

      So suggest they have enough people for the trial now and are not interested in taking on any more.

      And if its like the Plusnet trial it will crawl along for two or three years and then Sky will decide that FTTP is too difficult and costly for it to support. I’m sure the same thing will happen with the TalkTalk FTTP trial too, leaving BT with a continued monopoly (leaving aside Zen and IDNet who both over charge for slow speeds than BT so are a waset of space) at excessive prices…………….

    5. Anthony Harris says:

      I tried this morning too. No option to skip the number part, you must enter your number and then told about they are only helping essential people, to goline as corvid means reduced staff etc. Beyond I can’t speak to anyone and yet I can use online chat to talk to BT and they are offering FTTP but sadly I still got a year left as sky tied me to a new contract 6 months ago when they changed my router. Not happy with sky CS

  14. Wally1 says:

    Many Thanks!

  15. Julian says:

    Checked for my home village exchange in Surrey that has had BT FTTP available since mid 2015 and which now has the BT Fibre 910/100 service available (at £59.99 per month compared to £40 per month for this speed in a town from one of BT’s competitors) and Sky is still only showing up to 16Mbps ADSL2+ as available as of today.

    But are we saying that their online checker won’t show this product as available and only the special phone number team will know about availability and be able to order?

    In any case I am due to go live on Tuesday with Now Brilliant Broadband with free Anytime calls to landline and mobiles for a year at £18 per month minus £100 Quidco cashback +£5 connection = £121 or £10.08 a month for a year.

    As this is an unbeatable one time offer (won’t repeat in year 2 re cashback or free anytime) I’m going to look at the FTTP question in another 12 months time when hopefully the 910/110 or slightly slower FTTP services will be more affordable once Sky and TalkTalk enter the marketplace. Although my suspicion is that only BT Retail will be offering the fastest FTTP speeds and Sky and TalkTalk will be offering similar to the fastest available normal FTTC offering for those living right next to their FTTC cabinet……..

    1. A350 says:

      From Sky’s perspective, FTTP doesn’t show as available on the website, however no issues at all when I called them up. I think it’s just a question of getting through to the right person from the automated voice. 🙂

    2. Julian says:

      I wonder when FTTP will be available to Now Broadband customers given that Sky has reached the test stage and that Now TV is another wholly owned subsidiary of Comcast of the USA along with Sky.

      Hopefully when Sky reaches the live and widely available stage then FTTP will also be available as an option to now Broadband customers given that they do support two different flavours of FTTC that we don’t have here due to having FTTP.

      On the other its not going to be as cheap as 16Mbps ADSL2+ with Anytime calls for a net £10.08 per month after cashback.

      I am willing to pay BT circa £40 per month for their 900/110 FTTP service but I guess that will have to wait for next year and other companies like TalkTalk, Vodafone and EE to enter the home FTTP marketplace and for me to be out of contract at that stage………………

  16. Wally1 says:

    I managed to get through to the Sky Ultrafast Team (See A350 posts)
    this morning. The guy was very helpful and went
    through all the checks OK and said decent offers were available.
    However he could not continue the process when he discovered
    that although our flat has FTTP connected, it has not yet
    been released to Sky by BT/Openreach. I know that FTTP was
    connected by 14 Jan 2020 so assumed that we were now OK.
    Does anybody know what the “lock-in” period actually is?

  17. Indiandragon says:

    I called up Sky following A350’s guidance and got through the sales person. Unfortunately, they don’t offer Ultrafast at my place whilst BT already offers Full fibre 900 Mbps lines… the good news is, he did say that Sky will be rolling FTTP soon in my area (Sheffield) and asked me to call them back in 4-6 weeks. Hopefully that timeline doesn’t change! Fingers crossed!

  18. Anthony Harris says:

    How do you get through to someone?? i have tried from my mobile and blocking my caller ID and I say ultrafast broadband and get the standard automated message saying hang up if not in the category.

    1. Julian says:

      I suspect you are calling too late in the day and that this team only works from 9.30am to 5pm Monday to Friday so try calling using the procedure recommended in the article during those hours.

    2. Wazza says:

      BT are paying costs of leaving contract early up to £300…I’ve got just under a year left with Sky broadband and will cover most / all of that…

  19. Wally 1 says:

    Besides this FTTP “Trial”, Sky have today opened a page where
    owners of V1 2Tb boxes can register for supply of a replacement
    HDR capable boxes. They are charging £50 and you fit it yourself.

  20. Sarah French says:

    I managed to speak to someone at Sky today (told the automated assistant I wasnt with Sky!) about FTTP which we know we can get via BT, but holding out to get a package deal with Sky/Sky Q. ATM we only have approx 8mbps broadband into our house which is like death now I’m working from home. Had to wait to be called back, but was then told the FTTP was released last week, but only for new customers (to keep the number of engineers out during Covid19), and to keep checking availability every couple of weeks. I reckon that once lockdown is released they will move on from just new customers as more engineers are allowed amongst the public. Would be nice for once for sky to give a platinum VIP customer priority over a new customer tho

    1. Foxed says:

      Don’t feel bad – im a ‘valued Diamond customer and they wouldn’t budge when I spoke to them today.

  21. Julian says:

    This is just to say that trying to order FTTP from Sky is totally and utterly like trying to get Blood Out Of A Stone and whilst the service is available to order and in fact any of their fibre trained advisers (they all are because they can all do Fibre To The Cabinet) can place an order that (a) they all seem quite determined to believe that you can’t possibly actually have FTTP at your home and must be mistaken and only have FTTC and that (b) It is totally impossible to get any of the pricing provided in writing by Sky. This is because availability and pricing will not show through the online checker and the email I asked to be sent to confirm the prices discussed on the phone does not contain the pricing quoted but only a 12 character reference number that the next member of staff can’t find or access when you call back in. It probably doesn’t help that all their staff are currently working from home.

    Anyway after a Herculean struggle I persuaded an adviser (there is no magic way to get through on the phone and you just have to keep trying to sign up for broadband as a new customer till you get an adviser who is not completely brain dead) to bother to check and he confirmed the following services are available:-

    145Mbps FTTP at £39 per month and 72 Mbps at £32 per month with pay as you go phone were offered to me today and the guy alleged nothing slower was on offer (I don’t believe him because he was a sell, sell the most expensive thing he could high pressure merchant whereas the lady I spoke to last week was not) However when I called last week the female adviser seemed to say a slower FTTP speed at 36Mbps or similar at perhaps £27.99 per month was also available. She told me she would email me all details but her email never arrived and if it had done it would only have been like the one today with no pricing details and only the reference number and an 0800 number to call back on. Absolutely nothing re the FTTP service can be ordered online, which means you also lose the normal Quidco or Topcashback cashback of £100+ as a new customer.

    Anyway basically Sky’s prices mirror those for the BT near equivalent Fibre 150, Fibre 74 and Fibre 36 services but have an 18 month instead of a 2 year contract.

    The main reason to consider Sky rather than BT is the fact that they will do their normal basic Signature collection tv service and provide a Sky Q box etc for only £10 per month on top of the broadband price compared to £30 per month or more if you wanted this service on its own without Sky’s broadband.

    So if you want FTTP speeds anyway and also want Sky pay tv then it is a good deal. But if on the other hand you want faster speeds like 300Mbps and 910Mbos then Sky isn’t making these speeds available to its FTTP customers.

    But it should all be made available through the online ordering interface by Sky because you lose the cashback due to this not being the case and it takes forever to get their sales advisers to go through numerous long customer service speeches just to get the prices that they won’t ever commit to writing.

    All in all I found the whole thing very aggravating indeed in terms of the telephone interaction and the sales guy today was completely trying to high pressure me in to signing up there and then and only when I told him I would complain to Sky’s CEO if he didn’t stop did he then say he would just send an email confirming the prices but which in fact did not confirm them but only gave a useless reference number that other colleagues then can’t find when you call back in.

    On the upside install dates are now available from Sky for FTTP installs by Openreach and they could actually offer me one in only 2 weeks time from today on July 3rd.

  22. Wally1 says:

    I have just finished phone wars with Sky over FTTP and HDR without success.
    They all stuck to the “not available in your area” message even though BT
    confirms that it is available and knew of no reason why Sky should not be
    able to supply. On HDR I need a new box but Sky would only offer a 1Tb HDR
    box to replace our 2Tb box. So we have moved our broadband to BT (fitting
    FTTP in three weeks) and have got a cheaper deal on TV with Sky. I’ll get HDR
    when content increases and hopefully boxes become more plentiful. Sky used to
    be pioneers but these launches have been poorly managed.

  23. Julian says:

    Wally Sky don’t seem to be offering the FTTP trial to existing customers so that may perhaps be your problem?

    Having said that you do also need to be very persistent indeed and call in several times with different advisers to find one with a brain who knows about FTTP and can place an order and even they can’t send you an email containing the actual pricing for FTTP.

    I did get an email with a reference number but when I called back in and gave them the reference number that adviser said I couldn’t have FTTP because Now Brilliant Broadband ADSL2+ was currently on the line. Yet the original adviser who had taken me to the point of sale for 72Mbps FTTP with Sky Signature tv and a box of some kind had not raised this as an objection.

    Sky needs to get this FTTP offering available online so that customers in areas where it is available have a consistent experience.

    Also emailed Jeremy Darroch (Sky CEO as listed at http://www.ceoemail.com)and other senior bods at Sky and Now Tv (Marina Storti is in charge of Now Broadband) about the issue but silence in response so far………..

    1. A350 says:

      I’m an existing customer and I was able to sign up to the trial, however admittedly I did have to try and “trick” the automated voice phone line to believe I’m not a Sky customer by hiding my caller ID and then saying no to all questions about being a customer in any form. Once I reached a human, it was rather seamless and even got some existing customer discounts added in too!

  24. Wally1 says:

    @Julian. Thanks for your comments.

    I read this and Sky’s own forums on FTTP and HDR issues
    and as far as I can see there is no consistency in what is
    possible from Sky. I have had three advisors say OK to FTTP
    and start the signing on process only for them to then say that
    their system says FTTP is not available in your area just like
    the Sky website does. I formally asked for an explanation of
    this but have had no response. BT say they are not the reason.

    On HDR they could offer a 1Tb HDR box but as I have a 2Tb box
    – (half full) I turned it down and will wait for a 2Tb box.

    So that is why I’ve gone to BT for FTTP and it will be put in
    14 July. I’m staying with Sky for TV and will link the
    systems via ethernet cables.

    I just think Sky seem to have lost their way over these two issues.
    I’ve been with them for many years and on SkyQ since 2017 and am a
    Diamond VIP member whatever that may mean.

  25. Mark says:

    Our area has just gone from adsl to fttp – however I tried to get this with sky and they told me Bt has exclusive rights to newly installed areas for 2 years and to try again in 2 years time – therefore I’ve had to sign up with Bt for 2 years at £39.99

  26. A350 says:

    Just as an update on things on my end, as most of you read my original thread, it is a bit of a lottery to get through to the FTTP trained teams, especially as everyone is working from home and agents that don’t know about FTTP don’t even know where to redirect you correctly which I presume why a lot of have been hitting dead ends. The method I suggested above should work during normal weekday working hours. For the record I am existing Sky TV customer, however I did have to simulate that I wasn’t an existing customer which then made the automated voice route me correctly following which I could reveal to a human that I am an existing TV customer but that didn’t stop him from selling the FTTP service, in fact I got a few Gold VIP benefits too thrown in for my TV package too.

    When I placed my order I got a ridiculous installation date of 27th July (For the record BT were giving the same install date), however around 10 days later I got a call stating that Openreach released more dates and now my internet is due to installed on July 9th. In the meantime, last week, Openreach were on the street seemingly cabling something and then they knocked on my door and installed an ONT box on the side of my house. I asked about the installation internally, they said that’s a different team and this was setting the base for them. So far it seems optimistic. Fingers crossed!

    Regarding getting through to the right team, it really does seem to be a lottery and hopefully my method will at least increase those chances. Finally don’t being an existing customer put you off. 🙂

  27. Mike T says:

    Hi all,

    Signed up as a new customer today for a Full TV package. Adviser who was working from home did appear to know what FTTP was but said it hasn’t been released to all customers after consulting a manager.

    I will call back later but have heard a reason given that BT have exclusive for 24 months in new build estates. Does anybody know if this is true and when this time is measured from. I just want to make sure in case they give this as a reason for not providing.

  28. Wally1 says:

    I was told it was not available in my area however no
    mention of 24 months. I asked BT about this and they
    did not know of a time restriction. There are so many
    different stories from Sky and some people are getting
    it so heaven knows what is the true situation. I’ve
    therefore moved broadband to BT and getting Fibre 100
    installed 14 July.

  29. Sean says:

    I called Sky yesterday and got through to the sales team via the automated answer machine. I followed A350s earlier guidance to do this. It would appear I’d called outside of this team’s working hours on my previous attempts, hence why I likely encountered problems.

    Pleased to report that once through, I managed to purchase the ultrafast FTTP service problem free. No need for any complicated explanation or discussion, I simply gave my postcode and was offered the choice of either the super or ultra service. Unlike on my previous attempts, the Sky representative made no mention of a trial or pilot service at all. In fact she seemed rather surprised at the estimated speeds for my line and admitted this was the first FTTP sale she’d done.

    As I already have a live Openreach ONT installed, Sky do not need to arrange an engineer visit. It’s just a case of plug and play on the go live date of 13-Jul.

    For awareness I live in a new build area. FTTP is our only option here, either via Openreach or Virgin Media. When I moved in, BT was the only ISP selling services via the Openreach line. Having been with them for the past 24 months, the price on expiration of the initial term is extortionate! They were not willing to come down on price much either. Fortunately they no longer hold a monopoly.

    1. Stumpy says:

      We are similar. We moved into a new build house just over three years ago now. We were on a 24 month contract with BT which I refused to renew because I’d seen the rumours about Sky starting to offer it, so I’ve been out of contract for quite some time and paying through the nose for it. I did give up hope at one point and decide to simply renew with BT, but it was just at the start of the Covid lockdown, the website said I had upgrade options but had to ring a number, but every time I tried ringing the number it just disconnected me. So I’ve just been waiting and hoping.

      I used the same method as above and unfortunately got through to someone in a call centre in a difference country who had no knowledge of ultrafast and claimed there was no trial going on and no way to get my fttp connected with Sky. I tried various ways to get him to check, which he said he did, with no luck.

      We’ve also been having problems with our Sky Q boxes – had an engineer out once who said if what they did hadn’t fixed it, to ring back to arrange another appointment – but then was never able to get through. So I asked this guy to transfer me.

      Got transferred to a very nice lady from the UK working from home who set up the engineer visit, then when I asked about ultrafast she said she’d check. I wasn’t holding out much hope as she didn’t give much away, but then she came back and said we could get it .. Superfast or ultrafast. Didn’t even know you could get superfast for fttp .. i thought that was just for those on partial copper lines.

      Anyway, engineer visit for Sky Q next Monday, activation date for fibre is 23rd July — and I’ll be paying around half the price I was paying BT, for a faster connection. I’d call that a result 🙂

  30. Steven says:

    Moving house to a new build FTTP only property at the end of the month so phoned and asked to switch but was told it was a trial only and they couldn’t offer me FTTP and couldn’t transfer my existing (FTTC) connection either so I’ve cancelled and now left Sky. Seems a bit silly they’d rather lose a customer than move them across!

    1. Gordon says:

      New build properties with FTTP are tied to BT exclusively for 2 years.
      They recoup the cost of the build this way. Our current house was the same situation, with Virgin Media also an option but only a madman would put himself through that hell.

      Honestly BT FTTP is still the best value of all other alternatives and we’ve had it 3 years with not a single second of downtime.

  31. Tyeth Gundry says:

    Just bit the bullet and got the Ultrafast 1 in Bristol (BS2), told them about the BT deal having tenner off and that I’d read 35 for ultrafast and would they match BTs 29.99, no but the 35 with super wifi and daily line check (worth £5) plus VOIP line and call package (no choice) 18month.
    They also mentioned that not all call center staff are trained yet and when they are the website ordering will go live too, for now you need to make it through to new sales or trial team (call from and enter a non-customer number twice and ask for “join ultrafast broadband”, speak slowly and clearly, answer no to having had anything ever and you get through. Then you can tell them the truth about your situation / an upgrade / new-sale.

    Fairly happy, wanted to go with Aquiss (40x3mnth + 48x9mnth) but it’s almost the same total price, the 29.99x24month BT deal just stung too much time-wise.

    1. Tyeth Gundry says:

      Interesting to note they would chuck in the sky tv signature package with 1TB box for 47 total, and more so than that, they are offering just below ultrafast (forget the name sorry but still FTTP) at 80mb/20mb for £27/month or 35 with signature package.

  32. Julian says:

    This is just to report that as a very recent new customer of Now (just another brand of Sky UK and in turn wholly owned by Comcast of the USA) ADSL2+ Brilliant Broadband on their very cheap £18 per month for 12 months +£5 connection minus £100 Quidco Cashback (tracked and due to pay in September) including Free Anytime to landline and mobile calls for 12 months deal (told by call centre person at Now that this Anytime Calls deal is renewed for free again as long as you agree to sign up for 12 more months) I sent an email asking the question about FTTP trials to Marina Storti, Managing Director of Now Tv/Broadband as listed at http://www.skygroup.sky/our-leadership/marina-storti

    I then subsequently got an email in reply from Adi (Adrian) Heesom, Director of Operations at Now TV as listed at http://www.linkedin.com/in/adrian-heesom-4b83315/?originalSubdomain=uk as follows:-

    “——– Forwarded Message ——–
    Subject: FTTP And Now Broadband Customers
    Date: Thu, 25 Jun 2020 07:37:47 +0000
    From: Heesom, Adi

    I’ve been passed your letter below regarding NOW Broadband.

    Firstly, thank you very much for being a Now BB customer; we very much appreciate your custom.

    On the subject of FTTP, we are in early trials for this technology with Sky Broadband. Whilst we have not announced any dates, we envisage FTTP being a product that will also appeal to our Now Broadband customers.

    Again, I thank you for your letter and ongoing custom.


    Adi Heesom
    Director of Operations, NOW TV”

    So they say they that “we” are in “early trials with SKY BROADBAND” for FTTP but I later rang the Now Broadband call centre in Ireland and asked about going on the FTTP Trial but was told they knew nothing about the availability of this service. Of course if I had approached them as a potential new Now Broadband customer (rather than as existing Now Broadband customer) then perhaps as with Sky customers it may then have been offered to me? But I think its more likely the FTTP trial to which Mr Heesom refers is in fact the one that is only going on with new Sky Broadband customers.

    To be honest I’m still waiting for the £100 Quidco cashback to pay in circa September or October and don’t want to upset the cashback applecart by hopping products before then. Also I think that Sky’s own offer on any FTTP trial will be £25 per month for 36Mbps fibre, £32 per month for 74Mbps and probably £39 per month for 150Mbps (and unlike BT Retail with no availability of 300Mbps and 900Mbps at £50 and £60 per month respectively). But if I can do this 6 or even 9 months in to the Now Broadband contract possibly I would only have to continue to the end of the 12 month contract, although much more likely is that they will want another 12 months contract extension. And I see that there is currently also a £140 Cashback offer for Sky Tv & Superfast (74Mbps as 150Mbps is what they call Ultrafast) Broadband for £42 per month but that still works out at just over £34 per month for 18 months compared to the £10.08 per month I am paying Now Broadband for 12 months plus no free Anytime Calls to landlines and mobiles with Now Broadband. And at the moment Sky FTTP can’t in any case be ordered online or therefore also cannot earn any Quidco cashback.

    But I see Sky Broadband Essential (which I would take it would be 38Mbps on an FTTP connection) is available for £22 per month for 18 months with the same £140 Quidco cashback plus £10 connection. So that works out about £15 per month after cashback for FTTP broadband and phone for 38Mbps download with 10Mbps upload speeds rather than the current ADSL2+ paltry 1Mbps upload but no free Anytime calls to landlines and mobiles (seemingly a speciality of only Now Broadband and phone and not of Sky). So on the whole Now Broadband is going to be better for FTTP if I just want cheap FTTP broadband at the slowest available FTTP speed and inclusive free Anytime calls (if of course Now can afford to offer those any more on FTTP rather than on an ADSL2+ copper line phone connection).

    Ultimately it is a pain to have to watch F1 races time delayed on C4 so if Sky comes up with a good enough offer for FTTP broadband including Sky Sports F1 then I may consider it in due course………………

  33. Laura says:

    I have received marketing material through from Sky, and when I called them they advised they are able to offer me FTTP (I’ve been with BT for the last 4yrs after moving into a new build property). Has anyone recently switched from BT to Sky for FTTP and had any issues? Now that I’m working from home I’m worried about being left without a connection….

  34. Julian says:

    The infrastructure and platform your FTTP connection will be hooked up to is BT Openreach’s and that won’t change if you use Sky rather than BT as the provider.

    So the only point of difference is where it exits the Openreach network on to Sky’s network and I presume that process won’t be much different from how Sky FTTC connections jump off BT’s cables and equipment somewhere at the telephone exchange.

    My next door neighbour connected to FTTP very early on here back in 2015 just after BT Retail had made the service available to buy and he had no end of problems getting it to work reliably back then as their FTTP network was so small and knowledge of engineers on snagging so limited. But he hasn’t reported any trouble for 2 or 3 years now and he was on the fastest 300Mbps service and I presume may upgrade to the 900Mbps service soon.

    As most of the initial issues were with BT Openreach’s whole FTTP platform in rural residential areas but those now all seem to be resolved I don’t suppose there would be especially huge issues with Sky. Although if you can get through to a sales person who can do a quote I think what you may want to establish if there is a dedicated telephone technical support channel for FTTP for after sales service issues at Sky.

    Also what mobile network are you on and do you have a plan with a reasonable amount of data that lets you tether your laptop to that for a while in the event that there was a technical problem with the Sky FTTP for a few days? As long as you get a tolerable speed from a tethered mobile connection that ought to provide you with temporary backup if the worst happened.

    Personally I’m waiting for Now Broadband to launch FTTP (which should happen once Sky have tested it with their own premium brand customers for a few months or a year or so) as that should only be a 12 month contract as and when it becomes available. There is no way I am signing up with BT on a 2 year contract both out of principle and because I might move abroad or merger with another household in that time and do not want to hit with their massive early termination penalties.

  35. Julian says:

    This is just to say that TalkTalk have now launched a dedicated web page and dedicated call centre open 9am to 5pm on 0800 049 6253 for their Future Fibre FTTP services at 150Mbps and 550Mbps at shorturl.at/jlz38

    The deal is £34.99 a month for the 150Mbps service and a very competitive £39.99 per month for the 550Mbps service (noting that BT Retail do not have a 550Mbps service at present but only 300Mbps or 910 Mbps).

    The downside however is a 24 month contract and no tv box or IPTV services including no provision of Amazon Prime tv for a year for free that is provided to regular FTTC and ADSL2+ TalkTalk customers.

    However this is now a live long term FTTP service from TalkTalk and not a Trial and it can be installed within a couple of weeks.

    So if you want 550Mbps speeds and do a lot of video editing and have a multi person household then it is fairly attractive. However if you want to keep your phone line and need Sky Sports F1 at the lowest possible cost then Sky’s 150Mbps service at £39.99 per month including the Signature Tv package (at least in the first 18 months) with Sky Sports F1 for only £10 on top may be a better deal.

    However bearing in mind there is no retain the phone line option it does seem odd that TalkTalk are not offering an option to port out the landline number for a one off charge of £20 or whatever to a service like http://www.sipgate.co.uk

  36. Julian says:

    Lidl have just launched a new loyalty scheme phone app with a £5 sign up discount voucher (for shops at their stores over £25 for the first shop) and discounts off certain products if you activate those offers. In addition they were also promoting a special discount offer with Sky.

    I registered for the Sky offer and was called back yesterday (couldn’t take call then) and then again also today by Sky They called from 0800 761 3362 but this number can’t be called back and only has a recorded message saying you were called today by Sky but no one was available to take the call.

    So they called again today and after a marathon 1 hour 40 minute long call (which started to make me really angry as they agan would not email me the details pf the prices and discounts offered but tried to pressurise me to sign up there and then telling me the free installation and free FTTP connection might not still be there when they made a follow up call in a week’s time) managed to elicit the following pricing information. The guy tried to just upsell me the most expensive 150Mbps connection with all Signature channels plus all Sky Sports channels at £68.40 a month with an 18 month contract and with phone just being pay as you go and no included calls.

    But anyway this can be broken down as follows. He claimed there was a £3 a month discount with Lidl but this didn’t seem to be true for at least the base 75Mbps FTTP service. There may have been a £3 a month discount off the Full Monty package. The only good thing about the Sky Lidl App call you back promotion is that all 10 staff members who work on this team are fully and completely trained in their FTTP services.

    So the guy had no problem in saying I could have FTTP at my home address and came up with the following pricing offers:-

    75Mbps Broadband and pay as you go only phone £27 per month with 18 month contract. 150Mbps broadband with pay as you go phone £32 per month. Same 18 month contract.

    Add Signature base tv package and just one Sky Q box. £10 per month extra on either of above broadband prices. I think another tenner if you want Sky Q Slave box in another room with same tv channels.

    Add just Sky Sports F1 to either of above packages is a further £10 per month on broadband price +£10 per month for Signature Tv i.e. 75Mbps and Signature tv package + Sky Sports F1 is £47 per month for 75Mbps and £52 per month for 150Mbps flavour of the same deal.

    Signature tv package + all Sky Sports Channels (but no movies or kids tv) is £63 per month for 75Mbps service and £68 per month for 150Mbps service so Signature Tv including Sky Q Box and install costs £36 per month extra over the basic 75/150 Mbps FTTP broadband prices. This seems much too expensive in my book being more than the cost of subscribing to Sky Sports for just 1 month at a time with Now Tv.

    So think I’m going to stick with my net £10.08 per month deal with Now Broadband (18 per month + £5 conection minus £100 cashback from Quidco) and watching on Channel 4 for the time being. Also the very cheap Now Broadband ADSL2+ deal includes Anytime calls to both landline and mobile phones and the Sky deal doesn’t incude Anytime calls to landlined and mobiles, unlike the Now Broadband deal.

    I suppose the £27 per month for 75Mbps and £32 oer month for 150Mbps FTTP are not too bad except that TalkTalk will do a 500Mbps FTTP Only (no fibre or any other phone line) service for £39.95 a month……………..

    Overall very annoying that Sky refuse to list FTTP prices on a website or let you order onlie and also do not offer even TalkTalk’s 500 Mbps level of FTTP service (never mind the Full McCoy BT Fibre 900).

  37. Julian says:

    Just checked today (12/09/2020) and Sky have finally got their act together to sell their 150Mbps so called Ultrafast FTTP and 75Mbps so called Superfast FTTP (the latter being only the same speed as the fastest theoretically possible speeds on FTTC for those who are near a cabinet but obviously I don’t have an FTTC option here but only ADSL2+ or FTTP) services online on their website.

    On the Sky website I can have 150Mbps service with Sky Q box, Signature Tv and all Sky Sports Channels with only Pay As You Go phone (Anytime calls to landline and mobiles are £10 per month extra) for £69 per month but I am charged £30 extra for installation and the wireless router but if I order through Quidco I should also get £85 cashback so overall I would be £43 better off signing up online without all the total agony and annoyance of being pressurised to sign up now by the phone support person and an an hour and a half call to get to that position with no clear proper pricing details of all the different components in the way that was available far more easily on the Sky website.

    So basically the service is no cheaper through the Lidl App route but in fact actually more expensive than signing up on the Sky website via Quidco.

    However FTTP is now a real and live service with Sky that can be ordered the normal way on their website but it seems the Sky broadband backbone is currently not capable of supporting speeds greater than 150Mbps and cannot match TalkTalk’s 500Mbps or BT’s 910Mbps speeds.

    All in all the total cost of the service is way too expensive and what I want is a a product I can view anywhere and also use the internet anywhere including mobile that doesn’t cost more than £35 per month including being able to watch Sky Sports F1 HD. Also note that none of these packages even had an option to bundle in Sky Mobile as part of the order process.

    If Sky developed a 4G/5G only product aimed at single people instead of FTTP that seems to be really only aimed at families then they would be likely to sign up far more single people.

    Sky will never get more customers until they stop being so expensive for anyone in a single person only household………

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